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Trips to the shooting range
Poorly, but that’s to be expected for not keeping well regulated lately. I misunderstood the amount of ammo necessary. I left with 7 rounds of .40 to my name. Luckily the reloads I had didn’t jam which tells me the full case resizing die I bought does its job, but I hadn’t really put it to its test like I should have. First 4 stages I did well enough on, but the last 2 I had a hard time hitting the berm for some reason. I was shooting way high, which really, really sucked. I never have a...
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Range time on Friday was awesome. The Kriss didn’t fail to please, the Delta Elite was as fun as always, and everyone loved the Apex trigger on the M&P. The only “meh” was the fact there was no .357 Magnum ammo so we could only shoot .38 Special out of the Model 15. Oh, it was a company outing. Paid in full. Ammo included. You may now be jealous.
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Haven’t shot in ages. A lot of it comes from the fact that my music hobby consumes a lot of my free time as well as my budgets, but being that I have a reloading bench and enough components for now, that’s not much of an excuse. I need to schedule range time. Budget for it. Make it at least a monthly thing that I can plan for so that it’s not a mad scramble to find time or money to do. In a way, it’s shameful to not hit the range as you lose your ability to get on target accurately if you don’t...
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I finally hit the range yesterday. I’d say it’s been about 8 months since I last fired a gun and thankfully my targets did not show it. Only one ‘pulled’ shot that barely missed the paper and that was 25’ out. Had a good buddy of mine go with me. He had never shot the KRISS and loved it. The sights were all wonky so the next time I take it I need to remember a set of Allen wrenches belongs in my range bag. Yesterday morning, I put the Colt Delta Elite back together (sorry Mach Wizard, I never...
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Somewhere, sadly I can’t remember or I’d link to it, some schmuck was complaining that us gun nuts are dishonest because we hide behind ‘rights’ when really, what we want is to just be allowed to play with our guns and that we’re afraid to admit it’s more about having fun than anything else. Well, confusion over the ability to do two things at the same time aside (you can enjoy shooting AND protect rights!), I’ve always admitted guns are fun. There’s something enjoyable about hitting your...
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For my birthday, my wife’s parents got me a gift certificate to the local music store. So last night I went and picked up a few things; couple of packs of strings, a handful of picks (they are migratory creatures who like to find dark, dusty corners to hibernate in), and a Joe Satriani song book being that I’ve lost my Surfing With the Alien one several moves ago. This is the song that I decided to start working on A year ago, I wouldn’t have even thought to try. Now? I’m actually able to at...
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Julie Golob takes her daughter shooting for the first time. Cuteness ensues
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1000 yard shot. Off hand. With a  37# Barrett 50BMG. First shot. Hat tip The Firearm Blog
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And I’m up already so I can head to Orlando to teach Basic Handgun at Ladies Day at Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club. ~400 women will be there today, many of them learning handguns for the first time and I’m proud to be part of it. That’s upwards of 400 new supporters for the 2A - It’s worth the early morning drive. Now… Coffee.
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A friend of mine lent me his SIRT Training Pistol over the holidays (poor soul wants it back too, and I’ve been both sick and on the opposite side of the county for the past few weeks) and I’ve realized I’m really, really missing something in my shooting. You see, I can draw the SIRT from my side, aim at a point no bigger than a credit card anywhere I want, and put the green dot right on it. Repeatedly. And quickly too. Want me to move between 5 different targets? No problem. <10 yards and I...
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Than to go do a round of sporting clays? A buddy of mine and I area heading down to the local range to help rid the world of the nuisance known as ‘clay pigeon’. We’ll be running the front 18 spots which are marked as “Introduction to Preschoolers” level. It’s funny because the last time I went there, I was getting a bit cocky as I was just nailing everything. Then we switched to the back 18 which were considered ‘moderate to difficult’ and… well I think two of the damned things managed to fly...
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Pizza boxes with targets on the back. Brilliant.
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The tendonitis in my elbow is finally healed. I’ve been able to grasp a gun correctly without any pain, and I have about 150 rounds of .40 that have been properly sized. So it’s time to hit the range again. I could have made USPSA this month, but I didn’t think not shooting for nearly 5 months was a good precursor, so I’ll be hitting the range some time this week to try to ensure I can remember which end of the gun gets pointed at the target. I also need to look at some sort of workout schedule...
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Since my tendonitis is still healing I haven’t made it to the range in months and I was mortified the other day when I pulled out my M&P for some dry firing practice and discovered rust. I mean a lot of rust. Oh, there’s none on the gun itself; I keep that cleaned and lightly oiled so the metal is fine. No, the rust was all in my fingers and between my ears. Months of simply not handling a gun on a regular basis saw me jerking the trigger and not being able to get on target in a timely...
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What happens when you get hammer bite from shooting a WWI Colt and a Hi-Power? This (Hat Tip to Brendan Lahey, who owns la mano pictured)
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Funny infographic. Had I some brainpower available right now, I bet I could come up with a few more, albeit politically incorrect. Not that that is something I concern myself with much here.
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Looks like I’m developing a few spots of rust on my trigger finger. Man, I gotta fix that.
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In case you missed it, I’ve been diagnosed with tendonitis in my right arm which makes gripping anything very, very painful. One of the things I cannot do is grip a firearm very well for any period of time. In a self-defense situation I think I’d be fine, but the thought of trying to run several courses of fire scares me. Besides, the less I can annoy the tendons, the shorter the healing time. This is a shitty injury to have as a shooter. It effectively puts me out of the game, and may continue...
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Turns out, going from “clean the gun between shots” to “clean? What’s that?” can lead to a lot of jamming after a year or so.
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Took the Mrs. to the new Family Firearms range today. They still have some sound proofing that needs to happen (eet was looooud) but I really like the stalls they had. Nice and deep (which kept your brass local) with plenty of space to put your gear on as well. Lots of ranges have these tiny tops that barely hold 2 guns and a box of ammo, but I had no problems dropping all my gear, including the KRISS, on it. Kari wasn’t as thrilled about the KRISS. In fact, she’s the first person who’s shot...
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Julie Golob has a tip about correcting Cross Eye Dominance. I wonder though, is this really something that needs to be fixed? Sure, I look like a dog who just heard BACON! but does the extra cant of my head throw my aim off?
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Interesting thing about the Colt Delta Elite, it bites me. More like a slight nibble with each shot fired, but by the end of a session, I’ve got a pretty little scrape to show for it. This was from Saturday when I hit Tenoroc to run some numbers on some 10mm ammo and the Delta as well as play with the Kriss a bit more. By the end of the 2 hours, I had probably had 6 different people shoot it with 2 people heading back to the shop to pick up boxes of .45 to feed it. Nobody seemed interested...
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Until Family Firearms opened up their range this week, the only indoor range nearby was Shoot Straight. I’m not the biggest fan of Shoot Straight because they have more rules about shooting there than the federal tax code. They don’t allow reloads, no shooting more than 1 round per some arbitrary time, no drawing from the holster, and I must assume because they’ve had a spate of suicides at several of their locations (none at this one that I know of), they don’t allow any photography of any...
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Let’s go to the range! I’ll bring some friends!
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Took the Colt Delta Elite out this Friday for its first outing. Alas, there is a major design flaw in the firearm that presents a serious safety issue – I think both Laughingdog and I suffered from pulled cheek muscles smiling so hard. Holy moley that’s a fun weapon to shoot. My loads are a bit hotter than factory, but it ate them up just fine. The report was concussive yet totally controllable and the pistol was dead accurate. That was proven by Laughingdog punching the same spot over and...
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From a press release COTTONWOOD, AZ (February 2012) -  LaserLyte®, the leader in laser technology for the shooting sports market for 25 years, has won American Rifleman's coveted Golden Bullseye Award for Accessory of 2012 for their Laser Trainer Target (TLB-1). The interactive target system provides the user immediate feedback for learning to shoot or to improve shooting skills such as unsighted fire, accuracy, grouping and trigger control. The Laser Trainer Target contains 62...
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The other day when I took the Kriss for its inaugural run, I also took the M&P to practice press outs and double taps in an attempt to get my shooting under control for USPSA. I learned a few things. One, I’m slow as molasses getting that front sight lined up with the rear. My default grip seems to present this view to me I then have to gently pull to the right and down to get the sights to line up correctly. This takes one to two millennia, or at least it feels that way. Two, I shoot...
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This is a really popular course and they’re looking for some help in the RO department from anyone in Central Florida who has NRA Instructor and/or RSO, IDPA/IPSC, SASS. LE or Glock RO ratings who would like to participate to introduce women to shooting. All they can promise is a free hotdog and soda lunch, a busy day (we had over 400 women arrive last year), and a sense of satisfaction from introducing women to shooting. Details are at www.cfrpc.com. They have 15 slots but only about 9...
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Caleb and his bullet hose (volume warning). I can shoot that fast. I can reload that fast. I can hit the A zone. Pick one.
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Love at first boom This is the first time I have ever heard about this weapon, so, of course, it was the first time I shot one. LOVE IT!!! I love everything about this gun. I love the look, I love the history, I love how it felt in my hands and I loved the power against my shoulder. If she’s not careful, she’s going to develop smile lines.
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So, because we’re experiencing a rather brutal winter here in Florida, I decided to wear slightly longer shorts yesterday and go shoot a round of sporting clays with a buddy of mine. We went to Fish Hawk Sporting Clays which was a pleasant surprise that it’s not so far away from me. Nice clay range too with sporting clays, 5 stand, and trap available. Because I have the awesome Epic HD cam I got from OpticsPlanet.net I figured I’d take it along for some awesome POV footage of me tackling the...
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Exurban Kevin I still like to socialize while shooting, but I guess I don't see a trip to the range just to go send lead downrange as a fun thing anymore. This past weekend I met up with reader and brownie-making-extraordinaire Laughingdog for some trigger time at the local gun range. Now that I’ve gotten my taste of USPSA, static lane shooting isn’t the same any more. I enjoyed the time and the company but while I was shooting I was specifically focusing on my trigger control as well as...
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Dry firing practice Range time has become an overly limited resource for me. I can either afford range time or I have the time to go to the range; the two never seem to meet in the middle. As I plan on restarting USPSA shooting come October (if you’re local to me, why not join me?), I need to get some trigger time in and since hitting the ‘no rapid fire, no drawing from the holster, no movement’ range, even when I can, isn’t the same, dry firing at home is beneficial. pistol-training.com has...
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JayG gets the coolest picture of the Snubbie From Hell™ He’s got a bunch more great shots from the Northeast Bloggershoot. Go check ‘em out
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I disagree with pdb and Caleb. Point Shooting is, by far, the most effective means of putting rounds on a target. The concept is simple - Find a point where you want your bullets to go and shoot it. This may require the use of sights, though.
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So, at the 2011 Pro-Am this weekend, there was one stage where there were issues with the shot timer. You had to shoot as many steel plates as you could in the allotted time (par) and any shots over time could count against you (if you hit the plate, you got the point but lost it. Over-time misses are what killed you). Generally the RO would tap you on the shoulder when the time was up, but it was up to the shooter to pay attention. During one round, the boxes were set up like a baseball...
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A few weeks ago, Caleb told me he’d be down in Frostproof, Florida to shoot the 2011 Pro-Am Shooting Competition so I met up with him for dinner on Friday, then went to watch him shoot on Saturday. His squad featured a few other well known shooters like Jessie Abbate, Randi Rogers (Randi, call me! I can make you a website!), and Brad Engmann of Top Shot Season 1 fame (Brad, call me! I can make you a website!). As I’ve not shot anything more than from a lane in over a year, there was no way in a...
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A local range where I could practice shooting from the draw. I’d like to be able to do the Dot Torture, but none of the ranges near me allow shooting from anything but the bench. Actually, I just need a few acres on someone’s property where I could just plink away that’s not 30 miles from the house. I guess I ask for too much.
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I don’t think I could hit the freaking ground at three hundred and fifty two yards with it. Fake? Real? Hard to tell although I’d say it’s not impossible at all. Bullets travel a looooooong way, and the 10mm has plenty of energy in it. I wouldn’t recommend this as a sniper platform though.
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A local reader took nearly 400! Hi, Robb, Since you were kind enough to make mention of it on the blog, here's an "after action report" on our Ladies' Day event Saturday: we had 384 women show up and try shooting. Unfortunately, late in the day we ran out of safety glasses and earplugs and had to turn away about 50 because we couldn't allow them to shoot without eye and ear protection. A planning failure we'll fix for next year, along with some improved organization (example:...
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So, I just took the lovely Mrs. West By God and her sister Erin to the range for Erin’s first outing with a handgun. I started her off on the Ruger Mark III 22/45. When the RO came by to ask he how she did she showed him her target and his words exactly – “Sweet Jesus!” He wasn’t kidding. I think they were pulling one on me because I watched her closely and she did not flinch when she was shooting. She did awesome. She shot the Glock 19 and not once did she miss the target, did great with the...
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One thing that slips by me sometimes as I get caught up in the activism and review world is that I forget to enjoy myself while shooting. It’s not all politics and precision, sometimes you just need to have a great time putting holes in paper or ridding the world of the scourge of clay pigeons. Don’t forget to have fun when you shoot.
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If you’re in the Central Florida region, the Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club is having its annual Ladies Day at the Gun Range next Saturday, March the 12th. The shooting sports is not a male-only club, and it does my heart good to see more and more women shooting, so if you’re in the area why don’t you drop by and show the guys how it’s done!
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By training with rimfire ammunition.
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So far, I’ve loved my CED M2 chronograph. However, yesterday, no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t get it to read 9mm bb’s. Hell, I’ve measured .380 with no problems. It was overcast, so I tried with both the sky-screens on and off. I managed to get some of them to read, but in one set , out of 45 bullets, I read 2. Most of the time, it simply didn’t see jack squat. The others, I’d get an E0 error. The chrony was set 7 feet behind the pistol, which should be far enough away so the...
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I hit the range last night and was nominally happy with my shooting. I took the Para Gun Blog .45 out for a spin and, like always, I seem to have a pitch problem when shooting rapidly. If I take my time, I can nail the black, but when I attempt to get the pistol back on target rapidly for a follow up shot, this is what always happens Every string ends up  with a vertical line that slightly veers off to the left (I don’t have a scan of the actual targets because I was flustered and...
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I am now in the process of procuring myself a bb velocity measuring device and would like your opinions on what I should be looking for. I will be shooting outdoor primarily, but indoors under lovely fluorescent lighting is a definite ‘maybe’ as well. I’d prefer to stick to a budget of around $150. Primary use will be handgun rounds, but there will be rifle / shotgun. I don’t think I really care about a printer, but the remote display is critical. Thanks R
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Kevin is documenting his quest for Master Class. Seems like a good read for those looking to get a bit better with your shooting without spending a gazillion dollars. I've added Misfires & Light Strikes to the blogroll. Go on over and give him a read!
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And a complete lack of practice over the past few months has made "crappy". Hit the range last night, primarily to rid myself of a bunch of ammo. The loads I had for IPSC were just too hot so I needed to burn through the remaining 100 or so that I had. The 10mm and .357 just needed to be cycled, and the best way to do so of course is to shoot 'em. I started off with the Kel-Tec P3AT. I felt dangerous and picked up some ammo from a dealer at a gun show the last time I was there. They...
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Just a quick video of my first shots with the new Bison Armory upper Worked like a champ. While the sights were not zeroed properly, the rounds went exactly into the same place when I picked the same point of aim. At some point I'm going to try to get a good zero on the sights, maybe try to find a laser bore sight. But it was still dead accurate at 100 yards. I need to pick up a MagPul Angled Fore Grip at some point as I think due to what's most comfortable for me, that would help. The...
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Over the holidays, I took a new shooter, Allie, to the range. Allie's father took some pictures with his cell phone when we were there and graciously sent them to me (along with Allie's permission to use them here). Allie had a great time, just look at that smile. She enjoyed herself in a safe environment and learned that a firearm is not the mind controlling lump of evil metal it's portrayed as via the media and the Brady Bunch. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of many trips to...
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So, this weekend I managed to take a new shooter to the range. A coworker of my wife called because her 18 year old daughter was home from college and was looking to rent a gun somewhere and try some shooting. The local range no longer rents guns as they had a few suicides last year and made that decision. I commented that I would be more than happy to provide the pistols, ammunition, targets, and training. I was planning on paying for the range time too, but her father took care of that. ...
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JayG takes his newly acquired lightsabers lasers out for a spin and has an astute observation One thing that jumped out at me as I was shooting with the laser sights was that it wasn't a panacea for shooting issues. I had expected to sight the laser in on the X-ring, then be able to chew out the X with boring precision. It doesn't work that way at all - things like smooth trigger control, sight picture, etc. are still important and can still wreak havoc with your shooting even with a laser..
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Alan takes his daughter to the range for the first outing with her new Crickett. Some day, I hope my girls show the same level of interest.
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Listening to Vicious Circle #21 the other day and something Law Dog brought up (besides the Sapper Lizards) really made me think. Law Dog mentioned (and I'm paraphrasing) how people tend to consider "center mass" as "torso" and if the torso is hidden behind a pickup truck, officers will try like hell to shoot through the engine block. Center mass means the center of the largest part of the target you can see. If only the dude's melon is visible, shoot for the center of...
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Practice for the inevitable with Full Color Zombie Targets
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4 boxes of 12 gauge with nothing but a t-shirt twixt you and the butt stock tends to leave a mark I think if I really start to get into this, I'm going to need a padded shirt or something.
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Greg and I hit Silver Dollar Shooters Club today for my very first trap shooting. Just like sporting clays, I'm hooked. And I didn't totally suck, either. The third game, I kept count and I scored a 21. Not bad at all for only really shooting targets with a shotgun a few times. Didn't think about bringing a camera, but next time I just might. I learned a few things Racking your pump action shotgun can set off the voice activated thrower. The little sponges on the ground are a great...
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Going trap shooting tomorrow with Greg. I've shot sporting clays, but never trap. I am now actively looking for a bandoleer to hold my shells. Two, if I can manage it. And a LARGE sombrero.
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That first shot always makes 'em smile. That should cause the Brady's a few sleepless nights.
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JayG has pictures up from the Bloggershoot.
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The other day I was talking about possibly switching the Para USA Gun Blogger 45 for a 1911 style pistol in 10mm. Enough people chimed in that the Para is special and I'd hate myself for letting it go, and I've put a lot of thought into that. After my range trip last night, I'm not only positive I don't want to trade it, but I've actually realized the more I shoot the 1911, the less I like my Glock. At 10 yards last night, the Glock stayed on target, but there was nothing approaching a...
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Cap'n Bob and the Damsel team up and tear down the targets.
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Dreamt this morning that I went to the range. I got there only to realize that I hadn't brought any firearms that I had any ammo for and didn't have enough money to buy more than one box. So I picked up some funky 9mm I didn't know I even owned from my range bag and decided to go with that one. And a big, green, plastic knife / shovel contraption. No idea why. The range was so busy that it took 20 minutes to get someone's attention. Then they forgot about me when they went to get me a box of...
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Well, Operation Get Wife Hooked On Shooting seems to be going well. She shot the Mark III 22/45 tonight and did what I can only describe as phenomenal. I mean, look at these pictures! &#160; On the target, the center is her groupings, the others are mine (wanted to make sure we could tell whose is whose) Notice how her groupings are as tight as mine. And this is only her 4th time ever at a range. She did great. She enjoyed herself too, which was the big part. To the right of us, two lanes.
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I don't know what to do. My wife appears to be lost. The person who is pretending to by my wife suggested that for our date night tonight we go to the range. This person suggested it without any hints from me at all. This can't be my wife so I am worried for her safety. Unless she has other plans and is using this as some sort of leverage to… hey… hold on. Oh well, whatever it is, at least I'm getting her to the range.
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Just got this in an email, figured I'd share it with the world With help from our friends at various 4-letter organizations such as MCSA, ASSA, SLRA, CCKC, we've done it: We're going to hold an appleseed event about an hour north of Chicago!! (That's the closest possible range, BTW...) Won't you help me spread the good word? (If you can, please plug the event as the "Chicago" Appleseed...) Here's the link: http://www.mcsa56.org/mcsa/entry/the_chicago_appleseed_event ...
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Looks like fun! Crazy to think that you can give high school kids loaded shotguns and mass mayhem and slaughter not break out (unless you count the massacre of clay pigeons).
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Clay chicken, that is Picture by Greg, from a successful clay pigeon hunt this afternoon.
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Jay opines I was "that guy". You know the guy I mean. The guy at the range. The guy at the range with the timid girlfriend who didn't like guns. The girlfriend who really didn't want to be there and really needed a gentle, guiding hand to make her first time at the range enjoyable. The guy full of fail. The guy who handed said timid girlfriend a .357 Magnum and then left her to her own devices. I know this idiot who, upon trying to get his wife to shoot a shotgun for the first time in her...
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Well, the good doctors didn't let me down. After talking with all four of them, I'm feeling much better. Doctor .357 was, as usual, brash and loud and to the point. He's old school, and when I wanted to try the Super Secret Todd Jarrett Kung-Fu Grip™, he informed me he would be having none of that and promptly bit my finger. Turns out that when you extend your thumb of your off hand along the side of a revolver and you have big old man-hands like me, your thumb resides precisely at the gap...
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The Mrs. is forcing me to go for a session of recoil therapy. Not being happy with my current job plus the fact she's been sick as a dog has me in a funk. Going to have to go see Doctors Ten, Threefiftyseven, and Twentytwo for an hour or so. Update - Apparently Dr. FourtyFive has called in a prescription of .45 Caliber medicine. To be taken at 1100fps
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/29/2009 4:26:13 PM | Feedback (1)
Cap'n Bob snaps a cool panorama. The fact that his wife moved during the picture makes it even more cool!
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/5/2009 1:43:19 PM | Feedback (0)
Some highlights from all the fun. Didn't get video of any of the shotgun fun nor me lighting off the muzzle loader (I managed to hit the bull's eye), but still a great time caught on 1's and 0's for the whole world to see
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/4/2009 8:10:21 PM | Feedback (0)
That if I'm ever attacked by brightly painted, clay pigeons, I should be able to successfully defend myself at least 50% of the time. So, Greg and I hit Tenoroc range today, and unfortunately for my wife, I've found a new love in the world of things that go boom - clays. I can't tell you the difference between skeet, trap, and "Hey Leroy, hold my beer and throw this plate above your head and see if I can hit it with my eyes closed" but whatever it's called that we did today, I'm hooked. You...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/4/2009 4:12:33 PM | Feedback (4)
Gonna actually go shoot rifle and shotgun outdoors tomorrow which will be a change. I don't get to shoot outside much, mostly because I live "in the city" so-to-speak and all the ranges are indoors. There's a small outdoor range where they hold the IPSC and IDPA matches, but it's not much more than a few mounds of dirt. Tomorrow, I'm heading to Tenoroc with Greg to do something a bit more than 25 yards, plus maybe some trap / skeet. I'm taking the Mossberg, the EBR, and the M-44. And the video...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/3/2009 8:00:41 PM | Feedback (3)
Managed to score a little time to hit the range yesterday. Had to choose between clinging to my religion or my guns, and due to several factors the guns won out. While I enjoy going to the range with others, this outing required my complete concentration as I was testing out a new set of reloads in various weights / charges with the .45ACP. I loaded up some of the lead bullet samples from Mastercast and tested them out. I had 185 grain SWC, 200 grain SWC and 225 grain RN all pushed by various...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 12/8/2008 9:37:18 AM | Feedback (10)
A buddy of mine bought his first handgun ULTRA-PORTABLE-DEATH-MACHINE and takes it to the range. But my pattern did give me a happy inner glow, more confidence in the weapon, and some 'strange satisfaction'. I know of that feeling. I'm not sure I can describe it in words, but it has a lot to do with the realization that you're not powerless.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 12/2/2008 4:37:02 PM | Feedback (3)
Managed to get some range time in yesterday to put the Para through its paces. This was the pistol I was supposed to have all this time. Only one hiccup, and that was the infamous "ride the trigger" event where you can lock the pistol up if you only halfway release the trigger after a shot. My fault, though and not the pistol's. I was watching people left and right of me miss at 7 yards. I couldn't help but peek at their grips to see if I could discern anything. Some were "tea cupping" and one...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/30/2008 4:34:06 PM | Feedback (10)
Bring me back my Para! Just got notice it should be on its way Monday, meaning I'll have it on Tuesday. So, I definitely have to get some range time in before the next IPSC shoot. I may skip December in order to get a bit more practice time in being that I may have come in last place due to malfunctions, I definitely didn't shoot as well as I should have nonetheless. 20% tighter grip - that's my training goal for the next time.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/21/2008 2:28:32 PM | Feedback (0)
I'm pretty sure nailing the bulls-eye with even an air rifle makes Sarah weep lightly. Click to embiggen The sight is definitely to the left a bit. This was at about 15 yards, so no great distances involved as I'm still trying to get used to the action, but it's fairly accurate to be sure.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/21/2008 6:24:21 PM | Feedback (9)
Roberta X asks How about you? Why do you shoot? Why do you carry, if you carry at all? I shoot because I find the action of shooting to be relaxing. There's a Zen-like state one can achieve when target practicing. All the variables come into play - trigger control, breathing, stance, grip - and you can find that thinking of any of them will throw you off. You have to almost go on automatic pilot to get them all to play well together. When one of the variables is off, you concentrate on that...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/16/2008 8:29:27 AM | Feedback (6)
Dry firing practice is a great way to help with trigger control and preventing flinching. It's something everyone should do from time to time and in fact, when I find myself flinching during range time, I'll unload and do some dry firings until I feel I've overcome the flinch again. However, last night I realized that if I am to start shooting IDPA like I plan, it's going to take a few more skills that I don't get to practice on the range - Namely drawing from the holster and reloading rapidly....
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/1/2008 10:58:01 AM | Feedback (7)
This was my first outing with my new Para USA Gun Blog 45 since I picked it up yesterday. Joe Huffman will be glad to actually see his famous lock up happen in this video. I know what it is and it only took doing it once twice before I finally got it into my thick skull that you have to allow the trigger to fully reset else you'll lock up the pistol. On the second set of shots (same target @ 15 yards) you can see the laser is slightly off to the left. Even then, the grouping turns into...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/25/2008 8:38:56 PM | Feedback (6)
I picked up the GB45 from Kastle Keep immediately after I left work last night. When I got there, my pistol was still in it's shipping box and, like a kid on Christmas morning, had to dig through 30 or 40 layers of tape to get the box open. Like a shallow matrioshka doll, inside the box was the box. The green, Para USA box that held my not-so-brand-new Gun Blog 45. I opened the case (insert sound of angels singing on high here) and removed the pistol from the plastic wrapping. There were oohs...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/25/2008 9:19:41 AM | Feedback (5)
Leave work. Turn left. Drive a few miles to the local gun store. Pick up the Gun Blog 45. Drive to 5 Guys Burgers to grab a bite and meet up with Greg and Beth. Go shoot. Seriously, that's what I call a fantastic evening. And it all begins in 5 minutes.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/24/2008 3:56:11 PM | Feedback (3)
Go on and give him shit about it.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/15/2008 10:53:50 AM | Feedback (0)
I really want to hit the range. I just got through watching the Blackhawk! DVD we got featuring tips from Todd Jarrett and it was a pretty good recap of the things he showed us. Unfortunately, I don't have an outdoor range I can go to right now, but I'm working on that! Still, I'd like to be able to practice just my Super Sekret Kung Fu grip we were taught as well as take the Crimson Trace out for a spin. The problems are several-fold. I've totally blown my budget for everything by purchasing...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/6/2008 10:16:32 AM | Feedback (3)
LissaKay takes her bible study group to the range.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/4/2008 9:34:07 AM | Feedback (0)
And there's tacticool Check out your favorite blogger in action That's Joe Huffman on the left. I'm wearing gloves for two reasons. One, Blackhawk gave 'em to me and I wanted to take them out for a spin. Two, I noticed my grip kept slipping and the gloves helped a ton with that. The stage went as follows. You were to engage the steel plate directly in front of you with 2 hits, then take cover, placing two shots on a mover if it came into play. Then take down the last 6 plates (again, placing 2...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/25/2008 6:59:53 PM | Feedback (0)
Greg and I went to watch an IDPA match today, put on by the Florida West Coast Defensive Pistol Club. I had been wanting to observe a match to see if it was something I was interested in doing, and of course, it was. It definitely looked like something I could get into. Everyone was friendly, the competition looked challenging, and the entire group was very accommodating to Greg and I. I have to figure out the budget necessary to do something like this, especially shooting 10mm. Today's...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/10/2008 7:43:43 PM | Feedback (1)
Thanks to the Ammo Fairy, I hit the range last night and fired off over 100 rounds of 10mm, and about 200 .22's. A few observations - One, when you start getting "lines" instead of neat little holes, it's time to clean the .22. Two, my reloads are hotter than factory loads. By a long shot. Three, high temperature wheel grease works fantastically. And it's kind of hard to smell it over the gun powder. Four, when you do not worry about retrieving your brass, shooting can be a hell of a lot more...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/27/2008 1:28:12 AM | Feedback (0)
I don't do any sort of competitive shooting. In fact, I only shoot at the range. That doesn't help with having to move, reload, etc. I've been balking at competitive shooting. Mostly because it seems like you'd need some custom 1911 with 10,000 rounds a month of practice and I just can't afford it. But I'm starting to realize that my hobby requires that I shoot a lot, and something competitive would be a great way to do it. So, I'm asking opinions on things like IDPA, IPSCC, etc. I'm going to...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/21/2008 6:11:47 PM | Feedback (0)
Yesterday was range time. I decided to not abuse my shoulder as much and left the M44 at home. It was a good move too as the 12 gauge was simply brutal. I did find some reduced recoil slugs that were quite a bit less painful, so I can practice with those next time. Range time was good. I shot the Ruger for pistol time, but the battering of the shoulder took a toll on my accuracy so I only shot about 100 rounds before I stopped. It's still funny that at 15 yards I get ticked if I hit the 8 ring...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/14/2008 1:48:50 PM | Feedback (0)
Breda has one. Mom Fallacy and I had a wonderful mother-daughter afternoon at the range. When we arrived after reviewing the 4 Rules in the car on the drive over, we were warmly greeted by the range attendant. "Mom!!" he said when he saw her get out of the car. "What are you going to shoot?" My mom? Well, let's just say if you were to ask her to list all the things that make her happy in life, going to the gun range would be in the top 10 for sure. She used to could shoot through the same hole...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/13/2008 8:56:11 PM | Feedback (0)
Hitting the range today. I'm taking the 6.8 so a buddy of mine can shoot it as well as Sasha and Ugly Betty. I have a feeling my shoulder is going to be a lovely shade of purple tomorrow. The things I do to stay well regulated. It's all part of being a law-abiding gun owner I guess.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/13/2008 1:08:44 PM | Feedback (0)
Ah, Father's Day! My girls both made me little foam posters and got me a coffee mug with with their picture on it. I'll have to remember to take a snapshot of it later for y'all. I also went to the range. I took the Ultimate Cliploader on its maiden voyage and oddly, it works better with the Remington Thunderbolts than it does the Golden Bullets. It works fine with both, but it tends to take a little more "pumping" with the GB's. No big deal. It definitely helped me shoot a hell of a lot more...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/16/2008 7:49:56 AM | Feedback (0)
I promised a video on the cliploader, and here it is. I hate doing movies because I'm talking to myself and I get all self conscious. I can talk in front of an audience with no problems, but just like answering machines, I get all wierded out when I'm talking to hardware.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/14/2008 10:57:10 PM | Feedback (3)
I hadn't shot the 10mm in a few months. At 7 yards, the first 10 shots were all in the black (about an 2" circle). Me proud of self. Me shoot damned good! 10 yards, me still excellent. Got to shoot the old man's Beretta PX4 Storm. It was a nice firearm. The trigger is very different than anything I've felt, so it took me a while to get used to it. Plus, he purchased a laser for it, and I'm not a fan of lasers as it is and the blinky red dot threw me off (that, and it was waaaaaay out of...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/31/2008 9:26:22 PM | Feedback (6)
Or, time to make holey paper. Didn't think I was going to hit the range any time soon, but the stars have aligned just right. Kind of. The Wii Fit managed to kick my ass with the boxing game and my arms are actually sore. But I said screw it and loaded up some 10mms and packed the EBR. Just as I was getting all the gear together, the old man calls and said he got out a little early from what he was doing and wanted to go shooting. Talk about timing! He just bought a new Beretta Storm and has...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/31/2008 2:44:27 PM | Feedback (0)
The last range session for me was May 2nd. I used to go once at week minimum. But since I bought the EBR, I've not been able to afford the annual membership so each trip costs $12-18. My problem is right now all I have are reloads I need to work up. So I'd have to go to the range, pay the dough, shoot 10 shots total, then come back home. When I had the membership, that wasn't a big deal. But now, I have to have a reason to go. I've tried over the past few weeks, but everyone keeps bailing on...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/28/2008 3:59:06 PM | Feedback (4)
Well, work finally ended yesterday and I was able to head down to the range to shoot the 6.8 SPC for the first time. It was everything I had hoped for. I splurged and spent an extra $4 on a muzzle break, and was very happy I did. When you watch the video, notice how little the muzzle moves after each shot. The recoil was practically nonexistent. While it's hard to tell from the video, it was definitely louder than .223 although it wasn't near the .308 two lanes to the left. I'm not terribly...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/2/2008 12:42:28 PM | Feedback (9)
Going to the range to shoot the EBR for the first time after work. Damn clock is laughing at me.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/1/2008 3:28:59 PM | Feedback (1)
You take the ignorant shooting, it shatters the lies the media tells them about guns Everyone's ears perked up, so I did what any intelligent pro-rights activist would do — I asked the obvious question, "Who would like to join me for some shooting out in the desert?" I told them I could bring a variety of cool guns; I would insist on showing them how to handle them safely since they all but admitted abject ignorance, and we would have a blast shooting at cans in the desert. The gal from London...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 4/24/2008 8:48:45 AM | Feedback (0)
And Breda shows us how it's done! Awesome job!
posted by by Robb Allen @ 3/29/2008 8:24:06 PM | Feedback (2)
Went to Knight Shooting Sports last night with some friends from work. Had a wonderful time, even thought I lost about 60% of my brass which to me is like gold. It was more of a chance to put a lot of lead down range rather than a well focused, target practice, but still sometimes you need to do that. I came away with a few things If you ever decide to build a shooting range, do not paint the walls and backstop black. You can't see where you're shooting if you use a black target. H&K may...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 2/27/2008 11:08:43 AM | Feedback (3)
And successful! I worked with her a little before the range to soothe her nerves. I promised her all she would have to shoot is the .22 Pistol and two shots of the shotgun. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my wife's first target with the Ruger Hunter at ~7 yards (click to embiggen) 10 of those holes are mine (including the one on the lower left in the 9 ring). The rest are my wife's. Needless to say, she was totally thrilled with the .22 and even mentioned how much she enjoyed it. No nerves at...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 2/10/2008 3:48:10 PM | Feedback (7)
The babysitter is coming over today so that the Mrs. and I can actually hit the range together!!! Last year I bought the family pass to the range with the verbal agreement that she would go with me at least 4 times to make up for the added cost. That was Feb. last year. This is the second time she's gone with me. Grumble.... Don't get me wrong. My wife is at least no longer a hoplophobe. She doesn't care if I carry to church or the park or even around the house. She still doesn't like shooting,...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 2/10/2008 9:39:50 AM | Feedback (3)
Ok, I finally got some snaps of a few of my targets from Monday's expedition. First off, some of the 10 yard targets. This on is the .22 and oddly, I kept the wrong one. The first target had practically no black left in the center (and I didn't bother shooting the lower targets), but this one is still representative of the over goodness of the evening (click to enlargenate) Next, 10 yards with the .357 Magnum and the "HOLY SHIT!" loads. I was alternating between the bottom two targets as fast...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/10/2008 8:37:48 AM | Feedback (3)
Sorry this didn't get posted last night. I was too busy bowling with the Wii. Damn my shoulder hurts. Anyway, the last thing I wanted to discuss about my range trip two nights ago was something I noticed about other people's shooting (and something I found myself doing earlier in my shooting career). I call it metronome shooting. So many people seem to shoot on a schedule rather then when they're on the bull's-eye. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. It's like a clock ticking. You can actually anticipate their...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/9/2008 9:53:25 AM | Feedback (7)
A tip to young men who go shooting with their girlfriends. They might be somewhat impressed with you being able to fire 10 shots in 5 seconds but the range master isn't going to look kindly on you and the rest of us who know how to shoot are laughing at you for putting 3 shots into the ceiling. How the hell do you miss at 5 yards? Double taps are fine. You need to be able to do a follow up shot as quickly as humanly possible. But if that shot goes three feet over your target's head, you just...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/8/2008 2:38:12 PM | Feedback (1)
Last night was a wonderful night at the range. One of those where you leave just smiling from ear to ear. There were several things I came away with last night and I'm going to post them in series here. First off was my personal night. I hadn't hit the range in a few weeks which for me is an eternity. I wanted to take the .22, .357, and the 7.62x54R. The first two for precision shooting, the latter for keeping my "muscle memory" in tact. When I got to the range, oddly enough the other three...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/8/2008 9:23:52 AM | Feedback (2)
Gah! I haven't hit the range in, like, three weeks. I need that meditation. The concentration that comes with ensure each and every shot goes dead center of the target. The calm breathing, helping with relaxation (something I find kills flinching). Of course, I have to learn how to deal with the occasional "flyaway" shot. Those tend to get on my nerves and rattle my concentration (I get pissed at myself). Then, afterwards, some of my patented "Holy Shit! WTF kind of cannon was that???" .357...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/7/2008 3:52:18 PM | Feedback (1)
She's good. So far the best I've managed is forcing my wife to go one time. I need to work harder on this, I'm getting my ass kicked!
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/17/2007 4:42:04 PM | Feedback (2)
I broke down and picked up a high-speed, low drag, choke removal tool (e.g. a quarter) and proceeded to take out the modified choke from Ugly Betty. Seems the range nazis* won't let you shoot 00 Buck because an M&M size pellet might gum up the target tracks. So, in order to shoot slugs, I figured it would be best if I removed the choke.  After un-choking, I went to Wally World and picked up a box of 15, Winchester, rifled slugs for $8 and headed to the range to meet up with Greg....
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/7/2007 9:59:41 AM | Feedback (7)
Not one, but TWO people confuse your little .357 Magnum for a .44. I lowered the powder charge to 13.8gr of Blue Dot, but still got some flattened primers. I'm going to drop even more because the shells were a little hard to get out, so I'm still showing signs of over pressure. Oddly, the primers only flattened on one side, so that's something I need to research. But let me say - DAMN! What a total blast to shoot (pun very much intended). I still cannot believe with that much noise and fireball...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/25/2007 12:22:38 PM | Feedback (6)
Let me just say that 110 grain, .357, semi-jacketed hollow points pushed by 14+ grains of Blue Dot powder produces a fireball the size of Nantucket and the concussion not only causes the range master to see who the hell is shooting a rifle on the gun range, but forces small children to leave. Seriously, there was a ~6 year old kid shooting with his dad and he left the range and just watched until I was done. There were also some little girls (probably 13 and 10) who went outside as well. Now,...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/18/2007 9:09:36 AM | Feedback (6)
A few days ago I loaded up a few 10mm's as hot as I thought reasonable. Using Starline cases, CCI #300 large primers, 155 grain Hornady XTPs, and pushing it with 7.2gr. of TiteGroup, I whipped up 50 of the suckers and took them to the range. The Glock 29 loved them. The only word I can describe it with is OMG!!LOUDANDSNAPPYANDHOLYSHIT!!1!!MYWRISTS!! Perfectly accurate. Loud enough to make a .357 Magnum user cringe. No fireball that I could discern, but then again I was at the ass end of the...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/4/2007 2:33:57 PM | Feedback (6)
So after all their bluster, it doesn't look like the Brady Bunch got much of a turnout for their national protest against law abiding citizens. Heck, according to some reports, my little soirée had greater attendance. I took my brother in law, Tracy, to the range with me. He's not an avid shooter and had never been to an actual range before. To help him along, I borrowed a friends Glock 26 (9mm) since the 10mm can be a little punishing, and the fact I don't have any ammo loaded yet :} Greg from...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/29/2007 9:07:11 AM | Feedback (2)
They're not that scary, are they? Awhile back, I made a list of things I want to do that I have never done. On this list, I included “shoot a gun.” This weekend, I did it. The reasons I wanted to shoot a gun included: I had never done it before, I wanted to see what the big deal was, I wanted to do something that was scary/tough, I like Charlie’s Angels, I wanted to be able to judge action adventure movies better, I wanted a new experience, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about issues like gun...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/27/2007 1:52:31 PM | Feedback (5)
I hit the range at least once a week. I've found I enjoy shooting the Ruger Mark III 22/45 because .22 is less tiring, I don't have to search for the brass, and I can get 550 rounds for $11. With the new red dot sight on it, it even looks kind of nice. However, I have to shoot the 10mm at least every other week to stay up with it. Unfortunately I broke a part on my press and haven't been able to make ammunition for it for the past two weeks. The part should be in any day, but I'm out so I'm...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/21/2007 3:27:31 PM | Feedback (4)
The other day my oldest daughter was drawing, as she is wont to do. She was proud of her masterpiece (which was a bunch of concentric circles) and showed it to me, so I asked her what it was. Targets. For me to take to the range.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/20/2007 9:54:15 AM | Feedback (6)
One of the things I couldn't help notice yesterday, and pardon me for being somewhat of an ass, but it would appear to me you can judge how good of a shot someone is by the inverse of how fancy their gear is. Everyone who had high end AR's with massive scopes, fancy cases, doodads with chrome, etc. seems to not shoot worth shit. I see this happen a lot with photography. Many people buy the high end gear assuming it will help them take better pictures when in all reality, all better equipment...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/12/2007 8:24:41 PM | Feedback (5)
So, last week I picked up a rather inexpensive, non-name brand holographic red dot sight. It is an NcStar D4B model with 4 different reticles. Not a bad unit. Seems well made enough, mostly metal. The reticles are ok, but I prefer shooting it with just the single dot as it obscures the least. 7 levels of brightness and I find that in bright sun it is more than enough to see and at the indoor range, level 1 (the least) works the best. Brighter levels cause the dot to fuzz out a bit in darker...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/12/2007 5:05:04 PM | Feedback (4)
The oldest is sick and was unable to make it to swim lessons last night. Luckily for us, it stormed like hell and they canceled the class so we get a make up day on Friday. Since Friday was going to be range night, I hadn't loaded any 10mm up yet. So I had to rush to the range last night and just took the Ruger .22. I was kind of bummed because I've been wanting to shoot the 10 for a while, a little for the boom factor and a little for the fact that I need to stay in shape with my defense...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/17/2007 11:21:32 AM | Feedback (1)
Went to the range Friday to shoot the .357 Magnum. The required me to use a specific lane. They didn't want the .357 Magnum to set off the fire sprinklers. I think I pulled a muscle smiling so hard.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/1/2007 10:55:38 AM | Feedback (0)
Loaded up 50 .357 Magnum, 158gr. lead SWC pushed by 8.2 grains of Longshot. Took them to the range. Obliterated the target. The last target was at 10 yards (30 feet). 6 in the top center, 6 to the lower left, and 2 to the lower right (50 doesn't divide by 6 well). Yeah, it may look like there's only 4 holes on top and only 3 on the lower left, but I assure you, 6 rounds went through each one. Sarah needs a heavy dose of thorazine right about night, don't you think? Now the bad news. 8.2gr. of...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/22/2007 10:19:01 PM | Feedback (10)
Using state-of-the-art forensic technology (i.e. the "Next Frame" button), I got some screen grabs of the fireballs from last Monday's shoot. These are the best ones.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/30/2007 10:03:26 PM | Feedback (2)
Whoa. The shots you hear in the other lane come from an AR-15. Listen to the difference. Learn to love the fireball. I'll post a picture of the target later. At 25 yards, I was hitting a little high, so I figured out where the sight was aiming at and I adjusted accordingly. My last shot pierced the middle, making Sarah Brady "bake a brownie". Not sure I'm going to be able to get to sleep tonight. Too much adrenaline.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/28/2007 10:08:15 PM | Feedback (19)
Last night I got the sheer pleasure of meeting Greg from West, By God along with his wife and a friend of theirs. This is the first blogger I've ever met face to face so that was kind of an event. We met at Shoot Straight for a night of poking holes in paper and making Sarah Brady soil her Depends. Since I had to deal with the little ones last night, we couldn't get there until 7:45 PM and they closed at 9. Unfortunately, the rifle range was full so we shot pistols. Greg liked the 10mm, but...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/25/2007 9:47:38 AM | Feedback (2)
And tonight was a great friggin' night at the range. Nobody there, so picking up my brass was a cinch. And shot a little .22 for fun. The first few magazines I went through were just breathing and control exercises. Wasn't going for pinpoint accuracy, but rather rapid target acquisition. Hit the paper every time, but quite a few low shots. Then I did some off hand, and I won't post those pics. Granted, I hit the target, it was as shaky as it gets. However, when I really started concentrating,...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/8/2007 9:42:50 PM | Feedback (2)

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