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Michael Bane get’s his interview on over at Gun Values Board. I’ve met Mike a few times, great guy and I’m thrilled we have him fighting the good fight to get the shooting sports online and in front of everyone. No, seriously. You. Lawn. Off of. Now.
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And yet they still put me on TV From ABC Action News All in all, not a bad performance on my part although you see me shoot more than I speak. The shooting was interesting because I didn't think that was going to be part of the interview and only had 15+1 rounds on me, so I had to take my time. The reporter did a pretty good job editing it to make me look like I was shooting a bit more than I was (Yes, I shot high because I was only out at 7 yards). News being news, my 15 minutes of...
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My Open Carry segment will be running on ABC Action News tonight at 11PM. The video should be up on their website as well soon afterwards, and when it does, I’ll link it.
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