Want to know why I refuse to fly?

Because if this were me, there would be dead TSA agents.

Just the thought of some low-IQ motherf&*(#er trying to cop a feel on my daughters is enough to refuse to fly as it is, to see them beat a child would see me lose it.

The TSA is a disgrace to the United States of America. It’s mere existence is a blight. I personally feel every TSA employee is a traitor, deserving of scorn & shunning by society until it’s impossible to find anyone willing to work there.

Those involved in this instance deserve jail at the very least.

But they won’t.

People will still fly. They’ll put up with it because [insert any excuse here]. Hundreds of people will get groped inappropriately, not for any benefit of security, but because it gives some high school dropout a thrill. I watched these cretins who couldn’t get a job mopping up a McDonald’s pull a severely disabled child out of a wheelchair to swab him down. I’ve watched as they repeatedly pulled women over for “extra inspection” clearly based on the crime of being bathykolpian.

And now we allow them to beat bloody partially disabled teenage girls.

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Into a crowded field

I might not blog that much any more which is sad because with my woodworking, I’ve had a lot to talk about. One thing I’m trying to do though is get tools. I’m purchasing a band saw probably on Friday because I seem to need it more than a drill press. Many times, a band saw would make short work of things I’ve been doing with a jigsaw by hand (and be less destructive since there’s support under the blade).

Once I get the band saw, I’m thinking about making a few 1911 pistol grips for myself. I’d be willing to make them for you all if you’re interested. I know there’s already a bajillion people out there who make them already, so it’s not like I’m going to be doing something unique, but part of my learning is working on smaller items – jewelry boxes, pistol grips, pencils, etc. Yes, I’m going to make some pencils out of exotic woods. Because I can.

Anyone interested in 1911 grips? I’d really like to do crazy woods like black - white ebony, snake wood, or maybe Lignum Vitae so that you get a workout just lifting the pistol.

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Wanting gays to protect themselves is… homophobic?

Sean Carana sent me this the other day

Wallace Sterling <wsterlin@tampabay.rr.com>
Your groups negative response to the request by the St. Pete Police Chief to leave weapons home during the St. Pete Pride Festival is: misguided, homophobic, un-American and...crazy.  SHAME.

Let me get this straight.

We want everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, to be able to defend themselves with the best tools available with no interference from the state. This view is both shameful… and homophobic? The Second Amendment being quite the American thing is un-American?

Black is white. Up is down. Cheech is Chong.

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Charles McBurney should never be a judge.

Please IMMEDIATELY send an email to Governor Rick Scott to tell him that Charles McBurney should never be a judge.

In the subject line put: Charles McBurney is unfit to be a judge


There is not much worse than being betrayed by someone who pretended to be a friend.

Representative Charles McBurney has betrayed your trust and now he wants the high honor of being appointed to one of the most important positions of power in government, he wants to be a Florida Judge.

Here's what happened:

In 1995 our legislature wisely passed Self-Defense Immunity provisions in Florida's Stand Your Ground laws. Since that time, the courts have created pre-trial evidentiary hearings to decide if a person has immunity from prosecution in cases where self-defense is claimed.  Then the courts dangerously undermined the law by reversing the burden of proof.  The courts now force people to prove they acted in self-defense rather than making the State prove that a person committed a crime at the immunity hearings. Due to these recent court decisions, if you are forced to act in self-defense you are considered guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent at your hearing.

Professor Charles Rose, director of the Center for Excellence in Advocacy at the Stetson University College of Law, said:

"The law doesn't work, ... at this point any lawyer who files a Stand Your Ground (immunity) claim is really guilty of malpractice."


During our last legislative session Sen. Rob Bradley set out to fix it!  He passed SB-344, the "Burden of Proof" bill, through the Florida Senate.  Once the bill was sent to the House, the Speaker of the House assigned the bill for a hearing by Rep. McBurney's committee and even authorized him to hold a special committee hearing specifically to pass it on to the House floor for a final vote. 

But, Rep. Charles McBurney's ambition to become a Judge requires the support of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association. Prosecutors don't like having to prove that the people they want to put in jail are actually guilty and fought against the "Burden of Proof" bill.  So, despite the Speaker's wishes, and prior promises to us, McBurney refused to give the bill a hearing and singlehandedly killed it.  You have been betrayed.

Anyone who does not believe that people are innocent until proven guilty has no business being a Judge.

We need your help to stop this!

Please IMMEDIATELY send an email to Governor Rick Scott and tell him that Charles McBurney should never be a judge.



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I’m not a welder, nor do I play one on the interweb tubing

OK, I need help. To finish up my desk, I have to have some supports for the riser. I don't want to use regular metal pipes because I think the flanges are ugly, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find what's in my head.

It's a simple 1" wide x 8" long tube in powder-coat black. On the top is a flat plate with screw holes to mount to the underside of the riser, on the bottom is a threaded hole to accommodate a threaded rod. I would drill holes through the desktop, place the rod through, and secure it with a nut & washer.

Normally I don't have such a hard time getting a rise out of people

I can't find anything like this on the internet, so I drew it up in SketchUp. Everything I found is in stainless steel and doesn't have a way to screw a bolt into the bottom so it stays put. Searching for 'risers' give all kinds of plastic tray crap, and "plinths" give couch legs that aren't what I need.

Anyone know what this would be called and where I might be able to find them? Or know anyone who can make them?

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