Stealing what is already mine

So, the source of my computer woes finally reared its ugly head – A faulty SATA controller. I got home to a lovely CLICK – BZZZZZZZZZ – CLICK – CLICK coming from my harddrive. Don’t know what the issue was, so I just went out and bought a regular IDE drive and put it in. Of course I had to reinstall, but at least I got to switch back to XP 64 which was a hell of a lot faster (until the SATA issue popped up).

Anyway, a new OS means reinstalling all twelve billion of my programs. One of those is Adobe Photoshop CS2. Which I’ve managed to install at least 8 times due to system crashes / new PC’s / whatever.

After so many installs, you can no longer activate it automatically over the internet. So, the other option is to call Adobe and talk with a rep who can give you the code needed to activate your product. I don’t feel like talking to anyone and having to explain for the umpteenth time why I’m having to reinstall.

So I just pirated it (found an app that would generate the code needed to unlock).

Pirated software I legally own. How dorky is that?

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