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It seems like yesterday this had just happened And now she’s lounging around the house, threatening to become a teenager in 2 years.   The only unsolicited advice I give to new parents is this – enjoy every moment. Never say to yourself “I can’t wait until my kid no longer does X” because that day comes quicker than you expect and you’ll find yourself missing out on some of the best times. It breaks my heart my girls are getting older.  Right now, even my teenager loves me and both...
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Was in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday, chaperoning for my eldest’s Marine Biology club while they did a shark tagging expedition. Way cool. We were told no cameras were allowed, but that turned out to be a miscommunication. Regardless, I didn’t get any pics myself but should have some from those who didn’t listen to the rules :) I’m pooped. I’m surviving off of very, very little sleep & lots of caffeine.
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Last night, I finished up the top for the ‘planter’ by the front door. It’s cheap aspen from Lowes. I routed the edges with a 1/4 round-over, sanded it several times with 120 & 220 grit, then applied Minwax pre-stain. Next came 2 coats of Minwax Red Mahogany stain, followed up by polyurethane, sanding, polyurethane, sanding, and polyurethane. The results are gorgeous. There is still a little work to do to properly secure it to the rock wall, but because I took a jigsaw to the back, it fits...
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13 years ago today, one of the most important things in my life happened – I became a father. Every day has been a blessing, every moment one to cherish. And today, I now have a teenager in the house. Happy birthday, Georgia!
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My daughter is awesome She has suddenly fallen in love with the blues and tonight was using my Paul Reed Smith for her lessons. She was rockin’ it too!
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I firmly believe that parents who take the time to be part of their children’s education end up with children who succeed. A few years ago I wrote about how, when I showed up for my daughter’s award ceremony where she won student of the year for the 2nd time, every kid who got an award had a parent in the audience. Today, this was reinforced for the third time. I showed up to do Career Day for my two girls. Unfortunately, there was a scheduling conflict and they didn’t have any slots for me....
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iMac is writing her first song She’s just awesome.
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The eldest of two evils’ science project is coming up so she had to figure out what she wanted to do. She seemed rather lackluster about it and just hopped online, looking up things she thought would be interesting, but nothing really piqued her interest, and the few things she thought she’d want to do were so basic that I felt it was a waste of her time. She’d not learn anything nor would she really do science! The other thing is my girls need to do something that either their mother or I can...
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First, the eldest of two evils told me “YOU CAN’T MAKE ME” regarding her homework. Her lesson was learned toute suite. Then she was practicing drums. I decided to plug her drums into the mixer and play along. It was awesome. I only have the Zoom H4n so it’s not a great mix especially since the kick was overpowering, but I just wanted to get a few seconds of our first ever jam session so it wasn’t important. She did awesome, especially since she’s only been playing since February and she kept...
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12 years ago, on the first anniversary of 9/11, I was not mourning with the rest of the country. I was celebrating bringing my first daughter into the world. At 10:16 AM, when most people were contemplating the horrific attack that had hit us the year before, I was seeing my daughter Georgia for the first time. from this to this! It has been 12 utterly amazing years. I’ve learned what being a father is all about. I’ve learned how hard it is to be firm, how much it hurts to have to discipline...
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This is the best ad I’ve seen in years. It accurately portrays fatherhood. The dad isn’t some clueless idiot, he accepts his role with the positives and negatives, is a role model rather than something to avoid. I love Cheerios as it is. I plan on buying more.
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I’m doing it right. Georgia, on her own, decided that she was going to grow out her hair and donate it to cancer patients. Yesterday, while her sister was getting a trim, the stylist (knowing George was doing this) looked at her hair and told her it was now long enough. 10” chopped later, she went from this   To this (interestingly, she’s wearing the same shirt)   The after pics don’t do justice, mostly because they’re camera phone pictures and the wide angle doesn’t do justice, but...
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Georgia was near tears, she was so happy to get her drums Pardon the messy floor. I didn’t have time to clean up the packaging before she hopped on ‘em. Neighbors won’t hear a thing. If you close the office door, it’s just dull thudding. There are 90 kits programmed in (plus 10 user kits) so she should have plenty to keep it interesting for a long time. Eventually we can run the MIDI to my PC, but I’ll have to get something that either converts DIN to USB or just a DIN enabled card or...
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I took the eldest-of-two-evils to the music store the other day to try out drum sets. She’s really, really doing well in her lessons and she is already not liking practicing on just a practice pad because she wants the feel of the kick pedal and the high hat being to her left. So, we looked at a few electronic sets they had since an acoustic set is too loud for now, both because the neighbors would hear it and being that she’s so new, there’s a bit of unintended syncopation involved. Also, next...
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Yes, that’s a question. Let’s start at the beginning. My girls go to a Charter School in downtown Tampa. It *literally* is on my drive to work, so it wasn’t ‘out of the way’ and they are a school centered on math & sciences as well as a laundry list of ‘things we look for in a school for our kids’ (yes, I’d love to homeschool, no it’s not feasible regardless of what you think). We looked at private schools, but found this charter to be quite attractive as far as their curriculum goes, as...
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It was marked clean by the doctor yesterday. iMac was told yesterday her blood levels were normal and that there is no longer any need to monitor her. Almost 2 years ago the scare started and it took this long to finally get the all clear on her levels. Each time we took her in, something else was amiss and we sat on pins & needles for eternity. After her trip to the ER a few weeks ago, the doctor is finally convinced everything is stable and normal, thank the Lord. So, hoist a cold one in...
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Tam, in her ever wonderful word-smithing, discusses why some young adults are now clamoring for a bail-out of their debt Her whole life, since she was old enough to understand the big words on the 6 O'clock news has been spent in the land of the bailout, and if you've grown up on participation prizes and scoreless soccer games, then there's no reason to believe you as an individual aren't every bit as important to the world as General Motors or Goldman Sachs. If either of my daughters takes a...
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Both of my girls are Straight A students. Luckily, their charter school is challenging them more, and the A’s aren’t *quite* as easy to come by as they used to be, but still both girls are studious and enjoy learning and it shows. So when Georgia got three 0s in her Spanish class, we were concerned. The first 0 was from when she was out for the day for the county level science fair. Her teacher allowed her to make that one up. The second 0 was the teacher’s fault and her teacher corrected it....
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Everything was exactly as I suspected. iMac has influenza-b again. However, this time her blood levels were off the charts and thus, this should result in a clean bill of health. If she can catch the flu again and not have her blood levels tank, then she should be clear. Expensive, exhausting, and emotionally draining – but she’s fine, thank the Lord.
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iMac woke up with a fever. Because of her past hospitalization, we were instructed to call the hematologist if she ever has one. The last time was met with a “just monitor her and if it gets worse, take her to the hospital”. Today, it’s straight to the ER. I think I know what’s going on. The hematologist hasn’t been able to pull a clear blood sample since her hospitalization. Some of it was expected as it takes a while to get back on track, but with her history of neutropenia and macrocytosis,...
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Second lesson yesterday. She got to sit behind a real set of drums and make noise. Her first snare hit scared the bejeezus out of her (and me) but from that point on it was nothing but smiles. Interestingly, her left hand had less issues than her right & she’s right handed. It’s nothing more than quarter notes and accents right now, and only hands; feet were placed firmly on the high hat and bass drum pedals, but no activity there. I’m hoping she continues to enjoy it because it would be...
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But most of the time, you lose.In fact, it’s pretty much the norm that you don’t even place, a lesson my eldest learned last night. Georgia got 2nd place in her grade at school for her science project. We looked online to find ideas and there was a lot of “what colors absorb heat the most?” and “which material keeps heat in” types, but I had her flip it around. Living in Florida, it’s generally more important to block heat than to keep it in (and, from my understanding, FL houses are generally...
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iMac got her first set of glasses yesterday. She loves them (that, and she can actually see beyond 3’ now)
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Because this is going to be high volume awesomeness. First of hopefully many, many lessons. She was overwhelmed, but seemed genuinely excited. We ordered some sticks, a practice pad, and some books and her instructor said to give her at least 6 to 8 months of lessons before looking at purchasing anything else, so we’ve got some time to start socking away money for a decent electronic set. iMac has been working on blues with her guitar teacher and has started learning fingerpicking already,...
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Yesterday, I chaperoned my eldest’s 5th grade class to go swimming with manatees. My kids’ charter school partners with the local aquarium and they do many fieldtrips relating to aquatic life. It was 44° yesterday. Now, I’ve been in colder temperatures, but never soaking wet wearing nothing but a t-shirt and swim trunks. After a while, the wetsuits started acting against us and while they keep you nice and ‘not freezing’ while in the water, when you get out the wind started chilling them pretty...
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iMac is learning guitar. We just signed Georgia up to take drum lessons. Sadly, none of us can sing worth a flip.
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I had a great discussion with my girls this morning regarding language. My eldest is now trying to find a reason to use the word integument*. We also talked about connotation and denotation, and I’m sure Jeff Goldstein would be proud, intentionalism. The word “ass” was said a lot to prove a point. *something that covers or encloses; especially :  an enveloping layer (as a skin, membrane, or cuticle) of an organism or one of its parts
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Because I need the peace & quiet to unwind and relax from chaperoning a bunch of 3rd graders at the aquarium yesterday. Still, I’d do it again and again, because I want my daughters to think of daddy being a chaperone as a normal thing. My parents never did anything of the sort and the only time I saw them in my school was for the dreaded parent / teacher conferences. I like being part of their education and while it’s infeasible for me to homeschool them (I support my family on my income...
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iMac is, like her sister, gifted. She’s razor-sharp-smart in different areas than her big sis, primarily math where as Georgia’s strength is literature.  However something Irelyn said this weekend was so utterly profound that I discovered I was at a loss for words. Irelyn is taking guitar lessons, and doing as well as a tiny 8 year old can do. Her hands are so small it makes certain things difficult and she gets frustrated from time to time as is to be expected. We were listening to some...
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Not too long ago at dinner, my eldest asked me how much longer Obama was going to be in office. When I said three years, she sighed in disgust and said something to the effect of “We have to wait that long? I hope we can put someone else in office who respects freedom and liberties next.” And that made me step back a bit out of worry. I’m glad my girls are learning about liberty and freedom. I’m happy that they seem to understand the value of leaving others alone so that they can live their...
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We changed iMac’s lesson days to better suit the school year when it starts and she had her lesson last night for the first time on a Tuesday. I have been working with her on the mechanics of playing because she needs that muscle memory. Trying to play chords is difficult for her right now because she simply doesn’t have the shapes ‘memorized’ to the point where she can play them in time. She knows G, D, and Amin, but can’t switch between them fast enough to play 'Knocking on Heaven’s Door’. So...
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The third of the three best things to ever happen to me happened Happy Birthday Irelyn! 8 years ago, I held that little bundle of joy in my arms for the first time. I still hold her in my arms as much as possible, but I have to compete for time with Legos, Taekwondo, guitars, Monster High dolls, and her Kindle Fire. *sigh* Both my girls are getting older. Soon, they’ll be wanting to spend more time at their friends’ houses or driving to the mall. So, I make the most out of the limited time I...
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I told her “You’re weird”. She said “I don’t care”. It was fist-bump time. She’s awesome.
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When we bought iMac her new guitar, she got so excited that she wanted to start her lessons right away. Since my brain has the fulls already, I didn’t have a problem letting her take over my slot right away and yesterday she had her first, real guitar lesson. Fish. Water. No assembly required. First off, she was excited for the lessons. I mean “can I wear my glittery guitar shirt?” type excited. Irelyn is a lot like me and very easily distracted, so when we find something that can maintain her...
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So, iMac has really taken a liking to her guitar lessons given to her by Daddy, so we’ve decided to let her start actual lessons from my teacher. The problem was the cute 1/2 sized electric we bought her was, to put it nicely, a pulsating ball of suck and fail. It buzzed horrifically, and didn’t stay in tune from one fret to the next. I didn’t want her taking her lessons on that thing, so we bought her a new one. It’s a 3/4 or ‘travel sized’ guitar and unlike her other one, this acoustic is...
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My oldest loves to read. I mean, she’d pretty much rather read a book than anything else in the world, save playing Legos from time to time for a break between novels. I gave her The Hobbit on a Friday evening and by Lunch on Saturday, she was done. Her reading skills are off the charts and the school has repeatedly told us they don’t know how to handle someone with that much ability. According to everything I’ve read, Georgia has more reading ability than many high school graduates. She’s 10....
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Both my girls were accepted into the charter school we applied at. This is a big relief for me. The elementary school they currently go to is considered one of the best public schools in the area. With few exceptions, the girls’ teachers have been excellent but sadly they’ve also been saddled with limitations. When Irelyn started the school year they tested her reading. She was expected to be at a 12 and by the end of the year should be at a 28. She started the year at 28. We were told “Well,...
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I took a picture yesterday that I pray to God lasts me for the rest of my life. You see, I took the snapshot with my mind, and it’s one of those pictures that make life worth living. The family took a trip to the Strawberry Festival like we do every year. Georgia and Irelyn are getting to the point where they like the bigger rides, although Georgia, being older, was a bit more adventurous than iMac. That, and Irelyn is a petite, short thing so height wise she couldn’t ride some things. George...
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Georgia’s team placed 2nd in the district Math Bowl I have to remind myself that there are more good things in this world than bad. We’re taking her out for dinner to celebrate. She wants a Red Robin burger because they have Ghost Pepper Ketchup that she loves.
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Ith my two front teeth
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Irelyn’s 2nd grade teacher has a Secret Reader program she does where a parent of one of the kids can come in and read a story to them. Who the parent will be is unknown, even to their child, making it a pleasant surprise. Her teacher gives out clues about the reader, each one getting more and more detailed. The hints given yesterday were “I am tall. I drive a black car. I work with computers. I have two children.” to which iMac came home asking if I was the secret reader. I simply acted...
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Last night iMac and I sat down for a guitar lesson. Sadly, I had been slacking in this arena so now I’ve started scheduling lessons rather than just thinking we’d get to them when we had time. iMac is a tiny thing, hence why we had to buy her a half sized guitar and even that is a bit big for her. I also started her off with an electric because she doesn’t have enough finger strength to even get the low action of a electric right most of the time. Anyway, last night she managed to learn Mary...
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Last night, I did something I normally do which is put my daughters on my back and run around the house. With Georgia topping 80lbs now, that’s not going to be something I’ll be doing as much as I used to, and a sad thought hit me – One day, I’ll give her a piggy back ride and it will be the last one ever. I won’t know this. It won’t be ceremonious, there won’t be discussion that this shall be the last time I take her around the house with her grabbing onto my shoulders. She’ll just go for a...
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That she’s going to get a bill from the tooth fairy rather than money
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This was in my daughter’s weekly notebook yesterday
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To most people, celebrating September 11th might seem a little odd, but 10 years ago today my wife and I brought our first child into this world (more her than me, mind you)   For our family, today is a day of joy and happiness. Sure, we’re very aware of the atrocities that happened 11 years ago and we’ve not forgotten. However, I can do my part to heal that wound by raising my daughters to be true Americans. I teach them to be proud to be born here, to never be subservient to any man, to...
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iMac started feeling bad over the weekend. Symptoms were eerily similar to what put her in the hospital, and being a parent I of course toss reason and logic out the window when it comes to my child. Technically speaking, she has no increased risk from catching a bone-marrow attacking flu virus. Doesn’t mean I don’t fear the slightest of fevers. She was complaining about stomach and head pain again, fever was getting higher and higher, and wasn’t showing any other signs like sniffles or...
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Made a joke to Georgia about Richard Simmons. Thanks to Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter books, her response was “Who the bloody hell is that?” Her first obscenity!
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iMac’s birthday is today. She’s now 7, which means I must have blinked because I swear I remember changing diapers last week. She’s still a tiny thing, unlike her sister who’s generally the tallest kid in her class. Irelyn had been asking, every time I pulled out my guitar to practice, for me to give her a lesson. She instantly remembered the names of the strings (EADGBE) and even started understanding a few chords, but the problem was my full size guitar was too large for her to wrap her arms...
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It fixes little girls ‘magic wands’ too!
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So the eldest went away on Sunday for a 3 day Girl Scout camp. Normally, Georgia has a hard time sleeping over at friends’ houses without calling us at some point in the night. All the ‘sleep overs’ she’s tried with the Scouts so far have been overnight somewhere near by. She had a hard time with those too (at least once required picking her up at 0-Dark-Thirty). We prepped her for this trip because the rules are “no communications whatsoever”. She cannot call, email, or text us. We did send...
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Thank you. Unfortunately, the note only said “We’re glad you feel better” and I have no idea who sent it. So now I fear I’m going to seem like an ingrate for such an awesome gift (Vermont Teddy Bears are like the Porsches of the teddy bear world). So, here’s my open Thank You in case whoever it is happens to read my blog! R Update – Donor found. Thanks guys, that was awesome.
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Heading out so I can take my daughter home.
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ANC counts were 1250. Bone marrow aspiration (according to the nurse) is not necessary so that’s a relief. No idea yet if discharging her is an option. They may want to make sure her counts are at 1500 before sending her home, they may assume since she’s gone from 100 to 1250 in 48 hours that she’s rebounded enough, I don’t know. I just want my baby home. That, and I want to sleep in my own bed without beeping machines and nurses that wake me up every hour or so. If I never go through this...
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Irelyn’s neutropenia has been upgraded from severe to moderate, meaning she’s now winning the battle against the virus. As long as it continues on its path, she will not need the bone marrow aspiration scheduled for tomorrow. She’s out of that ‘danger zone’ of secondary infections being a major concern. With a little luck, she’ll be home by Saturday. If not, no big deal. I’ll just keep sleeping at the hospital. I’m lucky insofar as where I work   So a brief swim across alligator...
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So I got the call yesterday that Irelyn's white blood count had dropped again, so we had to get her into the children's hospital. Our doctor called and there was a room ready when we got here. iMac is a tiny thing, and they tried several times to run an IV with no success. 6 year old little girls don't handle pain that well. They had to bring in IV specialists to finally get one run. Several minutes of screaming later and it was in. This is a sight that makes a grown man crumble...
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Is the worry that comes with your kids being sick. iMac has had a fever for 6 days. The first trip to the doctor yielded no information – all cultures came back negative, so it’s not the flu nor was there any indication of any particular bacterial infection like strep. Her symptoms have primarily been a fever that doesn’t drop much with Tylenol or Advil and an occasional general ache, but for the most part she feels fine. We took her back to the doctor yesterday and she had her blood drawn for...
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The eldest got Student of the Year. Again. And just like last time, every child who got an award did so under their parent’s loving and proud gaze. The kids whose parents take an active part in their educational life tend to do much better in school. One also hopes that the same parents are there to ‘correct’ the things they “learn” as well.
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Georgia had been complaining that she wasn’t able to see the board at school. So we got her a sweet set of spectacles. She’s so cute, the glasses just add to the charm.
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The Eldest is racing her first Pinewood Derby this Saturday for Girl Scouts. Her idea for her car was a Wiimote (with a G button rather than A for… well… Georgia) which I routed and helped her paint, but she did most of the rest. I think she’s done a splendid job!
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Gun owners love their guns, fathers love their daughters*. Take a picture of them together and there’s just something awesomely cute about the whole affair. Here are some excellent examples of little girls and guns. Putting on my devil’s advocate hat, would we have the same reaction to a picture of a cute, little girl hugging a table saw, dead blow mallet, roofing nailer, or any other tool? We constantly harp on the fact that guns are tools and nothing more, yet there’s something that hits us...
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The eldest crotch fruit had homework yesterday. Part of the assignment was to read a short item on Duke Ellington then answer questions. Makes sense – can the child comprehend what he or she just read? To determine this, you ask questions relevant to what they just read, right? Not in today’s world it seems. One of the questions was “Duke Ellington played ‘Jazz Music’. Can you think of three other types of music?” 0_0 Isn’t that like saying “Sally has 4 cookies. Johnny has 3. How does that...
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A few months ago, my daughters expressed interest in Nerf guns. Being a gun guy, I thought it was a cute idea and both girls purchased some Nerf revolvers. It seems that in today’s times, Nerf is primarily a weapons manufacturer. The girls love setting up their toys and knocking them over or shooting each other in the butt. For Christmas, my wonderful girls got me the same model so we can all play. I love my girls!
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THIS Awesome! Click to embiggenate At 9, she’s found a love for Tabasco. She’s having a ground beef stuffed potato from Publix (darned good eatin’) and soaking it with hot sauce. Both my girls like hot buffalo wings and Irelyn likes a little Tabasco on stuff from time to time as well. It’s neat that they can eat things most kids their age wouldn’t go near. Oh, and Georgia got her first report card on the A-F scale. Straight A’s! Irelyn got pretty much the same for her grading scale. We...
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Irelyn loves Taekwondo. Here she is breaking boards. Kind of…
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For one, my oldest celebrated her 9th birthday, so it was a day of happiness for our family. Georgia loved her gifts (even Irelyn bought her a doll out of her own money!) and had a great time with the family dropping by. My grandmother was there and gave both girls some diamond studded elephant pendants that she had collected over the years – my grandmother has always collected elephant related items – as something to remember her by. Cake was eaten, presents were open, dinner was consumed,...
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Met up last night with longtime reader Longhorn Jeff - he of The Wheelbarrow Full of Cash fame - last night at my favorite watering hole, The Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Great guy and to this day it still amazes me that people actually want to meet me rather than just have someone else hand me a restraining order (I mean, how impersonal is that?). Had a great conversation and Jeff also brought and old set of Lord of the Rings books, including The Hobbit, for Georgia since he read how much she...
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Down at the beach with the family this weekend. Just got news that the little girl I've been posting about has passed away. Horrible, horrible news. I've made sure I've spent the best time possible with my girls so far. One never knows how much time we have left here on this planet, so make the best of what you've got. For those who have kids, hug 'em a bit tighter tonight. My prayers go out to Darien Engelberger's family in this horrific time.
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My wife just informed me that the little girl I blogged about the other day has slipped into a coma. The doctors found blood on her brain and are not giving her very good odds of recovering. I’m sick to my stomach, and I only knew the girl from seeing her at my daughters’ school. My prayers go to her family.
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iMac lost her first tooth last night Did you know that first teeth are worth $5 these days? Almost makes me want to yank out a few of mine and put them under the pillow.
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Seriously, who needs to bury a ‘time capsule’ anymore? I have a blog that serves the exact same purpose. Which is the purpose of this blog post, by the way. It has nothing to do with guns, but everything to do with my two daughters who I love deeply. One of the great things about being a father is that I get to entertain my children and I do so by being as goofy as I can, and trust me, that can get really goofy. One of my lifelong goals has always been to voice a cartoon character but since...
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I love my daughters. They are both as close to perfect as can be – smart, well behaved, and most of all, healthy. I drop them off at school in the mornings and while I don’t know all the kids I see each day, you do tend to get to recognize them. Which is why when I heard about this story, my heart sunk. Darien Reese Engelberger is my 11-year-old niece. Until 7/29/11 she was a healthy, active (highly above-average) kid. I was at her basketball practice at the YMCA on 7/29/11. Two hours...
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Georgia loves to read. She’s not even 9 yet and she’s chewed through the first three Harry Potter books. When she goes to the library, she always checks out as many books as she can and usually reads a couple of them by the time she gets home. The other day, she brought home a book as big and as thick as many that I’d read. She finished it in one day. So, it was time Look closely. Can you tell what she is reading? Here’s a few sentences to help. Up jumped Bilbo, and putting on his...
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Piggy back rides through the house This is why I’m hitting the gym several times a week. This is why I started running again. Last year, one loop around the house with one of my girls on my back was all I could do. Now, I can run around until they get tired. These are the moments worth living for.
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I know it’s probably gauche to brag about one’s children, but both of my daughters are exceptionally bright. My oldest’s reading ability is literally off the charts. They don’t have tests that challenge her. My youngest too is well beyond her classmates in most areas. Georgia is a straight A student, iMac could be if she’d just pay attention a bit more (she’s more like me, scatterbrained and possibly having ADD which, honestly isn’t tha…. SQUIRREL!). We cannot afford private schooling for them...
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Is celebrating her 6th birthday today. Happy Birthday iMac, Daddy loves you so much
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I remember, quite clearly, watching STS-1 take off. I was 9 at the time and remembered getting up bright and early on that Sunday to watch the spacecraft rocket into the sky. I also remember getting to watch it again the next day at school on the big tv that had to be wheeled around on a cart. My girls? They got to watch the last shuttle launch on my wife’s laptop computer. At work, everyone huddled around my desk while we watched it on my PC.
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I swear, this picture threatens to give me type 8 diabetes
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I was explaining why we observe Memorial Day to my daughters. I explained that Daddy never had to go fight in a war even though he was in the Marines. My youngest asked “Why do we have to fight?” and I explained that there was evil in the world and places that want to destroy our freedoms. Her reply? “Like California?”
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When the Slip ‘N Slide comes out    
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Our oldest, Georgia, was asking last night before she went to bed if parents really were the Easter Bunny. She’s 8 and so smart it’s scary so it didn’t surprise us that she was asking those questions. She looked at my wife directly and said “Mommy, do parents put the candy in the basket?” Kari looked at me, grimaced, and said “We’ll tell you the truth if you want to know it” and Georgia nodded her head and said yes. My wife whispered to her “yes” and Georgia just laughed and said “Mom! Tell me...
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The oldest got an assignment to list things that were blue. Not something that can be other colors, so blue shirts and blue cars were out of the questions, but things that are naturally blue. I did manage to get her to put down Copper Sulfate, but the wife wouldn’t let me get her to put down Cherenkov Radiation. She’s in 2nd grade, mind you. Last year she had to write a sentence using the word ‘toward’. We had her put down ‘Go toward the light, Carol Anne’.
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A few weeks ago, my daughters got a couple of praying mantises from one of their teachers. We started off with 3, but only 1 managed to survive (no, he didn’t eat his brethren). We’ve been digging outside for beetles and bugs for him to eat, and he already went through a molting which was neat. However, we’ve not been able to supply him with enough food. For whatever reason, our hibiscus plants are simply devoid of aphids and all of our friends with gardens seem to be low on them too. So, we...
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Because Go Piss Up A Rope wouldn’t fit in the little box. State Representative Kelli Stargel has filed a bill that would require teachers to grade the parents of the students. HB 255 - Parental Involvement and Accountability in the Public Schools states Parental Involvement and Accountability in the Public Schools: Specifies purpose to provide information & tools to parents of preK-12 students & to set standards for parental accountability; specifies causes for student...
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To be less impatient with my children. They’re both smart as a whip and I tend to forget they’re only 8 & 5 (of course that will change to 9 & 6 this year). I tend to jump into Stern Daddy Mode a bit too quickly. Oh, and to play with them even more. If that means I gotta be the Donny Osmand Barbie, so be it.
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At this precise moment, I have a headache. I’m also dog tired and could fall asleep at my desk on a moment’s notice. Why? At precisely 2:15 AM-ish, my alarm went off. I sluggishly got out of bed (do you know how damn near impossible it is to swipe the “Slide to Unlock” on an iPhone at 2 in the morning?), got dressed into some sweats and my coat, and woke up my oldest daughter, Georgia. Irelyn was too sleepy to get up. We then went outside and watched the lunar eclipse. I chose that time...
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Seeing his 8 year old enjoying reading this much Georgia has always been a voracious reader. She’s now old enough to enjoy the Harry Potter series. We figure as she gets older, she’ll be able to deal with some of the darker themes in the later books, but for now, she’s thrilled to be immersed in the wonderful world of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and Quidditch.
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The wife is reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to the girls. My heart is soaring. I happened to see the new Harry Potter movie today. Quite good. Now I just have to wait 6 months for the thrilling conclusion.
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The other night, my girls were eating at the table, flipping each other the bird. My oldest was telling the youngest that she shouldn’t “do this” and of course, my youngest had to do just that. There I am, standing behind both my daughters giving each other the middle-finger salute, trying to be firm and not laugh. It’s truly sad as eventually their perfect innocence gets corrupted by life and there’s little to nothing I can do to preserve it other than try to lead a good example for them. At...
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Today my youngest got her first taste of freedom. It was a beautiful day and while she’s still too small to accurately handle the air-rifle, she’s big enough to do it with Daddy’s help. We placed a target (and a soda can) near the ground, tacked to a tree so that we would generally be pointing down and not have to worry too much about letting one go into the neighbor’s new pool screen.     She liked it, and wants to do it some more. I think we’ve got a budding gunnie on our...
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Last night was a bittersweet evening. My oldest is 8 and loves to learn. She was making up 'magic tricks' last night which mostly consisted of us closing our eyes while she did something. Now, I'm no master magician, but I know a few coin tricks that are pretty nifty and have been wowing my girls with them since they could realize that their ears could hold coins and small toys. Last night, I showed Georgia how they worked. She's been on a kick lately that 'daddy can't really remove his...
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My youngest started Kindergarten today. Amazing how fast they grow up. Click for full size
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Happy birthday, sweetheart
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So, I just got back from my oldest daughter's awards ceremony for 1st grade. She got an award for having perfect behavior as well as picking up Student of the Year for her class. I'm as proud of her as a father can be and even got a little choked up about it when they announced it. However, I had a stunning realization during the ceremony. Out of the 100 kids or so, there were maybe a dozen parents. While I can't make it to every function, I do my damndest to make as many as I can and the...
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The oldest finally lost one of her upper central incisors last night. The thing has been loose for months and it still took a bit of pulling to get it free. The wife did that as I can handle broken bones, concussions, lacerations, and skinned knees. What I can't deal with are injured digits or anything dental. It's so cute hearing her talk now that sibilants are difficult to form.
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My wife made these 'bones' last night for a snack at our little Halloween shindig. She took Pillsbury refrigerated bread sticks, cut them lengthwise at the ends just a bit, then balled up the two fringes to make them look like bones. She sprinkled them with garlic powder and a little kosher salt then baked them. They turned out wonderful. Add a side of "pizza sauce blood" and there wasn't a single one left by the end of the night. Irelyn went as a Vampire Bat Georgia went as...
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Some pics from the daughter's Mad Science party this weekend. I decorated the cake myself All the kids had a great time. Disappearing water, melting Styrofoam heads with acetone, the needle through the balloon without popping, making their own slime, and of course, FIRE! I highly recommend this for your kids.
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The oldest is having her 'friend' party today. The theme is Science. We've hired a company to come over and do experiments, all the kids get to make 'slime', and I've got a volcano ready to 'splode all over the place. Gonna be darned good fun!
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Aahhhhhh.... Ain't done nuthin' but sit on the beach or just float in the ocean. Today, I was swimming with Georgia and I noticed a large, dark shape swimming our way. Not wanting to alarm her, I just started swimming towards the shore, an it turned out to be a manatee!Later, there were some dolphins swimming near by, and the girls loved that. Plenty of time left, too.
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This weekend, my oldest daughter was in her first play, 101 Dalmatians. She had been going every weekday to drama camp for two weeks, and this Saturday was their performance. Georgia had several parts. She was Narrator #1, a puppy, and one of the boxers. As Narrator #1, she had the first line and had a solo speaking part (the only one, if I recall). With her puppy outfit that she made and her makeup, she was just too cute She did really well. She nailed her lines, sang loudly enough, and...
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The third installment of "The Best Things To Ever Happen To Me" was born Happy birthday Irelyn!
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My youngest, Irelyn Mackenna (or iMac, for short), is the world's slowest eater. It's along the line of one bite every 5 minutes or so. The good part is that like her sister, she'll eat pretty much anything. Heck, my girls' favorite thing to eat is asparagus. Picky isn't a word we use to describe their eating habits. Frozen molasses is how I'd describe iMac's eating speed though.
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Georgia, my oldest (at 6½) doesn't like shopping at all. Any time my wife goes shopping, Georgia looks for excuses to not go. That, and she loves asparagus. I don't think she's human. Today was no different. I'm heading out to Tenoroc with Greg to do a little sporting clays and because I'm not going to be here, the girls will have to go shopping with mama. Georgia absolutely didn't want to go and when I jokingly told her she could go with me, she jumped on the opportunity (don't worry Greg, I..
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AND pink eye!!! My poor daughter…
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That's how my oldest would be if I showed her this. She won't shoot the air gun, but she still wants the Pink Davy Crickett .22.
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Just sitting here at the park, soaking up the wonderful sunshine and watching my girls play. Seems like all the world's problems are a million miles away, and that's a good thing. That, and I'm in shorts. Makes thinking about leaving Florida much harder.
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Took the family to the Florida Aquarium today. Georgia seemed more excited to see 'food' than 'fish'. She'd see a crab and go "Yum! Crab legs!" The shrimp didn't fare much better, and the grouper had her drooling. It's heartwarming to hear her point out cattle as we drive by a farm and instead of going "Mooooo" she goes "Mmmmm.. Hamburgers!"
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Thirty more to go
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So the oldest just walked in the office, carrying a Lego lid full of her little sister's toy Tinkerbell set and asked Who ordered the plate of fried fairies?
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My 3 year old, while trying to get her dressed and teaching her a new word at the same time I'm not modest, I'm cute!
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My oldest, Georgia, played her very first soccer game today. She scored the first goal for her team. I'm so proud!
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The other day the Mrs and I were towing our crew around when we passed a funeral. Georgia, my 6 year old, exclaimed "Looks like someone is dying today. And they're throwing a party"
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The eldest tied her own shoes today. Wow. It goes so fast.
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I just yelled at my 6 year old to not run with scissors....
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I'm doing it online instead. If you've got a few bucks to spare, just drop it in the tip jar and I promise it will go to my daughter's school and not ammo. 17th annual Walk-A-Thon! We would like you to be a part of this exciting and fun event. Our goal this year is to raise $5000 to be used to purchase technology related items for our school. The students will walk laps around the school during a 45 minute period. All monied will collected will go toward the support of our technology program....
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Like a father protecting his daughter INDIANAPOLIS -- A man who police said broke into a home with the intention of sexually assault a 17-year-old girl in her bedroom died early Sunday morning after a struggle with the girl's father. David Meyers, 52, was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after officers arrived following a report of a home invasion in the 3500 block of West 79th Street at about 3:20 a.m. Officers said they found Robert McNally, 64, on the floor with his arm around the neck...
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I was putting away all my gear a few minutes ago and had to load my pistol. I asked Irelyn, who is three, "What does Daddy have in his hands?" She said "a gun". "And what do you do if you see a gun?" I asked. "SHOOT!" she replied, quite enthusiastically.
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First day of school again. Irelyn goes back to Pre-K, Georgia starts Kindergarten. You can't stop them from growing up, but that doesn't make it any easier.
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Happy 3rd birthday, Irelyn Mackenna (or, as she's known around the house, iMac)
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Irelyn, who turns 3 in 9 days, just decideda few minutes ago to stop pronouncing her 'l's like 'w's. Why? I have no idea. But it's cute to hear her say "lollipop" instead of "wowwipop" and "I love you" rather than "I wuv you". They grow up so fast...
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Here are two of the three reasons The other reason is the mother of these two beauties, a beauty herself. Thanks babe!
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I can't believe this was three years ago. Last night, Georgia had her going away ceremony for preschool. In a little over two months, she starts kindergarten. The Mrs. has pictures from first and last days, wearing the same outfit, and it's hard to believe they grow that much in less than a year. If you need me, I'll be the grumpy, melancholy guy moping about the house.
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Yuri's daughter is soooo cute! Georgia has asked to go to the range with me. She's almost ready, I'm just not sure she'll be able to handle the loud sounds. Of course, I want to take her to an outdoor range to limit that, I just need to find the time. Like Yuri's daughter, mine already wants her own gun. Gotta be pink, too.
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I had someone comment on why would I ever want to take a picture of my daughter with such a rifle. Simple, I explained - I wanted a photograph that showed the juxtaposition between something that is generally associated with terror and mayhem and something that is innocent and innocuous, like the rifle. It's art, baby.
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Georgia asked if I would teach her how to field strip an AR. I think I might just do that!
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As in, the youngest has officially transitioned out of diapers. Until you've got kids, this is a milestone you truly cannot appreciate in full.
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Went to Disney World on Sunday (first time since I was like 5 or 6!) with the oldest. Went to Downtown Disney today for Bibbidy Bobbiby Boutique (for Georgia, not me. Although I seriously considered scheduling a session for myself before I get my next driver's license picture). I'm toast. We were at DW from 9AM to 10PM. Georgia was a trooper and didn't complain, but I had to hold her every here and there and let me tell you, they're making 5 year olds out of lead these days. And the poor thing...
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Went to a drive in theater last night down in Ruskin, Fl. to see Horton Hears a Who with the family. I think the last movie I saw at a drive in was Mary Poppins or Jaws. The coolest thing was that the owner didn't mind people walking into the projector room so I got to see an old school projector with all the film AND Georgia (my oldest) got to actually start the movie! He let her flip the switch and open the shutter with the light. Great, great, great movie by the way. I highly recommend it....
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If I was smiling any wider, I'd give the Cheshire Cat the creeps. I had pulled out the .22 rifle to examine it. It's a cheap Armscor M1600 that I got many years ago. Surprisingly accurate for an inexpensive rifle, and I got it in my head that I should paint it in some sort of girlie colors and give it to my daughters. The Hello Kitty thing has been done to death, so I'm thinking Care Bears or My Little Pony. Of course, I have a plethora of themes to choose from off of Noggin. Wow Wow Wubbzy...
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Took the family to Busch Gardens today. Everyone had a blast. Still chuckled as they prodded through my wife's bag which was full of food for the kids and didn't bother to pat me down. I could have carried a 50BMG in and they'd have never noticed. But let's admit the truth, shall we? I only wrote this to post pictures of my kids! I mean, they're just so damned cute!
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Took the crumb snatchers to the Winter Wonderland at the local zoo Friday night. We ended up getting their faces painted and they were so cute the face painting lady wanted the picture for her web site. We're sending this out in our Christmas cards. If you put your coffee or tea near the screen, this picture will sweeten it. I promise.
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Spent Thanksgiving up in General Coffee State Park in Georgia with the Mrs' family. It was good to have just a few days with everyone, especially since I got to spend so much of it with the girls. The park had a small "farm" with lots of animals, canoes, and plenty of trails. They were happy and that made me happy. It's hard for a lot of people without kids to understand, but it's times like these that make those memories that last forever and always put a smile in your heart when you think...
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Georgia loved it. I, on the other hand, was motion sick for hours. Getting old sucks. Of course, the lack of stomach fortitude is well balanced by the sheer look of joy on your children's faces when they get to partake in even the most simplistic of rides.
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The other night my 5 year old was writing MOM and DAD on little pieces of paper. She folded them up, shuffled them around, then started picking them up, one at a time. This is what I heard "That's one vote for Daddy. That's two votes for Daddy. That's one vote for Mommy. Daddy, you have been voted off the island."
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Watching football, my oldest keeps calling 'em "The Indianapolis Clots".
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It's not about the dressing up or the spooky kitsch, it's about the loot... 
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Took the girls to a train museum yesterday. You get to take a train ride to a "pumpkin patch" and they had a hay ride and face painting. It was cheesy, but the girls had a great time and that's what counts. I wonder if either of my girls will get my skin coloring. I was lighter as a child, but as I got older I kept getting darker and darker. The joys of being from a mixed marriage!
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Around our house, tomorrow is a day of celebration. While September 11th, 2001 was a tragic day, September 11th, 2002 saw the birth of my first child, Georgia Noelle. Tomorrow she turns 5. Man does time fly when you're an old fart. Anyway, Georgia's favorite color is pink. Pink pink pink. Everything she wants is pink, including wanting pink highlights in her hair. So the Mrs. and me said "Why not?". We're cool parents, so this Saturday Georgia got her birthday wish. Getting ready Foiled!...
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The other day my oldest daughter was drawing, as she is wont to do. She was proud of her masterpiece (which was a bunch of concentric circles) and showed it to me, so I asked her what it was. Targets. For me to take to the range.
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Granted, I'm probably the only one who uses his child's potty training for humorous effect.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/26/2007 8:23:16 PM | Feedback (2)
The third of the three best things to happen to me in life came into the world. Happy Birthday Irelyn Mackenna.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/18/2007 8:31:21 AM | Feedback (3)
If they're so inclined and want one, this absolutely rocks It's a single shot, bolt action .22 from Crickett Rifle. And it's PINK! How cute would that be to have my daughter at the range, plinking away with a pink rifle? Heck, I'd even pay extra to get Hello Kitty engraved on the butt stock.
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Knowing that these pictures of your 5 year old little girl helping you clean your Mosin Nagant M44 is going to cause several members of the Million Mom March to suddenly moisturize their Depends. Update: The bolt has been removed from the rifle, rendering it useless and impossible to fire. Hence why the muzzle placement isn't a major concern. However, Rule #2 is still important to remember (Never aim the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy). *Sigh* I'm just sad she's too small...
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Yesterday, the Mrs. and I were furniture shopping. Georgia was at summer camp and Irelyn was merrily burbling the way only a 2 year old can burble in her car seat. I think it's a natural instinct that whenever parents pass small groups of bovines that we yell at our kids "Look Honey! Cows!" As if cows were some sort of rare sighting that should be written down in the annals of the child's history so that one day they could sit with their grandchildren and tell them that long ago, they once saw...
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So, last night I had bath duty for the two girls. Usually the Mrs. and I swap days so that the other can get 25 minutes of time away. Normally I bring a book with me. The girls are old enough to play without drowning each other, so our presence is just in case of "soap in eyes" or a "sharing incident". However, last night I had no book. So I cleaned my rifle. The best part was Georgia commenting on how she liked the new synthetic stock and asking me what the bolt was and how it worked. She even...
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This is what she got to do last night. Her Aunt & Uncle (and cousin) took her to see the shuttle launch. I'm royally jealous. I live in Florida and I've yet to attend a launch. Next time though, I'm making an extra effort.
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Just a picture of a friendly sea turtle that wanted to say hello to Irelyn
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Sometimes, being a professional photographer isn't all it's cracked up to be. Take for example, trying to photograph your two daughters, aged 4 and 1, for your Christmas cards. And this was the best shot from the group.
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Isn't Irelyn just too cute?
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As a father of two small children, when birthdays roll around the question of “What should I get your kid?” is inevitable. Usually the parents have a list of what to get their rugrats handy. Of course, if you’re (a) forgetful, (b) a procrastinator or (c) male, it’s usually the day before the party when it hits you that you’ll need to buy a gift. If you are at a loss or completely out of ideas, here’s something that every child needs, regardless of gender or age – A pack of batteries....
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Just haven’t had the time to blog it, but last Tuesday in the SaaM household saw a little girl celebrate her first birthday. With the emergence of her second tooth, nonetheless.
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How can you get any cuter than a picture of a baby standing next to your new keg?
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Georgia sure does love a good carousel ride (click for fullsize)
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My (almost) 4 year old, Georgia, is sick today. Didn’t even want to go to dance class. The Mrs. and I had the following email conversation. Wife: I just checked her temp. I gave her tylenol at 9:30 and her temp just now is 102. Yuck! Me:  Ugh. Keep me informed, ok? Wife:  She hasn't eaten anything and only had a couple sips of juice. She says she's not hungry or thirsty. She's very pathetic. I'm just letting her lay on the couch and watch t.v. Me:  Oh my God, honey. It sounds very,...
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But I simply cannot get enough of my little girls. (click to enlarge)  
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I love my girls. I really, really do.
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I took a few days off of work this week. We wanted to take Georgia to the Plant City Strawberry Festival on Thursday and Friday was my 5 year wedding anniversary. Georgia had a blast. She rode a whole slew of rides, but of course her favorites were the ones she got to ride with Daddy! And yes, her lips are actually blue from her first snowcone!
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Heard Irelyn crying on the monitor early this morning (a little bit before 5 am). Normally she doesn’t wake up to eat until closer to 6, but babies aren’t known for their ability to tell time. I heard my wife (eventually) get up and leave the room which kicked in my ‘go back to sleep mode’. 30 seconds later she’s yelling for my help. Turns out, 7 month old Irelyn decided to heave herself over the edge of her crib. 7 months old. Did I mention she’s only 7 months old and figured out how hoist...
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It’s no secret I love my daughters. This is why my cube is often referred to as ‘the shrine’ (click to enlarge)
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“Georgia, where are your pants?” Man, I hope she grows out of this stage real quick. I’d hate to ask her that when she comes home from a date.
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Click for full size
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I forget how freakin’ huge my camera is sometimes….
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Make sour-puss faces
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Came up with a new nickname for Irelyn Mackenna. iMac Mrs. Marble isn’t thrilled with it. The rest of the family seems ok with it though. Georgia gets called ‘Little Ms. G’, but usually only when referencing her, not talking to her directly. Maybe if I was more like Lileks and called her Gnat or something, I’d get more readers. Or if I was a better writer, or something.Who knows?
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Irelyn Mackenna – Already 6 months old! Can you believe it?
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Irelyn officially started crawling last month. Not even 5 & 1/2 months old yet. It’s not like she’s speed crawling across the floor, but it’s definitely up on all fours with a flump forward. Guess I need to start vacuuming more. I wonder if those Roombas are worth it?
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Today is Georgia’s first day of preschoolShe took to it like a fish to water. Mommy and Daddy of course had a little bit harder of a time letting go. It’s hard to believe she’s already starting pre-k.I’ll be all sad today ;0)
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So for Christmas my daughter got Word Whammer™ Fridge Phonics™ Set from Leapfrog. Basically it’s a set of letter magnets and a magnetic box that you can put 3 of the letters in to spell various words. One of the modes is a game where the voice tells you to spell a word and you try to find the letters and put them in the right order. The very first word it asked to spell? WAR Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
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That little kids suddenly reach an age where they can no longer smile normally for a picture and instead end up looking like something straight out of a psycho movie?
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Seems like some people have to show off their kids. I guess it’s the ‘in’ thing now. Being that Sharp as a Marble® Industries is all about the bandwagon, allow me present to you my kids (the big ugly one is me, by the way) (click for full size) If you don’t have kids, I highly recommend them.
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Or in this case, over. Last night, Irelyn was trying desperately to flip from her back to her tummy. Kept getting all the way there then springing right back as she couldn’t get her arm out of the way. She did this for about 30 minutes straight, teasing us the whole time. Today my wife went on a shopping extravaganza and was worried she was going to miss the first time. She did, but then again so did I as I walked out of the room to return to Irelyn sitting on her stomach. Kids, they...
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*Sigh* She’s already 2 months old? The next thing you know, she’ll be sending me pictures of her 2 month old.  
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I posit that anything, shrunk down to infant size, will become automatically cute. For example. check out these slippers someone bought Irelyn.
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Dear God, what is it that causes infant fingernails to (a) grow an inch a day and (b) hone themselves down to lethal edges? It’s not like you can just clip them that easy either.
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Irelyn Mackenna, already one month old!
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I go and buy a wide screen HDTV, and I can’t even sit down to watch it anymore….
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Just a cute picture of my little one, snoozing on mommy’s shoulder Click for full size
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Just love this shot. I’ll have to keep it for reference when, in a few years, I can’t keep them from tearing each other’s throats out.
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Georgia was walking around sans pants this evening. When we asked her why she was naked from the waist down, her response was “I’m married”. I can’t tell if I should be worrying or not.
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Took this shot yesterday of Georgia while we were taking Irelyn's photo for her baby announcements. A simple change of color temperature and I now have a new wallpaper for my computer.I'm usually not one for artsy-fartsy pictures, either I like them black & white or in their original colors, but this one just jumped out at me.
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Well, the Mrs. is having a hell of a time with Pre-labor. She’s had Braxton Hicks contractions (minor, small tightenings of the uterus) since 18 weeks. Most people don’t get them until a few weeks before actual birth. However, the past 2 weeks have seen something more severe than the regular BH type contractions. She’s had full blown, gotta sit down, damn this hurts, ouch my back! type contractions. The problem is they never get regular and they usually start strong and then...
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Snapped this last night after she had gone to bed. Bueller snuck in and found a warm place to sleep.
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