But the subject matter is very, very ingenious From F*** Yeah Tattoos
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I love tattoos, especially ones as beautiful as this one.
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But the design of this tattoo rocks. When I finally figure out how to save up for my next inking session, there will be guns. Lots of guns.
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Top of the Chain gets his tattoo on with a little inspiration from yours truly. Money is tight, but I keep thinking a half sleeve in a Second Amendment theme would be a great idea.
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But I'm dying to get more ink. Now that I've broken the rule of "All tattoos must be in places that can be hidden by shorts, socks, and a t-shirt", I've got a lot more canvas to work on. I really want to get a partial sleeve / shoulder tat, and my calves are open as well. Too bad it costs money. Otherwise, I'd be all over it.
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Something I've had in mind for a tattoo for a long time was an icon for the muzzle of a 1911 and Molōn labe inscribed underneath. Even though I'd been thinking about it for a while, I hadn't gotten off my duff and did anything with it until yesterday. Then I came up with this I liked it so much that I went out and had it inked on my leg (with the decision to go with the inscription from the monument at Thermopylae rather than this font) I'm happy with it! Ink applied by Jarrod Connolly.
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Ok, so I've been on the horn with a few folks (horn being IRC / Chat / SMS) and trying to describe what I have in mind for my tattoo. I love fractals. I adore Escher style tessellations, and I think the Geiger like 'organic metal' look would bind the two nicely. For the tessellations, I'd love to integrate some shooty stuff. Maybe 1911s / Glocks / or ammo. I know how to do a basic tessellation (great information on the process can be found here), but the fractal thing where they go off...
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Mentioned last night to the Mrs. that I'd love to work on getting a shoulder tattoo. I've got my name in Chinese on my right, outside shoulder, and while it does indeed indicate "Fame & Fortune" (what Robert means), it's in an odd way that basically says "My name is…", or as my friend likes to remind me, 'morning mouth'. I'd like to cover it up, but to do so is going to require a larger design, and I wouldn't mind covering the entire shoulder, on top, the side, front,...
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