One of my father-in-law’s lifelong friends and a man who was like a second father to my wife fell off a ladder earlier this week, hitting his head on the driveway. At the hospital, they couldn’t detect any brain activity so when his family all arrived this morning, they removed life support and he passed.

I knew him well enough to feel some loss. He was often at family events, always invited to birthday parties and celebrations. His children were my wife’s and her brother’s best friends growing up so it hits hard for them too.

He had been hospitalized a while back and it was pretty bad, but he made it through. It’s a shame an accident took him like this, but we all have to go at some point and at least it doesn’t appear like he suffered which is probably the best you can ask for.

As I tell my kids, appreciate every moment. It all will end some day, make the best out of every last minute.

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