Help, I've been shot!

Resuscitating the theme of “Help, I’ve been shot!”, oddball and WizardPC are taking a trauma course, something I need to search for and do myself.
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Aggressive Bleeding Control
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Bob Owens has a look. This goes along with my plans on learning to deal with gunshot trauma so it’s a good resource.
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After seeing this video (hat tip Tam), it struck me that, as a firearm owner, I am woefully underprepared to deal with a gunshot wound. Sure, I carry Band-Aids in my range bag, but those little strips will be useless against a 10mm wound. And even if I had all the correct gear, what pray tell would I do with it should that situation arise? Turns out, I don’t even have the knowledge. So, to correct this horrific oversight, I am on a quest to learn how to deal with gunshot wounds. Self...
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