I’m not saying I’m wanting to get dreadlocks or start wearing patchouli or anything

But this weekend another light in my kitchen blew out. Incandescent spots are cheap, and the light they put out is perfect. The CFL spots? Expensive and shitty light quality, plus I’ve yet to get the lifespan out of a CFL that they promise.

So instead, I spent $180 and bought 6 LED lights.


Not only do the casings on these things look better than the contractor grade cans we had, the light is SUPERB. The color is perfect, it’s even a little bit brighter than the 65W incandescent lights we had, and they only use 9.5W. Even after being on for hours on end, you can reach up and touch them – they remain just *slightly* tepid in temperature. This means less waste heat that the AC has to combat for an additional energy savings.

If the longevity of these bulbs work (5 years), then the additional cost is *well* worth it both in energy savings and replacement costs. I’m glad to see LED lighting come down in price somewhat (there are still über-expensive models out there that don’t make financial sense) and I’d be even happier if I could make the decision on my own rather than having the government force me to purchase something I may not want. However, if the LED lights stand up to the test of time, then there would be no need for Uncle Sam to demand I give up incandescents as I’d do it voluntarily.

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