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I’m helping vectorize a logo for Yakima Pistol & Rifle Association, but I was hoping to find some reference pictures of the pistol & rifle on the patch. Anyone have any idea what these might be related to?
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Trying to save up some cash for some new toys. Anyone need any logo / blog-banner work?
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Last week Ry called my attention to a ‘contest’ on AR15.com where a guy was looking for a logo for his construction company in trade for a Beretta 92FS. I tried, but I didn’t win. Too bad for me. I don’t have a 9mm pistol and I have a soft spot in my heart for the Beretta 92 because that’s the first handgun I ever fired. My dad had one when I was growing up (I guess that’s what the cops had back in the early 70’s? I don’t know, I’ll have to ask) and that’s what I cut my gunny teeth on, so...
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Seems some dude got a new header designed for his blog. Whoever did that is talented!
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Just finished this up for Larry Correia’s MHI Patch contest. Oh, to be written into one of the Monster Hunter series books would be beyond geeky!   Click for full size goodiness Tampa means “Sticks Of Fire”, likely due to the amount of lightning we get around these parts. I wanted the stitching to really stand out here. Hopefully I didn’t overdo it with the blood splatters, but I like the fact the patch looks pretty darned realistic for being 100% done in Photoshop. Let me know what...
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Something like this. Congrats to MilitantAmerican for his shiny, new header.
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And by limited, I mean pretty much gone. Thanks to everyone who contacted me, my plate is now a bit full. Real Life intruded a bit and I’ve got a rather strenuous week ahead of me, so to those who contacted me, I’ll be with you shortly. To the others who drug their feet and missed this awesome opportunity… well…
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Look, I’m not going to lie to you. I currently am not sitting on a throne made of of solid gold with pillows stuffed with Benjamin Franklins for comfort. I’ve never wiped my rear end with imported silk nor do I have a butler to fetch me a cup of Kopi Luwak at a moment’s notice. In fact, I’m pretty much broke. Oh, I realize that people have been mislead by the media and Hollywood to believe bloggers just rake in the cash, but the reality is far from that. So far is that from the truth that I...
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I wonder who did that? Talented guy, whoever it is. I’d be willing to be he’d be more than happy to do work for you if you asked him.
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I now have the MASS MURDER MAGAZINES!! shirt for cheaper (black logo on a white shirt).
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I’ve enjoyed reading RobertaX’s I Work on a Starship series. I started in the middle and have been wanting to start over so that I have a bit more context to work from. When I found out she was going to publish it, I was ecstatic! A few days ago, Roberta emailed me asking if I could work on a logo for her ship, the USAS Lupine. The parameters were fascinating – The Lupine was originally a military vessel that is now a commercial one. Lupine indicates something that is akin to a wolf, and the...
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Thanks to all the input I’ve gotten, I’ve released Shot Group Analyzer into Beta You can now set the 1” scale, print, and save your image. I also made it a bit prettier to look at. Known bugs at this time are Scaling widget can go outside of screen bounds, causing a bit of mischief (you may need to refresh the page if you go crazy with it) Printing does not fill the page Help is non-existent Standard Deviation was removed due to complete lack of usefulness in the way I had...
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As I’m always looking for ways to improve the gun community using my development skills (aka the Reloading Calculator), I came up with a fairly nifty little app to help determine shot groups a bit better. Most people tend to use the extreme spread of their targets to determine the group size, but a much better method is the mean radius, a good explanation of which can be found here. My Target App is VERY much in alpha right now and pretty much just a proof of concept as I hone down exactly...
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Didn't know my design work extended to delicious birthday pastries, did you? And Happy Birthday Phlegmmy!
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You know what sucks? When you design a layout for a company that you like so much, you almost hope they don't want it so that you can use it for yourself. Alas, Bison Armory liked what I did. I hope you will as well As I am wont to do, the site is 100% CSS driven and simple in its layout. I find less is more in so many things on the web. Head on over, enjoy the view, and hey, while you're at it, buy a 6.8 SPC. You'll be glad you did!
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