"Works for me" is not tech-support

Just a gripe. My PC nosedived for good this morning. BSoD every time XP tried to boot (with a reset so fast that I couldn't make out the error). So I spent the majority of the morning surfing around looking for clues to my problem.

While I couldn't find anyone with the exact same specs and problem I had, I did see something that pisses me off all over the tech boards. Someone will say "I have a problem with X" to which some smart ass will reply "Works fine for me." as if person A's problem will suddenly disappear because person B's computer is working.

I have to fight that urge all the time as the webmaster for my company. If I can pull up a site on my browser, that means the server is working as advertised. It doesn't mean the user has any less of a problem, it simply means my troubleshooting is isolated to their PC / Network. Being third level support means if it ever gets to me, it's usually a larger LAN issue. But I never tell them whatever it is works for me because that doesn't help them.

So, when I see someone on a board say something like that, I automatically register it as meaning they haven't the faintest idea what's wrong and are afraid to admit it.

</end rant>

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