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Met up with Virgil today and we went over the 'shopping' list. Over the next few days I'll go over each item and how my build is going to be and what I'm putting in it. Don't want to spill it all now and ruin it, so today, let's talk fretboard!

I'm not a fan of ebony, and rosewood has a tendency to be too plain for me. Florida Rosewood is gorgeous, but with the color I've chosen for the body, I don't think the reddish hues would work, nor do I think the lighter strips in the wood would work.

Then Virgil showed me a piece of bocote, and it was love at first sight.

All fingered out

This is now my fretboard. Lighter colored than ebony or East Indian Rosewood, and just LOOK at that gorgeous grain!

This is what you miss if you buy a custom from the "big guys". Virgil walked me through each wood choice, what pairs well with others, the fit & finish he can get and how it will look. The journey (as painful as the wait will be) is going to be part of the memories I will have for a lifetime.

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Another death that will be shrugged aside

Man decapitates his mother with an ax

The woman found murdered in Oldsmar on New Year's Eve was decapitated by her son with an ax, authorities said Thursday.

Maria Suarez-Cassagne, 48, was found dead by another son Wednesday night and called authorities.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said Christian Gomez attacked Cassagne after becoming upset when she asked him to put away some boxes.

"He was upset because his mother for the last couple of days had been trying to get him to put these boxes in the attic," Gualtieri said.

Will Moms Demand ax control from Home Depot? Will they raise the hue & cry over how you can buy murder-tools without a background check? Not only no, but hell no – they won’t even recognize this story because it doesn’t fit in their agenda and in fact, puts truth to their lies – Violence isn’t specific to a tool.

The other thing wrong with this story is this line

Gomez has about 30 arrests in Pinellas County and a history of mental illness, Gualtieri said.

Thirty arrests and a history of mental illness. And yet, he was allowed to walk around, a free man, even though he was known to be a danger to those around him.

But if we have a cash register stop you from buying a gun from a store, none of this would happen!

Had Gomez shot his mother, the anti-gun loons would expend limitless pixels on how awful guns are. They would don their hair shirts and bemoan how easy it was for him to illegally get a gun and demand that the people who didn’t murder their mothers pay for his sins.

Instead, Maria Suarez-Cassagne will never even register on their minds. Her death doesn’t help their agenda and she is simply a persona non grata.

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The word you are looking for is ‘Bespoke’

And now, ladies & gentlemen, I will finally give context to all the mysterious posts that have popped up over the past few weeks so that my 12 readers can finally rest at ease.

I have an item on my bucket list that I am going to be able to fulfill. I have had some extra work come my way that took quite a bit of time & effort, and my reward is being able to tick something off that list.

Ever since I started playing guitar back in the late 80s, I’ve always eyed the high-end customs. Eyed from a distance, well beyond the roped off areas because I never could afford one. But I’ve always wanted to go to a Gibson, Paul Reed Smith or Carvin and say “I want a guitar with this paint job, these pickups, and this neck” and have it made my way. Not because I’m a guitar god (I’m not. I’m not even a minor guitar deity) but a guitar can be a work of art that can be enjoyed both visually and aurally. Generally, I’m a function over form guy any day but not any more.

When I thought of ‘custom’, I always though big brand names with customizable options – much like buying a car and choosing heated seats and the cool pinstripe on the back. I never once thought of a completely custom built guitar from the ground up from an individual luthier. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I’m getting a custom guitar from Virgil Guitars. The wood from the other day? That’s the flamed maple that will be the carved top. The other pictures? Those are my designs for the custom inlays that will be on the fret board. There will be a Colt Army Single Action (with mother-of-pearl handles, of course) inlaid between the 19th & 12th fret. The 3, 5, 7 and 9 markers will be tumbling cartridges (with the brass cases actually inlaid brass). Beneath the pistol near the 24th fret, there will be a smoking spent case. I’m doing my own design to give to Virgil to inlay, so this guitar will have my artwork design in it.

This will be VG #20 named ‘La Pistola’.

The body style will be identical to The Volcano. Mine will have a fixed bridge instead of a tremolo and I’ve not decided on the color yet. It will most certainly be burst, but not in red as my PRS is red. The pickups will be custom wound to ensure plenty of mid-range, or as the synesthete in me ‘sees’ it – a “blue” tone for the neck and sizzling leads / chunky rhythm for the bridge. When I played the Volcano, we could get the neck to sound almost like an 80’s slap bass – the tone was amazing (feel free to read my testimonial).

The great thing about Virgil Guitars is that I will get to see the progress. Virgil uploads tons of images to the book-face thing, takes lots of pictures & video, and even gives you a DVD of the build process when it’s done. Add in the fact he’s 5 miles away from where I work, and I can personally drop by to see the thing come to shape. This is a process you won’t get if you order from the big guys.

Of course, being a blog, I will post these pictures here as well. As I finalize the artwork, I’ll put it up too. The hard part will be the 5 month wait as it all comes together.

When I say this will be epic, I mean it. And you’ll get to watch the journey as well!

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When all else fails

Yell Nazi / Racist


We also had a guy claim that putting up a “Concealed Weapons Permitted” sign was… ready for it? RACIST. Which is funny because the guy assumed that only white people owned businesses & were pro-gun. Didn’t even bother responding because, well, it’s a waste of time.

The good thing is the base for gun control are a bunch of low information voters whose only action is Pavlovian reaction. They can’t argue on merit, they can’t refute the logic, if they have ‘statistics’, they’re cherry picked. Best example – when they talk about how America is the #1 country for gun violence, they only use small, white European countries as their comparisons. They hide behind the word “Developed” as a way to exclude people of color.

And we’re the racist Nazi baby killing soulless demons?

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