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But I’m not saying I didn’t either. Got a SpyderCo Sharpmaker over the weekend. Spent an ungodly amount of time sharpening everything I could get my hands on. Our kitchen knives were unbelievable dull so it took quite a bit of work to get them back into shape, but holy moly are they sharp now. I actually cut my thumb while drying the santoku, and it managed to do that through the dishtowel. Very, very fine cut too! I sharpened my Leatherman to razor-level. It shaves paper into tiny threads. My...
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Guy at work is into knives. Very, very into knives. He asked me to bring in my USMC Ka-Bar because… well, knife. So I did. Honestly, I had to hunt for it. It was buried in the back of the safe. I don’t think it had even been out of the sheath in 5 or so years. Since I had got it in ‘91, it had been neglected & abused the way only a young Marine would have. Guy at work couldn’t let that stand and sharpened it for me. Hooooly moly. You could shave with it now. In fact, he said he had to back...
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Got my Kershaw Blur last night. Couldn’t be more impressed. The spring assist is nice and the size is perfect for what I’m wanting. It’s also nice to have a folder in my pocket again. I do this little Macarena dance any time I leave the area where I check for keys, knife, wallet, phone & pistol. Missing the one spot where the knife should have been was annoying. Not anymore. And I really like the coyote brown. Nice to have something that’s not all black. Haven’t cut anything yet, including...
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I loved my 5.11 XPRT, but the clip broke off even after getting replacement screws so it’ll take quite a bit of effort to get it back into carrying shape. Also, it’s a big, big knife and a) I need something a bit smaller for EDC and b) I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on something I’m going to abuse and throw away when it gets dull. So, after much help from many people who know knives, I picked up a Kershaw Blur Should be here by Thursday. I’ll let you know how it works out for me.
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It’d be a shaaaaame if someone came by and gave it a really, really odd name.
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JayG examines two sides of the same coin. “Heads” we freak out, “tails” we’re ok.
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Or in this case, the many knifed man This is the astonishing moment a crazed attacker stormed into a supermarket armed with an arsenal of knives including a hockey stick with a blade on the end. David Millington, 37, then launched an attack on a security guard at a Morrisons in Wolverhampton over a grudge he had held since he was seven years old. He went to the supermarket wearing a tool belt that contained kitchen knives and a makeshift shield, the city's crown court heard. The...
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Seems to be the meme du jour Me? I carry a 5.11 Exprt and my Leatherman Pulse
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