Pants. Or Lack Thereof

Pants. Too dangerous for your own good.
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Before Pants Hat tip John F. on the Twitterers thing.
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Not sure I could actually send anything besides this one anyway.
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I would definitely run ads like this
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Done that
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Pants. Brought to you by horses.
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Kilts are acceptable
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Therefore they’re acceptable. Charlie Mike is very popular at my competitions too.
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From Scott Adams
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A lack of pants. I can live with that.
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Living the pants free lifestyle isn’t always that easy. With all the restraining orders and ever increasing court appearances for disorderly exposure (I swear, they made that charge up just for me), there comes a time when pants are simply required and ‘open-rear kilts’ are a no-go. So, because they are necessary, it behooves one to have a few sets of slacks in the closet just in case. A while back, in what I can only surmise was a joke amongst the marketing department, I was approached by...
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Caleb If we hit the $1000 mark, I will shoot the 2012 Bianchi Cup in a kilt. Kilts are acceptable in the Pantsfree Lifestyle™
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World famous gun blogger reviews Woolrich Elite Concealed Carry Chino legshirts. Better him than me.
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I finished Terry Pratchett’s “Small Gods” this weekend (from the list of 100 great Sci-Fi books meme). Great book, and this was my favorite line If you spend your whole time thinking about the universe, you tend to forget the less important bits of it. Like your pants. Amen Brutha
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Then by all means, please do so.
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From Slashdot Thanks to everyone who helped build Slashdot over the years: the list is far to long to fit in this textfield but you know who you are, and you all know that I've got your back in a knife fight. Lastly, thanks to every Slashdot reader for giving me your time all these years. I hope I've wasted it efficiently and enjoyably. Pants are optional. Damn straight!
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Look, sometimes you awake to find yourself practicing the Pants Free Lifestyle™. It is natural when you find yourself in this situation to assume the limo you have awoken in is yours to drive home.
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Sadly, not everyone can handle the pants free lifestyle Locy then retrieved a larger sword, pulled it from the sheath and told her, “I’m going to kill you,” the affidavit says. Hibbs wrote that after the woman tried to run away, he “slammed” her onto the living room couch, where he punched her several times. She managed to free herself and call 9-1-1. The girlfriend told investigators that Locy left the house with the sword. He was still naked. Normally, the cops get a “Naked man...
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  Hat tip Ace of Spades
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Well, if this comic is to be believed, at least
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Although a set of whitey-tighties are no substitute for proper hygiene
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And then there’s this The thief ran from the E-Z Food Store in Lake Wales carrying two 24 packs of beer Wednesday evening, only to be undone by his own sagging jeans. … His pants dropped, exposing his plaid boxer shorts as he stumbled to the ground. Cans of beer rolled everywhere and one sprayed onto the asphalt. You either live the pants-free lifestyle or you don’t. You can’t do it halfway. Watch the video, it’s a hoot.
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They’re going up in price too During the interview, Costa described a “perfect storm” that led to the $10 price increase of 5.11 Tactical pants. Why did prices increase? Costa mentioned a combination of reasons, including the rising cost of oil, cotton, labor and the dollar’s declining exchange rate in the world economy. Prices are going up because of all that? Where have I heard that before? Regardless, this economy will probably do more to promote the pants free lifestyle more than I...
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Don’t abuse it
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And getting a news anchor job in Slovenia. I'm telling you, before you know it, it'll be considered a great look.
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The Pants Free Lifestyle does not condone drinking and driving "I asked her, `Where are your pants?' and I think she answered, `I don't know,'" Deputy David Alvarado told Plantation investigators. "Kinda shocked me." You'll get used to it Deputy, I promise! Hat Tip Around O-Town
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This is one of the many reasons why pants are a bad idea!
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From a comment over at JayG's Nancy R. said... "Pantslessness ..." Is it so wrong that Sweet Daughter now yells "Look! I'm Rob Allen!" when running around sans bifurcated legwear? I guess I should check the output power on the Pants-Free-Lifestyle broadcasting satellite I've got orbiting high above the thermosphere. Hat tip Mike W.
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As this was not me Pantsless Burglar Caught On Tape After two burglaries in a row, a day spa installed a security camera and ended up catching the burglar with his pants down -- literally. Springs was burglarized twice at the end of May. The burglar shattered a door or window and took cash from the register, police said. After the incidents, the owner installed a surveillance system, which caught a man breaking in at 1:30 a.m. on July 9, police said. In the video, the burglar...
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And therefore, I wholeheartedly approve
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It's going Hollywood! Hat Tip Reader Jeanette!
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No my friends, this is a COMPLETE WIN!
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I got an email about The Ultimate Guide to Tactical Pants. Seriously?
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January 10th is No Pants Day! Hat Tip Top of the Chain
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You gotta teach 'em young
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Man with no pants unrelated to pants with no man Vancouver Island RCMP were called to investigate on Saturday after a man was found walking down a highway near Campbell River with no pants. The man "was coherent but could not remember where his pants and shoes were," said RCMP Cpl. Brian Brown. I'm usually incoherent, pant or not. "A little bit later, police got a call from the wife who said a man had called the house, saying he had her husband's wallet and that they...
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Hat tip to…well, pretty much everyone!
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That's the only explanation for this. I saw that while waiting for Zombieland to start this weekend and kept thinking to myself that I was on camera somehow, just to check my reaction.
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From #gunblogger_conspiracy, discussing my upcoming MRI tomorrow. (11:03:31 AM) Unix-Jedi: Programmer Robb Allen. Microsoft Weenie. Gun nut, searching for a solution for his shoulder pain. Then an accidental power surge in the MRI alters his pants. Now when Robb Allen grows stifled or uncomfortable, a startling metamorphis occurs. The Creature is driven by rage of pants and pursued by an investigative reporter. "Ms. Couric, don't make me uncomfortable. You wouldn't like my pants when...
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I say, delightful!
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See more funny videos and TBT Videos at Today's Big Thing.
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Ain't said nuthin' about no pants
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The tree of liberty must be mulched from time to time with the pants of tyrants and patriots Yuri
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I leave 'em alone for a while and find they've actually been listening.
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Half-naked motorist to cops: I lost my pants The pants free lifestyle may take time to get used to. This poor gentleman required alcohol and a flimsy excuse. Given time, Mr. Shultz will learn that there is nothing wrong 'high-tailin' it commando' and should be a beneficial member of society, sans pants. Pants-free driving is even better in a Jeep Wrangler without doors.
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Apparently, I do have a limit to what I'm willing to put on the internet. You see, when you get an anonymous packaged in the mail containing a small, bright pink, baby-t shirt that says this You try the damned thing on. Notice the neck and how stretched it is? I looked in the mirror and realized that if a picture of me wearing that ever got loose on the Interweb Tubes, I would risk losing my job, my wife, my house, my kids, etc. etc. I have finally found my 'shame' threshold. However, to.
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City: Workers must wear underwear The Brooksville city council recently approved a revised dress code as part of its effort to update existing policies. The revision instructs employees to observe "strict personal hygiene," including the use of deodorant. It lists "the observable lack of undergarments and exposed undergarments" as "unacceptable attire." I have a feeling if they're icky on the no undies thing, my complete lack of pants is going to really...
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The best Venn diagram, EVAH Thanks to Say Uncle
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Not our boys on the front line, that's for sure.
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NEW BRITAIN -- Police have arrested a suspect in a New Britain home invasion who apparently fled the scene without his pants.
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Since Tam alluded to the whole "No Pants" shtick I do here, I figured a little back story is in order. Right before the Para USA / Blackwater trip, all of that were going were on a group email discussing the outing and the various things that were going to happen while we were there. Kerby is the PR guy for Para and was heading up the emails, letting us know the details and whatnot. Kevin Baker responded to the group that he was planning on wearing his most offensive t-shirts in...
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They're just so damned overrated... That's all.
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