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The fat from deer meat, when placed on a hot grill, is pretty $#*&( explosive...
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This story would have you believe that an increased police presence, with the police reaching out to the community had something to do with a 30% decrease in crime ST. PETERSBURG - A special police initiative slashed violent crime in three troubled neighborhoods by nearly 30 percent, officials announced today. And it all started with officers going door to door. St. Petersburg Police Chief Chuck Harmon implemented Community and Police Engagement on May 26, and it wrapped up today. Groups of...
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My next door neighbors whom I adore are desperately trying to avoid foreclosing on their house. They've already moved to another house and are trying to find anyone to rent or buy their house. I remember seeing online how much they paid for it and couldn't understand how anyone would put that much money into a house that, honestly, needed a lot of work. And they did put a lot of money into getting it presentable. Unfortunately, I can't imagine they're ever going to recover any of that money and...
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about all this market crash stuff is that somewhere, there are a bunch of people who are already figuring out ways to make money off of this. Those are the capitalists upon who's shoulders we all ride. Of course, the government bail out program will do nothing but patch the leaking dike with papier-mâché, holding back the leak just long enough to blame the other party when it all gives way. If the government would step away, let the market work like it should, then none of this would have...
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This guy lets Mayor Nutter have it with both barrels Some prime excerpts Nutter Shooting Blanks On Philly Gun Laws ... So now, we'll hear all the excuses about why he was "forced" to execute a police officer in cold blood. Some will play the race card. Others will blame society. And no doubt we'll hear from some quarters that it was a grand police conspiracy. Isn't it always? Which leads us to Mayor Nutter. He's blaming guns for Officer McDonald's assassination. What else is new? Yep, that's...
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Like a father protecting his daughter INDIANAPOLIS -- A man who police said broke into a home with the intention of sexually assault a 17-year-old girl in her bedroom died early Sunday morning after a struggle with the girl's father. David Meyers, 52, was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after officers arrived following a report of a home invasion in the 3500 block of West 79th Street at about 3:20 a.m. Officers said they found Robert McNally, 64, on the floor with his arm around the neck...
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I really do try to keep my blogroll here up to date with the people I read every day. I'm shocked that somehow both Another Gun Blog and The Real Gun Guys somehow weren't on the list. That's been corrected. I also recently added a few more, so give 'em a look to see if there's anything new to you that you might enjoy reading. Also, I want to make a point that currently I have about 100 blogs in my RSS reader, 57 of which are gun related blogs. I do read you guys, even if I can't comment. I'm...
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From a new blog - Pajamaverse There was an old lineman named RayWho’s not down with the NRA    He gave lots of bucks    To gun control f*cksAnd founded the AHSA!
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NO GUN LAW FOR YOU! HARRISBURG, Pa.—A Pennsylvania court has ruled that Philadelphia officials cannot enact gun laws tougher than the state law. ... Those measures would have limited gun purchases to one a month and banned assault weapons, among other things. City officials have been pushing for tougher local ordinance in response to Philadelphia's one-a-day murder rate and its reputation for being a weapons source for criminals in New York and other states with strict gun laws. Neither of...
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He's threatening broadcasters that want to show this video with taking away their licensing Barack Fuck the Constitution and the Bill of Rights Obama - Unfit to lead
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Because calculus is waaaaay beyond this idiot's level The Moral Calculus of Gun Rights This is the second time I have seen the photograph of the jubilant young lady cheering the Supreme Court's decision on gun rights in District of Columbia v. Heller. In the photo, she holds a sign that reads ". . . Shall Not Be Infringed. Any Questions" ["A Workable Gun Law for the City," Close to Home, Sept. 21]. Well, I've seen the picture in question and I happen to agree with it. The Second Amendment...
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This was my first outing with my new Para USA Gun Blog 45 since I picked it up yesterday. Joe Huffman will be glad to actually see his famous lock up happen in this video. I know what it is and it only took doing it once twice before I finally got it into my thick skull that you have to allow the trigger to fully reset else you'll lock up the pistol. On the second set of shots (same target @ 15 yards) you can see the laser is slightly off to the left. Even then, the grouping turns into...
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Para USA just emailed me and let me know my new pistol should be in tomorrow. Of course, now I'm wondering who's pistol I was shooting last night. I knew UPS had two day shipping, I didn't realize you could get the Time Warp option and go two days the other way!
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Senate blocks rollback of DC gun regulations Seems like the standard line is "DC should be able to make its own laws", which would be fine and dandy if said laws weren't unconstitutional. But theirs are and a Supreme Court ruling nailed that one home. So, it's up to Congress to reel them in. Wouldn't want to decrease the amount of power the government has, now would we/
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My nephew heads to Iraq. His wife is pregnant with their first child, the birth of which he will miss. I'm sad to see him leave, but it's very heartening to know we have young men and women like him that are willing to put their lives on the line so we can sit around and bitch about the lack of choice in High-Def programming.
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Because this is directly from Barack Don't Call Me Shirley Obama's web site Address Gun Violence in Cities: As president, Barack Obama would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while...
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I picked up the GB45 from Kastle Keep immediately after I left work last night. When I got there, my pistol was still in it's shipping box and, like a kid on Christmas morning, had to dig through 30 or 40 layers of tape to get the box open. Like a shallow matrioshka doll, inside the box was the box. The green, Para USA box that held my not-so-brand-new Gun Blog 45. I opened the case (insert sound of angels singing on high here) and removed the pistol from the plastic wrapping. There were oohs...
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Oleg needs your help In December 2002, I founded The High Road forum dedicated to the advancement of responsible gun ownership. Recently, it was discovered that in 2006, the volunteer forum systems administrator, Derek Zeanah of Statesboro, Georgia, changed domain registration to himself. After he was confronted, Derek locked out all other staff from accessing the Web server administration and would not share even backup copies of its content. After failed attempts to peacefully resolve the...
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Leave work. Turn left. Drive a few miles to the local gun store. Pick up the Gun Blog 45. Drive to 5 Guys Burgers to grab a bite and meet up with Greg and Beth. Go shoot. Seriously, that's what I call a fantastic evening. And it all begins in 5 minutes.
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Why is it when there's a shooting of innocents, the calls for more gun control reach a feverish pitch but when there's a story about a woman defending her life and those of her family with a firearm, there's not a similar amount of noise given to reducing the restrictions on firearms? Even though there are more of the latter than the former?
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What do you do when the facts don't meet your preconceived notions? You make it up. However, in the age of the Interweb Tubes, it's easy to fact check the "fact checkers" On Obama's Gun Record, Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?Annenberg Foundation - FactCheck's primary fund source is a large contributor to gun control lobby FactCheck supposedly exists to look beyond a politician's claims. Ironically, in its analysis of NRA materials on Barack Obama, these so-called "FactCheckers" use the...
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But #3?
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You know what the best part of guns are? They require no training! None, whatsoever. You see, you can't sell 50 BMGs to people because they're exceptionally dangerous since anyone can walk in, slap down $5,000 for a rifle, pay $50 for 10 rounds, and without a days worth of practice shoot the stem off a grape at 1,760 yards. And that's open sights! Add a $2000 scope and you should be able to peel the grape! I don't even know why people pay to go to a gun range. Anyone with a handgun can hit a...
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TGirsch (along with Sean Braisted) over at Say Uncle's place are pushing the meme that Obama is NOT, I repeat NOT a gun banner even though he personally signed a letter stating that, Yes Virginia, I would ban the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns. TGirsch is going off of, which is willfully ignoring everything that Barack Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger Obama has ever done and instead going by what the O Man says. Progun Progressive's Sebastian takes to...
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Who am I? I am under 45 years old,I love the outdoors,I hunt,I am a Republican reformer,I have taken on the Republican Party establishment,I have many children,I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor’s office.   Did you guess? Highlight for the answer I am Teddy Roosevelt in 1900 Hat tip Larry Correia
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SONOFAMOTHERFUSHINGDAMNATIONASSFUDDERMUDPUMPINGRIZZLESPITCH!!!!!!! He wasn't even there!!!!! By the way, I'm going to start using the phrase grizzlespitch. Sounds obscene enough...
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Since someone asked me about my Schrodinger's Cat bumper sticker, I figured I could make it in Zazzle and let others enjoy the geekieness. Buy yours here today!
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I don't plan on putting any bumper stickers on my new car. The Jeep was old and I didn't care about adhesive marks. The GTI? Not so ambivalent on. It does suck a little that I only got to use the "No Thanks, Keep the Change" sticker (now illegal in all 50 states!) for a week. And I'm definitely going to miss the looks on people's faces in my review mirror as they try to comprehend my "Caution, I may or may not brake for Schrödinger's Cat" sticker. However, I have no problem putting an NRA...
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Florida concealed weapons permits soar The number of Floridians with permission to pack heat has jumped nearly 50 percent in three years. In 2005, one year before the state Legislature's decision to provide anonymity to people holding concealed weapons licenses, there were 347,350 active permits statewide. Now, that number has swelled to about 520,000. This equates to 1 person in every 35 has a permit. Oddly, we've not seen a 50% increase in gun crimes, especially from permit holders. The...
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Oddly, Brigid of Mausers and Muffins somehow has escaped my blog roll. That has been summarily fixed.
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But the 0 - 3 days to the shop was impressive... Some plastic bit holding in a sensor to the choke decided to not sense something or other and popped on the CEL. The service department was quick and courteous, especially given that I purchased the vehicle on Wednesday evening and the light turned on last night. I'm not worried. It's a part issue and doesn't appear to be systemic. Part of the issue is that the computers are so $#&* sensitive that they can detect things that might be a...
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Apparently, the Mrs. is starting to read my posts. Great. So much for the 'HOT NAKED CO-ED CHEERLEADER FRIDAY' meme I was going to start.
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OK, so with my Jeep washing it meant driving it in the rain. I don't think I had even ran it through an auto wash in years. Anyone got any tips on keeping my GTI looking brand new?
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Sigh... Owning a gun is nice and all, but if we keep putting up with shit like this, it's a useless gesture amounting to nothing more than a distraction from the true loss of freedom TAMPA - Hillsborough County soon will begin enforcing its strict ordinances governing adult businesses now that a federal appeals court has ruled the restrictions are constitutional. ... "But we will make sure that these businesses comply with the law," she said. The ruling from the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of...
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All these years the Brady Campaign has tried to claim they did not want to take guns away from the law abiding gun owners has now been proven a lie. They actually have a category called Law Abiding Gun Owners and none of the articles are positive. Of course, 99% of their articles are about people charged with something, not convicted. Just like the instant background check that bears their name, the Brady Campaign believes in people being considered guilty before being proven innocent. Hat Tip...
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Thankfully, that's still true.
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Lance Lewis, 14, was acquitted of charges of disorderly conduct and felony battery on a police officer Thursday in the incident. What, pray tell was young master Lewis' crime? In April, Lance jokingly blew a kiss at Bradenton Beach Police part-time officer Timothy E. Matthews at Coquina Beach. Matthews confronted the boy. During questioning, Lance reportedly cursed at Matthews. According to reports: Matthews decided to arrest the Tampa boy for disorderly conduct because children nearby may...
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They're just so damned overrated... That's all.
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Because I was too busy starting a new era with this No more Jeep Wrangler for me, I now am the proud new owner of a 2009 Volkswagen GTI. Black with the 6 Speed DSG transmission which is hard to describe. It's a manual, clutch driven transmission but it shifts for you. Or you can use the paddles on the steering wheel. Or the Tiptronic shifter. Whatever. Leaving the Wrangler actually was a sad moment. I got all choked up (literally) because that car has not only been a part of my life for 11...
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Mike W. tells his anti-gun father about his gun. That has been a powerful tool in my arsenal (pun somewhat intended). I talk with people and when they find out I'm not only a gun owner but an enthusiast to boot, they're taken aback that they know me and can't automatically discount me as some nut. I always assure them they are safe around me as 9 out of 10 voices in my head like them.
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If I were in the market for a Fiat, I'd buy it from this place
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Even those who have met me, but I'm actually quite an antisocial kind of guy. I don't generally like to be around people that much (unless you're going to talk guns!). I avoid large crowds because the only thing worse than having to hang around people you don't want to be around is being forced to hang around a LOT of people you would rather not. This is probably why I like the Internet. I can deal with people via chat or email. So today is "Sprit Day" at work, and I forgot to dress casual and...
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First Sarah Palin comes along to show the true face of feminism, now look who's rightfully considered eco-conscious Today's green movement uses certain buzzwords -- organic, locavore, renewable -- to the wry amusement of 15 million to 20 million of us who've actually lived the eco-friendly lifestyle that these words describe. We are hunters. I wish I could hunt for my own food, but alas I'm a city boy and tree rat and pigeon (or in my case seagull) may taste like chicken, but I sure as hell...
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And I think he'll be quite happy with it.
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I've got 499 rounds just itching to be tossed down range at 1150 fps. She's in the process of getting inspected and cleaned then shipped. She's all paid for too, so the last part is proving I'm innocent since I'm already presumed guilty when the pistol arrives at the FFL.
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Thirdpower informs us the 2007 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) is out and does a little digging already. I'm sure the Brady Campaign is already looking at how to lie with the numbers
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But they'll put out the eye of those who don't have them. "Another resident of the apartment retrieved a shotgun and approached Bowman, who was by then walking away. The resident ordered Bowman to put the knife down," according to the report. Bowman refused and approached the resident, who hit him with the butt of the shotgun, injuring his eye.
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BOSTON -- An armored truck driver was arrested Saturday after police said he pointed a gun at another driver. Must be all the special training they receive that make them better at handling firearms than us peons.
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Go on and give him shit about it.
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Thanks Joe. The last thing anyone should ever do is show me how to make things that go boom, especially with stuff I already have sitting around (well, minus BP, but I know where to get that). I can already tell I'm going to be a big hit in my neighborhood this upcoming new years eve and an even bigger hit at the local emergency room too.
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Uncle's got himself a new look. Man, every gun related web site needs to hire his designer.
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And neither do stoned people without guns TAMPA - A 26-year-old woman called 911 Sunday morning and told the operator that if she had an AK-47 assault rifle, "she would stick it in the 911 operator's mouth and shoot it," according to a Tampa police criminal arrest affidavit. Police responded to the false 911 call shortly after 7 a.m. and found Khaliyah Ranchelle Limehouse at a pay phone on North Nebraska Avenue. When they arrived, Limehouse started yelling that she made the 911 call and "would...
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Tampa - A man who lost control of his car on State Road 60 and later decided to lie down in the road was run over and killed about 6 a.m. today. The cops are at a loss here Investigators did not know why Gilchrist decided to lay in the road, the accident report said. I'll give you a hint - It's a word that starts with D and ends with RUGS. Write the jokes yourselves, people. It's an easy one. From TBO.
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You know, I couldn't help it this morning. I was getting dressed and by simply grabbing the Glock the Crimson Trace grips activated. Which made both of the cats go nuts. So, I let the cats chase the dot for a little bit. The pistol was in the holster, does that count against me?
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How 'bout you?
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Got my Don't Panic shirt today! Have you bought yours yet? (no, you haven't because I haven't sold any ;)
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My local Cheesecake Factory has some pretty odd stanchions all around the restaurant Reminds me of something
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Political snark = hits I hate politics.
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It's time for me to do something I never thought I'd end up doing - It's time for me to trade in the 1995 Jeep Wrangler and buy a new car. Nothing's wrong with the Jeep. For a 14 year old car (don't kid yourself, it was made in 1994) it has its dings and scratches, a slightly bent front wheel flare, and a broken door handle, but mechanically she's in as good of shape at 170,000 miles than most cars can say at 60k. But, it's a Jeep. With an hour plus worth of driving each day, the road noise and...
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Gun fires only BBs, but police still call it assault Imagine that! Assault is an action, not a customizable feature!
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Because of idiots like these. Here's the story. A wealthy woman has her Maserati stolen. The police manage to find the car with the wheels missing. The comments to the story are disturbing Posted by ( mokimo ) on September 11, 2008 at 9:51 a.m.  must be nice to afford a car like that most of us can not even afford food. Maybe someone needed to sell the wheels to buy some food. If she owned the car out right then she can buy more wheels   Posted by ( tmcp2006 ) on September 11, 2008 at 9:54...
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Knife and gun crime have been under reported, police memo admits The internal memo, written by a senior officer, says there has been significant under reporting of serious crime and warns of "serious concerns" that confidence in the police and Government will be knocked when the true levels are revealed. ... In the memo, Det Chief Superintendent Peter Barron said: "The potential increase could be a rise in recorded GBH of 58 per cent, a rise in gun crime of 20 per cent and a rise in knife...
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7 years ago today, Muslim extremists attacked our country and our way of life. 6 years ago my first daughter was born. Mixed emotions abound.
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Which has no bearing on the quarter million the taxpayers have to spend to show exactly how stupid it is The Department of Justice has awarded a $254,889 federal grant to the New Jersey Institute of Technology so the Newark university can continue developing its child-proof "smart gun" technology, members of New Jersey's congressional delegation announced today. NJIT has spent the last nine years on a "dynamic grip recognition" technology that can identify gun owners based on how they squeeze...
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There's a pretty damned good reason for that. TAMPA - David Broadhurst and Lisa Lauver were in a room at La Quinta Inns & Suites on North 30th Street near Carrollwood on Tuesday night when they heard a knock on the door about 9:30, police said. When Lauver answered the door, she heard a familiar voice, according to a Tampa Police Department report that describes what happened next. And without reading the article, I bet you can guess exactly what happens next. Just like the movies.
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But of course, he's not talking about Palin 10. You can put perfume and a fancy dress on a whore, but it's still $25 to get your rocks off9. You know what you won't get with an Obama administration? Two words - Moose Knuckles8. It's the difference between a sneaky midget and a former Mayor of Wasilla in a race - you know, one is a cunning runt7. You can be the winner of the Eukanuba Championship and still be a bitch.6. Arranging a pot luck dinner for your redneck friends doesn't equate to...
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Gotta love Israel! Abdur-Rahim Jackson was singled out from other members of the black American dance ensemble when they arrived at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Sunday night at the start of a six-nation international tour, said publicist Shauli Baskin. "They stopped him ... as he has a Muslim name," Baskin told The Associated Press. "He told them he was a dancer and was here to dance with the Alvin Ailey dance troupe and they told him, 'So dance.'" In America, where we're free, they...
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We all know Barack You ever seen a grown man naked? Obama doesn't like the little people to be armed. Sure, he'll mouth platitudes to hunters that he's not going to take away their guns, but that's mostly based on the fact he knows he doesn't have the votes in congress. I've read in several places where people think us gun-nuts are overreacting, that an Obama administration won't be knocking on doors to confiscate our rifles. Which, shockingly, is probably true while completely missing the real...
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Xavier has some excellent advice. I don't get the opportunity to teach many people about firearms. I've not broken through the hoplophobia on anyone yet, and those who are ok with shooting have already shot before.
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Dr. Laurent had waited for this moment for practically all his life. The Large Hadron Collider hummed beneath his observation booth, ready for the first run. His hand paused above the activation switch just long enough for the few members of the press present to take a few pictures. He hated the dog and pony show this moment had become, but the press was necessary to provide the proof that the LHC would not destroy the world. "Gentlemen," Dr. Laurent spoke with authority, "I give you the Large...
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I'm wondering what the issue is. Seems like now that school has started, The Brady Campaign To Shit All Over Your Rights seems to be fairly quiet on the blog front. Just last month, a professional firearms instructor couldn't accidentally get hammer bite from his 1911 without the Brady's crying about how dangerous guns are, but now I see plenty of stories of children getting hurt and yet not one peep from them. This means one of two things. One, the middle schooler they hired to blog for them...
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And here I thought reporters actually did, you know, reporting. Instead, all I got was a partial quote from an old posting.
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Chrome is fast, but chrome is also evil. It "talks to the mother ship" a bit more than I'm comfortable with. I appreciate the technical advances Google brings to the table, but I don't like their view that managing all data, whether you want them to or not, is an amoral goal. Also, I cannot stand seeing all the advertisements everywhere. How can you people surf or read anything with all that blinking and space hogging? Yech.
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Dustin celebrates one year of blogging.
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And a machine shop. I had spoken with J.R. during our excursion to Blackwater about how I was trying to get a friend of mine to machine me a doodad I had designed to allow me to anneal my rifle cases using a drill. I don't anneal enough to invest in some fancy automated machine, so I used Google Sketch Up to design something I could fit into my drill and hit with a blowtorch, one at a time. This was my design: Fairly simple thing. I just needed something in aluminum, doesn't have to be high...
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I really want to hit the range. I just got through watching the Blackhawk! DVD we got featuring tips from Todd Jarrett and it was a pretty good recap of the things he showed us. Unfortunately, I don't have an outdoor range I can go to right now, but I'm working on that! Still, I'd like to be able to practice just my Super Sekret Kung Fu grip we were taught as well as take the Crimson Trace out for a spin. The problems are several-fold. I've totally blown my budget for everything by purchasing...
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Your papers please The man, Timothy Simmons, 27, was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, possessing an unregistered firearm and possessing unregistered ammunition, a spokeswoman for the Capitol Police said. Granted, he was in DC where it's illegal to have unregistered bullet points in a PowerPoint presentation, but still. And is there such a thing as a non dangerous weapon? Isn't that kind of the point?
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So, the Big Brown Truck Of Happiness™ dropped off my Crimson Trace grips for my Glock 29 today. It was packaged quite nicely in a sturdy box with a small towel to lay your firearm on while installing. There were a set of batteries in there (the grip requires 2), a punch for removing the holding pin, some cleaning Q-tip things for the laser, two adjustment Allen wrenches, instructions, and of course the grip itself Installation is a breeze. Using the punch provided, you push out the small pin...
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  117 bumper stickers sold in one week. Not bad for a guy who didn't even want to actually post it.
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Winners get things like these And the losers? Well... I'm just waiting on the Big Brown Truck O' Happiness to drop off the grips. Full report later!
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So, I drove to work today sporting my shiny, new bumper sticker And I'm wearing my kick ass Para USA shirt given to me by Blackhawk!. I'm such a rebel. Of course, knowing the cult of Obama, I'll be lucky if my car isn't keyed, the tires flattened, and windows smashed by November.
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Observe the mad, l33t Community Organizing skilz
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Because this is EXACTLY what would be going through my mind See more funny videos at Funny or Die
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BEST line from a comment over Heart not wanting the GOP to use their song Barracuda. Now, in all fairness, Heart has every right to ask anyone they want to not use their music. I have no problems with that. And I don't even hold it against them that they especially wouldn't want someone they'd consider a political opponent to use them either. Hell, Ted Nugent would bust a nut if Barack Tip Toe Through The Tulips Obama used Cat Scratch Fever for his campaign. Still, from a capitalist...
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I'm downloading Chromium at this time and realizing that, oh shit, it's in C++. Let's see... The last time I did C++ was 1997 or 1998. Then I did my quick, but not so impressed jaunt with Java, followed by having to (yeeech!) do ASP. When .Net rolled around, I was more interested in Java. Heck, I was trying Python and anything else I could get my hands on to get away from Microsoft. Until I started learning what .Net was all about. Then I sold my soul to Bill Gates (sorry Bill, no refunds after...
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Sailor Curt does a fantastic job of illustrating what we were taught. I'm glad he did this because I was going to have to try to eventually, and I'm lazy.
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I need everyone reading this to do me a quick favor. If I could get everyone in my little gun blog reading community to please place their right hand on their head. Thanks. Now that I'm a community organizer, I should be able to run for president, right?
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As in, I'm changing chat clients so I can reach out to more people than just Microsoft Messenger. There's nothing wrong with the application or the service, but in order to talk to more people, I've switched to Pidgin which means I can use my AIM, gTalk, and Messenger account all in one application. For messenger, my user name is mspassport (@) robballen (dot) com For AIM and Google Talk, it's robb (dot) allen (@) gmail (dot) com If you're on another chat app, like Yahoo, let me know and I'll...
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Tabasco wins.
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Breda speaks, I listen America has a new hero - and she wears heels.
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People unclear of the concept - Coroner Jacques Ramsay said in his report that the weapon used by Gill, a short-barrelled Beretta CX4 Storm rifle, should be banned. Gill obtained the gun legally before his rampage. The Beretta CX4 fires 9mm, .40, or .45ACP. By banning that one rifle, you assure yourself that no other platform can fire those cartridges!!! Well, maybe the Kel-Tech Sub 2000. Oh, and that one by Hi-Point. Shoot, I forgot about the MechTechs. Dammit, I just remembered you can...
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When doing an UPDATE statement, don't forget the WHERE clause. Otherwise, after running for an inordinately long time, you'll realize that you've just updated millions of rows with the wrong data.
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LissaKay takes her bible study group to the range.
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This morning, on the way to work, I was thinking about the awesome knife I saw at Blackhawk, the Harkins Triton. The problem is I'm not able to buy one as I'm not a law enforcement officer or emergency medical technician. You see, the stiletto style knives have inner parts that contain mind controlling springs that force the owner to randomly stab people, especially those with disabilities. Sure, you could stab people with other knives that are larger or conceal a folding knife just as easily,...
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So last night, I had several tabs open, trying out this and that in Chrome, when the one tab with a YouTube video on it locked up, and locked up hard. "Great!" I thought as I went to switch to another tab. "This will be a good test to see how multithreaded the application really is!" All tabs were dead. Couldn't switch to any of them, nor could I switch to the other window that was running Chrome. Oddly, every other window like email or my RSS reader worked fine. Eventually the one tab...
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The answer isn't as simple as you might think. Many factors are in play, apparently. Because if you're a one term senator (and nothing else) and have pretty hair and a D after your name, it's not that important. Michael's point in spot on. The Democrats didn't seem to mind when fluffy pony boy was running for the #2 position. I don't remember there being a ton of arguments from the Lenin left-side of the isle back in 2004. Hell, I'm willing to bet a lot of the same people crying that Palin...
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Just spent about 3 hours looking around an online forum for mimes... Update - not the most exciting forum, but there was this gem that was Quote of the Day worthy
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I heard that at the Republican National Convention they requested that there be special stalls in the men's bathroom to accommodate persons with a wide stance.
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So, I was reading around some other (as Tam calls 'em) Lenin-Red Spectrum blogs and their frothy, two minute hate sessions regarding Palin as McCain's choice. One of the common threads seem to be about how the entire campaign is losing the wheels and that Palin will be "leaving to take care of her son" soon enough. Are these people insane AND stupid, or just insane? To think Sarah Palin would up and leave because her daughter is pregnant and that she fired the police chief for a long string of...
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I thought schools were gun free zones where an invisible barrier kept weapons out through the power of unicorns and wishful thinking. This guy apparently didn't see the signs AMARILLO - 19-year-old John Michael Cook is accused of pointing a gun at two female students at Tascosa High School. He has been arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. He's not an AISD student. Maybe the "force field of hope" was malfunctioning. Lucky the laws are very strict about this kind of behavior or...
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Yeah, it really is fast. However, I'm so used to surfing with Ad-Block on that it's disconcerting to see how ugly the web really is. I'm going to learn the plug in model though. I'm betting there's some money to be made there.
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Don La Fontaine passed away last night. Holy poop! Movie trailers will never be the same.
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Real criticism of Palin from actual things she's done that don't involve her reproductive plumbing, her sick child, or the fact that she was mayor of a small town Palin supported and signed into law a $1.5 billion tax increase on oil companies in the form of higher severance taxes. One rule of thumb is that higher taxes cause less investment. Sure enough, State Tax Notes reported (January 7): “After ACES was passed, ConocoPhillips, Alaska’s most active oil exploration company and one of the top...
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Just read this A man implied he had a gun and robbed a Wachovia bank in Temple Terrace this Tuesday morning, Temple Terrace police say. He entered the bank at 9775 N. 56th St. about 9:15 a.m. and handed the teller a note, demanding money. Funny, I actually have a gun when I go to the bank, and I don't seem to find myself robbing them. Hopefully the new Para Gun Blog .45 will be better at these kinds of mind control rays than my Glock is.
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Well, I guess that's a self serving question...
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  The other Sebastian points us to this article Police said officers found Bush carrying the pistols — which were equipped with laser sights — and 400 bullets. {ed - emphasis mine} It was also equipped with iron sights, which can be used to place the bullet exactly where it needs to go. Watch for legislation to ban pointing devices to come up soon!
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Caleb buys more things that go boom. Lucky bastard.
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Is it Pal-in or Pail-in?
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Clayton Cramer on one of the most useful links on the Internet for us gunnies, The Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog Increasingly I find myself wondering if continuing this effort really makes any sense. We've made some efforts to engage NRA with this--with no success. There must be some wealthy gun owners or people in the gun business who can see the advantage of what we are doing, and would be willing to provide some limited funding to justify the effort. But if not, the temptation is very...
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Happy Labor Day
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Or in this case, a bumper sticker is Man, it's gonna suck watching my average hits drop like Slick Willie's trousers around a fat intern.
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