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It's an article of faith amongst the anti-rights bigots that Stand Your Ground laws give people a license to murder!!! Generally the argument goes something like "All a person has to do is claim he was being threatened and they get off, scott-free".  Stories like this, however, tend to whiz all over their fantasy parade. Story goes like this – Two men are in a scuffle. One guy beans the other guy in the melon with a wrench (a very deadly action, mind you). The guy proceeds to...
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Right? A chilling story. Hat tip WizardPC
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Recently, I received a shipment of Fiocchi Small Rifle Primers from Lucky Gunner. Up until this point, I had only used CCI #41's for the 6.8 SPC and had never even looked at the Fiocchi brand, so I was happy to try them out. On Saturday, I took the 6.8 out for a spin with a whole box of ammo loaded up to try them out. I compared the ammo to several magazines of reloads using the CCI primers to see what differences there might be. My recipe for the 6.8 SPC was as follows Silver State...
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I just got an email informing me about WebChronical Gun List. Apparently, it's free to use and they only make money off of advertisements. Check 'em out if you're in the market.
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Saw another neurosurgeon yesterday regarding my neck. Surgery is absolutely out of the question, but she did a better job of explaining why. While my disc is protruding into the epidural space, there's still room for the spinal cord to move so there isn't any real pressure on it from the herniated disc. My neck has experienced some straightening which is normal especially in people who sit in front of monitors all day long. Because of this, my muscles have 'compensated' and at some point,...
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This is one of the many reasons why pants are a bad idea!
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Because it is just too damned beautiful to risk scratches from shooting it You may recall that our own Mike Mers and his buddy Neil traveled to Nebraska to visit with Dave Erikson ( and build a 1911 pistol. Good news the frame of the beautiful pistol they worked on came back from Hard Chroming yesterday! Below are the pictures and as you can see, the Nighthawk Custom frame looks spectacular. Totally drool worthy. Of course, I feel that ache in my soul that I...
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Of running this here blog and I finally got an Instalanche! Thanks Glenn!
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From their news release Tactilite T2 Offers Affordability, Accuracy and Capacity ODESSA, FL (August 22, 2010) – Zel Custom Manufacturing introduces the Tactilite T2, a magazine-fed, bolt-action .50 BMG conversion for AR-15 style rifles. The T2 utilizes a side-mounted magazine design (similar to a Sten gun) on Zel Custom’s unique steel billet upper receiver. As a “firearms accessory”, the Tactilite T2 .50 BMG conversion kit requires no special paperwork, background check or waiting...
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Some info here. I, for one, am glad to see the 6.8 SPC platform going a bit more mainstream. Of course, if you're wanting to get into the 6.8 SPC platform and already have a standard .223 lower, I highly suggest Bison Armory. FTC Disclaimer – I've been sitting all day and my rear end is nice and warm and totally kissable by anyone at the FCC.
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From the NSSF: With the fall hunting season fast approaching, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Lisa Jackson, who was responsible for banning bear hunting in New Jersey, is now considering a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) – a leading anti-hunting organization – to ban all traditional ammunition under the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976, a law in which Congress expressly exempted ammunition. Think ammo is expensive now? Wait until lead is illegal. ...
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I mean, really. The Joyce Foundation has been funding anti-gun bloggers for years.
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I should write a screenplay for a Terminator sequel where instead of the Machines coming back into the past, Paul Helmke goes into the future to try to explain to the resistance why they shouldn't be using guns.
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My youngest started Kindergarten today. Amazing how fast they grow up. Click for full size
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Cars shouldn't try to fly The kid survived that too. Hat Tip Mr. Bingley
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Too busy. Sorry. Seems like when I have the most to say, I have the least amount of time. This might be good for my readers, but it annoys the piss out of me.
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Because a) I bought my wife a new camera for her birthday and b) I haven't posted pictures of them in a while and c) it's my blog and I can do whatever I damn well please.   
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Larry Correia has the details Hi, The Combat Wombat shirt has just been released for Pre Order. We will send the shirt to the printer on October 1st. We hope to be sending them out to arrive at the same time as Larry’s second release from Baen Books in his M.H.I. Saga, “Vendetta”. The logo is a bold 11 inches from side to side and top to bottom. People who Pre Order will be able to have a slogan added to the back. “Now With 70% More Wombat!” for no additional charge. After...
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Lately, I've been blocked by pretty much any blog that ran the Bad Behavior Wordpress plug-in. It got irritating, so I did some searching, and the only information I could glean is that it blocks any browser it is not aware of. I'm running Firefox, I said to myself. I thought maybe it was my Ad-Block or NoScript plug-ins, but that wasn't the case. Then, to make matters worse, I was telecommuting today, and the latest changes someone checked in appeared to break my install at home....
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An operational M41A (the gun from Aliens) Alas, it is not for sale, and even if it were, it would have been built after 86 and thus too dangerous for a mere citizen to own.
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From an article discussing a new Minority Report style iris scanners Do they really think Americans will go for it? Yeah, I guess they probably will. Like they said, their main marketing angle is convenience, and if there's one thing Americans like more than freedom, it's convenience. Sadly, he is correct. This type of technology, while awfully convenient, is fraught with 100% chance of abuse. And many, many people will simply bow down to their masters' feet and beg to not be abused..
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Would you have a problem or not with waiving the waiting period if the purchaser had on his or her person, a firearm? Meaning, Joe Shmoe walks into Baby Killers R Us, and after fondling himself while looking at the Blast-O-Matic R7 (now with interchangeable back straps!) offers to buy it. After passing the background check, the store owner asks if Joe has a concealed permit or if he can show possession. Joe opens up the cased Blast-O-Matic R6 he brought with him, and the store owners completes...
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Finally got to watch it tonight. No spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet, but you simply cannot have asked for a better, final round than that.
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That left a mark, for sure!
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You could pretty much give this same speech today. I can't tell if I should be depressed or hopeful.
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This weekend I loaded up 50 cartridges of 6.8 SPC. My recipe Brass from Silver State Armory Fiocchi Small Rifle Primers (more on these later) Sierra Pro-Hunter 110 Grain Soft Points 28.5 grains Ramshot X-Terminator Powder Loaded to 2.225" OAL Now, I'd not loaded up much of the 6.8 because it was expensive, and my AR tosses the brass into another zip code making losses significant. I managed to snag some brass recently as well as the Fiocchi primers to review (range...
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Would you go hog wild if you were only saving 7% on specific items? Because that's exactly what's happening here where I live. This weekend is a 'tax free' weekend on clothing, shoes, and school supplies and the mall was jam packed. Imagine how much of a boost to the economy you could do if you started cutting taxes nation wide. Being that government jobs seem to be paying so well while the rest of us suffer, I'm not easily swayed by the notion that cutting taxes will somehow harm us more than...
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Just for the paper needed to print these off. Warning labels for newspapers
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Tam (again) What I don't get is this: I have carried a pistol every waking moment for most of my adult and, despite sometimes being mad enough at people to spit nails, I have never, ever drawn that pistol and pointed it at somebody like it was some kind of tool of argument, let alone started busting caps. The screamingly obvious lack of impulse control on this sergeant is appalling; I sincerely question whether he should be allowed out walking around near decent folk. And again, we point...
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So… I have that on Tam.
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Part of my switch to the Glock 20 was thinking I would also shoot USPSA or IDPA competition with my carry piece. Unlike Caleb or Kevin, my goals for shooting competition are more focused around simply becoming a better shooter, not becoming better than other competitors. I understand completely that competitive shooting is not the same as real life, but it's a marked improvement over standing still, only shooting at static targets at a fixed distance. Let's face it, the factory sights on a...
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So the violence fairy will leave me cash! There's not much difference in believing in that than there is in the fairy tale that by limiting firearms that you will somehow lower crime and violence. Especially given that even the historical records from England show that the introduction of firearms lowered the homicide rate. Quoting Sebastian (who gets the Hat Tip) Back then, soldiering was an art form, and those not practiced in it couldn’t stand up to those who were. The firearm changed...
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Airsoft minigun fires close to 10,000 rounds per minute. Watch the video and notice how plastic pellets simply tear up the target into confetti. Your flesh ain't exactly hardened material and I have a feeling getting shot with one of those could be a painful, if not lethal experience. And thus, we come back full circle to the stupid idea that you can ban an object and somehow change people's behavior. The knowledge on how to make a tool that throws an object at high velocity is now commodity,...
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I tossed Kevin Baker a link I knew he'd find interesting, knowing damned well he'd jump on it and rip it apart with his usual aplomb. There was a bit of a scare that I'd have to do the hard work, but alas he came through (in order to not partake in confirmation bias, I'll refrain from commenting on how he nailed this one right out of the park!!!1!) Now, I had read through the speech and at first I was hoping this would be a ray of sunshine but instead I found it turned into a basic manual of...
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Say Uncle links to an interesting concept for a suppressor that uses an adapter and a simple oil filter. This is a legal and registered silencer that is patent pending. It is an adapter that uses a disposable expansion chamber aka a car oil filter. You will get hundreds of shots untill it starts to get loud again. Then all you have to do is throw away the used can and thread another on our adapter. Not something I'd want to try. The ATF isn't known for having any common sense or respect...
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  *My lack of concern should not be misconstrued as willfully wishing harm to Stevens. I simply give him no more concern than I would any other random stranger.
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Sarah says I gave Bro my Mil Pro because his finances have been tight for a while; he just couldn’t swing a gun of his own. Now he has the one that I trusted enough to carry for roughly three years. Hey, he has a wife to think about. He needs to be able to protect her (she’s not 21 yet, so no public carry/totin’ permit for her yet). Mom bought him cleaning supplies for it and I will be shipping him the Crossbreed holster after he gets back from the honeymoon. The anti's only have tragedy...
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A fantastic parable on why central planning can never work Hat Tip RobertaX
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Modding a Glock 20 to have the grip size of a 29. It's like the worst of both worlds, but only to me. I switched from the 29 to the 20 because I needed the bigger grip. Yes, the extra barrel length is nice to have, but the tiny grip was annoying. I almost considered simply extending the grip and keeping the shorter barrel, but I figured I'd just get a whole new gun instead. However, it would appear that's not the case for this guy.
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When I'm doing a Vicious Circle, I'm kind of chained to my desk in the office with the door shut. Normally, when I'm on the phone, I pace around the house, but since I can't do that on VC, I tend to doodle. You've seen my doodles here and here, and both of those had purposes. Last nights was just a ball point pen and absolutely no clue as to what I was going to draw. It just kinda came out as the pen ran across the paper. This isn't supposed to represent anyone in particular nor has any...
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Being that Lucky Gunner is helping keep the lights on here (you are clicking on the ad, aren't you?), I found this article a fascinating read Knoxville, TN (PRWEB) August 4, 2010 Like most industries in America from the fall of 2008 until recently, the online ammunition business has been a roller coaster ride.’s story is like most American success stories: a combination of hard work, overcoming adversity, entrepreneurial innovation, and a touch of good fortune. The...
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Stunning Logo Design By Yours Truly The latest Vicious Circle is up starring your not so humble host, Alan, JayG, Whitebread, Kevin Baker, and aepilotjim as "Harvey the walrus". And yes, the cat deserved every last bit of what he got.
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Just got an email entitled "Hot Virginia Amberjack Action!" I hit the "Mark as Junk" button and as it was disappearing down the spam-hole, I saw it was from The Outdoor Channel. I guess Virginia Amberjack isn't the name of a porn star. Oops.
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I hate Twitter with a passion. I have an account, tried it for a bit, realized character limits suck, and promptly left it in the dust. I realize some people cannot live without Twitter and others believe it is a great communication tool. Fine, I love freedom and that choices that come with it. If you have a blog, however, why in the hell do you post your Twitter tweets???? I mean, if I want to read your tweets, I'll follow you. If I'm not following your tweets because 256 or less characters...
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OK… everyone, including myself, needs to take a deep breath and relax over this post. Let's get some thing out of the way. The post was meant as a macabre joke. Picture #7 in the slideshow, for those who don't care to see such gruesome imagery, is someone with the top half of his head literally blown off. You can see the inside of the skull because his think box had been forcefully ejected. So, brain eating zombies would be sad. Hah hah, lol, etc. At the end, I made a snarky comment about...
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When gPal first came on board, many gunnies (including myself) were thrilled that there was an alternative to the anti-gun PayPal. Some people were cautious because it was a new company, but I recall others vouching for them and decided to use them for my tip jar. What follows is my recent interaction with them. This is not a blanket statement regarding gPal, nor has anyone else contacted me regarding this. This is simply anecdotal, nothing more, nothing less. Recently I sold my 6.8 SPC AR...
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The Armed Citizen could use your help We are going to fight this outrageous lawsuit–and we’re going to need some money to fight.  The latest lawsuits filed against other parties involve copyright infringements based on “four paragraphs,” properly attributed and linked back to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  Will you be allowed to quote two paragraphs?  One paragraph?  One sentence? Please: not only for the gun rights community, but for the future of scholarly...
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This picture accompanies the definition A lone gunman. Orders everyone to the floor. Now, his attention is on the teller. That lady you see in the back? She could have taken out the thief and at that angle, more than likely had little to worry about as far as what lay beyond her target. I am armed when I go to the bank. Laws that would bar me from doing so do not stop thugs like this guy. 155 grain projectiles at >1000 fps do a pretty go job of stopping them, though.
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Cartel gun battle. Warning, some of the pictures (like #7) are very grotesque. Luckily, our borders are secure and we don't have to worry about this stuff spilling over into… wait. Never mind.
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Fix the criminal system In March 2004, five months after the raid, Mr Norris was indicted, handcuffed and thrown into a cell with a suspected murderer and two suspected drug-dealers. His crime. Selling orchids. On the side. The feds claimed he was the Kingpin of an international flora smuggling ring. No proof, mind you, but his legal bills exploded and he was forced to plead guilty. Instead of the justice system working like it should, it turned out to pretty much rest on who had the most...
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JayG at the Third Annual Northeast Bloggershoot
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Over at Misfires and Light Strikes
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Only without the gun show. Or the loophole. Just sold off a pistol sans background check. That's gotta burn Josh Sugarmama's twisted little knickers.
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