Next month, we should hold USPSA in my house

A friend of mine lent me his SIRT Training Pistol over the holidays (poor soul wants it back too, and I’ve been both sick and on the opposite side of the county for the past few weeks) and I’ve realized I’m really, really missing something in my shooting.

You see, I can draw the SIRT from my side, aim at a point no bigger than a credit card anywhere I want, and put the green dot right on it. Repeatedly. And quickly too. Want me to move between 5 different targets? No problem. <10 yards and I can point shoot with perfection, above that I can use the sight and nail the spot over and over.

One, the SIRT is a Glock based pistol shape, which isn’t what I shoot. If they had an M&P shape, I’d hop on that in a heartbeat. Two, while the trigger is tunable, it’s not my trigger, which is an APEX. Still, it’s dry fire practice and I’m amazed at how quickly I was able to really improve my initial aim.

Now why the $#&(* can I not do that when I’m shooting USPSA?

I do wonder if the lack of recoil is an issue. I know the gun isn’t going to jump when I pull the trigger and that might have a lot to do with why I stay on target. I’ve never really considered myself recoil sensitive, especially in competition where I honestly don’t realize it’s happening. But if I shot as well with my M&P as I do with that SIRT, I’d be an A-Class shooter in no time.

I almost want to buy one, if it only came in an M&P flavor I would. However, it’s great for dry fire without having to rack your slide each time which to me makes DF practice extremely tiring and honestly, not as effective as I think it should be since racking after each pull isn’t a natural motion.

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