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And finally we’ve lost the house due to Obamacare. My 90 day probationary period is up at work, so we got the health care plans the company offers. The premium for my family is “a nice used car” each year. Plus deductibles. We cannot afford the non-HDHPs and this should scare you since my salary isn’t exactly low. Technically, we could still move, but then we’d barely have enough money left over monthly for things like savings, vacations, retirement, or college funds. Remember, we now have a...
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Easy. Just pick any random topic and give them a few minutes. They’ll merge their pet topics into anything. Take the discussion on Gibson’s new guitar line made from the wood that was illegally confiscated. (The comments are Disqus which means they’re not in any particularly understandable order, so I can’t point you to any link in particular, but you’ll see the guy). Doesn’t matter that the post is about guitars, it’s about a company using the same wood as every other guitar manufacturer in...
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This weekend I took the family down to Reptile World Serpentarium. It’s like a mini-zoo for snakes with some pretty impressive specimens, plus they have a ‘milking’ twice daily that you can watch. Naturally that was the main attraction for us, so we were happy to see the show start. The guy who runs the place walks out and starts his spiel on how most snakes are misunderstood and how non-aggressive they are unless provoked. He spoke a bit on how the anti-venom is made, where they take the venom...
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And when it’s their turn on the chopping block, resign themselves to “well, I’d vote for it again”
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Due to poorly thought out requirements, Obamacare is experiencing higher than expected wait times. Please hold for the next available operator.
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A) I thought that was a rather great turn of a phrase. Looked like shit when I compressed it to Twitter, but still – one to be proud of. B) While I’m happily plugging away at what a complete and utter disaster this Obamacare rollout has been from a technological perspective, I want to caution people from thinking this rollout is enough to prove the failure of the overall system. The thing is, there are some really, really technically savvy people out there. Given enough money and time, they...
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Because apparently that’s the cheapest plan available under ObamaCare As Jeff says So, in essence, you can pay over $20K per year, or take the penalty — about ten times less than the premium — and still get health care. Which people will do, as they act in their own self interest. Of course, in the end, this will bankrupt the medical system and drive private insurers out of the market, and is the intentional poison bill built into this monstrosity — along with the bankrupting of Medicare —...
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I’ve got great news! Even though the effects of Obamacare won’t be felt for another year or so, you can hop on the morally-righteous bandwagon today! You don’t have to wait for the tax man to take your money, you can just pull out the old credit card, waltz down to the local hospital / homeless shelter / battered women’s center and say “I would like to assuage my guilt and make a large donation.” If you’re like me and deal in cash, many of these places will gladly take that as well. If you’re...
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There was enough stuff on it that a straw was all it took, but why not do it with a little flair instead? This is our decline, people. I feel bad for my children for they are inheriting a soft tyranny. You can now be ‘taxed’ on something you don’t buy because you didn’t buy it. You think it’s just health care? Just like how we voted to outlaw smokers from public and they took that ball and ran into the high-fructose corn syrup, salt, and fat end zone, Romney? Unless he starts going full bore...
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Jeff G puts what has been bouncing around in my brain into a pretty easy to digest sound bite Again, to the left — the ideological ruling class left, as opposed to the useful idiots they keep about screeching for “social justice” in lieu of having to actually reach into pocket and pay for such things voluntarily — this battle was never over health care. That was but the facade. This was an attempt to fundamentally redefine the relationship between citizen and government. It was an attempt...
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In the mail today I got a letter from the Unemployment Office (which is nice, considering I’ve not received any payment yet) stating that I am eligible for benefits because I was “discharged for not performing the job to the employer’s satisfaction.” My old employer said they weren’t really given any choice but “Couldn’t do the work” or “Misconduct”. Nothing in between. Now, last week I got a call from the “Agency For Workforce Innovation” (as they call themselves). I saw “FL ST” on the...
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I saw somewhere that somebody of the left-leaning persuasion was aghast that in modern times people could believe in such nonsense. You would think that with all the evidence at one’s disposal, the belief that somehow the stars determine the events of your life would be impossible to buy into to. Yet we still have newspapers prints columns on it every day and the shifting of the Zodiac calendar is considered newsworthy. Funny, I feel the same thing about those (both left and right) who...
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JeffG Very sporting of them. And sadly, too many of us let them get away with it — a little smoking ban here, and little soda tax there…. To borrow a formulation, pretty soon we’re talking about real moneyliberty. Ayup.
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Still think Obamacare will work?   Rep. Kevin Brady - “This portrays only about one-third of the complexity of the final bill. It’s actually worse than this.” Hat Tip Cold Fury
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We're in a car. The people we let drive the car aren't too keen on keeping the car on the road as they're busy milling in the back of the car, handing out whisky and hors d'oeuvres. I'm sitting in the back, telling everyone that hey, we're going to crash if we don't get someone to drive the car correctly and I'm being shouted at to shut up because the song on the radio is SOOOOOO good. Enough people in the United States now desire services more than they value freedom that simply 'switching...
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It has always been about control. At least Rep. Dingle (D- Москва) is happy to admit this for us Let me remind you this [Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal health care] has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you're going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation...
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From an anonymous friend on chat Anonymous: My client is a healthcare company. It's a lot like that episode of Battlestar after they found the scorched earth Anonymous: people just walking around dazed. And pissed. ... Anonymous: we expect to lose about half the doctors before 2014 Anonymous: based on a survey we sent out to them last year Think healthcare is expensive now? Wait until it's free. And there's nobody to give it to you.
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