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But I’ll be damned if they’re not perfectly parallel! With the new garage set up, I wanted a better way to mount my presses & vice than just bolting them through the workbench. I was pointed to Rockler & their aluminum tracks and decided that I would give them a shot. The idea was route a channel for the tracks into the bench then permanently attach the presses / vice to a good piece of plywood. Those then could have the t-bolts attached to them so I could slide whatever I needed on or...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/22/2014 9:50:51 AM | Feedback (6)
For my daughters’ bathroom, we found this vinyl appliqué of birds on a branch that really fit the feel of the redesign we did years ago. The only thing was that the appliqué, being a glorified sticker, didn’t flatten against the wall well. Add in the humidity of the shower, and we really liked the way it looked, we just didn’t like the way it looked. Enter Man Made Murals. Matt is currently doing murals where I work and is an amazing painter. I’ve seen quite a bit of his work around the Tampa...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/7/2014 7:54:16 PM | Feedback (3)

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