Because f*** you, that’s why DULUTH, Minn. — Authorities say a driver was cited after he was clocked driving 171 mph in northern Minnesota. … The driver, a 36-year-old man, was cited for careless driving. Padden says the man didn’t really provide a reason for speeding on the highway.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 4/14/2016 2:27:27 PM | Feedback (5)
This whole l'affaire du Ferguson has me just pounding forehead shaped divots into my desk. It’s like everything I cannot stand about humans all rolled into one stupid story. First, nobody really knows what happened. Minus the parts that totally fit with their biases and preconceptions. That stuff is swear on a Holy Bible tight. About the only facts is that a cop shot Michael Brown and Brown died and that Brown had just robbed a convenience store of some Swisher Sweets while roughing up the...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/18/2014 8:42:23 AM | Feedback (14)
It’s the person, not the tool DUBLIN — An Italian man allegedly cut open his Dublin landlord’s chest and tried to eat his heart following a fight over a chess match … Pathologists said the 39-year-old victim suffered dozens of severe knife wounds to his head and chest, which had been cut fully open. Ireland’s senior pathologist determined that the heart remained, but a lung was missing. Police offered no explanation for what happened to the lung. Evidence suggested that O’Gorman’s prone head...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/14/2014 10:14:30 AM | Feedback (1)
But I’ve not seen one like this in… well, forever So she hits a car, then flees. She stops to give first aid to the shooting victim in her back seat…then she returns to her previous accident and murders the man ejected from the car by running over him.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 12/20/2013 12:11:38 PM | Feedback (1)
The headline screams School on lockdown after 2 men shot in Brandon to which I immediately freaked out. But then I read that this wasn’t a school shooting but that they had simply locked them down while they looked for someone. But that headline? Really made it sound like a school shooting.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/21/2013 9:47:25 AM | Feedback (3)
Many of you are probably aware of the absolute horseshit story about a boy playing airsoft in his own yard and getting suspended from school over it, right? Because, it’s absolute horseshit. As in, the media got the story wrong and gunnies jumped all over this before the information was complete. You see, the kids were shooting other kids waiting at the bus stop, which does put the issue into ‘school grounds’. Here’s the principal’s letter. In the course of the investigation, conducted in...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/26/2013 11:23:52 AM | Feedback (17)
Chilling. Before you read the story, I want you to read my edited excerpt About 3 p.m. Friday, Christopher Lane, 23, was found with a [REDACTED] wound to his lower back on Country Club Road just south of Twilight Beach Drive in Duncan, Police Chief Danny Ford said. He died about an hour later at a hospital. … Sunday afternoon, the 17-year-old admitted that the teens had been in a house a quarter-mile to half-mile south of the [REDACTED] scene when they saw Lane pass by and designated him as...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/20/2013 12:08:07 PM | Feedback (9)
I drive this way all the time TAMPA, Fla. —  Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies have made an arrest in the fatal shooting of a man driving on Interstate 4. Fred Turner Jr., 47, called 911 to report someone following him on I-4 minutes before he was fatally shot Saturday afternoon. The incident happened around 3 p.m. in the eastbound lanes of I-4 at the I-75 overpass in Tampa, officials said. Turner said in the 911 call the driver had pulled up alongside him and flashed a handgun,...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/2/2013 8:05:16 AM | Feedback (6)
Proceeds to bounce their uvula off their ankle. So, you gun owners out there who want to help the troops? Might be time to find another avenue for your charity. WWP clearly finds the firearms industry distasteful.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/13/2012 4:06:44 PM | Feedback (9)
Just wait and watch the anti’s redefine what makes a college campus. You’re going to hear a lot about the shooting ON THE TEXAS A&M CAMPUS!!!!1!!ELEVENTY when in reality, it was in a housing complex well outside the campus. Not a school shooting by any stretch, but don’t think it won’t be made to look like it. Already, the media is typesetting the news crawlers to pin this on a white, racist Tea Partier who was overly excited from Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan to kill off seniors.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/13/2012 3:13:07 PM | Feedback (7)
Remember sniglets? Rich Hall would do them on Not Necessarily The News. They were "any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should". One of my favorites was “audiosis – a noise you don’t hear until it shuts off”. Think of your refrigerator. You don’t hear it until it turns off, then you realize it’s gone. We were talking in #gunblogger_conspiracy about how this recent shooting at the Sikh temple is, yet again, going to the get talking heads yammering on about guns guns guns blah blah...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/7/2012 9:16:39 AM | Feedback (3)
Just a few quick thoughts re: the Colorado theater shooting. Like every other event for the past decade, the media seems to focus on being First rather than being Right. You’ll notice I didn’t qualify the media with “Main Stream” or “Legacy”, or “Dinosaur”. All media. Blogs, Tweets, forums, even chat rooms. Heck, my wife and I were talking about it this morning. I realized we were discussing things as if the information we had was pristine, accurate, and complete. It’s not. And it won’t be for...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/20/2012 11:53:19 AM | Feedback (10)
Are the goalposts being moved once again The day after he killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman showed up at a doctor’s office with a broken nose, two black eyes and two small cuts on the back of his head, ABC News reported Tuesday. According to medical records obtained by the network, he also had a minor back injury. (emphasis mine) Oh, and the Choir Boy? Damaged knuckles. Almost like things played out exactly as Zimmerman said they did. But those are facts, and facts are not...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/16/2012 9:24:52 AM | Feedback (6)
Yesterday at work there was an ‘incident’ (that’s how they described it in the email). A man who worked in our buildings decided to cancel his membership in the Life Club and took a swan dive from a floor greater than 1. Now, exact details are sketchy because suicide via atrium floor is not something that happens every day in our buildings and the excitement over the issue is bound to cloud a lot of the reality. The best I can figure, those who saw the guy said he emptied his pockets, climbed...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/11/2012 7:50:05 AM | Feedback (4)
But OldNFO isn’t known for being loose with the facts I just got notified that Newbius passed away suddenly on Tuesday.  I don't have any details, nor any info as to any services. It may surprise you, but I have very few friends in meatspace. I’m quasi-anti-social as it is, but for the most part I’m just busy with my family and don’t have as much time to hang out with my buds so the vast majority of my monkeysphere is online. I talked with Newbius regularly via...
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Holder has been subpoenaed (a word I can only spell if I type really, really slowly) over Fast & Furious Imagine how much faster all this would have taken place if the media did their jobs.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/12/2011 11:03:06 AM | Feedback (4)
You almost feel sorry for the bathtub Homeowner Christopher Barbour, who says he is a friend of 33-year-old KARK weatherman Brett Cummins, told police that he woke up Monday morning and found his friend asleep in his bathtub with a dead man wearing a dog collar lying next to him. Just checked, wasn’t my dog collar.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/9/2011 10:16:45 AM | Feedback (8)
Looks bad…
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/23/2011 3:48:32 PM | Feedback (12)
I keep getting asked what I think of the Casey Anthony trial. My response has been “who?” which, had I gotten picked for jury duty, would have landed me in that box for a few weeks. Outside of a few “popular” details, I have no clue. This is what I get for not watching TV.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/5/2011 8:59:02 AM | Feedback (12)
Lyle doesn’t think what’s being reported with Operation Gunwalker passes the sniff test We're told that hundreds of these guns were found at crime scenes (I think I heard the number 800 dropped the other night). What? Really? Hundreds? That's an awful lot of clumsy, absent-minded, criminals, isn't it? Leaving their guns, so painstakingly straw-purchased at inflated prices at U.S. retail dealerships, behind at crime scenes to be found in very short order by our super heroes? Stinky, stinky,..
...Read More
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/17/2011 8:01:10 PM | Feedback (2)
Representative Gabrielle Giffords has been shot at a public speaking event. Unfortunately, nothing is known at this time for sure. Reports vary from the number of deaths, the number of shots fired, etc. From reports, it was people standing around that tackled the shooter and he was taken into custody. While some reports have the shooter as white, early 20’s, with close cropped hair, we all know how eye witness accounts are unreliable. Already, the left leaning blogs are blaming Palin, Bush,...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/8/2011 3:57:48 PM | Feedback (10)
Woman claims MPD wrongfully searched her house "It was three tall men with masks on and big oozie guns pointing at me like, "Get on the ground! Get on the ground!" An Oozie? Like this? Hat Tip JayG who is scratching his shiny head over this too.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/19/2010 10:59:15 AM | Feedback (11)
It's a human thing to read a shooting story in the newspaper, assume you have all the information necessary, and proclaim innocence or guilt from your comfortable chair. Everyone on all sides suffers from the guilt of this affliction, mind you. It's not particular to any one view. One of the latest occurrences of this is the Erik Scott case. Sebastian has more data, including a blurb from a toxicology report that shows Scott's bloodstream contained a practically lethal dose of morphine and...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/27/2010 9:48:25 AM | Feedback (8)
Charlotte, NC – In what may be a key victory for the prominent gun control group in the United States, The Brady Campaign has issued a press release regarding a legal victory over the NRA. Brady director Paul Helmke emerged from the downtown Charlotte Criminal Courts Department visibly jubilant with a victorious smile and was greeted by throngs of 2 or 3 supporters. In a prepared statement, Mr. Helmke addressed the crowd saying "The string of defeats we have suffered at the hands of the...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/20/2010 12:35:55 PM | Feedback (5)
JayG has a post up (along with a stunning graphic, if I do say so myself) regarding this lovely little story Concerns about an Oregon Department of Transportation employee who purchased several guns after being placed on leave prompted law enforcement across Southern Oregon to step in. Negotiators and a SWAT team from Medford police safely took a man — whose name wasn't released — into protective custody Monday morning in the 500 block of Effie Street, Medford police said in a news...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 3/10/2010 12:31:55 PM | Feedback (10)
Another apparent suicide at a gun range ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- For the fourth time in four months, there has been a shooting inside a Central Florida gun range. A man was killed Wednesday night at Rieg's Gun Range on Orange Blossom Trail. But since people are used to hearing gunshots no one noticed right away until they found him lying on the ground. I've thought about that at the range many times. A gunshot isn't out of the ordinary so you pay it no mind. In a stall, you're...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/2/2009 7:55:45 AM | Feedback (12)
This is the type of story the anti-gunners flock to. An argument outside of a restaurant over a parking space turns deadly. It involves both booze and guns. This is definitely an example of a time where the lack of a firearm would have probably resulted in nothing more than a case of fisticuffs and some bruises. However, as Clayton points out, this is a rare event. As Second Amendment supporters, we have to face up to the fact that there are people out there who should not own firearms and...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/10/2009 10:51:04 AM | Feedback (8)
Mad Rocket Scientist sent me this little nugget last night MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Miami police issued a plea for information Saturday after at least one person with an assault rifle opened fire on a crowd of people on a streetcorner Friday night, killing two teens and wounding seven other people. "We need the community to come together, someone come forward and give us a tip," Miami Police Officer Kenia Alfonso told CNN. "There are a lot of people in that area. Someone must have seen...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/25/2009 2:15:25 PM | Feedback (8)
A man who helped kill a police officer is offered a reduced sentence for coming forward about the crime. He declines Then Gamble spoke. He didn't want his sentence changed, he said. He deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. All he wants is for the remaining suspect to be brought to justice and have to face the victim's family. Gamble was involved in the murder of a police officer when he and his group were busted planning a bank robbery. For years, nobody knew what happened to...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/14/2008 12:40:35 PM | Feedback (1)
Apparently, quite a bit more than 5'7" and 267lbs. For the record, I support the death penalty as a punishment but have little faith in our government to mete it out correctly.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/14/2008 11:53:32 AM | Feedback (4)
No, really. Friggin' CHAINS Stephanie Ragusa was arrested a third time on April 28, 2008 and charged with having sex with an underage boy. First things first. I'd prefer, if guilty, she had a rope around her neck, but the fact of the matter is I don't know all the facts and can't pass judgement. What I can bitch about is the way she's locked up like some sort of violent felon. Seriously. She's a 26 year old woman of slight build. I can understand some sort of restraint that prevents her from...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/9/2008 11:14:22 AM | Feedback (4)
Vietnam Vet arrested for pointing his finger like a gun Vietnam vet Greg Kachka had the chance to turn himself in but refused to do so because he did not believe he had done anything wrong, police said. .. Kachka claims he pointed at Herrmann after she made faces at him, but did not mean the gesture in a threatening way. “I look up and there’s Debbie Herrmann making all kinds of goofy faces at me,” Kachka told “I didn’t do anything intentional. I talk with my hands a lot.”...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/1/2008 4:05:13 PM | Feedback (7)
This was definitely weird GRETNA, La. - Celebrated chef Paul Prudhomme was setting up his cooking tent on the practice range at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans on Tuesday morning when he felt a sting in his right arm, just above his elbow. Prudhomme shook his shirt sleeve and a .22 caliber bullet fell to the ground, a spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said. Rule #4 is still in effect, even at a mile and a half or so.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 3/26/2008 11:06:36 AM | Feedback (3)
A man defends his and his child's life - This man [Labidou] was clearly in fear for his life and felt like he had no other options than to use his legally-permanent hand gun, firing several shots to defend himself sticking both men. Emphasis mine. WTF is a legally permanent hand gun? Hat Tip Greg
posted by by Robb Allen @ 12/19/2007 1:04:52 PM | Feedback (7)
I think the death penalty is warranted here LAKE WALES - While robbing an insurance business Thursday afternoon, a man set fire to two female employees, one of whom was five months' pregnant, according to police. He also shot a man in the face as he tried to help the women. None of the victims died, but that doesn't change the fact that this goblin tried to murder them. Just because he's lucky doesn't mean he's not deserving of having his birth certificate revoked. Of course, he had a...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 12/14/2007 8:31:39 AM | Feedback (4)
You might want to think about a different diet pill Sometimes, you can’t stop your weight-loss secrets from leaking out. Dieters have been flocking to drugstores to pick up Alli, the first over-the-counter weight-loss pill to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, despite the scary warning: Stray too far from your low-fat diet and you just might poop your pants. Apparently, the pill causes you to not absorb 25% of the fat in foods. So, if you eat more than 42 grams of fat, this...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/8/2007 11:07:21 AM | Feedback (3)
I mean, this article is talking about some guy who invented a new space glove. It's about space. And gloves. And inventors. It has nothing to do with politics. Which you wouldn't be able to tell by this paragraph Homer summed up the bulk of his research thus: “I spent a lot of time doing this.” He held a single index finger a few inches from a fixed gaze and flexed it up and down, like a late-night stoner, real slow. Homer, who is 45, is a strikingly handsome guy — John Edwards handsome. I...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/6/2007 3:19:24 PM | Feedback (3)
Tanker fire literally melts bridge Huge leaping flames from an exploding gasoline tanker melted the steel underbelly of a highway overpass in the East Bay's MacArthur Maze early this morning, causing it to collapse onto the roadway below and virtually ensuring major traffic problems for weeks to come. The elevated roadway that fell carried eastbound traffic from the Bay Bridge onto Interstates 580 and 980 and state Highway 24. It draped like a blanket over a roadway below, a connector from...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 4/29/2007 8:22:26 PM | Feedback (3)
The fact that he didn't immediately receive several dozen extra holes in his body might explain why I no longer go to this 'range' From TBO TAMPA - A 10-hour hostage situation at a shooting range came to an end about 3 a.m. when Jeffrey Lane Dudney, 42, killed himself. Dale Mabry Highway, which was closed during the tense standoff, is open for the morning commute. ... Gee said that there were three customers and two employees taken hostage. Two others in the store were able to flee before...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 4/13/2007 8:32:30 AM | Feedback (4)
Man sets meth fire, goes shopping Jonathan Zaletel, 19, was cooking meth in a bedroom closet about 7 p.m. Tuesday in the 1200 block of North Alma School Road near Ray Road when the fire started, authorities said. He unsuccessfully attempted to put out the fire by tossing water and window cleaner on it. When that didn't work, he decided to head to a nearby Wal-Mart to buy a fire extinguisher. Being that this idjit is still drawing breath, Darwin would have changed his mind had he lived in...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 3/18/2007 3:44:32 PM | Feedback (1)
To all my fellow soldiers, be aware of this WASHINGTON -- Thieves took sensitive personal information on 26.5 million U.S. veterans, including Social Security numbers and birth dates, after a Veterans Affairs employee improperly brought the material home, the government said Monday. The information involved mainly those veterans who served and have been discharged since 1975, said VA Secretary Jim Nicholson. Data of veterans discharged before 1975 who submitted claims to the agency may have...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/23/2006 8:58:00 AM | Feedback (0)
Serial killer tried to bite himself to death LONDON (Reuters) - A man on trial for murdering four people tried to bite himself to death as a fitting end to his killing spree, an Old Bailey jury heard on Wednesday.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 3/8/2006 2:22:00 PM | Feedback (1)
They’ve got nothin’ on some Germans In a “slaughter room” fitted out with butcher’s bench, meat hook and cage, Meiwes severed Brandt’s penis and they both tried to eat it. “Due to the consistency of the penis, this did not succeed, either raw or fried,” Koehler said. Eeewww….
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/12/2006 2:58:00 PM | Feedback (4)
145 passengers on Jet Blue flight to attempt emergency landing in LA. They’re going to have to make a hard landing. God be with them.. Update:They made it safe & sound. The Political Teen has the video.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/21/2005 9:25:00 PM | Feedback (1)
As a parent of breastfed children, this worries me. Aug. 29, 2005— Breast milk of a startling number of mothers in the northwestern United States and neighboring Canada contains toxins from widely used flame retardants, a study showed on Friday. The discovery of PBDEs in mothers milk suggests "a major environmental health concern" that demands "quick action," said Clark Williams-Derry of Northwest Environment Watch. "It's time to stop using the flame retardants," Derry said....
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/8/2005 8:52:00 AM | Feedback (3)
Joe Ranft, Pixar Animation Studios' head of story for more than a decade and a cornerstone of the company's creative team, died Tuesday when the car he was riding in plunged into the ocean after running off the road in Mendocino County, Calif. He was 45. I cannot begin to tell you how sad I am. Toy Story to this day remains one of my favorite movies of all time. Not just because it was the first fully computer generated movies to make it big, but because the story behind it was as beautiful...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/19/2005 10:47:00 PM | Feedback (0)
I always used to joke around about once guns were demonized enough for being responsible for crime, steak knives were next on the left’s hit list. Looks like the joke’s on me. If you don’t think this will rear its ugly head here in America, just wait. And when they outlaw cutlery, only outlaws will be able to cut thick steaks. Also Rolling With It™Daily Pundit
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/27/2005 11:48:00 AM | Feedback (1)
Tack this one on the 'They're starting younger and younger' department.5-Year-Old Girl Cuffed After Fight At SchoolST. PETERSBURG - Police handcuffed the wrists and legs of a 5-year-old girl at a school this week after the kindergartner attacked a teacher and the assistant principal, officials said.The student was disciplined and was to return to school today, Pinellas County schools spokesman Ron Stone said Thursday. He did not provide details of the punishment.Disciplined? What do you bet...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 3/18/2005 8:48:00 AM | Feedback (0)
Remember the Weatherman who got canned for the so called "racial slur" against MLK? Wizbang has the audio. Clear as a bell slip of the tongue (doesn't even pronounce the 'n' at the end of koo). The real kicker - the portion was prerecorded! There are editors who are more at fault than this poor schmuck.Now, I am not going through a bunch of hue and cry about the company's firing of this guy. From a business perspective, it probably was the quickest thing they could do to satiate the real...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/24/2005 7:07:00 PM | Feedback (0)
I disagree with Michelle Malkin, whom I adore and normally find myself nodding in agreement with. Michelle writes:We are at war, fools. You really want to make this idiot a civil liberties martyr? Stop clucking and get serious. I am serious and I disagree with her.I'm not the staunch supporter of the Patriot Act that many who have argued with me say I am. That label is often given to me because I don't find the PA to be the threat people want to make it out to be so it is assumed I agree with...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 1/5/2005 2:03:00 PM | Feedback (9)
*** MUST GIVE CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO SHARP AS A MARBLE ***Tampa, FL. - The White House today refused to answer questions about a popular photo released by the Bush campaign regarding Bush and his TANG service. "Bush absolutely fulfilled his commitment to TANG", White House spokesman Scott McClelland said during a press conference today. "The photos are accurate and we have no reason to question their authenticity."However, within hours of the photos release, various web logs, or "Internet...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 9/20/2004 9:23:00 PM | Feedback (11)
A local story for me.A Polk County deputy used a Taser stun gun to subdue a suspect after he attacked her. The man died after going into 'medical distress' at the scene.AUBURNDALE - (AP) -- A 32-year-old man died after struggling with a sheriff's deputy who shocked him twice with a stun gun, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.Deputy Jennifer Sanderson found the man walking in the roadway on U.S. 92 about 10 p.m. Thursday, a sheriff's report said. He appeared to be intoxicated, and the deputy...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/29/2004 9:10:00 AM | Feedback (0)
Laurence points to a story which breaks my heart. OSLO, Norway (CNN) -- Masked robbers stormed into an art museum in Norway and stole Edvard Munch's famous paintings "The Scream" and "Madonna" at gunpoint before the eyes of stunned museum-goers. For those of you who might not know the details, these are the images they're talking about (click for larger) What a shame. It's like someone stealing the Mona Lisa. My main concern is that the cretins won't handle the image properly and...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/22/2004 10:15:00 AM | Feedback (1)
No X-Prize for you!A rocket belonging to a team taking a low-budget stab at the $10m (£5.7m) Ansari X-prize has exploded less than 1,000 feet into the air. Nobody was hurt in the test which took place on Sunday just south of Olympic National Park in Washington State, US. Tell that to the dummies.Rubicon 1, which is seven metres (23 feet) long and 96cm (38 inches) in diameter, held three dummies simulating the weight of astronauts. I wonder if they added in the extra weight to simulate the...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/9/2004 8:57:00 PM | Feedback (0)
Not any more.Update: John Kerry is publicly questioning the timing of Rick's death.Update II: Rick James is still room temperatureUpdate III: The Rick James "What The Funk?" tour is still cancelled.Also rolling with itmicheleINDC JournalRed Sugar Muse
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/6/2004 3:54:00 PM | Feedback (7)
A friend of mine was there for the fun. I expect more happenings like this. Like Jeff Jarvis, I would rather have too much precaution than thousands of dead Americans. I also believe we'll see successful attacks as well and that many will bemoan that the extra security isn't helping. Those people will be wrong.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 8/3/2004 12:55:00 PM | Feedback (0)
You read crap like this...  They found that five young people had erected a bamboo tripod and hung meat hooks from it. A young woman, her feet brushing the surface of the shallow water, dangled from the frame, hooks embedded firmly in her shoulders.My favorite part?Lt. Tom Brazil of the Coast Guard said a young man, who also had hooks embedded in his heavily pierced and tattooed skin, told him the group was “just enjoying the afternoon.”Now, they're looking into if there is anything the...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/26/2004 2:34:00 PM | Feedback (1)
I don't believe it. I don't want to believe it. Iraqi security reportedly discovered three missiles carrying nuclear heads concealed in a concrete trench northwest of Baghdad, official sources said Wednesday.This story has already been called 'stupid' by the Iraqi Interior Ministry. I'm inclined to believe him because I don't want to think that we just happened to 'stumble' on nukes. That would mean the possibility of more of them hidden in Iraq that we'd have no idea where they are but some...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/21/2004 10:47:00 AM | Feedback (4)
Wow. And you think we have problems casting votes?
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/19/2004 2:29:00 PM | Feedback (0)
Hot Abercrombie Chick's got the scoop. Speed of thought had it first.f*#@ing assholes....Also rolling with itWizbang
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/15/2004 2:57:00 PM | Feedback (3)
Weezie is finished movin' on up.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/15/2004 2:02:00 PM | Feedback (0)
Iraq Militants Claim Marine Beheading from Yahoo News / AP "We would like to inform you that the Marine of Lebanese descent has been killed, and you will soon see the movie with your own eyes," said the statement, signed in the name of the group's leader, Abu Abdullah al-Hassan bin Mahmoud.The U.S. military in Baghdad said it was checking into the report of the 24-yer-old Hassoun's death but had no confirmation for the moment.This is aimed at ruining the 4th of July. I hope, instead, that it...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/3/2004 4:12:00 PM | Feedback (0)
Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Teen  TAMPA, Fla. A 23-year-old middle-school teacher was charged with having sex with a 14-year-old student in a classroom, at her apartment and, once, in a vehicle while the teen's 15-year-old cousin drove. This story is disturbing in many ways. First off, and pardon me for being superficial but the teacher in question, Debra Beasley Lafave, is smoking hot. Now this bothers me because I look at her pictures and find her attractive and at the same...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/2/2004 10:15:00 AM | Feedback (5)
An Army soldier has been murdered by his captors. Iraqi militants killed an American soldier they have held hostage for nearly three months, saying the killing was because the U.S. government did not change its policy in Iraq, Al-Jazeera television reported Tuesday. I don't know what the proper response is. The “warmonger” in me wants to level a town for every soldier or citizen killed by these thugs, but logic and my humanity tells me that is wrong. Some may say we should...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/28/2004 8:27:00 PM | Feedback (16)
Glad to see the sucker punch to the terrorists on the Iraqi Sovereignty handover. 2 days ahead of schedule. Unfortunately I don't believe for a minute that this will end the attacks and I fear Wassef Ali Hassoun and the Pakistani man recently abducted by AQ will meet the same fate as the rest. Hassoun is a fellow Marine, and I know what would happen if you let my guys go do what they know best. Still, this is a historic day. There's still the chance another evil regime sprouts up, but we...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/28/2004 11:20:00 AM | Feedback (2)
Via Fox News. Bastards. Bitch and moan all you want about the evil American Empire™ but we, as a country, do not behead our captives and parade them around the world. And when one of our guys steps out of line, we rabidly persue justice. Just ask yourself this question - Would you prefer to be an imprisoned by any terrorist organization or by America? This wasn't one of ours, but we should react as if it were. This was, more than likely, an innocent human being who was just in...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/22/2004 1:17:00 PM | Feedback (3)
Whoa! I wonder if you can get a nasty ear infection from this?
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/18/2004 11:21:00 PM | Feedback (0)
No more sympathy for Michael Berg. Bill at INDC journal explains why.
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Can we not tap into this man's constant changing state and pull off some energy?
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Bill illustrates why I'm proud to be a former Marine!
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I'm trying to do my part to expose this travesty. The Hooters in Lakeland, Florida is having a contest {from Sekimori} The contest is for girls 5 and under, and will require they be dressed in little orange spandex shorts, and a tied up Hooters t-shirt. Simply disgusting. Please let Hooters know how you feel about this stunt. [UPDATE] I received an email back from Hooters. Thank you for expressing your concern regarding the contest in Florida. A store manager decided to host an event for...
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Remember, you heard it here first! Indeed!
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