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When the Mrs & I were in the process of moving, we discovered that my cheap, pine workbench had become lunch for termites. I had to get rid of the bench as well as had the house treated (there were no termites anywhere else, but better to be safe than sorry) but since we were moving, I figured we’d eventually pack everything up anyway. Well, we never did move. Now I have a garage full of loose tools and no real place to put them. I need a new workbench that I can mount my reloading press...
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John C. Wright (who I’ve recently discovered and am loving his writing, both blog & book) In the future, everyone will get to be Emmanuel Goldstein for two minutes.
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Götterdämmerung a collapse (as of a society or regime) marked by catastrophic violence and disorder; broadly : downfall I’m afraid this word will be used more & more often in the coming days.
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We all know that a MDA person was given a Goebbels’ quote to which she nearly gave herself whiplash nodding her head in agreement with. After I linked to it, I had second thoughts as to if that was really something to saddle them with. The initial thought is “ZOMG! You agree with a NAZI!” and how bad that is, but that’s not the reason it’s bad (and hence my second guessing). We have to be careful not to fall into a association fallacy – If person X believes Y, and person X was a bad person, you...
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Look no further than Venezuela. As Joe says Private gun ownership in Venezuela was banned in 2012. Yet the country has the second highest murder rate in the world. Guns have nothing to do with murder rates. Banning them does nothing to lower it. Which is why it’s important to understand that the banners don’t want low crime rates, they want a socialist utopia where people are slaves to a government and not individuals. Gun control is just a single step down that dark road.
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Had I not seen the original thread on Twitter, I’d have not believed this. I’m still having a hard time believing it.
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Guns are simple to make objects. Banning them does nothing. The criminals will always have weapons because it will always be valuable to someone to do a little work in a shed where nobody will ever find out. We can’t stop drugs from being manufactured no matter how harsh the penalties are, what makes gun banners think guns won’t be the same way? They know this, hence why their actions have nothing to do with safety and they simply want to see the world in some sort of socialist hell where...
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I failed yesterday. I’ve been trying to architect a better way for our primary application at work to be written to ease our development pressure. So far, I’ve had great success. Our app is now practically instantaneous in the way it works rather than the sluggish way the old system runs – it’s now a SPA, or Single Page Application, and runs out of the browser’s memory rather than tons of calls back & forth to the server. This is important because we need to be able to offline our solution....
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For some reason, Lego likes to chew on white cables and only white cables.He managed to chew through my S5 charging cable which now no longer charges my phone. This is the third cable he’s chewed through. I had to order a new one and of course ensured I ordered it in black. Stupid cat.
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JayG asked me to pimp his Kilted to Kick Cancer drive and I totally failed to do so. So, go here, click, donate. Update – Missed a comma in the headline, which made it sound like Jay was a crappy internet friend that I just made. Which is funny, but totally not true.
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I have a bajillion presets on probably a hundred different synthesizers at my fingertips. I use Native Instruments products routinely because they’re very well put together and have some great tones. One of the reasons I bought the Komplete line was because I wanted both FM8 and Massive, and since I already owned Guitar Rig Pro, the discount for Komplete was about what I’d have paid for both those synths. I got nearly 40 different products and will probably never find my way through all the...
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I got a ping from the Book Face thing last night that someone mentioned me in a comment. I rarely even open the Book Face, but I went to check it out anyway because I’m vain. Someone was talking about one of their rifle outings and how good their grouping was. They knew this because they used my Shot Group Analyzer, which I promptly thought “That’s still around???” Which is odd because every here and there I see it on the Interweb Tubes. I see screenshots of people’s targets with my graphics...
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Or, as I read this from one doctor, I am nodding my head in agreement. The comments, as all gun related comments go, get nasty at times. Insults are slung rather than thoughtful commentary (and this is from both sides) although my favorites are the ones that go “Why can’t you gun-tard NRA freaks be reasonable?” Although thoughtful doesn’t always equate to reasonable either. Some people thoughtfully find ways to dehumanize gun owners, and if you read through the comments, you’ll see what I mean....
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Wednesday, I got delivered a pair of Presonus Eris 5 studio monitors and a Focusrite 2i4 USB Audio Interface to start building up my studio a bit more. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy at work that I didn’t have any time on Wednesday to really do anything with them. Luckily, yesterday we managed to fix a ton of our issues and last night was the first night in almost 2 weeks that I could just sit down & relax for a bit. It was Georgia’s birthday, but she was busying playing with her new...
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12 years ago, on the first anniversary of 9/11, I was not mourning with the rest of the country. I was celebrating bringing my first daughter into the world. At 10:16 AM, when most people were contemplating the horrific attack that had hit us the year before, I was seeing my daughter Georgia for the first time. from this to this! It has been 12 utterly amazing years. I’ve learned what being a father is all about. I’ve learned how hard it is to be firm, how much it hurts to have to discipline...
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These guys didn’t listen to the request. Maybe if they said ‘please’ with a little more force? This happened in 2009 apparently. Failure to research hits us all. My bad.
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Just realized my first post went up on May 11th, 2004. I totally missed my 10 year blogging anniversary. That, and my archives somehow have gotten fubared so my first post is not my first post any more. Dammit. Who wrote this shitty piece of software?
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Somehow though, even with that advice, the noise from a firearm seems to have slipped the list of “How to protect your family during a home invasion”. Hat Tip Say Uncle who notes that their suggestion is actually illegal.
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They loom above me. It’s going to be a 60 to 70 hour work week. Which is okay from time to time, but still means this week kind of sucks. Just so you know.
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Tam has hung up her blogging hat. If this is permanent or temporary, I do not know. I don’t know much other than she had someone stalking her which probably had a lot to do with it. As Sebastian says, there’s fewer and fewer hobbyist gun bloggers out there, although I disagree that his reasoning had anything to do with Tam. Me? As my hit counter (and sadly, ad revenue) has indicated, I’ve not been doing much blogging lately, gun-related or not. The main reason is the new job has me busy as...
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Often us gunnies will debate those who wish to disarm us, not to change the mind of the disarmer, but to talk to those who might be on the fence. Twitter is not this place. Twitter is too rapid fire, too ‘personalized’ (aka, you’re not going to see people you don’t really follow) and damn near impossible to follow unless you are part of the conversation from the beginning. So, I’ve given up arguing on Twitter with the anti’s. Sure, poke ‘em with a large stick and rattle their cages, but don’t...
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I love my music. I love playing guitar, dabbling on my keyboard, and making lots of cool riffs that never really get turned into anything. It’s a fun hobby. The problem I have is that my music world exists in headphones. I only have a cheap set of computer speakers I bought back in the 90’s. My headphones are a decent set of AKGs albeit the lower end as far as construction goes. They sound phenomenal but aren’t adjustable. My routing is kind of odd for my sound, mostly due to budgetary...
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