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Many moons ago, my wife started complaining about our house. She wanted more room & a pool. She would grouse about this or that and often say things like “I don’t want to retire in this place”. We always would scour Zillow for fun & entertainment and at some point we found a house or two that really piqued our interest. The first one was maybe .5 miles away. It had been abandoned and we drove by it a million times. Kari would often say “We should see what’s up with that house” because...
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Even in China, with all of it’s totalitarian habits, can’t stop guns from flowing. So, tell me how gun control will stop criminals again? Please? I’m really interested in how you’re planning on getting criminals to not make them on their own.
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Being that nobody actually emails you about Viagra or Cialis, it was easy to filter your email for those words. Spammers got sneaky & tried simple misspellings like Cailis and Vigara. That too eventually got caught and tossed into the trash. But spammers are smart. They realize the average IQ is dropping like panties after a six pack of Bartles & Jaymes ‘Summer Peach’ wine coolers, and with spelling skills being replaced by texting, they’re now sending out gems like this ...
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Tornado came through our neighborhood last night. It hit our neighbor’s trees, bringing down massive branches that took out his fence on one side, dropped a >ton branch on the other luckily missing his neighbor’s house by mere inches. Throughout the Book of Faces site, other neighbors had the same thing. Trees felled or branches ripped off and tossed like toothpicks. It hit an intersection a 1/4 mile away that had the fire dept. & police out in force since the damage blocked the road....
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There’s a reason for it. And this is why we must continue to fight this idiocy tooth & nail. This is more than guns, this is totalitarian censorship. When kids cannot mention specific ideas, words, concepts, or describe items, they will forever be lost to the state, unable to communicate properly out of fear. Newspeak. It’s already here folks.
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Today, the house my wife & I were purchasing was bought by someone else. We are selling them all the appraisals & inspections and getting a good portion of our money back, so it’s not a complete loss. We also have two people with offers on our house today as well. Because that’s how God rolls. We did go look at two potential houses tonight, the first was so exciting to me in pictures, but simply didn’t live up to the hype. Plus, it said 5 bedrooms, and there were only 3 and something...
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This whole l'affaire du Ferguson has me just pounding forehead shaped divots into my desk. It’s like everything I cannot stand about humans all rolled into one stupid story. First, nobody really knows what happened. Minus the parts that totally fit with their biases and preconceptions. That stuff is swear on a Holy Bible tight. About the only facts is that a cop shot Michael Brown and Brown died and that Brown had just robbed a convenience store of some Swisher Sweets while roughing up the...
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And finally we’ve lost the house due to Obamacare. My 90 day probationary period is up at work, so we got the health care plans the company offers. The premium for my family is “a nice used car” each year. Plus deductibles. We cannot afford the non-HDHPs and this should scare you since my salary isn’t exactly low. Technically, we could still move, but then we’d barely have enough money left over monthly for things like savings, vacations, retirement, or college funds. Remember, we now have a...
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Many gun-banners are more than happy to blame gun manufacturers or those who sell firearms for the crimes committed by others. In their tiny little minds, they see no issues with blaming person X for the actions of person Y because they want to ban guns & know they cannot do it outright. So the plan to make manufacturing and selling so fraught with peril is a good thing for them. Suddenly, though, the very power they give to harass legitimate businesses ends us harassing legitimate...
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Yesterday, we held our last Open House. Haven’t really spoken with our Realtor yet, just a text from him that said traffic was steady and that 2 couples sought financing (he had a finance lady with him). I’ve heard that before, so I’m not even remotely enthused. The only thing that will even register on my Give-A-Damn-O-Meter is an actual offer backed up with escrow. Other than that, it’s all talk. Here’s where we stand currently. The new house is back on the market. We’re their ‘pocket offer’....
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At 4:30AM, if you don’t know, don’t open the $#&*(@ door!! You can’t claim you are in fear for your life if you actively remove the barrier between you and the threat. Even if someone is trying to kick down your door, you don’t get to open it then shoot them and not expect a bunch of jurors to question your judgment. Toss in you calling it an accident, and enjoy your conviction.
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Tam links to this fascinating piece about a photographer whose camera was used by a monkey to take a selfie and the ensuing argument over who really owns the copyright. Wikimedia, the US-based organisation behind Wikipedia, has refused a photographer’s repeated requests to remove one of his images which is used online without his permission, claiming that because a monkey pressed the shutter button it should own the copyright. Generally, the understood agreement was that whoever pushed the...
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Virgil Guitars is a local shop for me. I’ve seen his work up close & personal with my daughter’s & my guitar teacher, and I was very impressed with the quality and playability. One of my dreams is to one day have a custom made guitar and the actually skill to make it worth while. Virgil is trying to get his name out there a bit more and thus has a Kickstarter campaign. $2600 for a custom made guitar is a steal in my opinion. If I had it, I’d definitely grab one at that price. Just...
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This is the best ad I’ve seen in years. It accurately portrays fatherhood. The dad isn’t some clueless idiot, he accepts his role with the positives and negatives, is a role model rather than something to avoid. I love Cheerios as it is. I plan on buying more.
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Seems he’s had a mild heart attack & stroke. Clayton has been a great resource for our side. If you’re the praying type, sending out a few is a good idea.
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He’s qualified to tell you that you shouldn’t own things he himself is not qualified to use.
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Last evening, a tow truck showed up to our house and took away the Liberty to the scrap yard. This was done unceremoniously. I walked outside to make sure everything was copacetic, and something happened that I was totally not expecting – I felt a deep & profound sadness. It was the *ding* *ding* *ding* from the car letting us know the keys were in the ignition and the door was open that did it. That sound has been with me since 2001 when we bought the thing (even thought it’s a 2002). I...
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