One of the joys of my job is that I work in an office where I’m probably one of the dumber people you’ll run into. There are people here with amazing abilities and minds, and it’s fascinating to be exposed to so many new ideas and concepts. What’s really interesting is how often I learn new techniques just by talking about code I might be working on. People will chime in and say “Have you tried X? It might work for what you’re talking about”. My new feed reader I’m working on, feedium, is...
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But I’m ‘benched’ at work (which, turns out isn’t the best thing because when bad ‘emergency’ projects pop-up, you get pulled for them) and have been focusing on a LOT of learnin’ while I write a new app called feedium, a quasi-replacement for RSS Bandit and Google Reader. It’s a service that stores the RSS feeds and then can be connected to from any browser or mobile app. There’s a lot of learning to get it to work behind the scenes, and I’m using it to stretch my development abilities which...
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