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Simple. Effective. Direct to the point. H/T Tim Worstall
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So, I'm relaxing in the ladies' room, 'dropping off some friends at the community pool' when I hear the main door slam open, followed by hurried footsteps. I know this sound. It is the sound of a man who is five seconds from needing a shower and a clean set of boxers. Oddly, mixed in with the sounds of discomfort and unbuckling pants is a slight, beeping noise. A familiar sound. One of a cellphone dialing a number. The man in stall #1 actually made a phone call during a bout of explosive...
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From Q&O, discussing the horrible fact that concealed carry permits have lowered crime instead of turning the states that have them into Wild West 2.0 Sometimes the truth hurts, but not as much as a well-placed bullet.
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My ass. Overheard some lefties at work just a minute ago speaking about the military. Well, what else happens when you give guns to a bunch of trailer park troops? I can just feel the support. I kept calm and just walked away. I don't appear military any more, and even when I was in people had a hard time believing I was a Marine. But with my nephew shipping off in a week or so and my Brother-In-Law resigning up with the Navy, I'm trying to figure out a way to accidentally "forget" about my...
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Todays letter comes from ruler URL and is a very insightful letter at that. Writes ruler: From: ruler URLTo: Robb AllenSubject: multiple browser pages FTP commands uploading local files include Dear ruler URL, Thank you for the abstract art and poetry. I enjoy abstract art as it reminds me that there are many starving artists out there who's lives mut be miserable, and that makes me feel better about what I've chosen as a career path. As for the poem, it's like Bill Gates meets Rober Frost....
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Today's entry from the mail bag is from From: Angela HodgesTo: Robb AllenSubject: Important Question Do you have any erection problems? Have a nice day. Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:14:17 +0360 Y6AOFB7 Dear Angela,     No. Sincerely,Robb
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The iMac I got for work is nice. Really nice. So nice in fact I wish there was a way for me to scrounge up $1500 and get one. While I'm wishing, I should just upgrade to the 24" monitor for an extra $500 clams. But you know what they say - poop in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up first (I have no idea what that means, but it's got the word "poop" in there so it must be worth saying). Anyway, it's got everything built in - there would be no upgrading. But with USB, I...
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How am I supposed to get any work done when I can do this?
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Recently, I found a great program : Filter Forge - Photoshop Plugin to Create Your Own Filters It's basically an external filter creation tool that lets you make procedural textures as well as photo filters. There are some pretty amazing effects in the default set. What's really neat in my opinion, though, is how they're marketing the program. It's in Beta, so it's not for sale, but if you (a) help them test the beta or (b) create filters that other people download and use, then they'll give...
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So yesterday, I'm just standing around at work talking when I yanked my back out. Again. For like the zillionth time. Since we just had a bunch of work done on the house (mainly removal of a wall), I had some painting I was planning on doing. So much for that idea. Sitting around this morning in agony (the Aleve didn't do squat), it hit me that I still had some flexeril sitting around from the last time I pulled a back muscle. Life is good now. Think I'm going to put on some Pink Floyd and...
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They no more 'support the troops' than Tom Cruise supports anti-depressant use. It's been said before, but I will repeat it here because it pisses me off to no end. You cannot support the troops unless you support their mission - The troops are their mission! The troops are the ones pulling the triggers. They are the ones guiding the bombs. They are the ones planning the attacks. If you disagree with what's going on, then you do not support the troops, period. It is intellectually dishonest to...
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One caliber I've not fired before is .10mm. After last weekend at the range, I realized that while I'm no Hercules, my ability to handle larger caliber weapons far outstrips my wife's. Because the 9mm was about as much as she could handle, recoil wise, I didn't even let her fire the .40. Now, I liked the Glock 27 enough, minus the trigger, but a buddy of mine let me see his Glock 29, and it was much more comfortable in my hand, even with only a 2 finger grip. His trigger safety was a bit more...
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Yesterday, my little angel turned 4. Four years old!!!! There should be a law against your kids getting older. Happy Birthday, Georgia.
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What would happen if a vampire suddenly realized that the moonlight was just reflected sunlight? And why is it inane crap like this finds its way into my head?
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On this day in 2001, America was visciously attacked by an unerelenting enemy. Nearly 3000 people died that day. Mothers. Fathers. Sons. Daughters. Let us never forget.
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From Dave at Garfield Ridge regarding Paris Hilton's DUI arrest "I had one margarita (and) was starving because I had not eaten all day," she said. "Maybe I was speeding a little bit and I got pulled over. I was just really hungry and I wanted to have an In-N-Out Burger." No, sweetheart.  You were starving because you had not eaten all month.  Splenda packets and semen are NOT considered a nutritious breakfast.  You have to add some bacon to that or something. People at work think I'm nuts...
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Windows Media Player (or any media player with visualization capabilites) should come with a warning not to turn on that feature while under the effects of Clonazepam. I just realized I was sitting there for a couple of minutes idly watching the pretty colors swirl around the screen. So, while the panic sucks, at least the temporary fix for it is kind of fun (until I get so sleepy I can't stay awake). However, a little Astral Projection definitely hits the spot!
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That's what I feel like right now. Like I'm walking through a viscous fluid. Started having a panic attack just a little while ago. So I took a Clonazepam to counter it before it went full bloom. It won't be long before I'm in what I call 'zombie mode'. Won't be able to think straight, won't be able to concentrate on much, will find myself rereading everything five or six times. I'm already feeling the heaviness that comes with it. Thoughts are alredy 'fuzzifying'. But, at least I can't panic!
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Or so we're told by a big poster here at work in the supply room. And you know what? They're not lying! I've not received any gold stars for any of the numerous, unethical things I've done during my many years of employment. Then again, I've not received any gold stars for the ethical things I've done either, so it's kind of a wash if you ask me.
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So, my dad let me shoot his Glock 27 this weekend since I'm looking for something a bit more concealable than my Dan Wesson .357. I mean, there's hardly enough room in my pants as it is, much less room to put this puppy. Anyway, I like the size of the 27 (although it would be absolutely required that I get the magazine extension since the 2 finger grip just isn't enough for hands the size of mine), but I really did not like the trigger safety. It felt like it was cutting into my finger. Are...
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Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin, dead at 44 from a stingray sting. He was very entertaining, and not trying to be snarky but it amazes me this hadn't happened sooner. Still, it'll be sad to see him go. I liked his shows and his energy. Godspeed Steve.
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The Mrs. finally, after 7 years together, let me take her to the range. I brought a 9mm, a .22 rifle, a .357 Magnum (loaded with .38 specials), and a .40 Glock 27. I started her up with the .22 rifle. She did fantastic. 2nd shot was a bullseye, and she managed to put a rather large amount of the rounds close together. Then we switched to the 9mm. This was a little more of a challenge for her as a 9mm has slightly more kick than a .22, and being a pistol it scared her a little. But she managed...
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I got to do a product shoot this weekend. I took some pictures of a packaging machine for a flyer. Not bad work as it only took 15 minutes! Products are easier than people. They don't tend to move and you only need to take a few pictures from a few angles. They don't have 'good sides', don't blink, and they don't have a half assed smile. So, 15 minutes and I'm out of there. No biggie. The only thing I had to do is remove the machine from the background. Time to put my Photoshop masking skills...
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Dear Miller, I am writing to inform you that I will no longer purchase any of your products. Many people are offended that you are openly supporting illegal immigration. This is an abhorrent move on your company's part as there are plenty of legal ways to immigrate into this country and you are actively encouraging people to break the law. However, this is not the reason I am boycotting your product line. I refuse to purchase your beer because it resembles chilled piss from a horse who has...
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