Florida's 55 Bloomberg Anti-Second Amendment Mayors
Is your mayor on the list?
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What has Florida Carry done for you lately?

While you were sleeping last night, the anti-gun forces were wide awake and hard at work. 

The right to keep and bear arms has a lot of enemies. They come in the form of politicians, activists, and even law enforcement organizations like our own Florida Sheriffs Association. Since 2011, Florida Carry has become a force to be reckoned with. In three short years, the organization has grown from two ex-military gun owners with an idea, to over twelve thousand members and supporters!!! But fighting in the courts and Tallahassee costs money, and we need more to expand the fight. Right now, we have several gun rights and preemption cases in various stages of progress.

The City of Tallahassee for example, has an unlawful ordinance on the books which prohibits the discharge of firearms within the city limits. The city maintains they don't enforce the ordinance. Yet when their own city attorney and police chief recommended its repeal, While other mayor across the country have caught on to Bloomberg's true intent, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) member and mayor of Tallahassee John Marks, along with several other city councilmembers ignored their attorney and police chief, and stated on record that they didn't care if they were violating preemption, and would indefinitely table the motion to repeal in order to deny their citizens rights granted to them by the Legislature. 

Florida Carry and the Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org) have joined forces and filed suit as co-plaintiffs against the city, the mayor, and those members of the council who voted to ignore the clear intent of the statute.

Likewise, Florida Carry has filed suit against Broward County, which has ignored repeated demands over 2 years to repeal unlawful ordinances which regulate guns in defiance of preemption. The county only modified the offending ordinances to include an exception for firearms possessed and carried lawfully in response to the filing of our lawsuit, and now claims that the problem is solved, the case moot, and should be dismissed. But what is to prevent the county commission from reinstating the ordinances in their original form once the case is dismissed, and continuing the cycle in response to lawsuits ad infinitum?

We also have pending suits against the University of Florida, St. Petersburg College, the City of Leesburg, and the City of Daytona Beach.


But the courtroom is but one front. We also have to fight in Tallahassee at the legislature. Every year since our incorporation, we've seen multiple bills filed by gun-hating legislators attacking such basic tenets as your right to Stand Your Ground in an attack, the Castle Doctrine that authorizes deadly force in a home invasion, and even one that would have required an annual mental health evaluation just to buy ammo.

Widely attributed to Plato, the quote "The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." is apropos. There is power in numbers, and we need to count you among our numbers. 

We need your help! Florida Carry is all volunteer, and has no corporate sponsorship or institutional donors. It is only through membership dues and donations that we are able to fund the fight for your rights. 

Please, anything will help. If you're not a member, why not? If you are, and can spare anything at all, consider helping us help you. To be blunt, during the legislative sessions, we mostly need you advocacy... Right now, we pray you donate some of your hard earned money.

You can join or donate at www.floridacarry.org or use the links at the left of this email. And don't forget, you can support Florida Carry simply by shopping at Amazon. Just use the link www.fl2ashop.com to access Amazon, and they will send Florida Carry a very small portion of your purchase price with absolutely no additional cost to you!!!

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She deafened me with science!

The eldest of two evils’ science project is coming up so she had to figure out what she wanted to do. She seemed rather lackluster about it and just hopped online, looking up things she thought would be interesting, but nothing really piqued her interest, and the few things she thought she’d want to do were so basic that I felt it was a waste of her time. She’d not learn anything nor would she really do science!

The other thing is my girls need to do something that either their mother or I can help them with. Some of the things she was looking at would have been 90% me building crap & setting it up for her and I said “No” to those.

Being that both my girls are into music like Daddy, I figured something to do with audio would be something that would interest both of us, give her a chance to learn about sound, digital audio, compression, etc. AND do real science! to boot.

So, for her project she is doing “Sounds Good to Me – Can people hear the difference between 44.1kHz/16bit audio and 96kHz/24bit?

The answer to this is pretty much “No”

What they found - From a sample of 554 listeners that included professionals, the general population & young listeners (prized for their high-frequency hearing), those that correctly identified the higher quality audio was 276, or 49.8%. The same number you would get if you just flipped a coin 554 times or asked untrained monkeys to do the task. No sub-group outperformed chance. In summary, 16 Bit 41.1 kHz sound is indistinguishable from ~24 Bit @ 192 kHz for music distribution. Yes, 32 Bit is important for audio processing in a DAW application, but once it comes time to convert that audio into a format useful for distribution and human consumption, you can't meaningfully improve on the CD standard.

But she needs to determine this herself.

Now, the trick is ensuring the equipment we use is up to snuff to actually present the audio well enough. My headphones are AKG K44s which have an 18Hz-20kHz range so they may not be sensitive enough to perform this task. I may check with some of the recording studios nearby to see if they have something I can borrow.

My audio interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 which definitely does 96/24 output. The problem is Windows doesn’t seem to want to allow the 24bit part and is stuck at 16bit. This may or may not be correctable as I do have the latest drivers. If I can’t get 24bit, then we’ll switch the experiment to isolate just the sample rate rather than the bit depth. Which then will have people screaming “THE BIT DEPTH MATTERS!” because you can DEFINITELY tell a 1/65,536th volume difference, but oh well.

Any thoughts, ideas, warnings, etc. are appreciated.

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Two major life-milestones in one evening

First, the eldest of two evils told me “YOU CAN’T MAKE ME” regarding her homework. Her lesson was learned toute suite.

Then she was practicing drums. I decided to plug her drums into the mixer and play along.

It was awesome.

I only have the Zoom H4n so it’s not a great mix especially since the kick was overpowering, but I just wanted to get a few seconds of our first ever jam session so it wasn’t important. She did awesome, especially since she’s only been playing since February and she kept pretty good time. It struck me I should record it, so I got a few seconds of it, and now I’ll have an audio record of a wonderful memory.

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Amazing what you can do when you have talent

For my daughters’ bathroom, we found this vinyl appliqué of birds on a branch that really fit the feel of the redesign we did years ago. The only thing was that the appliqué, being a glorified sticker, didn’t flatten against the wall well. Add in the humidity of the shower, and we really liked the way it looked, we just didn’t like the way it looked.

Enter Man Made Murals. Matt is currently doing murals where I work and is an amazing painter. I’ve seen quite a bit of his work around the Tampa area in fact, and the work he’s doing at my office is mind blowing. I didn’t know if he’d be interested in such a basic job, but he took it and damn…

This one is the original. You can see the bubbles in this picture, but what you can’t see is the seams where each piece was put together. My OCD hated that.


This is Matt’s freehand painting of it.


I don’t think the machine at Home Depot could have matched those colors any better. When I first looked in, I thought maybe he hadn’t even taken the decals off yet.

Took him 2 hours and it’s perfect. Lord knows I tried to do this, and 2 hours into I had 1 leaf done on a twig and ended up having to paint over my mistake.

I love art. I love that we live in a society of such plenty where the grasshopper’s desire to fiddle is desirable to the ants who gladly & freely trade the fruits of their labor for the merriment of song. I encourage my girls to draw, to paint, write stories, to play guitar & drums, and to really appreciate what makes art so special. I have no problems encouraging artists, I only want to live in a world where art is plentiful because that’s a sign of abundance and peace (few people commission birds on twigs during war or famine).

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Monsters have curves

At least gun grabbers think so.

I can relate. I’m a monster in their eyes as well (although I don’t have curves in places they should be. Damn ‘getting old’). Because I disagree with them on firearms & rights, somehow that translates into them believing I actually want dead children or murdered nuns or something.

They invent a strawman of what we are then viciously attack it. It’s mentally satisfying to ‘win’, thus they have to construct these fantasies about how we’re all just inbred rednecks mere seconds away from snapping and killing everyone in sight.

They dehumanize you & me so they feel better about hating us. We are their Emmanuel Goldstein and by making us less than human, they don’t need to feel the shame for their 2 minute hate.

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How long until gunnies screw this one up too?

If you turn your clocks back to a few years ago, Starbucks was intentionally neutral on carrying guns into their stores. Moms Demand Financial Action from Bloomberg tried to get them to ban guns from their stores and got a polite brush off.

Gunnies busted a collective nut and decided Starbucks was suddenly the quintessential supporter of gun rights rather than a store that sold overpriced coffee and… well, you know the rest. Instead of just saying thanks with our wallets, we had people holding friggin’ OC rallies in the stores and eventually, Starbucks gave a toothless but very public request that we leave our guns at home and just buy overpriced coffee from them instead.

Then Target. Same shit, different store. Target wants you to buy paper towels, tampons, and dog shampoo from them. They do not want to be front & center fighting for gun rights.

Now Kroger has been the target of Moms Don’t Get Enough Action. Some manager was presented with signatures from a group and the manager refused to take them.

Because that’s not part of the manager’s friggin’ job.

She doesn’t have the official capacity to make those decisions. Accepting signatures could be misconstrued as agreement of some sort, so she simply said no. Had we given her every signature of every gunny saying we wanted to continue to shop there, she’d have been in the right to deny them too.

I fear already that gunnies are, once again, gearing up to make some place that simply wants to sell product as the NEXT POSTER CHILD FOR OUR RIGHTS.

So please…


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I know the guns I have

Just a quick note – I do have a Dan Wesson Model 15 in .357 magnum. Again, it’s a DAN Wesson, not SMITH AND. The S&W Model 15 is a .38 Special, but that’s not the gun I have.

This is the one I have

Dan Wesson Model 15

I assure you, it eats .357 Magnum just fine.

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