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Some job working at AT&T opened up recently and I’ve had three recruiters contact me already over it. I’m qualified enough, but it’s not the type of job I’m looking for. A lot of Exchange work, and I’m just not into Exchange. However, should I see what each recruiter would offer if I was to use them? Vacations, cars, beer, new camera lenses? It would be kind of fun pitting them against each other. Plus, I would end up not taking the job anyway.
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I’m sick. Sore throat from hell. Luckily the aches passed already, but the throat? It is killing me. Someone brought in little jars of honey and put them near the coffee maker. So I’ve been enjoying hot Earl Gray with honey to soothe my throat. So, if you’re wondering why I’ve not posted much lately, it actually has nothing to do with being sick. I’m really just very busy both at work and home. And to sit down and write the insightful, well thought...
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So, I’m reading this article about the first pictures of a live, giant squid being captured on video when I run into this paragraph Little is known about the creatures because it has been so difficult to locate and study them alive. Large ships and specialist equipment, which is costly, are needed to study deep sea environments. Glad to know those well paid editors is on their toes! {h/t – Dave at Garfield Ridge}
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Today, it appears I’m going to be tested on my ability to handle anxiety, sans Paxil. I’m having a rather prolonged anxiety attack which oddly enough isn’t much different than when I was on Paxil. Even when I was taking it, I’d have days where a full blown attack was always a few seconds away. So, the Paxil doesn’t appear to have lowered the number of times I had one, nor does it appear to have lowered the impact of them. If anything, I’m having much...
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A simple comparison of a 2 month old and my new lens
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Taken yesterday. No idea who it was, but it livened up the discussions amongst my coworkers for a while, nonetheless.
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Damn UPS. According to their website Your package is in the UPS system and is on time with a scheduled delivery date of Sep 22, 2005. Which would be nice and dandy if, immediately below it didn’t say Package Progress: Date/Time Location Activity Sep 20, 2005 11:36 P.M. SECAUCUS, NJ, US ARRIVAL SCAN 11:13 P.M. NEW YORK, NY, US DEPARTURE SCAN 8:34 P.M. NEW YORK, NY, US ORIGIN SCAN 6:23 P.M. US...
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145 passengers on Jet Blue flight to attempt emergency landing in LA. They’re going to have to make a hard landing. God be with them.. Update:They made it safe & sound. The Political Teen has the video.
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So, I ordered my new camera lens from Adorama, who in my opinion is one of the few places I trust enough to order such high priced items (B&H Photo Video and Cameta Camera are the others). Their service has always been good, prices are as low as anyone else's, etc. Plus, they’ve been around for a while and I’m comfortable that if something goes wrong with my equipment, they’re going to be there to help get it fixed. Anyway, the lens I purchased is a hot...
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I’ve seen a few, right leaning blogs complain about the fact that the first web site to show up on a Google search for failure is President Bush’s Whitehouse biography. Some people think this proves that Google’s searches are hand mangled to advance some left-wing ideas. Google themselves explain why this isn’t the case. Google's search results are generated by computer programs that rank web pages in large part by examining the number and relative popularity of the...
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So I have this dilemma. As most of you know, I run my own photography business. I prefer children’s photography, but with the newborn, I haven’t had the amount of time I need to put into advertising the way I need to in order to garner some business. I have a shoot this weekend, but it’s a friend and her kids so it’s not like it really counts (although I am getting paid). Mostly, however, I shoot weddings. Here’s the rub. I hate my telephoto lens. Hate it....
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You can't spell "Asshole" without AOL. I wish I could host sites with his company just so I could have him give me tech support.
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Or, in this instance, Microsoft ;) Which this time got me a free lunch and a copy of XP-64 Pro which is nice since my beta copy crapped out on me a while back. So, Jeff & Eric, thanks for the lunch and introducing me to that hole in the wall. Definitely gotta get back there soon!
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Updating my image server to hopefully allow more people to view my pictures. Sorry if the site is slow to load and some of the images break. Hopefully all will be well shortly. Thanks, R Update: Changes have been completed. If any of my readers (all 7 of you. Hi Mom!) have been having problems seeing certain images (like in the post below) please leave a comment so I can gauge if my change was worth a damn? Thanks.
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*Sigh* She’s already 2 months old? The next thing you know, she’ll be sending me pictures of her 2 month old.  
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Helped my brother-in-law brew his first beer yesterday. He’s hooked. The problem is that he and his wife are DINKs, and permanently so. So he’ll have no problems buying the high end brewing equipment that those of us with kids can never afford. Bastard… .popup { COLOR: #9F141A; CURSOR: help; TEXT-DECORATION: none }
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No, not College Girl Porn Tryouts III, I’m talking Photoshop newbies. One would think that a large, well funded group like CAIR could afford someone with better Photoshop skills than this. The sad thing is, I’ve actually considered seeing if I could make a career out of doctoring photographs for those tabloid magazines like Weekly World News, The Enquirer, and Newsweek. I’m actually quite good at putting things in pictures, taking them out, replacing people, etc. I once...
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Where I come from, we call it ‘link-whoring’. But, hey! Whatever sails your schooner.
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So now pledging allegiance to your country is unconstitutional? OK, so I pulled a few words there to sensationalize the issue, a tactic I decry all the time. But the reason I do is going to piss off a lot of my right leaning, Christian friends. Kids reciting the pledge are mindless drones. They have no idea what they’re saying, no idea the sheer importance of what they say and what it means if they betray that sentiment. In many ways, it’s the same concept as why I have a hard...
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Remember this shot of John Kerry’s daughter at the Cannes film festival? The material she was wearing, while opaque to the naked eye (pun very much not intended), became suddenly semi-transparent under direct flash. Well, this weekend I shot a wedding and the groom’s mother’s dress fell prey to the same basic principle. I feel so bad because in all the formal pictures, her choice of undergarments are no longer a mystery (she was wearing much more than Ms. Kerry here). And...
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Ramblings’ Journal King calls it quits. You will be missed, my friend. You will be missed.
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There was a recent movie (past few years) about a group of super heroes, yet the movie apparently didn’t actually show any of the heroes using their powers. Anyone know what movie I’m talking about? I heard it was good and had meant to rent it, but without knowing the title, it’s kind of hard.
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So, I found a story about the dangers of toxins in breast milk and a commenter replied with this link Rocket fuel in breast milk (lettuce, and drinking water too) First, I just want to clarify something. While I’m appreciative of the link, it’s very misleading. It’s not rocket fuel, but a chemical that happens to be used in rocket fuel. You can’t grab a lactating woman, squeeze her breast, and power the space shuttle with the results. However, that aside, I read...
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I have an update on my post the other day griping about the laptop I got to work at home only to be denied network access (which I need in order to work at home). Turns out, the people who actually do the work of getting the USB e-Token that allows you to hop on the VPN apparently weren't included in the email list telling me I couldn’t get one. And in the beauty of the bureaucratic process, my token was delivered this morning. Now the fun will be seeing how long it takes before the...
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A cooler full of ice cold bottled water, juice boxes, and beer!
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So, I do a lot of my work at home. In the past I logged into a Metaframe (a remote control type application) session, then from that box, remotely controlled my desktop computer. I had to do this because it was the only way I could connect to the databases, web servers, and have my development environment available. However, remote controlling a remote controlled session is rather bulky, slow, and prevented me from working on particular files with any sort of ease. So my...
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So I was looking through my referrals, and I reread a comment I made on guns. Just not a 9mm type of guy. I want stopping power over piercing power. When I have enough cash to purchase extra handguns, yes, I would get a 9mm simply because ammo is cheap and the range calls. But for personal protection I want a round that says "Hey! Your left lung and most of your pancreas is behind you on the floor" rather than "Excuse me, just passing through". Man, I crack myself up…..
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As a parent of breastfed children, this worries me. Aug. 29, 2005— Breast milk of a startling number of mothers in the northwestern United States and neighboring Canada contains toxins from widely used flame retardants, a study showed on Friday. The discovery of PBDEs in mothers milk suggests "a major environmental health concern" that demands "quick action," said Clark Williams-Derry of Northwest Environment Watch. "It's time to stop using the flame retardants," Derry said....
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Oprahfication Brought to you by everyone’s favorite (and probably only) armadillo blogger.
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Since fuel costs are soaring, and even though I think they’re going to go up a bit more but eventually come down, I don’t think I’ll be paying $1.50 a gallon ever again. I’ve made the case that buying a new car is out of the question until gas not only reaches $5.25 a gallon, but stays there. However, I’d still like to lower my fuel costs if possible. One way to do so is to convert my engine to use Liquid Propane Gas (LPG). I can find plenty of...
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Went to the ‘local’ gun range yesterday. I say ‘local’ because even though it’s in Tampa, it’s like a zillion miles from me. Anyway, the weeks stress had really bothered me, so I figured punching holes in paper would be a good way to relieve some of it. I took both my .357 Magnum and my .22 rifle. The small holes are from the .22 at the full length of the range, the larger from the .357 at ~25’. The holes at the bottom are me shooting offhand. So, if...
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Buy one of these. It really clears thing up!
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Camp Crawford, Tx – As the deluge of tears threatened to wash away the handful of protesters left, Cindy Sheehan spoke of the horrors the recent flood coverage by the media has had on her cause. Wearing a ‘No Flood For Oil’ t-shirt, Sheehan spoke to a throng of two or three journalism students about the aftermath of the recent Katrina coverage. “It has been awful,” Sheehan said, barely able to conceal the pain in her voice. “This morning, I woke up and was...
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I want to clear something up because there’s a wee bit of confusion, and I want to ensure what I mean gets across. I appreciate any help or sympathy from anyone during the crisis of NOLA. I am thankful there are others in the world who know what the right thing is to do and then do them. Those people, as individuals, are to be considered friends. And the latest reports have 20 – 22 countries offering aid. My comment earlier was directed more at the people who were upset that...
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My congressman is Adam Putnam. I pay close attention to his actions, and regularly check on his voting records. I do most of this proactively by signing up for email alerts and the such. I have regularly emailed him on various occasions, recently over the Kelo decision. And I always get a reply. You can see the form letter base, but it’s usually customized to my particular request. Regardless if Mr. Putnam himself is reading them all, at least I know my concerns are making their way up...
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Several bloggers have commented on the fact that, in the aftermath of Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans, the only country to offer any sort of support has been Israel. Some bemoan the lack of support and find it sad that with all the help we give others, the favor is never returned. And to summarize a comment I’ve left on this – Fuck ‘em. We don’t need their help. We don’t need piles of flowers at some church in a foreign land to help America rebuild what...
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One of my favorite bloggers is Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom. Jeff has the sense of humor that just draws me in time and time again. Plus, the man has a way of dissecting bullshit in a calm manner that I just cannot fathom. I’m a terrible writer. I really am. My brain thinks much faster than my fingers can pound out letters on the keyboard (and you should see how fast I can type). So many times when I sit down to write a post regarding something I’m passionate about, it...
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