Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot

Congratulations to the winners of the Lucky Gunner “Bestest Gunnie Bloggers” contest. I’m jealous that I wasn’t able to attend the shindig this weekend. Technically I could have gone, the new job is working out well and while I’m a contractor and taking a day off puts a huge dent in my paycheck, we’re financially stable enough to absorb it. However, at the time, it just made more sense to forgo the trip and hope for another shot some other time. Because I wasn’t going, I didn’t push my own...
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Via Kevin Baker, I see Lucky Gunner has updated their blogger shoot to list some of the confirmed ‘big guns’ who are attending, namely Say Uncle, Tam, and Sebastian from Snowflakes in Hell. Kevin & I? Small potatoes. Like I said over at “The Insignificant Minority”, I’d be insulted but I’m getting free ammo. For that, I’ll put up with a whole hell of a lot. </endSarcasm*> *Because some people didn’t get it ;)
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