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Speaking of Disney

On Tuesday, we were at the Magic Kingdom. It was pretty hot at times as the sun here in Florida can be brutal, so it was shorts & t-shirt weather.

Except for the lady in the full burqa. The black burqa. Her husband of course was in less modest attire and thankfully so – had he been forced to lug around the backpack full of camera gear as well as another backpack full of snacks & drinks, his shorts would have helped disperse some of the extra heat, but that’s what he had his little slave for.

Look, I’m not a Muslim basher. I have no issues with hijabs just like I have no issues with yarmulkes, Amish bonnets, crosses on chains, etc. In general, I have no issue with their religion so long as they do not wish to kill me & my children for not following it. But a f#$king burqa?

I have issues with people treating other humans like chattel. I have issues with brainwashing women to think they are beneath men and that they must accept being covered head to toe like that. Maybe she was perfectly happy with it, maybe she voluntarily wore it, but I doubt it.

Just irritated the crap out of me, that’s all.

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I’m back

Went to Disney for a few days for spring break with the kids. One of those things you try not to announce beforehand because advertising you aren’t at home isn’t the best idea, even though we had a house sitter.

The bag check is a joke with no punch line. You could smuggle 8 bricks of C4 through there in metal containers labeled ‘C4 for blowing up Space Mountain’ and the bag people wouldn’t see it. However, that’s not their only line of security.

I happened to have my Ken Onion Blur clipped to my pocket like I always do. After the “bag check”, in a crowd of hundreds of people, another security guard asked me if I had a knife in my pocket. I said ‘No, I’m just happy to see you’ and we laughed while he pepper sprayed me & the kids. Ok, that part didn’t happen but he did approach me and ask. I said yes & he asked to see it because they have a size limit.

I intentionally fumbled the opening of the blade because the quick flick-open could be seen as ‘scary’. It happened to be slightly longer than the allowed 3”, but he simply asked that I be careful and not lose the thing on rides because they didn’t want kids picking it up. He was courteous, professional, and I got the feeling he was simply ensuring everything went smoothly at the park. We ended up just putting it in my wife’s purse for the rest of the day.

In the end, it turned out to be for the best. They were out of pineapple Dole whip which is a stabbing offense in my book.

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Things to avoid while armed

I was driving somewhere on Saturday that required the use of the highway. Traffic was a bit heavy as people were trying to get onto I4 to go to the Strawberry Festival, but the left lanes were clear.

Until this jackass pulled out of the slow lanes to try to get 2 cars ahead and comes to a dead stop.

He got the horn, I got the finger – and then he went full road rage.

This guy pulled out of line, missed his turn intentionally, and started chasing me. In my rearview I could see him signaling for me to pull over (along with various other hand gestures that wouldn’t be welcomed in church). If I changed lanes, he changed lanes. He was waving his phone around then made a call, like he was calling the cops or something, but all I know was that he had lost his mind and I was going to be in a bad situation should he decide to follow me to my actual destination.

My exit was miles away, so I didn’t feel the need to call the cops yet, but that was my plan. If he followed me to my exit, I’d have made a call and see if I could get a cop to meet me at a specific location to pull over at. It wasn’t necessary because the guy’s rage eventually had to give way to the fact he had to be somewhere else & he took another exit.

There was no way I was pulling over. No court is going to consider you innocent for pulling over on the highway to let Mr. Rage threaten you. You’d be putting yourself in that situation when you had a perfectly safe avenue to leave. Even if this guy had managed to meet me at my destination without a cop being there & I was perfectly in the clear to defend myself, it would have been tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer & court costs and who knows how the media would play it out (although he was a white guy & I’m not, so I might have had that going for me).

Plus, who knows if he was armed.

Just not worth it. Even though the ‘animal’ part of my brain was going ‘you could take him!!!’, the logical part kept things calm & cool. There’s no need to get into violence over something so trifling and as an armed person, it’s always in my best interest to avoid such situations as much as humanly possible.

I hope that dude gets some serious help though.

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Because those 6 people killed via other means aren’t important

Just check out this paragraph

The city of 188,000 had only one bank robbery, no murders involving a gun, and just six homicides overall, a rate of 3.2 per 100,000 residents.

They mention the 6 homicides, but have to qualify the statement that they weren’t done with a gun, thus everything is hunky dory.

Oh, people still got shot, of course

Some attributed the drop in fatalities to bad aim by the bad guys.

The number of aggravated assaults rose in 2014, so people were still getting shot, said police. They just weren't dying from their wounds.

Now hold on one cotton picking minute, according to the anti’s, anyone shot with a snub nosed 38 special will explode in a mist of gore & bone. Handguns are the most lethal thing next to ultra-high-capacity-assault-weapons. Besides, with any handgun, you can hose down entire auditoriums full of people due to the nature of semi-automatics being just like fully automatics unless you limit magazines to 3 rounds!

Or maybe the thing about 80% of gunshot victims surviving is more due to the fact handguns aren’t exactly the most lethal thing since hemlock smoothies.

Nah, doesn’t make for good stories. And hey! Those 6 murder victims can rest easy knowing a gun wasn’t used, am I right?

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I’m just going to point to this article

And say I agree wholeheartedly.

Caleb does a good job of describing the problem with the term ‘sheepdog’ well, and even I admit that I had been swayed by Grossman’s writing on that subject. But a good look at the concept should disabuse you of the notion that you’re some sort of local hero in waiting. Go read his post & just basically copy & paste it here and that’s pretty much how I feel.

There is one further point I want to elaborate on though about this – my gut instinct is that many people claiming the sheepdog title are doing so as a shortcut. It’s like voting. So many people think they’re doing the right thing by simply ticking off a checkmark next to the right person’s name and calling it a day. Here, there are people who say “I’m a sheepdog” as if that was the strongest spell available to Hogwarts that bestows magical gifts of heroism on the utterer.

You absolutely should carry a gun if you are both physically & mentally capable. When you do, as Caleb said, it should be a mundane act. You should train when you can, keep yourself well regulated, understand the laws of your areas, and be prepared to suffer under an unjust system that loves to punish those defending their lives. The ‘sheepdog’ part of protecting society automatically happens if enough people do that and it’s not something you specifically need to be.

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A sad realization

I don’t have a 1911 IWB holster.

Not that I’d tote the Delta Elite or the Para around a lot as the M&P40 has more capacity, but it’d be nice to have something a bit slimmer from time to time without having to go for the P3AT.

Even better would be openly carrying so I didn’t have to worry about it, but that’s not in the cards right now.

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Innocent until proven guilty?

Not in Florida. It is a crime to carry a gun. You must provide an affirmative defense to the court to prove you’re innocent via a permission slip granted to you by the very state that is charging you with a crime.

Norman v. State, 2015 Fla. App. LEXIS 2178 was decided against Norman. The court twisted logic in ways that would make a pretzel look perfectly straight to say that requiring fingerprinting, background checks, fees, & classes (which also cost money) to get a permit that the state can revoke at its leisure is somehow not a burden on the 2A. People scream bloody murder that voting requires an ID which is free and yet somehow this is permitted.

Here is Florida Carry’s email on the affair

Yesterday the 4th District Court of Appeals issued a ruling in Norman v. State, 2015 Fla. App. LEXIS 2178.

The Right to Bear Arms has now been completely Infringed in Florida.  That fundamental right enumerated in both the Florida Constitution and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is no-longer your birthright. In its place is a license that you must pay the government to possess.

The court correctly recognized that the right to bear arms outside the home does exist, then it went on to eviscerate the right in favor of the privilege of a license that you must pay for.

Don't have enough money to pay for your right?  Tough, you can't have it unless you pay up.

Get arrested while legally carrying? Tough, the Florida Concealed Carry License serves as merely a defense to the crime of carrying any type of firearm. Every time you carry you are breaking the law, tell it to the judge that you have the affirmative defense of a license and that it was only a concealed handgun.

Have a stalker and need to exercise your right now?  Tough, you have to wait up to 90 days. Unless there is an administrative issue with your fingerprints or background check, in that case the timeline for issuance is suspended almost indefinitely.

Have any type of firearm other than a handgun? Tough, the right to bear arms only applies to handguns in Florida.

Carrying a handgun concealed and it becomes accidently exposed for a few minutes before you notice? Tough, you're going to jail because the exposure wasn't brief enough to satisfy the officer on the scene of your crime.

The list goes on and on...

Will will not sit idly by and let this horrendous decision stand.

There are numerous legal and technical defects with the court's order.  In coming days we will ask the court to rehear the case and correct it's ill considered decision.

Should the 4th DCA fail to correct it's ruling.  We will take Dale Norman's case to the Florida Supreme Court.

We greatly need your financial support to defend the right to bear arms in Florida.

Please consider joining or donating today so we can fight this terrible decision.

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