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Crimson Trace, maker of visible awesome, is having an image contest. I entered & could use your votes! Or feel free to enter yourself, I’m a fan of competition.

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Not sure I could get my guitar through the TSA checkpoint

Managed to get away for lunch yesterday to drop by Virgil’s to look at the progress on my fretboard and daaaaaaamn



Pictures don’t do it justice as the materials change color & sheen based on your head’s position. The cylinder is black mother-of-pearl but often looks silver. The bocote wood is so amazing in its grain pattern even though it’s been somewhat of a headache for Virgil to work with. I’m glad he’s stuck through though.

Also, my neck came in. 5 piece, flamed maple like my top with rosewood stripes


The more I look at the fretboard though, the less I’m thinking about sticking with my original color choice for the body. Things to think about (and I have plenty of time to wait).

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The pieces are coming together

Well, they’re not together yet, but they will be.

Parts of a beautiful whole

There's something amazing about seeing artwork you've done cut into pieces that will be inlaid into your custom guitar. What's really cool is that I recognize each shape as something I did in Illustrator, but rather than .25pt thick paths, they're actual, physical objects.

If you’re on the bookface thing, don’t forget to check out the group for the build.

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I’m not saying I thought about sharpening the spoons

But I’m not saying I didn’t either.

Got a SpyderCo Sharpmaker over the weekend. Spent an ungodly amount of time sharpening everything I could get my hands on. Our kitchen knives were unbelievable dull so it took quite a bit of work to get them back into shape, but holy moly are they sharp now. I actually cut my thumb while drying the santoku, and it managed to do that through the dishtowel. Very, very fine cut too!

I sharpened my Leatherman to razor-level. It shaves paper into tiny threads. My chisel was dull, so I evened that up and now it’ll take off mm thin strips. Scissors? They all make perfect cuts now with no tearing and I even sharpened my vegetable peeler with amazing results.

Those spoons do look a little dull though.

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Warning–Contains an inchoate thought that doesn’t represent my actual opinion

On the Twitter machine this weekend, I saw some idjit getting retweeted about how under a free market, young children were forced into labor and that the state was the only thing stopping child labor.

Then it hit me – they don’t really care about child labor unless it’s a labor they find distasteful. Child actors? That’s labor. Models for baby wipes? Labor. Selling Girl Scout cookies? Labor.

So, if we really believed child labor was offensive, wouldn’t we say ALL of it is?

Just a random thought but feel free to pick it apart. Lord knows I’ve not put much brain-power into it.

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