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Crimson Trace, maker of visible awesome, is having an image contest. I entered & could use your votes! Or feel free to enter yourself, I’m a fan of competition.
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I have a hard time with the KRISS charging handle from time to time too. I’ll need to investigate this some more
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The Firearm Blog has pictures. Surprisingly, I find it… ugly. Yes, that’s right, the guy who think this is the sexiest thing on earth thinks the new model looks like 10 pounds of fried butt hair. At first, I saw K10 and thought “The Good Lord has listened to my prayers and they made a 10mm version” but alas, this was not to be.
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They’d be getting tight after watching this. As much as I love my KRISS, even I know its true nature lies in full auto. Watch the super slow motion, notice how the damned thing barely moves as it pumps out round after round of incendiary goodness. Is it hot in here or is it just me?
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JayG reviews the KRISS. Jay had a few issues with his, things I never had problems with. Shooting steel cased ammo seemed to be nothing but FAIL for him, and because he had to use older, ‘preban’ magazines, there were some feeding issues as well. In the thousand+ rounds I’ve put through mine, I had one FTF, and it was clearly because the magazine was not fully seated. Other than that, it’s been bang after bang after bang. Jay also goes on about the accuracy which I cannot disagree. The KRISS...
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Took the Mrs. to the new Family Firearms range today. They still have some sound proofing that needs to happen (eet was looooud) but I really like the stalls they had. Nice and deep (which kept your brass local) with plenty of space to put your gear on as well. Lots of ranges have these tiny tops that barely hold 2 guns and a box of ammo, but I had no problems dropping all my gear, including the KRISS, on it. Kari wasn’t as thrilled about the KRISS. In fact, she’s the first person who’s shot...
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  One of the sad parts about being sent T&E models of guns is that eventually, your time to test and evaluate them come to and end, and so today marks the end of that period for me and my beloved KRISS. I have never had such a fun firearm in my life. The recoil system and carbine format make shooting .45 ACP a blast, so much that there’s a particular smile everyone seems to get after shooting this thing. I find its looks striking, the rifle comfortable, and the accuracy beyond...
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JayG talks about his KRISS However, even with that inexpensive sight, the KRISS has shown exceptional accuracy, putting shots into quarter-sized groups at 25 feet, consistent 2" groups at 50 feet, and 4-5" groups at 25 yards. Fired rapidly, with me giggling uncontrollably the whole time. The accuracy of this weapon system is phenomenal. It’s a combination of the pistol caliber round, the rifle’s weight, the fact that it’s shouldered rather than handheld, and the KRISS’ recoil...
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That the KRISS is totally awesome. Granted, in the future, it appears the Kriss gives you the ability to float in mid air and shoots a rifle caliber (probably the 10mm P++)
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As most of you should know, I’m debt free. Both of my cars are paid off, and I have $0 owed to any credit card, loan, or any other entity besides my mortgage (and even then, I’m trying to get waaaay ahead of it). I pay cash for the things I need and if there’s something I want, I save up the money for that as well. When I got the KRISS for T&E, I had no plans to actually buy it because I knew my budget didn’t have the funds in it and trying to secure them would probably make my wife want...
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So here’s an artsy fartsy picture of the KRISS to tide you over.
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I feel sorry for everyone living between Massachusetts and Florida because they got double earfuls of unmanly squees. JayG has also landed himself a KRISS Vector for testing and evaluation. In fact, Jay is the reason I have mine. The man can sell not only himself, but other people as well. I might have to start calling him the Gun Pimp. So you’ll get not one, but two fanbois gushing over their toys. Lucky you!
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Or more like “case mouths that almost come to a point” as the KRISS really likes to mangle the brass The conversation over at  leads me to believe that the ammo was either too hot or not hot enough and that the brass may have been hitting the barrier a bit briskly. Doesn’t look like anything the resizing die wouldn’t be able to clear up, mind you, just curious to know what is causing it. Kriss recommends specific ammo which wasn’t available to me at the time so it could...
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Last night I was able to take the Kriss out for her first spin. My goal was simple – hit the range, buy a box of ammo (oh Lord, $23 for a box of 50 is asinine. That’ll learn me to not drop by Wally World to grab a Winchester White Box of 100), and just hit some paper targets. No photography, no recording each shot in detail, just get a feel for the weapon and how it handles. Wow. Just like I imagined. The RO had to drop by a few times to ask if I could keep it down because my constant squeeing...
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So, as everyone now knows, I have a KRISS Vector CRB/SO for Testing & Evaluation. Some of you may have found out from reading my blog, the rest of you just heard the 700dB fanboi-squee I emitted when it showed up, either way it’s here and I plan on milking it for every last thing it is worth. This should be a fun series to run with, and if anyone has any questions, pictures they want to see, or jokes about how totally Halo / Call of Duty MW3 I am for loving this thing, feel free to drop me...
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I must be dreaming…
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