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Last night was a bittersweet evening. My oldest is 8 and loves to learn. She was making up 'magic tricks' last night which mostly consisted of us closing our eyes while she did something. Now, I'm no master magician, but I know a few coin tricks that are pretty nifty and have been wowing my girls with them since they could realize that their ears could hold coins and small toys. Last night, I showed Georgia how they worked. She's been on a kick lately that 'daddy can't really remove his...
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"You can't go around building a better world for people. Only people can build a better world for people. Otherwise it's just a cage." Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad We cage animals in the zoo because we know how to provide for them better if only we can control the extent of their wanderings. As long as they exist within the confines of their little artificial worlds, we provide them with a 'better life'. And a cage is exactly what the progressive mind wishes to build for...
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Do they teach this technique in Police Academy these days?
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Why doesn't the news industry report it as a 'knife attack'? Yet some emo dipshit goes and fires a few rounds into the dirt before offing himself, and it's a 'shooting'? I don't get it. I am glad that this guy decided to only take himself out and not a bunch of other college students with him. I'm curious to know how he got around the 'No Guns' signs and policy that the college had. I mean, there's no physical way known to man to bypass those rules. Maybe if they made the rules stronger or...
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For one of these! Just drop it in my gPal accou… oh… never mind.
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Monster Hunter Vendetta has been released. You owe it to yourself to buy a copy. Or two.
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The Brady Campaign is whining that Jon Stewart even agrees that banning guns would not stop violence. Man, when you can't even get a comedian to go along with your shtick, you gotta probably think long and hard about the Xanax and Wild Turkey.
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It's a human thing to read a shooting story in the newspaper, assume you have all the information necessary, and proclaim innocence or guilt from your comfortable chair. Everyone on all sides suffers from the guilt of this affliction, mind you. It's not particular to any one view. One of the latest occurrences of this is the Erik Scott case. Sebastian has more data, including a blurb from a toxicology report that shows Scott's bloodstream contained a practically lethal dose of morphine and...
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You can now consume beer and / or tote your heater in public parks in my county. Just like you can do at home, at a restaurant that serves alcohol, on your own business property, at the mall, etc. Since it's not been a problem (are you listening Tennessee?) there's no reason to restrict freedom for the illusion of safety. Now, if we could get away from the silly rule that I have to wear uncomfortably hot clothing in order to carry (i.e. no Open Carry), things would be much better. Oh, and the...
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Never mind about my previous post about Brady Campaign board member Joan Peterson. She deserves no credit as the questions were asked, answers were given, and she promptly shoved her head up where the sun rarely shines (I say rarely because there are examples too horrid to link to even on my blog, trust me). Joan's metric for 'public safety' are the number of deaths by guns and how they go down. She doesn't care about increased violence so long as less people are killed with guns. That logic...
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Michael Bane gives some wonderful advice in his podcast on how to deescalate a scenario if you are 'made' to be carrying a gun. I'm glad I listened to this because honestly, my stubborn ass would probably go into full Threeper mode trying to assert my rights, blah blah blah and thus, increasing the risk of being shot. In some situations, sucking down one's pride and simply leaving is the best option. We carry guns to protect ourselves. We do the exact opposite by being dicks in a situation...
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From Mike Pence Even the simplest among us knows that this is not so. Power is an instrument of fatal consequence. It is confined no more readily than quicksilver, and escapes good intentions as easily as air flows through mesh. Therefore, those who are entrusted with it must educate themselves in self-restraint. A republic — if you can keep it — is about limitation, and for good reason, because we are mortal and our actions are imperfect. I think this is what sets my thinking apart from...
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Sebastian answers some questions from a Brady campaign member. He does so with aplomb, avoiding phrases like "you festering ass-weasel", and answers with some fairly calm, rational responses that do our side good. In the end, however, I believe it is a futile gesture. Anti-gunners start from the mindset that their fellow humans are too stupid to handle dangerous items without the false sense of security licensing provides. Since I'm perfectly ok with placing myself smack dab in the...
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Can't seem to get my Ship in a Klein Bottle put together correctly.
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Thomas (Cat) X, October 1989 - 22 September 2010 Tommy didn't make it. The veterinarian called a little after 2:30 this morning to say he'd taken a turn for the worse; his temperature had started to fall and he need an oxygen mask to breath. His white-cell count was still abnormal, despite antibiotics. Time was running out. "I thought you'd better know," he said, "he's unlikely to make it 'til morning." Tam and I went to the pet hospital. Tommy was on a table, looking...
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For my faithful 3 readers, I apologize for the complete dearth of posting or the small one offs, but the past 2½ weeks have not been good for me. It's a perfect storm of illnesses both old and new that really have made blogging not something I'm keen on keeping up too much with. I ain't gone or on hiatus or anything, but I've just not felt like myself in so long that blogging has really taken a back seat.
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Chapter 1: Text received from M. Smith 6:32PM: sup dood. afrd i be @wrk to 9. Chapter 2: Text received from M. William 6:33PM: sh!t man. ani1 u can get 2 wrk 4 u? ppl alrdy showin up Chapter 3: Text received from M. Smith 6:35PM: sry bud. cnt leave. Wud b CLM Chapter 4: Text received from M. William 6:36PM: 2bad 4u. cul8r The End. Yeah, I don't see any modern classics in this style anytime soon.
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And getting a news anchor job in Slovenia. I'm telling you, before you know it, it'll be considered a great look.
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I could always bean the zombie in the head with a printer.
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Was when I was laying upon a gurney in the ER with a saline drip in my arm. Really. Went to a walk in clinic since a) I'd been nauseated for over 10 days b) I started a cough on the previous Friday that hadn't gotten any better and c) on Saturday developed an amazingly horrific case of motion sickness. The nurse decided that there were too many variables and that I should hit the ER and have them check me out just to make sure it wasn't neurological in nature. I hate going to the ER. With a...
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  As a side note, I am displeased that the change will come in the form of Republicans who are just as statist as the Democrats, but at least we will have a little bit of gridlock. Also, for those with thin skin, the 'logo' is indicating that the current crop of Democrat politicians' jobs are targeted, this is not a physical threat to Democrats. It's crazy I even have to write that.
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And in the case of what appears to be an AT4, it might be a good idea to know what's behind you as well
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Ok, ok, The Brady Campaign sure. And the VPC, and MikeB, and The Joyce Foundation, and the Million Dozen Mom March, yeah yeah yeah. But really, who else? This video is chock full of poor gun handling skills, clichés, and every negative thing you can think of about guns in general, but I couldn't help but giggle. Go ahead, have a giggle yourself. Hat tip Everyday, No Days Off
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It's a pretty good bet you're on the wrong side of the equation I have started to receive information that there is a group or organization that is approaching restaurants face to face with literature and telling them that they are required to post their property. They are selling these restaurants signs that prohibit firearms. There is a possibility that they are representing or “suggesting” that they are government officials and using some degree of pressure to make the restaurant...
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Shooting the 6.8 SPC is fun. Having your brass flung into another zip code and losing it is not. I had been wanting a brass catcher to alleviate this problem for a while, and I was bummed there didn't seem to be very many decent looking options. There seem to be two types of catchers – those that sit on the ground or to the ejection side and capture the brass as it flies out, or the kind you strap to your rifle and catch it as it exits. A third option for a brass catcher is a child who has...
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Got this from Crimson Trace. It's good to see them branching out into other fields. CTC Defense™ is Awarded Military Contract For HK45C Laserguard® Wilsonville, OR — CTC Defense, a division of Crimson Trace Corporation, has been selected by the Crane Division of Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane) to supply the versatile LGD-645 Laserguard infrared laser sighting system for the Heckler and Koch HK45C handgun carried by members of Naval Special Warfare. This contract represents...
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Today marks the 9th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on our nation. It also marks the 8th birthday of my oldest daughter. My life has changed drastically on this date twice.
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The chambering of a shotgun shell is a sound that puts the fear of {Insert Deity Here} into even the most hardened of criminals. Bill Quick discusses his DGU and how, without a shot fired, scared away some thugs.
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My grandmother, who is 88, had her gallbladder up and quit on her. Surgery was a risky move as she had been on blood thinners for a while as well as her age, but I just got news the surgery went well. Doctors removed the gallbladder and didn't find any signs of cancer or anything, so that's excellent news. She'll be going home tomorrow. That's been on my mind all week.
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Apparently, I was lucky and got my money. Sailorcurt hasn't been as lucky. I am now numbered among the victims of the GPal scam.  Fortunately, the amount they owe me is much smaller than many, and I'm not the proprietor of one of the businesses that GPal has reportedly bankrupted, but it's still pretty annoying.  I requested the $80 and change in my account to be transferred to my linked and verified bank account early in August.  On August 13, the transfer appeared on...
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This country needs more Chris Christie.
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And if you happen to be launching watermelons with a giant slingshot, it also helps to possibly avoid being 180° from the line of fire.
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It has NOTHING on this I'm telling you, whoever edited the video was screwing with these girls. A Glock & Wesson 45mm FPO designed in 1789 by Colt Koch? That's got to be a joke. A funny joke, nonetheless. Hat tip Everyday, No Days Off
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The Pants Free Lifestyle does not condone drinking and driving "I asked her, `Where are your pants?' and I think she answered, `I don't know,'" Deputy David Alvarado told Plantation investigators. "Kinda shocked me." You'll get used to it Deputy, I promise! Hat Tip Around O-Town
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Last week I wrote about a gentleman, who after being beaned in the noggin with a wrench, casually strolled back to his conveyance to retrieve his lead dispenser, then sauntered back to the scene of the crime to dispatch his attacker. From the details provided, this was an unacceptable use of a firearm as once you remove yourself from danger, it is no longer self defense. As is the general case when a room temperature body is involved, there was an investigation. Witnesses were questioned,...
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Giving squirrel shit a run for the 'nuttiest item on planet Earth', some environmental whacko decided that the Discovery Channel wasn't doing it's part to promote worldwide genocide so that Mother Gaia could take a well deserved break and, like many whackos before him, chose the ever so effective method of getting his point across by getting himself blowed up while attempting to kill others. Of course progressives and the media, using a predetermined set of conclusions, labeled the loon a...
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Sorry. Some blog stuff coming soon, I hope.
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But any politician who will celebrate a victory by dipping his testicles into a cup of pudding totally would get my vote.
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From the news reports I've read, the ban on Open Carry in California is dead. This means millions of Californians can continue to harm the 2A Movement by openly displaying their firearms rather than stay in the closet, where it is most effective. Remember, you might think you're helping the Second Amendment by using it openly, but you're not. The only way to advance our cause is to automatically and reflexively compromise our principles! FDA Warning – This article may contain higher levels of.
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Watching this happen is killing me. I realize that this is something I have no skill at. I joke that anything more complex than a set of kitchen tongs would be impossible for me to fix, but it's a lie. In fact, I tend to be very skilled at figuring out mechanical devices. My mind has no problem looking at levers, springs, and gears and comprehending how they all mesh together. However, I have 0 knowledge on anything to do with building items from raw stock, be it wood, metal, plastic, or pure...
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