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Authority Safes asked if they could send me a Sentry Safe Quick Access Handgun Safe for review on the blog. I said sure, because a) I could use a good handgun safe and b) it’s been a while since I’ve done a review. From the Manufacture’s web site Meets California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety Quick-entry backlit electronic lock, zero feedback A compression gas strut opens the door silently and holds it open for single-handed access even in confined spaces ...
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Jay reviews the Redfield CounterStrike red/green dot with friggin’ laser beams. And all this time I thought a ‘counterstrike’ was when the big wigs in corporate refused to go to work while the union members had to continue making widgets.
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You get a review, that’s what.
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Is Gray the New Black? Works for me. I hate everything having to be black since lint and dust is that much more visible. Maybe if I actually got to shoot more.
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Sometimes you need a pen. Not just any pen, but one that can withstand the blistering heat, freezing cold, and harsh conditions only the most operatingest operators operate in. You need, a Tuff Writer Tactical Pen. Now, I admit, I was skeptical at first. I mean, a pen is a pen is a pen. Doesn’t matter how sexy it is, being machined out of 6061-T6 Aluminum and filled with thixotropic ink in a hermetically sealed cartridge to 35 psi for up to 3x writing life, it’s a pen and if you drop it in a...
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A review. Which brings up something – It’s a shame Uncle doesn’t write more because he’s funny (like a clown)
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It’s probably not in your best interest to tell that to a gun blogger.
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Well, I think it’s time to replace that with “Built like a Dragon Leatherworks Belt”. Dennis asked if he could send me a belt to T&E and, being thrilled with the holsters he’s made, I was more than happy to oblige. My last belt had shrunk a bit (really… I didn’t get larger, I swear) so a new belt was a great idea, and what a belt this beast is! What makes this gunbelt stand out from the rest? Well, lets take a look at the list of features: Select Vegetable-tanned belt-quality leather ...
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A while back, Lucky Gunner asked if I’d review some PMC Bronze ammo. I often purchase PMC at the range since it is inexpensive and never seemed to have any problems with it, so I was more than happy to accept. I had done plenty of reviews of ammo before, usually with a chronograph and some ‘rest’ shooting, but this time I decided to do a little different test and run them through a USPSA competition to see how they performed outside of a range. First, good luck finding it. I’m sure when Lucky...
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JayG reviews an AK in .308, avoids the phrase ‘combat acceptable accuracy’ with aplomb.
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I received this email recently from Vector Tactical Hello Mr. Allen, I enjoyed reading your review of our fine brass catchers. I am happy you are satisfied with them! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for buying one, albeit a few years ago, and to inform you and hopefully any of your subscribers that Vector Tactical is fully operational! Once again we are offering our brass catchers to the public. Since I completely understand the effects of our current economy on everybody's...
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When it comes to gun reviews, I’ve started to shy away from them. With the Wrath-Of-Tam hanging over my head, it’s difficult to avoid phrases like “combat acceptable accuracy” and honestly, there are people out there much better suited to understand the important details of a firearm so that people can argue over full length guide rods and whatnot. However, when I was approached to T&E the Colt Delta Elite, I couldn’t say no and now my write up is finally online. Let me say that the only...
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JayG reviews a cornucopia of Vertical Fore Grips. I’ve never been that thrilled with VFGs as they’ve never felt natural to me, but many people find them useful.
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JayG reviews the Charter Arms Undercover .38
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I am now the proud owner of a Crimson Trace CMR-201 Rail Master™. I am an unabashed fan of Crimson Trace products and have several of their lasers on my pistols. I’ve always preferred them over other companies’ lasers because of their philosophy of ‘positive grip = laser on’. Generally, this means molding their lasers to fit on the frames of the more popular pistols or replacing their handgrips altogether. However, there are times when the infinite configurations of every pistol & rifle...
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There’s something relaxing about sending lead down range. The gentle *pop*pop* of the rifle, the soft breeze from the air handlers, and the refreshing scent of spent gun powder create an almost Zen-like atmosphere. It’s not all peace and tranquility though. While the act of placing angelic little holes in paper well out of your reach is calm and serene, getting all your loose gear to and from the range can be frustrating. Trying to hold onto your rifle, extra mags, and ammo while walking from...
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Back when I first got the competition Apex Tactical  Action Enhancing Kit, I was hoping that at some point, I could also get the nice aluminum trigger that came with the Forward Set Sear kit (which I eventually replaced it with anyway). I contacted Apex about selling just the trigger, which is really, really nice, and it looks like you now can do just that.
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Since one of the larger points to come out about  in the “How do you like your reviews” post was “Yeah, nice one time outing. How did it hold up after X time?” I realized I have a pretty good example of that. A while back, I reviewed the Louisville Leather holster that was sent to me. I commented on how nice you can get custom holsters these days and that the LL one was superbly made. Now that I’ve had it a few months, what’s my impression? Let’s just say it’s now my daily carry rig....
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This post over at Ver…uh Vorworp… Vurplewobble… Vuurwapenblog really got me to thinking about the reviews I am asked to do here at the compound I am getting really tired of searching for a quality firearm review to link to, only to come across regurgitated manufacturer specifications and photos under the title "Review." Maybe you're incapable of doing a quality review, maybe you're lazy, maybe you actually think that you can review something from a single manufacturer photo. ...
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Took the Colt Delta Elite out this Friday for its first outing. Alas, there is a major design flaw in the firearm that presents a serious safety issue – I think both Laughingdog and I suffered from pulled cheek muscles smiling so hard. Holy moley that’s a fun weapon to shoot. My loads are a bit hotter than factory, but it ate them up just fine. The report was concussive yet totally controllable and the pistol was dead accurate. That was proven by Laughingdog punching the same spot over and...
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Half the recoil. Tonight I’ll be taking out the Colt Delta Elite for the first time with reader and brownie making king Laughingdog.   I kept meaning to take apart the magazines since both of them seemed to bind up pretty bad when loading them, hopefully I’ll have some time when I get home to fix it so the range trip isn’t frustrating. The pistol itself is rather well put together and I look forward to making large fireballs with it. Much more info to come.
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I feel sorry for everyone living between Massachusetts and Florida because they got double earfuls of unmanly squees. JayG has also landed himself a KRISS Vector for testing and evaluation. In fact, Jay is the reason I have mine. The man can sell not only himself, but other people as well. I might have to start calling him the Gun Pimp. So you’ll get not one, but two fanbois gushing over their toys. Lucky you!
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JayG talks about gun safes over at Shooting Illustrated. It’s a good read. Some day, I want a real safe. Something with fire and water protection that I can store more than just guns, but important documents and backup data. Luckily for me, both I and the Mrs. are not jewelry people. My safe is the Stack On kind. It keeps 100% of kids out and since a break in probably won’t see the thief bringing in a large prybar, most criminals. Still, something nice and thick with a big ass tumble lock...
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That would be from me squeeing again. Look what just followed me home
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Caleb rocks out with his Glock out over at Shooting Illustrated.
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Sometimes, when the stars align just right and the gods of the blogging world miss the ‘smote’ button and hit ‘apply blessings’ by mistake, things go well. Two T&E firearms are scheduled to make their appearance at Casa De Carencia De Pantalones. One in a caliber I’m well known for having a penchant of shooting, the other a rifle that I have already purchased (but sadly looks suspiciously like new cabinets and countertops in the kitchen) and is in my Top 5 “Want” list. Yes. I have a dumb...
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Tam shot hers and has good things to say I still can't get over how mild this gun is to shoot. Tiny, lightweight nines tend to be vicious; the Kahr PM-9, for instance, is not the kind of gun with which you'd want to spend an afternoon plinking soda cans, but you could shoot the Boberg all day. I hate shooting my Kel-Tec P3AT. It’s uncomfortably small for my hands, the recoil is unpleasant, the trigger sucks in a way that probably violates an Orek patent, but it fits in a pocket and even...
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A few weeks ago, I was approached by Ryan of Louisville Leather to see if I’d be interested in reviewing some of his holsters to help get the word out about his business. I was delighted to help and Ryan sent me this beautiful holster for my M&P 40. I am simply amazed at the quality that a small company can deliver. I’m far from a leather-smith but I can easily tell that these holsters are solid, well stitched, and designed well. It carried perfectly, sitting just right on my belt and...
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And you don’t want God upset about the state of your AR Rifle, right?
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A while back when I was talking about getting a POV cam for USPSA, emailed me and asked if I’d like to review the Epic HD1080 High Definition Adventure Camera (at a discount) to which I replied “Duh!” Not but a few years ago, any video camera that was mountable and not a bajillion dollars ran at 15fps at 640x480 and made your webcam look crystal clear in comparison. Technology marches on and today you can get a high-definition video camera like the Epic HD1080 for under $200. ...
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Destinee reviews the Baretta Nano I haven’t gone through her other videos, but there appears to be a considerable treasure trove of ‘em out there. You don’t see Japete putting up reviews of the latest anti-gun measures now do you?
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Tom over at My Gun Culture reviews some ESS Crossbow Eyeshields. I own a pair of ESS Ice that I got from and I have been nothing but thrilled with them. The yellow lenses make indoor shooting and overcast days easier, the tinted lenses are perfect for the sun, and clear for… um… I don’t know. I’ve never put on the clear ones. The Ice are comfortable and from what I hear, durable. Like Tom whines over at his blog, I ain’t gonna shoot myself in the face to test them for that.
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My blogging malaise has seen me miss a few items people have mailed to me. As I said, it’s not that I didn’t have material, I just didn’t have the mind to actually write stuff up. There are a few items that I need to just post and I’ve not really gone over them. First was an email from someone who fights for gun rights in Canada Hi, I know that you occasionally write about gun rights issues in other countries. I thought you might find this video interesting – it is my testimony before the...
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Living the pants free lifestyle isn’t always that easy. With all the restraining orders and ever increasing court appearances for disorderly exposure (I swear, they made that charge up just for me), there comes a time when pants are simply required and ‘open-rear kilts’ are a no-go. So, because they are necessary, it behooves one to have a few sets of slacks in the closet just in case. A while back, in what I can only surmise was a joke amongst the marketing department, I was approached by...
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When it comes to guns, I am very utilitarian. I want to pull the trigger, have the mean gun go boom, and a hole appear where I was aiming. If I can’t shoot it, I don’t want it, so pretty guns or firearms with historical value have no place in my gun safe. However, when it comes to the KRISS Vector, I go full retard – I don’t need it, it’s not practical, I can’t own the ‘fun’ version anyway, but none of this matters. I want it like Michele Obama wants ranch dressing for her deep fried fajita...
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A review of the Crimson Trace Lightguard Crimson Trace has applied that same instinctive activation to a handgun-mounted light called the Lightguard. No switches, gizmos or doo-dads to muck up your draw stroke. Just grip the pistol normally and you activate the “on” switch, emitting 100 lumens of light—more than enough to light up your living room and temporarily blind anyone who happens to be on the receiving end of the light. Like Chance, I too learned to love the Crimson Trace lasers...
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If I am ever to lose my house, there’s plenty of room for the entire family in my new Midway USA range bag. Holy moly is that thing huge! Enough room for two guns, countless magazines, lots and lots of bullets (which are f’in heavy, by the way), ear & eye pro, band-aids, a Subaru, and some chairs from Ikea. It comes with a bag within a bag for quick trips between stages I assume. The brass bag is also nice to have. While it’s only been handled around the house, it does appear well built...
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Richard reviews the Diamondback DB9 Lord knows I hate shooting the Kel-Tec P3AT, but the size is right. One day I should look at one of these pocket sized 9s again.
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World famous gun blogger reviews Woolrich Elite Concealed Carry Chino legshirts. Better him than me.
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I hate giving negative reviews, but this holster sucked. Couldn’t keep the syrup OR the butter in place and the pancake kept falling out every time I bent over.
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About opening a package and seeing your artwork embossed on the contents Got my Vicious Circle holster from Dennis, of Dragon Leatherworks. What a beautiful holster, logo or not. The staining on it is simply gorgeous. I need to loosen it up a bit as it grabs pretty tightly right now. I’ll put it in the shower with me next time and then put the pistol in it afterwards, but otherwise I cannot wait for the next OC Fishing event so I can proudly wear it. FTC Disclaimer -  The holster might...
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Photo by Robb Allen I was approached recently with an offer to T&E the Rate & Recoil Reducing Buffer from MGI Industries. I was happy to try one out because I don’t get a lot of trigger time behind the 6.8 SPC and MGI said it would work fine on my platform. Sadly, range time has not materialized, so I wanted to get this post up with at least my first impressions of the buffer and put up some data provided by MGI. When I hit the range, I will give another report on its performance as...
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There comes a time in a mans life when he has to bow to certain social norms, forego his freedom and principles, and just put on a pair of damned pants. Situations like ‘work’, ‘church’, and ‘court appearance over those (ever increasing) indecency charges’ require a bit more tact. So while it was somewhat of a social faux pas (to be generous), I actually was glad when 5.11 Tactical approached me to review a few items of theirs, including a pair of leg-shirts. First thing I wanted to talk...
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My latest review of some .40 caliber ammunition is up over at Guns, Holsters, and Gear. Oh, and I just love this picture
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Kevin reviews the Leupold 1.5x-4x Scope. For my AR, I want a decent red dot. I’m not really interested in “Beyond 100 yard” distances and while I can generally hit with irons, I like the fast acquisition of a red dot. However, good glass is worth it in everything I’ve ever seen. I’ve got some shitty glass that makes you WANT to use the irons. Granted, the only reason I’m not into >100yd shots is because I don’t hunt. I probably should remedy that.
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I have a voice for blogging! Next up in my list of things to review is a video I did for the Magtech First Defense - Solid Copper Hollow Points. Them sure are purdy, ain’t they? It was a lot of fun. The fine folks at Tenoroc Shooting Sport graciously let me set up some water jugs and get the range all soaked. The Magtechs were really neat. I was able to recover the Winchester Ranger Bonded as well, and will have a report on those later (they’re the ones that took out the front sight...
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But by Joe, reading it you couldn’t really tell. My latest review of the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 is up at Guns, Holsters & Gear. Mmmmm… Kool-Aid!
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JayG discusses some of the deadliest weapons he’s allowed to own over at Guns, Holsters, and Gear – Rapid fire assault bullet hoses .22 Rifles
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Due to my ammunition and firearm reviews that I do for, I get approached quite a bit to review other products. So when I received an offer from 1791 Apparel to review some of their shirts, I was more than happy to oblige. There were several models to choose from and I went with the ones for my Glock and my AR-15. Today I received two very heavy duty t-shirts printed on Hanes Beefy-T tees. No mall ninja materials here, this was ring-spun, preshrunk cotton like you find worn by...
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From Richard at Guns, Holsters, & Gear That annoying buzzing sound you’re hearing right now? Yeah, that’s me seething with jealousy. Like I said in the comments WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT but cannot haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave..
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So, I can’t really explain my latest review of .38 Special ammo over at Give it a read. Enjoy. Poke fun at my spelling and grammatical mistakes. See if I care.
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JayG talks about concealable, rotary magazine pistols. My Dan Wesson Model 15 is understandably not mentioned.
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Got an email from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks I'm going to go out on a limb here, based on what I see in interest in the Talon (by way of e-mail inquiries and actual sales that have come in) but I want you all to know, so that you could post updates on your reviews, that I've made the decision to offer the Talon with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If workmanship of the holster fails during normal use to the original owner, it gets repaired free of charge. If it can't be repaired, it...
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I review a single box of ammunition. And there was wine involved before the writing.
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I review some 9mm cartridges over at One thing that sucks about reviewing ammo is that I have to show you my groupings. I see other reviewers having groups they can cover with a split pea whereas my groups require something akin to a cantaloupe. I’m not the world’s best shot, but at least I can tend to keep groupings at 10 yards within 2”. I think I’m going to have to start using Photoshop to tighten things up a bit. I decided to shoot offhand instead of the bench rest...
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This past week I received a beautiful Talon holster from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks to review. It’s sad that here in Florida the best I can do with this is wear it around the house or wait for my monthly fishing event because OWB carry is amazingly comfortable and this was a really, really nice holster. The first thing I got when I opened the package was that wonderful smell of leather and dye. The holster is a beautiful black with a rough interior and smooth exterior. The holster was...
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JayG reviews the rimfire offerings from Sig Sauer. If he’s lucky, maybe Tam will apply some of her snark on him too! ;)
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You get to read about it. My latest review for the Taurus 709 SLIM is up at Gun Holsters and Gear. Bottom line – the pistol was better than I expected, fairly darn accurate, and the slimness wasn’t as much of a problem as I assumed it would be.
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A few weeks ago I was approached by about a link in the Industry section of my blogroll*. I bartered with them for a set of ESS ICE Safety Glasses as I had been needing a better pair over the generally cheap ones I normally purchase. Today, I finally was able to take them out for a spin and I can say I’m very glad I got this set. It comes with three interchangeable eyeshields – Clear, Smoke, and Hi-Def Yellow. First, I ordered the larger set because my grape is a few...
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JayG gets his review on for Gun Holsters and Gear reviewing the backup gun’s backup gun – The North American Arms Mini revolver. I can say that writing ‘semi-professionally’ is a lot harder than it seems. You have to balance the desire to drop an f-bomb for a humorous effect with the need to ensure the article is taken seriously. I’m still working on that balance, by the way. Let’s just say sometimes what I send them doesn’t exactly make it into the final article ;) I look forward to more...
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My latest ammo review is up at Gun Holsters & Gear
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.380 ACP. Not a lot of fun to shoot out of a puny Kel-Tec P3AT, but it’s vital that you practice, and I got to test a few types of inexpensive ammo that makes for good practice. Although the next time I’m asked to pop off 150 rounds of .380, I’m asking for more money. FTC Disclaimer – I’ve been hitting the treadmill lately and the glutes are just so smoochable!
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My latest is up over at Guns Holsters and Gear. I had a lot of fun shooting this ammo. I love my Dan Wesson and forget sometimes how much the air gets batted around with each trigger pull as I tend to shoot the revolver less than my other pistols.
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Kevin reviews the Fiocchi primers featured here not too long ago.
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Recently I picked up a CED M2 chronograph, something I had been wanting for years but never really could justify the purchase (I’m on a limited budget here folks). However, an opportunity arose that made the justification for me. I’ve been asked to review ammunition! My first article is up at Gun Holsters and Gear! I reviewed several brands of .45 ACP and had a lot of fun doing so. I would like to say that, although the Armscor Precision ammunition was the dirtiest of the lot, I was surprised...
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Shooting the 6.8 SPC is fun. Having your brass flung into another zip code and losing it is not. I had been wanting a brass catcher to alleviate this problem for a while, and I was bummed there didn't seem to be very many decent looking options. There seem to be two types of catchers – those that sit on the ground or to the ejection side and capture the brass as it flies out, or the kind you strap to your rifle and catch it as it exits. A third option for a brass catcher is a child who has...
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Recently, I received a shipment of Fiocchi Small Rifle Primers from Lucky Gunner. Up until this point, I had only used CCI #41's for the 6.8 SPC and had never even looked at the Fiocchi brand, so I was happy to try them out. On Saturday, I took the 6.8 out for a spin with a whole box of ammo loaded up to try them out. I compared the ammo to several magazines of reloads using the CCI primers to see what differences there might be. My recipe for the 6.8 SPC was as follows Silver State...
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