The best part about running at night

Is how you discover you have the ability to leap over a car hood even though you’re physically tired.

At this point, I’m still not convinced the SOB wasn’t actively trying to run me down. I was at an intersection, trying to cross. Idiot Driver was turning right, but stopped for long enough that I assumed he was letting me cross. As soon as I got in front of where he’d be turning, he took off.

I managed to leap up, putting my hand on his hood to vault over and landed on my feet.

Idiot Driver never stopped.

I’m fine. Didn’t hurt me in the slightest. I didn’t even twist my shoulder or hurt my wrist. But I’m buying an LED running vest because that was scary as hell.

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Technical difficulties

Friday night I got home and noticed some slow down of the interweb tubing. It wasn’t terrible, but definitely wasn’t what I was paying for. Often this is just network congestion so I gave it some time. Went to dinner & came back.

Suddenly, the tubing was clogged completely.

I couldn’t pull up any websites. It wasn’t 100% down, more like 99.43% and here and there something would trickle across. I had to tether my iPad to my cell phone so I could hop on chat with a tech. Weirdest things – pings had 0% loss. ICMP worked just peachy. Regular TCP or anything else didn’t.

The switch part of the router was working fine. Every computer / printer / device inside could see the others with no issue, even HTTP.

By the way, when you talk to internet support and tell them you’re running Wireshark & seeing TCP packets get dropped after multiple Keep Alive requests, they automatically send you to someone who knows what they’re doing.

The tech couldn’t figure anything out. Said he’d send someone out on Monday.


I was 90% sure the router was going bad. I was having a hard time connecting to it to change the settings, so on Saturday morning, I went to the WalMart of computer stores – Best Buy – and picked up a new router.

Got home, plugged in the new router, and using my iPad I went online to see how the setup was supposed to work since it didn’t have a manual. 5 minutes of reading I suddenly realized I hadn’t turned on tethering. iPad was using the house wireless to browse the web.

Everything was working.


No idea what happened or why. I took the other router back, got a full refund, and now everything is fine. I don’t like not knowing what happened because now I don’t know if my router is wonky or if it was just something on Fios’ end.

I hate computers sometime.

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Well, this sucks

I’m #NeverTrump. I didn’t vote for him and I don’t think he’s the savior we’re all looking for. There are many people I respect who looked at Trump as a pragmatic decision, and I can respect that. Those who saw him as the Second Coming, scare me. And I’m truly afraid someone is going to see a Trump win as an excuse for a little Kristallnacht action.

Don’t get me wrong, Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, evil woman who could have weaponized the government even more than it already has been and we would have been in a bad position. Gun rights would have been under a constant attack (although we’ve done well against Obama & the Democrats), taxes would have increased, and Obamacare would just be repackaged into Hillarycare but with stiffer penalties.

Trump, on the other hand, scares me in different ways. His love of Putin, his lack of any sort of foundation to base decisions on, etc. I readily admit, with Trump, there’s a chance of things not collapsing, but I find it slim.

The worst part of all this is the focus on the King Elect. Everyone seems to think a single person can solve all their problems and when things continue to suck (because most of your problems actually are your fault) they’ll push harder & harder for someone to make things great again.

It’s how we got here.

Not gonna lie, I’m keeping an Epi Pen nearby in case I have an allergic reaction to all the schadenfreude that I’ll be consuming from leftists, who after years & years of granting their god-king all this power suddenly realize the benefit of limited government. However, it’ll be short lived because I doubt they will learn from this. Instead, they’ll grant more power to the right people rather than just pull the plug on all the power they’ve given over the years.

Still, our country is great not because of a spray tanned con man in a trucker hat, but because of you & me. We have our differences, and if we can work them out without slashing each other’s throats, then we’re succeeding. Unfortunately, I don’t see this rift healing any time soon, I only see it getting worse, and having yet another buffoon parading around like he owns the place isn’t going to help.

Oh well. At least for now I’m not as worried about my taxes going up a billion percent and my guns are probably safe-ish from the federal level for a while. Still have lots of work to do locally, in our own communities, building the world we want our kids to inherit. America isn’t her president, senators, or congressmen, she’s us.

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Crying at work is embarrassing.

What prompted my father to get his back checked out was some intense pain. That’s how they found the tumor in his kidney.

Today he had tests done to determine the scale of the problem.

It would appear they caught it as early as possible. It hasn’t spread, not even to the local area. In fact, the tumor is so small that they’re going to be able to freeze it & kill it off.

Survivability is “yes”.

Still no idea why his back hurt.

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My dad just called.

It’s cancer. In both kidneys.

Fuck cancer.

Especially fuck this part where all you know it “It’s Cancer” and nothing else. No stage, no prognosis, just “It’s Cancer”.

Again, with emphasis – Fuck cancer.

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