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I love my Virgil Guitar. It’s a dream come true and if I had the funds, I’d have a music room filled from floor to ceiling with his guitars. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds but what I do have is the itch for another, custom made guitar. So, I’ve decided to have the world’s most inexpensive (and inexperienced) luthier create one for me. That’d be me. I’m going to build a guitar from almost* scratch. Body style will be a 1958 style Flying V, because I’ve always wanted a Flying V. I’d love...
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From Garden & Guns regarding Georgia based luthier, Randy Wood “The pros don’t have any money,” he says with a laugh. “My main bread and butter comes from the weekend musicians, because they have jobs.” I’m planning on starting a luthier class soon. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it as a business, but maybe when I’m older and ready to retire, it’ll give me something to do that brings in a little extra income.
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