Charles McBurney should never be a judge.

Please IMMEDIATELY send an email to Governor Rick Scott to tell him that Charles McBurney should never be a judge.

In the subject line put: Charles McBurney is unfit to be a judge

There is not much worse than being betrayed by someone who pretended to be a friend.

Representative Charles McBurney has betrayed your trust and now he wants the high honor of being appointed to one of the most important positions of power in government, he wants to be a Florida Judge.

Here's what happened:

In 1995 our legislature wisely passed Self-Defense Immunity provisions in Florida's Stand Your Ground laws. Since that time, the courts have created pre-trial evidentiary hearings to decide if a person has immunity from prosecution in cases where self-defense is claimed.  Then the courts dangerously undermined the law by reversing the burden of proof.  The courts now force people to prove they acted in self-defense rather than making the State prove that a person committed a crime at the immunity hearings. Due to these recent court decisions, if you are forced to act in self-defense you are considered guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent at your hearing.

Professor Charles Rose, director of the Center for Excellence in Advocacy at the Stetson University College of Law, said:

"The law doesn't work, ... at this point any lawyer who files a Stand Your Ground (immunity) claim is really guilty of malpractice."

During our last legislative session Sen. Rob Bradley set out to fix it!  He passed SB-344, the "Burden of Proof" bill, through the Florida Senate.  Once the bill was sent to the House, the Speaker of the House assigned the bill for a hearing by Rep. McBurney's committee and even authorized him to hold a special committee hearing specifically to pass it on to the House floor for a final vote. 

But, Rep. Charles McBurney's ambition to become a Judge requires the support of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association. Prosecutors don't like having to prove that the people they want to put in jail are actually guilty and fought against the "Burden of Proof" bill.  So, despite the Speaker's wishes, and prior promises to us, McBurney refused to give the bill a hearing and singlehandedly killed it.  You have been betrayed.

Anyone who does not believe that people are innocent until proven guilty has no business being a Judge.

We need your help to stop this!

Please IMMEDIATELY send an email to Governor Rick Scott and tell him that Charles McBurney should never be a judge.


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I’m not a welder, nor do I play one on the interweb tubing

OK, I need help. To finish up my desk, I have to have some supports for the riser. I don't want to use regular metal pipes because I think the flanges are ugly, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find what's in my head.

It's a simple 1" wide x 8" long tube in powder-coat black. On the top is a flat plate with screw holes to mount to the underside of the riser, on the bottom is a threaded hole to accommodate a threaded rod. I would drill holes through the desktop, place the rod through, and secure it with a nut & washer.

Normally I don't have such a hard time getting a rise out of people

I can't find anything like this on the internet, so I drew it up in SketchUp. Everything I found is in stainless steel and doesn't have a way to screw a bolt into the bottom so it stays put. Searching for 'risers' give all kinds of plastic tray crap, and "plinths" give couch legs that aren't what I need.

Anyone know what this would be called and where I might be able to find them? Or know anyone who can make them?

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Not a single drop of blood was shed.

This weekend was crazy busy. First, the Mrs. & I decided we wanted a pallet wall in the art room / office. So, I did that. Air compressor died on me, so I was swinging a hammer all day Saturday. The end results are absolutely stunning.


It's like the world's slowest game of Tetris on "Easy Mode". And upside down. Getting close. You can almost smell the tetnus. Done. Ready to give high fives & splinters.


That was Saturday. On Sunday, I hit the workshop to work on my desk some more. I trimmed the top down to 80" wide, squaring up both sides. I did a pretty decent job as it's 80" wherever you measure from, so yay team me.

Brought to you by the letter C

The top had a horrific cup that you can see in the picture - notice how it bows up in the middle. So with my trusty, 1920's Stanley No. 5 jack-plane, i went to work manually flattening it out. It's a workout in and of itself, and my palms are blistered from all the effort, but it's as flat as it's going to get.

If this thing was any older, Bernie Sanders may have played with it as a toy Flat as Florida

Now to flip it over and remove the cupping from the other side.

I may never want to do butcher block again, but I will say the maple is looking amazing at this point. I've filled in all the gaps with putty & sanded between planing to make sure everything looks good, and yes... it looks good.

I'm exhausted, but it's a good kind of tired. I love hard work like this. Too many people think physical labor is beneath them and that's a shame.

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Honestly, I’m not dead

And I’m not even done blogging. I’m just busy in life, and my job requires my full attention throughout the day.

I promise you I’m going to try to blog regularly, I just need to get back into the habit of writing things up and putting them into the hopper.

Thanks to all 12 of you for hanging in there.

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As Say Uncle likes to say

Because f*** you, that’s why

DULUTH, Minn. — Authorities say a driver was cited after he was clocked driving 171 mph in northern Minnesota.

The driver, a 36-year-old man, was cited for careless driving. Padden says the man didn’t really provide a reason for speeding on the highway.

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Announcing my new project

I love my Virgil Guitar. It’s a dream come true and if I had the funds, I’d have a music room filled from floor to ceiling with his guitars. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds but what I do have is the itch for another, custom made guitar. So, I’ve decided to have the world’s most inexpensive (and inexperienced) luthier create one for me.

That’d be me.

I’m going to build a guitar from almost* scratch.

Body style will be a 1958 style Flying V, because I’ve always wanted a Flying V. I’d love to cut a wide slot between the two pickups to make it a Flying A, but being that this is Attempt #1, I’m going to stick with something a bit more simple. The V shape is also easier to cut being that there aren’t any curves I have to worry about, and the top will be flat & not carved.

Dual, split humbuckers, 24 fret, tremolo, locking tuners. No idea the wood choice yet as I don’t know if I’m going with fancy wood or just painting it.

I get to design my own headstock shape as that’s like the ‘signature’ of a guitar.

So, maybe now I’ll have something more to post about, but this should be a fun journey nonetheless.

*I’m buying the neck. I’m not that crazy

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It’s Alter Boys all the way down

This one is just… head scratching in the amount of ignorance that must be required to live a life like this

WFOR-TV reports, relatives of a 17-year-old are angry a teenager was shot and killed by a homeowner who police say was protecting her property.

Relatives said they don’t believe Johnson stole anything from the home but detectives would not confirm that.

“You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” said Harris. “You have to understand… how he going to get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”

One thing is clear, Trayvon started life out disadvantaged base solely on his family. Raised around people who think stealing is a legitimate way to get clothes for school assures that the kid was never going to amount to much beyond a garden variety thug. The problem isn’t Trayvon’s skin color, it’s the rotten culture he’s raised under.

I’ve worked with these people. When I worked at the Post Office, one kid went to McDonald’s on his lunch break & killed someone. It was caught on camera, he admitted to it, etc. His mother (who also worked at the Post Office) would scream & yell that her son didn’t deserve jail because [insert racial grievance here]. She was fine with him killing some random white kid who honked at her son when we walked in front of the white kid’s car. Her sense of racial entitlement was immeasurable and that extended to her child being able to murder at will without repercussions.

In the 90’s, these people were making at minimum $15 an hour doing a job that the union would not allow machines to do (even though they were MUCH better at it) and many, many, many of them were on welfare. One lady, who shared in the culture but not the skin color, bragged about getting knocked up because it meant $200 more a month in welfare.

She had gold teeth that spelled SEXY.

Again, it’s a culture, not a pigmentation issue.

I’ve seen ignorance that is so far beyond my comprehension that I’ve been at a loss for words. It comes from people of every skin color, of every religion (or lack of), every political stripe, and every gender (currently 8,201 and counting!). We can’t all be Einstein and I’m clearly ignorant of many, many things but to believe that stealing is a legitimate way to obtain clothing is beyond anything I can fathom.

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She’s in a better place now

Thanks for all the well wishes & advice, but after many months of trying to determine the best course of action, Pepper was laid to rest this morning. Her entire personality changed since we moved, and with the recent horrors she’s been through we felt that she was suffering too much.

We will miss her immeasurably. Kari & I are done with dogs. They bring such joy to your lives, but the pain of losing them can be too much at time.

Godspeed, Pepper. May you finally find the peace you so desperately sought.

I miss you already

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