Ignoring facts that go against your beliefs isn’t just a progressive thing

I has a sad.

I was reading several posts yesterday all revolving around how AWB wouldn’t have stopped any of the mass shootings we’ve had, mostly on right-leaning sites like Brietbart, Twitchy, Hot Air, etc. What I saw in the comments reminded me that sometimes, the enemy of my enemy happens to be people who call themselves my ‘side’, and it scares me.

We have conspiracy theorists on our side who no amount of proof is enough to dissuade them from their conspiracy. Every official report is met with “That’s just what the government wants you to read” or “That’s an electronic copy, I want the real, physical one!” or “Sure, the guy calls himself a coroner, but where’s his diploma?”.

So many out in the open attacks on our rights, and people are more concerned with a plot to somehow change evidence of a horrific event. The reactions to the event, regardless of the details, are the danger and to focus energy on something that won’t change perceptions is wasted.

Take Obama’s birth – He could come out today, say he was actually born in Canada and that he never even applied for American citizenship, and he would remain president until 2016. His place of birth isn’t going to get him out of office, so why continue to obsess over that detail when there are other, more pressing things to fight?


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