Getting to know me

One of the more common refrains from people who don’t share my political and socioeconomic views is that because I don’t believe in stealing money from the haves and simply giving it to the have-nots, that somehow I don’t care about them. In one way, that’s accurate. I don’t care about anyone outside of my monkeysphere and neither do you. Most people use “I care about [nebulous concept]” more as a “I am so holier-than-thou it f***ing hurts” than a statement of actual caring, so I try to avoid...
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Arguing on Twitter is, to put it nicely, a waste of valuable time. For one, 140 characters isn’t enough to get much more than a snarky comment across and two, the most common thing I find is that people argue with me based on a completely incorrect stereotype of what they think I should be like rather than who I really am. So, I’m going to write up a few articles about myself so that I can tiny url them to squash those misconceptions before they start. Plus, I get to write about my favorite...
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