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Thanks for all the well wishes & advice, but after many months of trying to determine the best course of action, Pepper was laid to rest this morning. Her entire personality changed since we moved, and with the recent horrors she’s been through we felt that she was suffering too much. We will miss her immeasurably. Kari & I are done with dogs. They bring such joy to your lives, but the pain of losing them can be too much at time. Godspeed, Pepper. May you finally find the peace you so...
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We’ve had Pepper for 5 years now. She’s a mutt someone found on the side of the road that we took into our home and we all love her dearly. The problem is that she has severe anxiety, especially with things like thunder or fireworks. Even a light rain gets her panting & pacing uncontrollably. If we’re not home, bad things can happen. She panics & decides that whatever is on the other side of the door is better than where she currently is, and she is a powerful dog when scared. We can’t...
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Pup wins…
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Pepper appeared to have an allergic reaction to a bug bite and was chewing off chunks of her fur. A few hundred dollars worth of probulating and medicating out the door, and we have the cone of shame!     I feel bad for her, but I have to admit our satellite reception has been better than ever.
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Pepper ain’t so tiny any more. She’s 52# and a good size now. Not much more growing in expected, maybe a bit more weight, but this should be her final size. And yes, she likes to lay down to eat. Lazy bum.
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When the shooting starts, they have your back Cats? They’ll wing you in the leg so they can make their getaway. Hat tip Michael from Tactilite
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A puppy sized molar. Gross and yet interesting at the same time.
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Less than 6 weeks from this to this I see German Shepherd, but I also see Doberman. Anyone else want to take a wild guess of her muttiness?
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So here’s a puppy picture
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Her name is Pepper   
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But my wife should realize she cannot send me a photograph of a puppy that needs a home and expect the logical portion of my brain to not get overwhelmed by my emotions. Thusly, I shall be coming home to this today You may now Squee.
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Because a) I bought my wife a new camera for her birthday and b) I haven't posted pictures of them in a while and c) it's my blog and I can do whatever I damn well please.   
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The pup managed to snarf 6 strawberry cupcakes (with paper liners) and several breadsticks from the counter this weekend. We forget how tall she is. Apparently, there is no safe spot you can store food on the counters. Time to make a few habanero and Tabasco treats to leave up there.
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Poor dog. I don't think she's ever going to feel like she's truly at home
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Dog didn't know what to make of me running on the treadmill last night. She was afraid of the machine (this is the first time since she's been with us that it had been turned on. I know, I know…), but apparently was thinking I was going for a walk without her which resulted in lots of 'running towards' and 'hightailing it away'. I managed to do 2 1/4 miles without keeling over and dying, which is pretty good considering it's been a few weeks since I hit the damnable thing. I've been doing...
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Last night, the Mrs. and I were Wii Bowling. The dog apparently didn't get the memo to keep her head low. The Mrs. bonked her pretty good in the noggin (and ended up rolling a gutter ball) Dog didn't seem phased in the slightest.
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Hard as it is to believe from the other photos, this dog is actually quite active.
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I don't think this dog is ever going to settle down and feel at home here Already, the cats have learned to deal with her. This is the first time I've seen all three animals in the same vicinity since we got Lizzie. Granted, Bueller is trying to kill her with his laser vision…
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Welcome the newest member of the Sharp as a Marble Compound, Lizzie Lizzie is a rescue dog. Her previous owners were active military and couldn't take her with them. She's approximately a year and a half old and is a hound mix. A lady I work with works with Lost Angels Animal Rescue and had posted a description of her online at work. She sounded perfect for our family – not quite a puppy, but still young enough to be trained, didn't mind cats, loved kids, and housebroken. She's all of that...
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