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I’m ok with the label ‘gun nut’ because those who use it condescendingly are too beneath me to make it sting and those who use it affectionately know I may enjoy firearms, but I’m far from a nut. I’m also not an extremist who believes every person under the sun should carry a firearm. There are those whose world views are so wrapped up in straw men and ridiculous caricatures that it doesn’t matter what I say here, they believe I just want to shoot people & enjoy seeing others get shot....
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Make sure they receive your attention and not the monster who took their lives.
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I haven’t spoken with my mother in many years. We had a falling out 5 years ago or so and the only communications have been the occasional holiday / birthday card. She has completely missed out on her granddaughters’ growing up and that alone has made me more angry than her ignoring me. Anyway, with my grandmother’s recent passing, I wrote my mother an actual letter. It was to both let her know about my father’s mother (my parents divorced when I was very, very young) as well as letting her...
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One of my favorite web comics, Basic Instructions, has come to an end. I’m going to miss seeing JayG’s doppelganger each week.
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Anti-gunners actually believe us gun owners want to shoot innocent people. They believe that we only want guns so that we can legally kill random people walking around the streets, including women in wedding dresses. They believe this so deeply, they make targets for it. Now, I don’t believe they actually think they’re going to be rolling in the coin selling these targets to us uneducated, toothless murder-machines. It’s a statement that we gun owners practice with thug targets but instead just...
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