Church of the .45

In a comment on Facebook, I was called to the carpet as “a gun nut who worships guns”. I can’t argue that. I don’t really have a safe, it’s more of a shrine, and I treat the lanes at the range like a confessional. And of course, every night, I say my prayer John Moses Browning, who art in heavenHollowpoints be thy nameThy kingdom comeThy Will be doneIn full or semi-automaticGive us this day our daily rangeand forgive us our misses, as we aim for those who attack us, and lead us not into the...
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I know I’m not the most devout guy on the planet, but I figured it does my spirit well to read from the scriptures on occasion. From the Holy Book of Browning (Old Testament) First Recoilations 8:5 However, the men cried for higher capacity and the Prophet said "For what shall you need large capacity Magazines? Should the 8 rounds of .45 that hath been provided not suffice thee?" 8:6 And the men once again cried no. The Prophet thus again asked why there was need. Forward from.
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