Who died and made him king?

We fought a pretty good war to rid ourselves of a king. I seem to recall though that even after the war against England, some people simply wanted a different king. Luckily, liberty minded heads prevailed and we gave ourselves a constitutionally limited republic of federated states and put the power of people’s lives into their own hands.

At some point, the office of President started turning into Elected King. I’m OK with a single person having veto power over bills submitted to him, this negative system acts as a part of the checks and balances that make a republic work.

But Executive Orders? A King’s Decree with a prettier name.

I don’t like them from any president. I wouldn’t trust Ron Paul with EO powers. It’s the Ring Of Power – I’m sure even the purest of heart would eventually feel they needed to do something that would violate liberty.

As I’ve mentioned before, humans have a king shaped hole in their head they need to fill. Why we allow a single person to issue a decree that affects an entire nation and actually give a shit about it is so beyond me it’s incomprehensible. If some wino walked up to you and said “I have declared that you must feed me filet mignon!” you’d tell him to fuck off, but elect said hobo to office and suddenly his word is gospel?

Folks, we’re getting to a point where we just need to stop following these ‘decrees’ by those who pretend to be our ‘masters’. They’re just humans like you and me, but people who have been in politics for so long they’ve lost the ability to empathize with being an American. Until we can convince our friends, family and neighbors that the very small cabal of idiots who are elected are just stupid people who can’t get jobs elsewhere and that we shouldn’t put much stock in what they say, we’re toast because those very same friends, family, and neighbors will voluntarily adhere to the decrees and not think twice about letting the force of the state to bend your knee as well.

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