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95 caliber rifle. This is the beast it shoots  - the .950 JDJ The .950 JDJ has become something of an internet legend, and is frequently cited as an example of a "ridiculously large" cartridge, thanks to its overwhelming ballistic figures. The cartridge drives its aforementioned 3,600 gr (230 g) bullet at approximately 2,200 ft/s (670 m/s). This yields a muzzle energy of 38,685 ft·lbf (52,450 J). Even the recoil junkie in me cringes at the thought of lighting one of...
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Supreme Court Agrees To Decide Whether the Second Amendment Applies to the States I'm fairly confident we will win.
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The O-lympics Track and field events will include Bail Jumping, Legal Hurdles, Blame Throwing and the always popular Graftathalon. And the *snerk* factor just keeps getting better.
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It's "Should I carry my own reloads for self defense?" Damn straight you can. Nobody has yet showed me a single case where a person involved in a shooting was convicted solely on the basis of hand loaded ammo. Will some unscrupulous prosecutor try to make that an issue? Of course. Their job is to put you away, guilt be damned. And if you didn't reload, they're going to make a case that you used hollowpoints, or +P ammo, or that the 9mm was "high capacity", or any number...
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I can't believe this shit is being shown in schools. I'm glad to know someone is fisking it, though.
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Then I suggest going here. It's like a train wreck in slo-motion, but the train is all bondo and Dixie flags, driven by a fat man wearing a speedo, a tank top, and sporting a kick ass mullet. Wait, that's a chick…
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Found my military ID when I was in the reserves   Interestingly, I pretty much have the same hair cut… For comparison Yeah… same hair cut.
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Finally, after lots of bitching by you people, I've implemented search. It's not Google quality, but it should suffice for now. If you have any problems with it or suggestions, I'm all ears.
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But I'm dying to get more ink. Now that I've broken the rule of "All tattoos must be in places that can be hidden by shorts, socks, and a t-shirt", I've got a lot more canvas to work on. I really want to get a partial sleeve / shoulder tat, and my calves are open as well. Too bad it costs money. Otherwise, I'd be all over it.
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Well… Hot categories, at least. Updated Ansible to make the categories for each post clickable. Because I could.
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OK, it's not really that simple, but this is an interesting thought-experiment California self-defense laws allow people to use reasonable force (and even violence) to protect themselves against an attacker. The threat must be immediate and a person must use no more force than is reasonably necessary to thwart the attack. But what if someone starts a fight? Can he claim self-defense as a legal defense against criminal charges? Basically, the point is that if Person X starts the fight...
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This is why Arlington: Race a Factor in HOT Lanes … Buried in the lawsuit filed last month, county attorneys argued the HOT lanes, "encourage and enable a financially-able, privileged class of suburban and rural, primarily Caucasian residents from Stafford and Spotsylvania counties operating single occupancy vehicles ("SOV") unimpeded access on toll lanes." In other words, it benefits wealthy white people. Apparently, wealthy black and Asian people are not...
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Every. Single. Time They used to be legal firearms, but now they're either unregistered or outright banned, and they're wanted by police before there's a chance burglars put them in Toronto's underground and underworld markets. Since March 1, Project Safe City swept 400 unregistered weapons 150 of them handguns from homes throughout the city. No charges were filed. Police are reviewing thousands of gun ownership files to determine which weapons have lapsed registrations and which are now...
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InSights Training has a surefire post to get the caliber wars running again. The take away point is this: Round count is largely meaningless as a predictor of cartridge effectiveness without a lot more context. So take what “statistics” you read or hear about regarding self-defense and ammunition with a huge grain of salt! I can hear the 9mm and .45ACP commandos gearing up now. The main point to the article is that if you can carry more rounds, you're going to shoot more. The guy with 17...
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Say Uncle's got a link to a Republican senator's Chief of Staff claiming that watching straight porn will turn you gay. I'm not exactly thrilled with the Democrats, and I'm more than happy to boot them out. But for Pete's sake, you gotta give me something to replace them with. Just because a Republican is slightly less prone to violate rights (oh… they DO so love to violate them though, don't get me wrong), doesn't mean they're the answer to what ails you. As I said over at Uncle's – It's a...
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Uninstalled & reinstalled locally on my desktop, realized I was missing a step, did it again. Moved the databases local. Pointed the web server to use the desktop databases. Uninstalled from server. Reinstalled using the correct settings (minus naming the $#&@* thing correctly, but hell…). Restored the databases to the server and pointed the websites to use that. Everything seems copasetic. I now have full text indexing available and will be implementing basic search hopefully within...
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MRI picture clearly shows the herniated disc, or as it's listed on the report Central disc protrusion contacting the spinal cord at C5-6 Yeah, it friggin' hurts.
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I wonder if we're supposed to start and end each sentence with SIR!!!? Our problem is not with open carry in and of itself. Our problem is that the advocates of open carry are asserting that the right to carry a firearm and to be immune to questions from authority is superior to every other interest. That is the real issue in the case of Frank Hannan-Rock, not whether he may or may not carry a firearm. Hannan-Rock was arrested for obstructing an officer, in other words for not answering..
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Some pics from the daughter's Mad Science party this weekend. I decorated the cake myself All the kids had a great time. Disappearing water, melting Styrofoam heads with acetone, the needle through the balloon without popping, making their own slime, and of course, FIRE! I highly recommend this for your kids.
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Building their own web page and linking to me. I see a 'localhost' referral in my logs from a little north of me. Just curious to know who that might be!
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The oldest is having her 'friend' party today. The theme is Science. We've hired a company to come over and do experiments, all the kids get to make 'slime', and I've got a volcano ready to 'splode all over the place. Gonna be darned good fun!
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So, in the Ansible code, I have TODO: comments. Prefixing a comment in C# with //TODO: automatically puts it in your task list. Very handy when you know you're doing something naughty but don't want to go make a task out of it. However, it helps to occasionally check the comments section to remember to do things. I mean I just saw some comments about things I shouldn't have done and I think "I wrote that? Why?"
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A 20mm bullpup. Sure, I could just shoot you twice with the 10mm, but that takes extra effort.
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Got SQL Server 2008 Express up and running. Had to go in and putz with the registry to get Windows to realize "Oh… you really DON'T have SQL Server Express 2005 installed!". Once the registry was cleared, I was able to reinstall 2008 with no problems. The backups I made immediately before hand imported just fine. Still trying to learn how to implement full text indexing so I can start on a search system. I also installed express on my desktop, so now I can not only develop without...
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Practice for the inevitable with Full Color Zombie Targets
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Maybe it's about time to put this thing away for good.
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I realize that some people aren't tech savvy and aren't aware of some of the technical etiquette the Interweb Tubes require. Here's a quick primer on images If you like someone's image, copy it to YOUR blog's webserver or upload it to your online photo system like Photobucket or Flikr. Always do your best to link back to the original post. Sometimes you find images that you don't know where they originated from and you can't help it, but if you read a blog and like something and want to..
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Say Uncle is wondering about what caliber he should use for competition. So, of course, that leads to choices regarding caliber. Having always been a 45ACP guy, I have a few guns in that caliber. I was thinking of something different and leaning toward .40S&W since it seems to be the standard for competition. If I were allowed to shoot the Ruger 22/45, I'd have nothing but A hits as fast as I could pull the trigger. I'd also have steel plates that wouldn't fall down, but that's...
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The MRI was able to find at least one disc in my neck that wasn't herniated, bulging, or torn.
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Just got a health-care related email from Bill Nelson. The following line informs me the man is not qualified to clean up dog poop, much less write bills that affect millions of Americans The bill will hold insurers' feet to the fire by requiring them to cover everyone and preventing them from dropping individuals who get sick. Additionally, it will contain several measures aimed at reducing overall medical and prescription drug costs and eliminating waste and fraud in the system. Bolded..
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Ok, so I didn't win the Para GI expert. Who cares? As long as Project Valour IT got the proceeds, I still consider it a WIN! Thanks to Kevin Bayker* for the donation and the notice. *What? That's not how his last name is spelled?
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So, for poops and grins, I wanted to upgrade my current SQL Server Express from 2005 to 2008. I mean, how hard could it be? Turns out, so hard I'm not going to be able to do it without formatting my server and starting over. I tried the Web Install thingie. Complained that I can't run 2005 and 2008 at the same time. Skipped the web installer and went directly to the setup files. Asked me if I wanted to upgrade. I said sure. It told me to blow it out my ass. So I figured I'd uninstall 2005...
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Obama bullshits us! Yes… Yes he does. I'm still not buying any penis pill from you, though.
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Just when I think there's no hope of America getting back to its roots, millions of people march on DC to protest. I don't care if NBC or CNN or any of the lame-stream media report it as "tens of thousands" because their lowball estimate doesn't change the fact that more people marched on DC than showed up at Obama's inauguration. This isn't astroturf, no matter how hard the left wants to spin it. When you can show me pictures of the buses that brought these people in, all wearing...
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In the blogroll, I've added a new category of industry links. These are companies that manufacture firearms and firearm related gear. These are businesses that I have dealt with, manufacturers of products that I have used, or companies I generally think make decent products. Links to these companies are not paid links nor do they confer any sort of endorsement. I know there are weasels out there who think I'm some sort of paid shill, but the link section is simply for those companies I wish to.
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A while back, I wrote an article entitled Tyranny in Red Tights. Quite proud of that post as it was very down to earth, given my normal style of writing. In it I basically said I bring this up because when most Americans think of a tyrannical government, they think of the "Devil in red tights, holding a pitchfork." They see Hitler with swarms of jackbooted army men with armbands, hands held in the air in salute, or 1984 where every person is part of the secret police and Big...
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But they ain't hating as strong as they think I was trying to find some information on what Sarah put up about Obama's lie fest speech last night. People were talking about her Facebook page, so I searched. Seems the Million strong against Sarah Palin is a little weak in the knees. I just found out, no surprise really, that Sarah never said "I can see Russia from my house." What she said was GIBSON: What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks,...
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Via Sebastian, this lovely tidbit of semi-local news graces my presence Manatee market for illegal guns booming Dugong jokes aside, this is a pretty emotionally written article with a few tidbits of information thrown in MANATEE — Illegal gun sales in Manatee are booming, and the weapons are falling into young and dangerous hands, law enforcement officials warn in the wake of a second teenager gunned down in a month. Young and dangerous hands! Oh my! Well, at least they have one thing..
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Very creative ad from Advanced Armament Corporation. Hat tip Uncle.
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From #gunblogger_conspiracy, discussing my upcoming MRI tomorrow. (11:03:31 AM) Unix-Jedi: Programmer Robb Allen. Microsoft Weenie. Gun nut, searching for a solution for his shoulder pain. Then an accidental power surge in the MRI alters his pants. Now when Robb Allen grows stifled or uncomfortable, a startling metamorphis occurs. The Creature is driven by rage of pants and pursued by an investigative reporter. "Ms. Couric, don't make me uncomfortable. You wouldn't like my pants when...
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A shooting in a gun free zone? I thought the magical hope-field would keep those kinds of things out?
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Seen elsewhere, and with a few small modifications, I present to you the Journalist's Guide to Firearms Identification
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And hence, not heading out to IPSC. Which really pisses me off to no end. I loaded up two hundred rounds of .45 last night too. Dammit…
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Poetry. Pure and simple. I have a feeling 2010 is going to be one hell of a year for many politicians. Hat tip Ace of Spades
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Hat tip Disloyal Opposition
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Damned good concert. They played mostly older tunes, which is good insofar as I wasn't familiar with the new album (although it's on the To Buy list). There was the entire spectrum of humans there. Well… I think I was the 'darkest pigmented' person, but there were freaks, geeks, old farts, and kids. Literally, down the row from us was a gentleman in at least his early to mid 70's and his wife. The looks he was giving to the girl in the tight, corset-ish outfit next to him was hilarious. ...
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Due to being what amounts to, and I quote the technical term here, "one lazy ass mother$#^*&", I still don't have any ammo loaded up for the IPSC shoot on Sunday. None. Technically, there is no .45ACP ammo ready to go in my house. I do believe that violates a law somewhere. I need to toss the brass in the cleaner before I leave for the concert tonight. With the Lee Turret Press, I'm doing really good to get 100 in an hour, and I definitely need 200+ to make it through, so it's...
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For the Atomic Nerds' MHI patch.
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Going to watch Depeche Mode tonight. I happen to like them… Sue me.
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Word of the day today is comminute - to reduce to minute particles : pulverize Da!
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I say, delightful!
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I have no problem with the President of the United States speaking to school aged children. I have no fear that a 20 minute spiel is going to undo the hard work I've been aiming for with my children in an attempt to get them to understand what it means to be a free citizen and comprehend the blessings of liberty. I don't even think 20 minutes out of their day is going to be detrimental to their learning process, any more than a fire drill is. What creeps me right the f#^& out is the...
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Welcome InSights Training Center to the blogroll. Looks to be a bit more training related (saw a link in from the Tuller drill discussed earlier) and I'm all about training.
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'Cept for the part about the manual transmission. I do, however, love my GTI. Hat tip to that guy who's never linked me before, the stingy bastard.
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Laurel gives us the word of the day reactance an unpleasant emotional response that people often experience when someone is trying to restrict their freedom One could say this blog is powered by reactance.
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That's what tonight's Gun Nuts radio is going to be like – trying to shove an octopus into one of those Tupperware shape sorters. Tune in. Enjoy the insanity. Yours truly will be part of a 'round table' discussion.
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Say Uncle has a great idea It occurs to me that the guns in restaurants bill in Tennessee has created a marketing issue for local restaurateurs. On one hand, they can ostracize gun owners and cater to folks who, for some reason, fear inanimate objects. Cater to us gun nuts. Or remain silent, a de facto cater to gun nuts. There is another option. The could put up a sign (that doesn’t comply with the law) that says something to the effect of No Illegal Guns or No Unlawful Carrying of Firearms...
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