About Me

Sharp As A Marble is just me, Robb Allen. I enjoy my life here in sunny Tampa, Florida where I work as a computer programmer for a 3D Media company. When I'm not trying to save the world from bad code (especially the code I write), my hobbies include firearms, guns, shooting things and putting holes in things that require holes in them from a safe distance. I also have a hobby of picking up new hobbies. All my hobbies seem to be expensive. This irritates my wife.

Speaking of the wife, I'm married to a wonderful woman, Kari, and we have the most beautiful two daughters, Georgia and Irelyn. When I proposed to my wife, I did it in the most interesting manner. To this date, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing it quite like that.

I spent 8 years in the Marine Corps where I was an Aviation Electrician working on Hueys (UH-1N), Cobras (AH-1W), and Hornets (F/A-18). I've learned all that I know about programming from simply sitting down and banging out code as well as being a regular member of the local Microsoft Architect Council.

Sharp as a Marble is powered by Ansible, a custom blog engine written in C# by yours truly.

And, contrary to popular belief, I was not raised by wild marmosets.