Panic update

Last Thursday night I had a pretty horrible series of attacks which carried over into the morning. Missed work, again, but telecommuted the best I could (not everything works across our VPN). Really starting to fear for my job like I did the last time I had to go through this. My boss is pretty understanding, but she’ll soon be under pressure about my missed time and I’m completely out of Sick time anyway.

Last night I had some mild attacks while I was getting to sleep. I woke this morning and could just tell something was going to happen and about an hour ago I was hit with a major attack here at work, the worst since there’s no place I can go where I feel safe and instead everything is threatening (I don’t like to be around people when I have them). Took a 1mg Clonazepam and am waiting for the ‘zombie’ feeling that will soon hit me, but I can’t stop shaking or thinking I’m about to puke. I’m freezing and yet sweating like I just got through working out or something.

Man this sucks.

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