My dealings with the National Rifle Association and my personal involvement in the Triangle of Death.
But gun bills being blocked by the NRA? For being too pro gun? So yesterday the NRA did the unthinkable. The lobbyist that the NRA sent to Iowa, sent one of his subordinates to Representative Sorenson and gave him an ultimatum: either help us with our bill (and we will make you a hero in Iowa) or we will help your opponent in the upcoming election. That’s right, an NRA lobbyist said that he was going to try to defeat a pro-gun Representative like Sorenson because he’s too………….pro-gun. ...
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Because that's some loud silence Look, I'm not going to defend the NRA and say they're perfect. In fact, there's a ton of stuff I disagree with them on, but they're huge as far as an organization is concerned and the more people you have the more diluted your aims are going to be to meet the needs and desires of your constituents. I do believe that overall, the NRA is a positive force. Sure, they've done plenty of boneheaded things but the funny thing is that many of the times, they've done so...
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Just don't hold your breath for that wheelbarrow.
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Let me state unequivocally that the "Commuter Protection" or "Trunk Doctrine" law they just passed here in Florida is stupid, wrong, and a waste of everything from money to political capital. I'm disappointed in the NRA for pushing such a boneheaded law. This law is supposedly a boon for our rights as it "allows employees to keep a weapon secured in their vehicle". I call bunk. I dislike this law because it is too narrow to be of any use. It only protects a specific class of citizen from...
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But I have to disagree with the NRA's push here in Florida for SB-1103 / HB-503. Here's the bill in a nutshell. It would prohibit employers from searching your car for a firearm. I believe that the contents of my vehicle or private and should not be required to allow anyone to search it sans warrant. I agree that my employer can terminate our relationship at any time for pretty much any reason except those that violate my civil rights. They can't fire me for my race, gender, or sexual...
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So, I get a knock on my door this afternoon and lo and behold, it's the UPS guy with my first wheelbarrow of cash from the NRA. Except apparently they send you the wheelbarrow first then the cash later. And, after spending $35 with them, apparently all they could afford to send me was a used, rusty wheelbarrow -   Damn thing even had a flat tire How am I supposed to wheel around tons of cash in that thing? I knew I should have joined the Joyce Foundation. They pay much better.
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I have thought long and hard about joining the NRA. I don't agree with a lot of their positions, but focusing on only the negative isn't the way to get things done. And sitting on the sidelines, I had no say in anything. Not any more. I was offered the possibility of a "discounted" membership, but that defeats the purpose. I don't simply want to claim membership, I want to make sure I fund the NRA so that they can do what needs to be done to protect our rights. Granted, I can only afford a...
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