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She's so ugly even gravity doesn't find her attractive— Robb Allen (@ItsRobbAllen) September 30, 2015
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I haven't taken any pain meds in 3 days. Finger hurts, but is more annoying than ZOMGCUTITOFF!!!!! Looks nasty, but I'm able to change the dressing without wanting to puke. Friday I had a wound check & they had to rip off the bandages because they had fuse with the clots. There was so much pain. Later, the tip of my finger went numb. At this point, I'm chalking it up to a bit of nerve damage. Hopefully this will not be anything that will interfere with my guitar playing (once I'm able to...
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Making gun powder from urine. This is just one, young man. Imagine how much gunpowder could be produced by a team of people who don’t give a crap that the gov’t says gunpowder is illegal to make or manufacture. You can make your own bullets. You can make your own cases. You can make primers. And you can piss gun powder.
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So, last night I was cleaning up some wood in the shop on the jointer when the wood slipped and my hand went into the blade. Not fun. I managed to turn off the jointer, the shop vac, the lights, lock up the shop, turn off the hose filling up the pool, locked the door, got Irelyn, locked up Pepper in her crate, & drive myself to the ER where I bled all over the place. I lucked out as it didn't hit the bone so they were able to sew the finger back together (cut is on the fingerprint side...
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Poorly, but that’s to be expected for not keeping well regulated lately. I misunderstood the amount of ammo necessary. I left with 7 rounds of .40 to my name. Luckily the reloads I had didn’t jam which tells me the full case resizing die I bought does its job, but I hadn’t really put it to its test like I should have. First 4 stages I did well enough on, but the last 2 I had a hard time hitting the berm for some reason. I was shooting way high, which really, really sucked. I never have a...
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Last night, I finished up the top for the ‘planter’ by the front door. It’s cheap aspen from Lowes. I routed the edges with a 1/4 round-over, sanded it several times with 120 & 220 grit, then applied Minwax pre-stain. Next came 2 coats of Minwax Red Mahogany stain, followed up by polyurethane, sanding, polyurethane, sanding, and polyurethane. The results are gorgeous. There is still a little work to do to properly secure it to the rock wall, but because I took a jigsaw to the back, it fits...
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Pants. Too dangerous for your own good.
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Now that I’m all moved in to the new place, I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor and one of those fruits is a 364 square foot workshop in the back yard. Fully powered with steel roll up door & AC, this place is awesome. I’ve always wanted to get into woodworking, and now I’m actually beginning to do just that. The house we live in was built (like a tank) back in ‘76. It’s an amazing place on an acre, but some of it is pretty dated, so there’s a lot to do. Because I have a workshop, I’m...
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13 years ago today, one of the most important things in my life happened – I became a father. Every day has been a blessing, every moment one to cherish. And today, I now have a teenager in the house. Happy birthday, Georgia!
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From: Florida Carry <>Date: September 9, 2015 at 5:12:22 PM EDTTo: support@floridacarry.orgSubject: Florida Carry, Inc.: CorruptionReply-To: Thomas Booth <> This is an enquiry email via from:Thomas Booth <>Is your organization run by the same racketeers, extortionists, and murderers as the NRA? Hard to reason with the unreasonable. So instead, we can just point & laugh. P.S....
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Damn, this was a great post if I do say so myself. P.S. Your gun still sucks & you’re still holding it wrong.
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