Tam links to this fascinating piece about a photographer whose camera was used by a monkey to take a selfie and the ensuing argument over who really owns the copyright. Wikimedia, the US-based organisation behind Wikipedia, has refused a photographer’s repeated requests to remove one of his images which is used online without his permission, claiming that because a monkey pressed the shutter button it should own the copyright. Generally, the understood agreement was that whoever pushed the...
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This brouhaha over Moochelle giving the TOTUS a stare of death is so overblown it's ridiculous and it’s embarrassing to watch righties trip over themselves to make something of it. Photographs remove the context of time. A face frozen in mid-blink gives an expression that isn’t intended. And motion itself can create some seriously crazy images. Take Beyoncé’s famously funny picture It makes for a funny meme, but it’s not indicative of what she was actually doing at that precise moment in time....
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Check out the photo credit. To be fair, Oleg handed me his camera and asked me to push a button. Still…
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So Caleb pings me about a video with Jessie Duff on a Morning show regarding her being involved in the shooting sports. In the first of the video, they have a few still pictures of her in action. About 1:04 into the video, a familiar image appeared Yup, that’s a picture I took from the 2011 Pro Am. How cool is that?
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Then I see stuff like this and think “Never mind” I can’t get that close to a firearm without seeing  scratches, dings, fingerprints and several oz of lint. I know Oleg uses Photoshop and has proper lighting but there’s a silky smoothness to his pictures that I’m not sure I could attain. Then again, he does get to play with some neat toys.
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I {heart} Fireballs Hat Tip Joe
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Gun owners love their guns, fathers love their daughters*. Take a picture of them together and there’s just something awesomely cute about the whole affair. Here are some excellent examples of little girls and guns. Putting on my devil’s advocate hat, would we have the same reaction to a picture of a cute, little girl hugging a table saw, dead blow mallet, roofing nailer, or any other tool? We constantly harp on the fact that guns are tools and nothing more, yet there’s something that hits us...
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So here’s an artsy fartsy picture of the KRISS to tide you over.
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Ceramic figurines of people fighting, taken as they impact the floor
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Took this the other day and use it as my desktop wallpaper at home (along with a bunch of non-nudie, Oleg Volk work). Feel free to use it for whatever you want. Click to biggify
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I don’t know what dictionary you’re using bub, but in my copy of Webster’s, Cliché has a link to your post. I’m so hetero, it hurts. I love a good set of breasts and a firm butt like nobody’s business. I also love guns almost as much. Technically more since I can touch someone else’s guns without the Mrs. stabbing me in the neck with a set of poultry shears. If I wanted to see both at the same time, there's definitely a place for that. And yes, sometimes there are naughty bits involved. Yet,...
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Some pretty cool looking slow motion shooting From Insight Visual Media Productions, who happen to be readers which is kind of cool!
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Along the lines of yesterday’s outing at the 2011 Pro-Am Shooting Competition, I wanted to talk a bit about photography. Now, my background in professional photography is from weddings, where there was a dearth of firearms. However, one of the skills I did bring across was the sense of timing. Pictures require a sense of when to take the picture and in the shooting world there’s a quarter second difference between meh and wow! Take these two consecutive pictures   In this shot, Jessie...
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A few weeks ago, Caleb told me he’d be down in Frostproof, Florida to shoot the 2011 Pro-Am Shooting Competition so I met up with him for dinner on Friday, then went to watch him shoot on Saturday. His squad featured a few other well known shooters like Jessie Abbate, Randi Rogers (Randi, call me! I can make you a website!), and Brad Engmann of Top Shot Season 1 fame (Brad, call me! I can make you a website!). As I’ve not shot anything more than from a lane in over a year, there was no way in a...
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But I think it turned out pretty good for a self portrait
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I admit it, as a former professional photographer and a current gun enthusiast, I have a natural tendency to get squicked when I see people photographing guns while violating any of the 4 Rules. For example, Caleb put up this picture on Facebook Of course, the very first thing that popped into my head was “HEY! I have those exact same gloves!” which was immediately followed by OMGFINGERONTHEBOOMSWITCH!!!! Which is ridiculous. The 4 Rules aren’t exactly immutable. In fact, you can break one...
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A photographer finds old photos and retakes them with their modern day counterparts. She nails the look and feel and is pretty creative with the backgrounds and props. My favorite two are these
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One thing that always bugged me about my photography when I first started is that I’d take a shot, put it on the computer, and be disappointed that I had to use Photoshop to correct the image. Why couldn’t I take a great shot that didn’t require any post-editing work? I learned later that even the greats had to edit out dust, scratches, and fix the lighting issues on their shots. I wish I could lend OIeg a hand, but alas I’m out of free time currently with my work with Florida Carry and...
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I’ve been working on some ‘glamor shots’ of my pistols. Literally my setup is a Nikon D5000, an SB-800 flash, a desk lamp and some printer paper. With a bit of Photoshop, I've gone from this To this (click to embiggenate)    My poor Dan Wesson is starting to show its age. Bluing is starting to fade, the endless nicks and scratches from 17 years of handling it, but still it’s a fine shooting firearm. Basically, I shoved a gum eraser behind the firearm to raise it up just a bit...
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Over at Misfires and Light Strikes
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I made it to the Tampa Tea Party yesterday, and it was a nice event. By the time I got there at 4:40, the place was already packed (and it didn't officially start until 5). The crowd was upbeat and intense, but in a good way. I started snapping pictures as fast as I could. I personally would estimate the crowd at anywhere between 600 and 800. Without a birds' eye view, though it is just a guess. .
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You're doing it right What a gorgeous set of photos. This guy makes his pictures look like the paintings of the masters. Yeah, I'm jealous, so what?
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Cap'n Bob snaps a cool panorama. The fact that his wife moved during the picture makes it even more cool!
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Or you might miss it. Here's some pretty kick ass high speed photography The flashes I have aren't fast enough for this type of work. The on camera flash I have (Nikon SB-800) is reported to be able to freeze a bullet mid flight, but triggering it is a bit trickier. Still, I'd love to build a sound trigger some day.
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So Xavier pointed out this rather bizarre camera which I then emailed to several of my photography oriented coworkers. 4”x5” camera made from Aluminium, Titanium, Brass, Silver, Gem Stones and a 150 year old skull of a 13 year old girl. Light and time enters at the third eye, exposing the film in the middle of the skull. My coworker responds I'll wait for the 18 year old skull model to come out before I buy. The prices should come down by then.
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Just putzing around with aging photographs in Photoshop. I took a photograph from my nephews wedding (I was the photographer - remind me to never do that again) and aged it quite a few years. Let me know what you think (you can click on the images for bigger views) Original Aged
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But I was too lazy to make tutorials about. Here. Best I've seen yet. Hat Tip Joe Healy who, as of the last time I heard, was still the man.
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Here’s me, doing what I do on the weekends – Wedding photography.
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Shot a wedding this weekend. Some of my best work to date if I do say so myself. The only problem is that I shoot 1000+ pictures each, and I have to sort through them when I get home to cull out the blurry / bad / over-under exposed shots. Most people don't realize that for every picture I take, I have to inspect it for exposure ,focus, and color balance (making the whites look white. Trust me, it ain't easy). When I first started, I could throw out over half of my images. But now that I've...
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Most digital cameras have the ability to zoom. Most use a physical lens to do the zooming with many cameras boasting a ‘digital zoom’. If I ever see any of you actually using that feature, I will hunt you down and force you to revert back to Polaroids. All digital zoom does is enlarge the pixels, giving a grainy, poorly defined image. Don’t use it. As for the zooming in and out with the lens, I wholeheartedly agree you should be using that button more than you probably are. Most people zoom in...
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I had a wedding to shoot on Saturday. It was a 7 hour event, so I got about 1200 shots which is normal. I honestly cannot fathom how it was ever done in the film days as I cannot see having to reload every 32 shots. Anyway, I was the primary camera. My ‘assistant’ (and I use quotes because she’s the owner of the company that hired me) took a few shots, but it was mainly up to me. I can handle weddings all by my lonesome, but I’m glad she was there for two reasons – It was a medium-large sized...
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From Engadget Not to be outdone by Nikon, who recently announced a nearly complete exit of the film-based camera business, Konica Minolta has just announced that they're pulling out of the camera biz altogether. Man, film seems to be doomed faster than I thought. There will always be a specialty for it, but I bet it goes the way of audio tapes before we know it.
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One thing I hear a lot from people is ‘Your camera takes such good pictures’. They think a $3200 camera + $2500 in lenses will automatically make all pictures come out great. They’re very wrong. While good equipment will help you consistently take better pictures, it’s the photographer that makes the picture look good, not the camera. So, in a new series of posts here at Sharp as a Marble, I plan on giving out free advice so you can take better pictures at home. Yes,...
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I love shooting pictures of kids, especially mine. One of the best ways to light any portrait is to use a thermonuclear light source approximately 93,000,000 miles from the subject using a vaporized water diffusion system (the sun and an overcast day). Direct sunlight is really, really crappy for lighting as it causes harsh shadows, makes people squint, and plays havoc with your light meter – the difference between the brightest spot and the darkest is too much for a camera to...
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If you ever decide to buy an SLR Camera, don’t scrimp on the lenses you buy. Remember, the camera is for all intents and purposes a light-tight box to hold the film / CCD. It is the lens that provides your photos with their clarity, contrast, and sharpness. What you really want to look for are lenses that are all glass (no plastic) and have a fixed aperture of which you want the largest one possible. For me as a Nikon user, I buy only Nikon lenses. However, for my wide angle I thought...
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Not too long ago, I started looking at a business opportunity writing software that would use facial recognition and scan every digital photo on your computer, automatically updating each picture’s metadata with recognized faces (I had also consider a fecal recognition program, but had a hard time finding funding). My basic thought process was you’d start the application, it would scan wherever you told it for all image files, look at each file and see if it contained any number of...
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Working on a 40 page wedding album. Just realized I’m already at 40 pages. I still have 2 dozen photographs to use. Damn.
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A simple comparison of a 2 month old and my new lens
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So I have this dilemma. As most of you know, I run my own photography business. I prefer children’s photography, but with the newborn, I haven’t had the amount of time I need to put into advertising the way I need to in order to garner some business. I have a shoot this weekend, but it’s a friend and her kids so it’s not like it really counts (although I am getting paid). Mostly, however, I shoot weddings. Here’s the rub. I hate my telephoto lens. Hate it....
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Remember this shot of John Kerry’s daughter at the Cannes film festival? The material she was wearing, while opaque to the naked eye (pun very much not intended), became suddenly semi-transparent under direct flash. Well, this weekend I shot a wedding and the groom’s mother’s dress fell prey to the same basic principle. I feel so bad because in all the formal pictures, her choice of undergarments are no longer a mystery (she was wearing much more than Ms. Kerry here). And...
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The company I shoot weddings for asked me to design a wedding album to ease their workload. The design part is easy enough. I know enough tricks in Photoshop to make light work of it and the new features of CS2 turn it into child’s play. But I didn’t shoot the wedding, so all these pictures are a random jumble of shots with no particular sequence (multi-camera shot, so I’ve got 1500 images to sift through and only 100 that the bride really wants anyway). Part of my task is...
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You get shots like this...
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If you haven't taken a chance to enter your request in my Photo Meme, please do so. Reader Glen asks me to photograph my computer setup without cleaning my desk, so I did. However, I accidentally got a bit of catblogging thrown in, so I decided to post it here.Granted he's a little hard to see in all the mess, but if you look to the lower left, you might see Bueller hiding amongst the to enlarge
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AK, I'm a semi-professional photographer so I should at least play this meme up. I've seen it around but now that Redsugar Muse is doing it, I'll hop in the fray as well.Ask me to take a picture of whatever you want that would be in my house. What I'm looking for are requests for things that would reveal more about me that you'd like to know rather than simple objects. For example, don't ask me to take a picture of a pair of shoes, however it would be more interesting to ask me to take a...
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{click to enlarge}I love my daughter and I'm always more than happy to show her off. She turns 2 on the 11th (yes, she has a Sept. 11th birthday). I can't believe how fast the time is going by. I do, however, have around 2,700 images of her on my computer alone. This picture is currently my wallpaper at work.I hope her growing up having a photographer as a parent isn't as annoying as it was when I was growing up.
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One would think that someone who purchases a $3200 digital camera and uses it for a business would realize that sRBB and Adobe RGB aren't the same.I have to admit, until today, I've not been really thrilled with the color response of my Nikon D2H. Sure, it's a beast of a camera and yeah, it does 8 FPS for those photo shoots for Sports Illustrated, but the colors always seemed to be flat. I would have to literally correct hundreds of shots in Photoshop because of the color problems.Turns...
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