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Crimson Trace, maker of visible awesome, is having an image contest. I entered & could use your votes! Or feel free to enter yourself, I’m a fan of competition.
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Linoge isn’t too impressed. I’m rather surprised a swap wasn’t offered, especially considering the issues they’ve had.
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Barron’s safe failed to open. This is his story on what it took to get it fixed. A fascinating read, especially on how long it took to get it open when the locksmith was pretty knowledgeable about where to drill. It also serves as a reminder that no safe will keep out a determined person, but it will just slow them down considerably. Some safes are better at this than others to be sure. It’s also interesting to see how flaws creep up in even costly models. One would think for $5,000 that this...
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No…. No you can’t. Unless you’re wearing special goggles. CrimsonTrace is now making infrared laser sights so operators can operate in the darkest of operations.
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Lucky Gunner has delved into the blogging world with their first post of 5.56 vs .223 – What You Know May Be Wrong and it’s a doozy. Tons and tons of actual data, graphs, and tests. I avoided the entire 5.56 vs. .223 debate by just grabbing a 6.8 SPC, but it’s still useful information ;)
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Therefore they’re acceptable. Charlie Mike is very popular at my competitions too.
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I love my Crimson Trace lasers. This is pretty much why.
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