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From my Twittering Saw a guy fall off his bike. I didn't help him, but I *cared* a lot, so that makes me a good person. Maybe I'll vote for more bike laws. Caring isn’t something you do at the ballot box, and while donating money is good, donating your time and effort is better. Too many people have forgotten their civic duties and assume they are good people if they simply check off the right person’s name who will make everyone else pay for their lack of action. Oh, and I did watch a guy...
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Presumably as a preventative measure to keep me from melting down the UPS/USPS/FedEx servers again.
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A pistol I wanted, then got, then had to let go, is soon to be back in my grubby little mitts.
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Many of you are probably aware of the absolute horseshit story about a boy playing airsoft in his own yard and getting suspended from school over it, right? Because, it’s absolute horseshit. As in, the media got the story wrong and gunnies jumped all over this before the information was complete. You see, the kids were shooting other kids waiting at the bus stop, which does put the issue into ‘school grounds’. Here’s the principal’s letter. In the course of the investigation, conducted in...
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As anyone who has read me fore more than a few days knows, I’m as ardent of an Open Carry supporter as it gets. I don’t buy into the ‘tactical advantage’ that concealed gives you, and OC is much, much, much more comfortable, especially in places like Florida where lighter clothing options are used year round. I realize there are some loudmouths in the OC movement, but I have generally dismissed this since there are loudmouths in EVERY movement and it annoyed me to no end that people assumed...
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Jeff Goldstein discusses in part what I was talking about earlier The left has such cover from the progressive mainstream media — hell, it’s more than that:  the media is complicit in what is an ongoing cultural and political coup — that they no longer even concern themselves with having even to appear consistent. Emphasis mine . Whatever a non-progressive did that the media railed against earlier suddenly becomes the best thing since the folded piece of paper behind the dial trick on old...
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From Sultan Knish But this isn't really about stopping shootings; it's about the belief that the problem isn't evil, but agency, that if we make sure that everyone who has guns is following government orders, then control will be asserted and the problem will stop. Read the entire article. It’s really, really good.
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One of the joys of my job is that I work in an office where I’m probably one of the dumber people you’ll run into. There are people here with amazing abilities and minds, and it’s fascinating to be exposed to so many new ideas and concepts. What’s really interesting is how often I learn new techniques just by talking about code I might be working on. People will chime in and say “Have you tried X? It might work for what you’re talking about”. My new feed reader I’m working on, feedium, is...
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Insty informs us that Popular Science has decided to shut off comments because people had the audacity to question science A politically motivated, decades-long war on expertise has eroded the popular consensus on a wide variety of scientifically validated topics. Everything, from evolution to the origins of climate change, is mistakenly up for grabs again. This is written by someone who supposedly worships at the alter of science, whose very doctrine revolves around questioning what is...
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A harmless drone was dropped at the feet of the German chancellor during a meeting. These UAV are cheap, easy to make, easy to control, impossible to regulate, and are powerful enough to carry a small explosive device. Our military use UAVs to carry some pretty hefty armament. These things could be used for very limited, and targeted attacks. The future is interesting. Scary, but interesting.
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Because it is the cops who are destroying your private property? Short of the story is that a guy in NY is opposing the onerous SAFE act and put a sign up in his yard. Neighbor calls the cops to complain, sign goes missing. Guy puts the sign back up, goes missing again. Guy makes the sign sturdy so that it would take quite a bit of effort to remove, puts up a trail cam and catches a cop removing the sign. How that isn’t a blatant first amendment violation is beyond me. Even worse, you know...
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But you’re not “Took a 5 year old and a 5 month old elk hunting” bad-ass
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You won’t hear much about this mass shooting last night in Chicago that left a 3 year old critically wounded See, they’re just a bunch of inner city blacks shooting each other, so the gun banners only care about them as a statistic in a spreadsheet and the MSM won’t give it wall to wall coverage because it’d be difficult to pin it on the NRA, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party or Bush.
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More like Cease Funding CeaseFire, the Chicago-based anti-violence group at the focus of the 2011 documentary "The Interrupters" is shutting two of its offices as funding dries up. The organization laid off staff at its North Lawndale office in August and will close its Woodlawn office later this month now that a $1 million grant from the city of Chicago ran out, according to ABC Chicago. But I thought 90% of the universe supported the anti-gun position? I guess they support it, just not with...
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Tony Blair’s daughter held at gunpoint in botched robbery. How can that be? Guns are illegal in the UK, and it’s an island, and they’re so modern and cultured and whatnot! The best course of action is to make guns double-plus-unlegal!
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From Stuart the Viking on the whole Starbucks kerfuffle "please quit setting up your soapbox in our lobby"
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For those of you not in the know, Starbucks has set a new policy to not allow guns in their stores nor in their seating areas all because a few people violated the top 2A Commandment – Thou shall not be a dick. Starbuck’s wanted nothing to do with this argument and wanted to remain as neutral as possible, which is a sound, corporate policy and something I’ve discussed previously. Instead, some people took it upon themselves to declare Starbucks as the quintessential Second Amendment Supporter...
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Which makes sense until you realize that automatics existed in the 1600’s Wheellocks first came to prominence in the 1500s. The Reader's Digest version on how it operates reads pulling the trigger causes a steel wheel spins against a piece of pyrite. That friction causes a spark which ignites the powder that fires the projectile. In this case, 16 of them. "The first lock fires the first ten charges in roughly one to two second intervals thanks to a superimposed charge," Wicklund explained....
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In the Marine Corps, I was an Aviation Electrician. My very first aircraft were the UH-1N “Huey” and the AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopter. The Hueys were on my list mostly because the avionics were swappable, but only one of the squadrons I was in had them. I primarily worked on Cobras, and specifically, I was trained in fire control. No, that doesn’t mean I worked a Halon extinguisher – my job was basically “If you pull the trigger and it doesn’t go *boom*, fix it”. The Cobra had a triple...
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Congrats. I am SO happy for Jay!
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Not too long ago at dinner, my eldest asked me how much longer Obama was going to be in office. When I said three years, she sighed in disgust and said something to the effect of “We have to wait that long? I hope we can put someone else in office who respects freedom and liberties next.” And that made me step back a bit out of worry. I’m glad my girls are learning about liberty and freedom. I’m happy that they seem to understand the value of leaving others alone so that they can live their...
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This illustrates why there is no party affiliation on my voter card Neither party did the right thing when they were in power.  Both parties changed their tune when they weren’t holding the reins. I readily admit to being wrong and supporting the Patriot Act insofar as I did not lash out against it like I should and thought it an overreaction that would quickly be knocked down by the courts. Hence, I was blasé about it and thus gave my full acceptance to it. Regardless of my past sins,...
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It has always been about control. This time, it’s the “scourge of home cooked meals” Folks in the Big Apple are illegally eating things! The CBS affiliate in New York City today uncovered the scary, secret world of illegal, underground dinner parties. No, this is not a joke or a parody, though it will really feel like one for the first few seconds of the clip. The news casters treat this situation with the same slightly amazed and shocked tone that they use when they cover the "underground...
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3D Printed Pepperbox Pistol. (link fixed) How’s that gun control working for you?
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But I’m ‘benched’ at work (which, turns out isn’t the best thing because when bad ‘emergency’ projects pop-up, you get pulled for them) and have been focusing on a LOT of learnin’ while I write a new app called feedium, a quasi-replacement for RSS Bandit and Google Reader. It’s a service that stores the RSS feeds and then can be connected to from any browser or mobile app. There’s a lot of learning to get it to work behind the scenes, and I’m using it to stretch my development abilities which...
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Today is my eldest of the two evils’ birthday. 11 years that have marked some of the happiest days of my life. She’s awesome, and keeps getting awesomer and her and her sister both make fatherhood entirely worth it. Second, Colorado recall went well. Two anti-gun politicians, bought and paid for by Bloomberg, just got told to take a hike. This is huge. The margins were thin (barely 20k votes for each), but it shows that it takes massive effort and money from the anti’s to even try to get close....
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It’s sold. So I needed to give it a good rub down before it gets transferred. I noticed my biggest cleaning enemy wasn’t rust or un-burnt powder, but rather cat fur and lint. And using bearing grease, it captured and held said detritus quite well.
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When this joke I made on Twitter makes you giggle Turns out I didn't. I used to understand asynchronous programming.
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Last Friday was the last day of the contract I was on.  My next contract doesn’t start until the end of this month. So I’m “benched” at work, which means I get to take some time to learn new technologies, maybe some certification courses, and I’m planning on writing a replacement for my current RSS reader. If I have time, I might even work a little on Ansible and fix a few annoyances (such as it continues to allow me to post, which annoys everyone). Interesting position to be in, and I...
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It’s nothing compared to what lawyers do not know about gun bloggers. Or bloggers in general. It’s not safe to try to sue someone who has a decent online presence as a scare tactic. If someone has truly wronged you or your company then by all means lawyer up, but frivolous lawsuits will be posted, mocked, and your reputation will be hung out to dry.
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For the three or four of you who haven’t seen this. Summary – Guy walks into a convenience store smoking. Is told by the guy behind the counter to put it out. Smoker pulls a gun. Military Vet Cashier guy scoffs, pushes the robber’s gun away and gives said robber a face full of his pistol. Robber suddenly remembers he left the iron on at home and skedaddles. I give the vet more credit than I can give myself. He didn’t send the robber’s medulla oblongata into the rack of Beer Nuts behind him,...
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From Ace People are monsters and government is worse, as the government is the internet of people -- it permits us to vent all of our hatreds and resentments behind the wall of anonymity and free of the typical social restraints that exist in face-to-face encounters. I’ve said this before, although not as eloquently. People use the force of government because they lack the will to do things themselves. Don’t like [behavior]? Instead of shaming those who do [behavior], which requires personal...
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I’ll bring back the picture of him in a Tutu. Heck, I might do that anyway. JayG does an annual drive for cancer research. He’s got the legs to wear a kilt, and it’s a good cause, so if you have a dime or two to spare, please hit up his donation page.
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Any restaurant becomes a ‘drive through’ (Seriously, why are you not following me on Twitter?)
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You’re doing it wrong The band's 90-minute set featured hard rock anthems, songs with techno influences as well as groovy and eerie jams. (Nine Inch Nails) closed the night with a slow and smoky cover of Johnny Cash's "Hurt," which earned nonstop cheers from the crowd. Reznor was soft as he sang the song's verses — making it the set's highlight. I fully expected the write up to say that Van Halen came on stage to perform a stirring rendition of Ton Loc’s “Wild Thing” while Queen finished up...
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