I'm a cat owner, so why not?
Here’s some pictures of Lego.
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For some reason, Lego likes to chew on white cables and only white cables.He managed to chew through my S5 charging cable which now no longer charges my phone. This is the third cable he’s chewed through. I had to order a new one and of course ensured I ordered it in black. Stupid cat.
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How do I get suckered into these things?
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In with the green
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Lego’s eyes are currently blue. Although now there seem to be some streaks of ‘other’ in his eyes. So I got a good shot of them while they’re still azure.
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Thanks! (you know who you are)
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Lego He’s sitting in my lap right now, purring something fierce. Already, he’s familiar with the whole ‘litterbox’ thing and doesn’t mind his little ‘home’ which just happens to be the bathtub with a towel-lined* box, a ramekin of water, and a makeshift poop-sand container. *Ironically, the towel lining his box is the one the vet wrapped Bueller up in when I took him home for the last time.
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Neighbor’s daughter’s cat had a litter. Guess what we now have? The other cat, Sloane, doesn’t seem too thrilled right now but Pepper doesn’t mind one bit  
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Rest in peace my friend. You were a great cat and we will miss you dearly
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But that went much better than I expected. Whoever said they believed my girls would surprise me, they were right. Georgia cried, but not for long and never hysterically. Irelyn, as expected, was sad for 8.3 seconds then decided she wanted to go make goofy faces. I think the fact that we’ve mentioned this as something that was going to happen and not having it come as a huge surprise helped. Oh, Irelyn asked if we could go get a kitten. My voice broke telling them, but other than that I held...
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Is telling your kids. Today is their last day of school and they both have Taekwondo lessons, so we’re waiting until after that. Then we’ll let them know Bueller will be put to sleep Saturday morning and let them stay up as late as they want to spend time with him (if he’ll let them. He’s really not in the mood to be pet lately). I’ll offer to let them come with me and hope they don’t want to because it’s going to be hard enough as it is, but as a father it’s my duty to shoulder everything...
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Bueller’s last steroid shot wore off in 2 weeks and he started chewing himself again. All of his paws are scabbed in between his toes, and his chin is literally black with dried blood from all the scratching. We had allotted another shot to give him some more time, but unfortunately I’m not sure it will do anything but extend his suffering. Thus this Saturday I have to take him to the vet’s for the last time. Right now, there’s a Marine with tears in his eyes typing this. I’ve had this little...
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Took Bueller to the vet yesterday for his steroid shot. He was starting to chew himself pretty bad again and his skin was turning pink, meaning the steroids had worn off. It is usually 3 to 4 weeks between shots and this time was closer to 3. He has an autoimmune disorder that causes him to chew himself until he bleeds and it’s awful to look at much less the problem with cat blood all over the house. We’ve already looked at the calendar for next month and unfortunately the month beyond. I say...
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My elder cat, Bueller, is getting on in age. He’s 13 and has been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder where he literally chews himself until he bleeds. A steroid shot clears him up for a few weeks (usually 3 to 4) but then it’s back to the vet’s for another. We’ve been doing what we can, and the vet was nice enough to simply write a ‘prescription’ so that a lab tech can just give him the shot without an exam, keeping the cost to $46 rather than $160. Still, that’s an added expense each...
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Generally, I disdain working from home. I have to remotely control my PC at work which is always slower than working locally, the family tends to forget I’m actually busy and interrupts me constantly, and anything that can get in my way generally does. This morning I had a clingy daughter, the Mrs. had a deflated tire which I had to use a manual pump to put back on, and one of the cats puked up a hairball which required cleaning immediately lest it become an impromptu doggy treat. However, the...
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Thomas (Cat) X, October 1989 - 22 September 2010 Tommy didn't make it. The veterinarian called a little after 2:30 this morning to say he'd taken a turn for the worse; his temperature had started to fall and he need an oxygen mask to breath. His white-cell count was still abnormal, despite antibiotics. Time was running out. "I thought you'd better know," he said, "he's unlikely to make it 'til morning." Tam and I went to the pet hospital. Tommy was on a table, looking...
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Because a) I bought my wife a new camera for her birthday and b) I haven't posted pictures of them in a while and c) it's my blog and I can do whatever I damn well please.   
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Free cat shawls.
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I don't think this dog is ever going to settle down and feel at home here Already, the cats have learned to deal with her. This is the first time I've seen all three animals in the same vicinity since we got Lizzie. Granted, Bueller is trying to kill her with his laser vision…
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Or any ice cream for that matter. Bueller senses the cold treat and will crawl over anything to get to it. We generally don't give him anything since it's not all that good for him, but that doesn't stop him from trying.
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Bueller digs the internet, be it on my lap or my wife's
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But every time I look at this picture I bust out laughing And I love cats.
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Being that I've not done any catblogging in ages, here's a shot of Bueller from last night To me, he's still a kitten, but I forget he's over 9 years old. He spends the vast majority of his day just sleeping, however it's usually in the same room that someone else is in. He'll nod off in your lap if you let him, especially if you're trying to read a book. There's something comforting about a purring cat in your lap, though, that makes all the loose fur worth it.
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Lap sweat is a big problem. So is the fact that my right arm has to rest on Bueller's butt. Update: And now a completely new way to view the term "Arm Rest"
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Some catblogging for your pleasure Sloane Bueller
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Although I was bright enough to keep the sharpies out of the little one's reach. Still, too cute.
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We found her! She had apparently snuck into the garage and must have been startled by the cars and the garage door sounds and hid. This morning we heard loud mewing and when we opened the door she came running in. So, everything is fine! --ORIGINAL POST-- Sloane appears to have run away. She must have slipped out an open door at some point and nobody noticed. I have little hope that she'll find her way back as she's never been outside. She's chipped so if someone picks her up and takes her to...
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And then there's pissed   The sad thing is I've heard that, in person before. It's the last time I ever tried to give a cat a bath, too.
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Well, Bueller made it home yesterday. The doctor said he’d be fine and that they’d like to check on him in 2 weeks. They unblocked his urinary tract, loaded him up on antibiotics, flushed his bladder out, and sent him home. The only thing we have to show for it is one pissed off kitten and a swanky looking new hairdo (where they had to put in the IV) (click to enlarge) The doc gave us a few weeks worth of antibiotics, something to help his bladder constrict to assist him in peeing and to get...
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So, yesterday I missed coming into work because my Jeep Wrangler had a mysterious loss of engine power. Turns out, the catalytic converter had busted and clogged the exhaust system. A couple of hundred dollars later, she’s back to the ‘Super Jeep’ status she was when I had the engine rebuilt and enhanced. Actually, the garage tuned her a bit better and she’s even faster / more powerful. Thus ends the good news. Later in the evening, I heard my cat Bueller doing a strange, loud, yodeling...
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Had a hard time brushing my teeth this morning. (click for bigger)
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But I think my new bumpersticker is a riot. Especially in this context
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Dean has the details with appropriate, 60’s acid music analogy. I shall never listen to Jimi the same ever again.
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I was taking a few shots of Georgia tonight while I was testing out my new Alien Bees lights and Sloane happened to be sitting pretty, just waiting for her turn in the spotlight. Not bad for never doing studio work, eh?
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Welcome Sloane, our newest addition to the SaaM household Georgia comforts her newest friend. She’s 13 weeks old, blue-grey with hazel eyes. Bueller is taking her presence pretty well, Sloane is keeping her distance. I give them two days and they’ll be inseparable.
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Hadn’t done any catblogging in ages, so here’s Bueller for ya.
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Wow. I get into work today, start up a new Visual Studio project, and while my POS computer takes 30 minutes to set up a new web application, I decide to peruse my RSS reader. After 30 seconds of political vitriol, I’ve had enough. Bring on the Cat Blogging!
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Snapped this last night after she had gone to bed. Bueller snuck in and found a warm place to sleep.
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I've shirked my Catblogging duties lately, haven't I?
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According to MSN Search, I'm #1 for Cat Porn.
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I have this empty space inside. Now that the election is over, what am I going to blog about?Oh yeah! Cat Pictures!!!
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Well, this time it's really just a little girl pretending to be a cat. We took Georgia out to the mall yesterday because they had trick-or-treating. She was just toooooo cute!Happy Trick-or-treating ya'll!
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One of those lucky shots where the camera was within reach. A sunbeam happened to go through my daughter's window, all the way down the hall, and reflected enough light to illuminate Bueller. I was surprised it worked because my shutter speed was so slow (1/10th of a second) and I was hand holding.
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Caught Bueller sitting on my computer's subwoofer today. He had been at my feet for a while and I thought he was totally on the speaker, but alas, I was wrong.
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If you haven't taken a chance to enter your request in my Photo Meme, please do so. Reader Glen asks me to photograph my computer setup without cleaning my desk, so I did. However, I accidentally got a bit of catblogging thrown in, so I decided to post it here.Granted he's a little hard to see in all the mess, but if you look to the lower left, you might see Bueller hiding amongst the to enlarge
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As a regular Catblogger, I get to read a bunch of other sites from people who love their cats like I do. I am still coping with the loss of Hudson and wish desperately that he was still around. Let me share with you a little story about him.When I first got Hudson, I fell deeply in love with him. I had always been a dog person and considered Hudson an act of  suitability rather than companionship. I was pleasantly wrong. He was so cute I swore no harm would ever come to him, including...
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Be the cat...{click for larger picture}
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{click to enlarge}Bueller has this magical ability to stretch beyond the boundaries of time and space. From my understanding, most cats can do this (however, Hudson was too lazy to show off).Catblogging will be sparse now due to the fact that Boo (his nickname because it's easier for my daughter to say) just doesn't pose for the camera like Hudson did, so shots of him will be few and far between.
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Welcome to this week's edition of Carnival of the Cats. This week's carnival is dedicated to my cat Hudson who passed away last week.While most memorials are sad, this one is to be cheerful. Hudson brought me and my family 8 years of wonderful joy, not to mention two to three metric tons of fur and a few emergency "toss the cat outside" moments of *horking*.With this, please enjoy many of the pictures of Hudson I've taken throughout the years.Also joining the carnival with me this week:This...
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I'm hosting next week's Carnival of the Cats so please hit the Contact button up top and send me your entries by Saturday night.This one will be in memory of Hudson.
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He didn't make it. I just buried him in our back yard. Hudson had a heart condition that was probably incurable and it finally claimed his life. He was the very first cat / animal I ever owned on my own and kept me company for 8 years. The vet described him as the most docile animal he'd seen in a long time and I'd have to agree. Hudson would put up with anything for a scratching or a belly rub. He also had the most interesting meow that was almost a stutter. My daughter's first word was...
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(UPDATE(s) at bottom of post)Hudson has been rather icky the last two days, just laying around being very lethargic. He has kind of moaned when petted rather than purr. He's puked a lot and hasn't eaten anything which for him is very, very odd.The Mrs. is dropping him off at the vets right now to get some tests run. I'm praying it's nothing more than a cat-cold or something innocuous.Hudson has lost a lot of weight lately, but I've chalked it up to the fact that he hasn't had access to his food...
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Hudson again. He's definitely more photogenic than Bueller who runs when he sees the camera. Hudson has also lost quite a bit of weight since Betty has joined our household. This is a good thing 'cuz Hudson's nickname used to be "fat boy".Click on the images for larger views.  I need to take some of Bueller for the Carnival of the Cats I will be hosting in a few weeks.
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click to enlargeHudson isn't the most modest cat around. I got a new flash yesterday and got a few shots of the kitties as well as a good shot of to enlarge
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I always post sweet and cute pictures of my cat. I never do anything like this.Maybe that's a good thing.Hat tip Checking for stuff
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[click to enlarge]Hudson has zero stress. Even with Georgia pounding on him with her toys, this feline simply keeps his cool. Here's a shot of him resting (as usual) amidst the toys in Georgia's room.
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{click for full size}Makes me wish I was a cat.
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My own furball Hudson is featured this week!
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Here's one I took a long time ago of Hudson. It looked really good in black & white and it had surprisingly good lack of depth of field from my Nikon 4300.
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Hudson, which I think is Greek for “Maker of Fur”, here in his favorite position.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 6/5/2004 2:43:00 PM | Feedback (2)
Bueller waits patiently for his picture to be taken
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Jumping on the "Hey, look at pictures of my cat" bandwagon
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