This is what anti-gun people think of us

From: Florida Carry <>
Date: September 9, 2015 at 5:12:22 PM EDT
Subject: Florida Carry, Inc.: Corruption
Reply-To: Thomas Booth <>

This is an enquiry email via from:
Thomas Booth <>
Is your organization run by the same racketeers, extortionists, and murderers as the NRA?

Hard to reason with the unreasonable. So instead, we can just point & laugh.

P.S. We are such extortionists that I didn’t even put the dude’s email address in the post. And being that the last time I checked, our body-count was a collective 0, we make crappy murderers as well.

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Warning, this post contains actual thinking and possible 2A blasphemy

I’m ok with the label ‘gun nut’ because those who use it condescendingly are too beneath me to make it sting and those who use it affectionately know I may enjoy firearms, but I’m far from a nut. I’m also not an extremist who believes every person under the sun should carry a firearm.

There are those whose world views are so wrapped up in straw men and ridiculous caricatures that it doesn’t matter what I say here, they believe I just want to shoot people & enjoy seeing others get shot. Especially children. They seem to like to tell everyone how people like me actually want dead children.

Me, the father of two gorgeous little girls who I want to see grow up, get married, and have children of their own.

Again, people get so wrapped up in their world view that anything that might violate that gets the next 2 Minute Hate directed at it, complete with Goldstein’s bleating turned into the sheep.

I don’t want dead kids, I want them protected. I want people to have the best tools at their disposal to do so, and if that means letting teachers who are confident in their firearm handling skills carry a gun, then so be it. I want someone right there when it all goes down because the police aren’t omnipresent.

However, arming teachers does not come without risk and that’s hard for some people on my side to listen to. I love my girls more than you can possibly imagine, but the risk of an armed teacher far outweighs that of an actual threat. Both are very low, mind you but you can lower the latter even more with the former.

However – this is not always the best solution.

This is a story where an armed teacher would have made things much, much worse

PHILIPPI, W.Va. –  Authorities say that with 29 terrified students looking on, a West Virginia high school teacher managed to calm a 14-year-old student who pointed a gun at her in her classroom, giving a police chief time to arrive and convince the boy to free his peers and surrender.

The teacher is to be commended. She may have saved many lives and must have remained fairly calm under pressure like that to talk the boy down. Had she been armed, she would have been entirely within reason to use deadly force to protect her students, but that outcome is horrible. We’re talking about a fellow student here, not just some whackjob off the street looking to make a name for himself in the news.

This isn’t to say the teacher would have shot the boy. Maybe she understood the child & knew he was the type to crave attention, knowing it was all bluster. Or maybe she was just lucky and the young boy lost his nerve. Regardless, the outcome here was as good as it could have been in the situation. Nobody got shot, everyone lived, and hopefully the boy will get the help he needs before he harms himself or others.

We can what-if the situation until we’re blue in the face – what if he didn’t listen, what if she said something that set him off, what if, what if, what if… The fact is everything turned out better without a shot fired. This is a good thing.

We always talk about how guns are a tool, we need to constantly remind ourselves that it is a tool and not the entire tool-box. I’m not a fan of having to weigh myself down with pepper spray, a baton, and my gun, which does mean I limit my response choices a bit, but I also am perfectly aware that I have more options than pulling my pistol during a threat.

You need to be aware of your options so that you can aim for the best outcome as possible as well. Even if that means keeping your gun holstered.

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Awkward family moments in the modern day & age

I haven’t spoken with my mother in many years. We had a falling out 5 years ago or so and the only communications have been the occasional holiday / birthday card. She has completely missed out on her granddaughters’ growing up and that alone has made me more angry than her ignoring me.

Anyway, with my grandmother’s recent passing, I wrote my mother an actual letter. It was to both let her know about my father’s mother (my parents divorced when I was very, very young) as well as letting her know about my new address.

She sent back a multi-page letter, which is about as much as she’s said to me in ages, but the one thing that was… disconcerting to say the least, was that she had been reading my Facebook page for a while. She’s not a technically savvy person & when we were on speaking terms, she didn’t have an account.

For some reason, she can’t get a friend/family request on FB and asked me to friend her. I guess it’d be a start in trying to mend the relationship a bit (we’re never going to be close) but I rarely use Facebook as it is and, well, her name is so common that I can’t locate her at all.


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In case you needed a reminder

Anti-gunners actually believe us gun owners want to shoot innocent people. They believe that we only want guns so that we can legally kill random people walking around the streets, including women in wedding dresses. They believe this so deeply, they make targets for it.

Now, I don’t believe they actually think they’re going to be rolling in the coin selling these targets to us uneducated, toothless murder-machines. It’s a statement that we gun owners practice with thug targets but instead just randomly kill innocent hipsters enjoying a pipe or a mom whisking up a batch of tarts.

This is their belief, and they do it with a fervor that the Vatican would kill to be able to get their followers to engage in.

They are that sick.

Hat tip Say Uncle who is waiting for the Crippled Orphan targets to come out before he places his order.

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Coming up for air

The move is complete. We’re now in our new home! Still living primarily out of boxes, but that’s changing each day. I’ve never been so sore for so long but no matter how tired I am, there’s a thousand other things that have to get done. It’s a bit overwhelming.

The new place is nice. It’s much larger than our previous home which brings with it some new challenges. Things that used to be 10’ away are now a hike across the house (First world problems, anyone?). However, this place has storage out the ying-yang which was a huge factor in my wife’s desire to move.

The house sits on nearly an acre of land, and with all the trees & shrubs, it feels even more secluded. In the back is a huge workshop that has full power & AC, so I’m going to be starting some woodworking projects hopefully soon, something I’ve always wanted to get into.

There’s an “outdoor” kitchen that’s fully enclosed with a nice grill, ice maker, sink, etc. The pool is nicely paved and 9’ deep which is great for people like me who are used to the ‘deep’ end not even covering their heads. There’s even a koi pond & the girls are super happy about that.

And if I need to fill up the pool? No problem – we’re on well & septic, so no county fees for utilities!

I can’t promise anything, but I do want to get back into blogging a bit more. Time is limited for me but I enjoy the process and miss it.

Thanks for sticking around!

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If you’re seeing this

Then the temporary server move was successful.

Had to move my box to a secure, undisclosed location for the week while I continue packing up for the move. It’s a physical box that I’ve owned since the early 2000’s and it’s a Frankenstein of a beast – a mishmash of spare parts that I’ve cobbled together to make a ‘server’.

At some point, I really need to quit this as there is little need for me to be a server guy any more, but that’s not today.

For now, I can continue to not blog at a new location!

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