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Say Uncle emailed a link to this video showing a rather interesting course of fire at a shooting match Interestingly enough, someone had pointed this out on IRC this morning. I believe the concept is to illustrate how fast an attacker can cover 21 feet. Caleb mentioned in the email chain That is really fast, wow.  I'd hate to have a COF where you had to hit that from the leather. Which made me think. Consider that if you are out and about, carrying your gun concealed, could you...
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The Micro Tavor. Looks a bit funky, but it does appear to get the job done.
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Went to Dick's this weekend to sign the youngest up for soccer. While I was there, I went by the ammo counter. Outside of the one caliber I needed (.380 Auto), the shelves were packed. This is good. The prices had gone up, which isn't as good, but that is to be expected. They didn't have any large boxes of .22 that I like (Remington Golden Bullets work the best in my .22), but they had them in other brands, so that's at least good. Dick's has decent prices on #7½ shells too if you buy them...
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So, I keep seeing these signs while driving - "Adult Co-Ed Kickball". I guess doubles hopscotch and adult red rover were hot last season.
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4 boxes of 12 gauge with nothing but a t-shirt twixt you and the butt stock tends to leave a mark I think if I really start to get into this, I'm going to need a padded shirt or something.
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A Bonefish Grill near Glenn decides that the law abiding are not welcome I've let them know of my displeasure I recently have been alerted to a sign from one of your Tennessee stores that indicates that your company equates law abiding gun owners with criminals ( Is this corporate policy? Because if so, then I'm more than happy to take my business elsewhere. Please be aware that this particular sign has started gaining attention on the...
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Greg and I hit Silver Dollar Shooters Club today for my very first trap shooting. Just like sporting clays, I'm hooked. And I didn't totally suck, either. The third game, I kept count and I scored a 21. Not bad at all for only really shooting targets with a shotgun a few times. Didn't think about bringing a camera, but next time I just might. I learned a few things Racking your pump action shotgun can set off the voice activated thrower. The little sponges on the ground are a great...
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Apparently, I may have a future as a hand model in Italy. Thanks Joe!!!
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(12:43:47 PM) Me-Gmail: Hmmm... New Ansible idea. Comments by me are highlighted differentlly. So you can easily scroll right to the AWESOME (12:44:05 PM) Greg: good idea (12:44:27 PM) Greg: are you keeping track of all commenters? add an "awesomeness" rating and colorize by it (12:44:45 PM) Me-Gmail: I should do that too. SHould be rather easy to retrofit (12:44:47 PM) Greg: so like, if Tam left a comment, it would be bright red, whereas JadeGold would be white text on a..
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Going trap shooting tomorrow with Greg. I've shot sporting clays, but never trap. I am now actively looking for a bandoleer to hold my shells. Two, if I can manage it. And a LARGE sombrero.
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Can't help it. Back when Metallica was actually cool, they made "Kill 'Em All". To listen requires the volume be set to 11. Every here and there, I run across it in my MP3s (Yes, Lars Ulrich you whiney douche, I ripped them from CD's I purchased back when CDs were still considered new) and I just have to crank it.
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Say Uncle points me to Take a Vet to Lunch. A worthy cause in my opinion.
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Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy has kicked the bucket. Being the foe of freedom he was, you won't see me shed a tear over it. Call me cruel, call me shallow, call me whatever, I don't care. The man came from a family that thinks of themselves as some sort of aristocrats and did more to harm liberty in this country than he did to promote it. Unfortunately, it's going to be weeks of wall to wall coverage of someone who was nothing more than a public servant, but he'll be treated like a...
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But just being stupid isn't a felony I’m handling a case right now out of Sebastian, Florida. My client goes into his regular bank, National City Bank, in Sebastian, where he’s been banking for ten years or more – and tells them he wants to withdraw a rather large sum of money in cash. Even though it’s his money, even though he has an absolute right to take it out anyway he wants to – the male bank official he’s dealing with tries to talk him into taking it out as a cashier’s check –...
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Marko speaks complete and utter sense. Too bad you can't argue with the illogical using logic.
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From Shirt.Woot.Com, this was for sale a few days ago, but I missed it.   I should get those printed up as targets.
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So, I tried to make Molten Lava Cake for the Mrs yesterday as it was her birthday. Due to certain individuals failing to read all the directions and grabbing unsweetened chocolate by accident, let's just say failure was imminent. They were disgusting, solid, and turned to ash in your mouth. Which was sad, because Kari has really looked forward to having it for her birthday. It really put a damper on things. So tonight, I tried again. To GREAT success It's a fairly simple recipe and takes...
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Meet Molly. She's a new gun blogger and a competitive shooter. Molly is 12. At over 1/3rd my age, she is already leaps and bounds above my skill level. From what I've read, she has a good head on her shoulders and is someone to watch in the gun community. Nothing warms my heart more than to see young kids safely enjoying the sport. Welcome aboard, Molly! Hat Tip Sailorcurt
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Here's a fun game. Count how many times you use the word "actually". I'm quite shocked how often we use that word as filler.
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What is 'tactical'? I never think in terms of tactical. I think in terms of utility and reliability. Will the firearm put the round where I need it each and every time? That's the first thing. Any doodads I can hang off the side that might assist me in those endeavors are secondary in nature, and rarely make it past the "Man, that looks cool. Too bad it costs money" stage. I don't have anything besides the standard plastic hand guards on my AR. Sure, rails would look cool, but...
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But probably not in the way you're thinking. Dr. Ruth – IDF Sniper Update – Linoge brings up a good point I wonder what she thinks of the specious and laughable argument that hoplophobes put forward about firearms being compensation for lacking male genitalia, what with being a woman, a remarkably skilled sniper, and a doctor of human sexuality I think we should ask her. Really.
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That first shot always makes 'em smile. That should cause the Brady's a few sleepless nights.
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Determination. He has it.
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Free cat shawls.
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No blood on the swirly slide, surprisingly.
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When you see a loaf of 12 grain bread and immediately think "Damn… that's light"
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This morning, I had a classic song stuck in my head, "Flaming June" by BT. It's from 1997, so technically it's a classic, and I figured since it's considered and anthem for the electronica scene, surely iTunes or Amazon would have it for sale. No dice. You can buy an album with that song on it for $9, but I don't want an album. I just wanted that one song. Oh well, they could have made sale.
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As in, I'm nearing an experience that might end in my death. Namely the Mrs' birthday is in a few days and I have no freaking clue what to get her. She's not helping either. I'm screwed.
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Bill Quick picked himself up a rather cool, retro tube clock radio. Plus he has an old, rotary phone that really matches. But there's something a bit more modern in that picture. Can you spot it?
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Sorry Brady's, even the Whitehouse agrees that people have the right to carry firearms even at political events.
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Much has been said about a certain person carrying an AR-15 type rifle openly near where Obama was going to be speaking. Surprisingly, many of those I consider like minded speak derisively of this man and his actions. What is about to follow is my view on this, but I have to give a disclaimer. I'm tired as hell, I'm already grumpy from other stuff from my day, and writing longish posts is hard for me. I'll be all over the place using bad language, worse grammar, and more than likely looking...
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As an avid Rule #7 kind of guy, I like these. Oh, and I'd like to welcome Dixie Carpet Bagger to the blogroll!
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Murdoc at GunPundit has a story about an older woman who was feeding bears right up until one bear thought granny looked like a tasty snack. He then says Randy Cassingham covered this on his This Is True newsletter, and he lives in the area. Go read his blog for some personal comments on the situation and a few related photos. If you're like me, you'll soon realize it's not those kinds of photos. I'm both disappointed that those aren't the pictures I was thinking of and disappointed in...
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Not only do we have Kevin Baker, we have Joe Huffman. On bringing a new shooter to the range At about 10 feet nearly all of her shots were within the black. After about 20 rounds she told me, "Maybe I should buy a gun." I said we could talk about it after we got outside. I did a little bit of shooting with the Buck Mark and my Gun Blog 45 then we left. In the parking lot I asked her about why she wanted a gun. The answer was the economy is probably going to get worse and...
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Driving into work this morning, I was greeted by giant plume of smoke arcing over the horizon. I believe they launched a Delta II this morning. Looked really cool with the sun rise shining through the plume. What was the most interesting is the fact that the plume looked almost like a rainbow, as if the rocket tried its damndest but didn't quite make it and came back to Earth. This is an illusion, for the most part, as the rocket is going straight, it's us on Terra Firma that are rotating. I...
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Well, tomorrow officially marks the end of my vacation as it also marks the Mrs' first day on her new job. Kids start school next week. Life moves on. I gotta hit the range, and soon…
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So, I'm working on implementing pingbacks in Ansible. So far, this is the trickiest little part of the blog engine so far. First, I have to send pingbacks. Each time I create a new post, I have to parse all the code for links, cue them up, then try to ping each one. This means following the link, scraping all the HTML, and looking for the pingback URL. This can be in a <LINK> tag or included in the header. I'm stuck right now as to how to handle post updates. I tend to fudge things up...
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Glenn tells us a tale SCENES FROM A NEW AMERICA: So I dropped the girls off at a movie, and — since the Insta-wife was lunching with her mom — stopped at a Sonny’s Barbecue for lunch. A man — late 40s, big, with a wife and a daughter — came in with an empty holster on his belt. As he sat down at the booth next to mine, the manager came by and asked him if he’d left his gun in the car. Yes, said the man, who had a permit but thought he wasn’t allowed to carry in restaurants in Tennessee.....
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Sherriff Greg White speaking about armed civilians faring better in hit potential than police and why they should be allowed to be armed on a college campus. Let that sink in for a minute. Never mind, don't let that sink in, let that STAIN your thinking. Hat tip Clayton Cramer
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So… anyone have any thoughts on Stoeger? I was looking at their Condor Competition Over Under for sporting clays. $600 isn't ridiculous, especially considering the costs of many other shotguns, but I know nothing of Stoeger. If I were to get an O/U, I'm not looking at getting the top of the line model. My main concern is utility. I want to pull the trigger, have it go boom, pull the trigger again, and have another boom. Anyone have any experience with Stoeger or other suggestions?
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I'm back. No way to catch up on all my RSS feeds. Just going to have to accept a week's worth of lost news and entertainment. So, just marking everything as read and moving on. The dog was agnostic about my return. I think she's just basically shell shocked. The cats are cats. One is still in hiding and the other is just now starting his 3 day meowing marathon that happens any time we're gone for a few. Of course, every vacation leaves you tired and ready for a vacation, which leaves you...
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Aahhhhhh.... Ain't done nuthin' but sit on the beach or just float in the ocean. Today, I was swimming with Georgia and I noticed a large, dark shape swimming our way. Not wanting to alarm her, I just started swimming towards the shore, an it turned out to be a manatee!Later, there were some dolphins swimming near by, and the girls loved that. Plenty of time left, too.
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All, It's going to be a quiet week here at Casa De Marble. I'm going to be spending some quality time with the family and won't be near the computer much, if at all. So, don't freak out if you don't see any posts from me for a few days. I'm not running off to march with PETA and meet up with Paul Helmke for drinks or anything. Just a little vacation to relax a bit and try to enjoy life for a while. Y'all hold down the fort for me while I'm gone, won't you? See you later! -Robb
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Recently I've blogged about Tactilite and their 50BMG upper for the AR. Well, they've gone and made an upper in .416 Barrett (the only known caliber capable of making Chuck Norris flinch) ODESSA, FL (August 9, 2009) – Due on the success of the Tacilite .50 BMG, Zel Custom Manufacturing has released,today, a new line of Tactilite that convert a standard AR-15 into a .416 Barrett bolt-action rifle. The Tactilite, a complete upper assembly that allows a user to quickly convert an AR-15...
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See more funny videos and TBT Videos at Today's Big Thing.
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Ain't said nuthin' about no pants
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Casa de SaaM is not a tactical house, and it is one thing that I never considered when I bought it. It's basically the letter L with the girl's bedrooms at one end and ours on the other. The only entrances are at the crook of the L, so if there's a break in, it's most likely going to happen between my daughters and I. Using rule #4, I know what lies beyond which parts of the walls. I've determined safe areas that won't cover where my daughters are most likely to be in case of needing to fire a.
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AA15 Lower Receiver (Stripped) $100.00. Buy 5 or more for $85 each Anvil is who engraved my AR. I wish I had known about them before I purchased my lower, I'd have saved quite a bit of money.
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Apparently, it's the bar's owners! A bar owner took an 11-year-old girl's skateboard at gunpoint and was charged with armed robbery, police said. Jack Connerton, 50, was angry over children cutting through his parking lot on skateboards, according to authorities. If he's guilty, I hope his ass spends a good amount of time in jail. I protect the rights of people to own firearms and use them legally. Taking an 11 year old girl's skateboard isn't a valid self defense scenario.
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That the lefties are getting their collective panties in a wad over this is just fascinating If you could convert hypocrisy to electricity, even at an 80% loss, you could run Al Gore's house for days off of it.
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Something you don't normally find in news articles, but this Middletown Journal article happens to have just that. When it comes to gun safety and kids, there is serious disagreement — some people advocate letting children become comfortable with firearms, while others say to keep them far away. “It’s about education and parents instructing kids properly,” said Hamilton police Detective Dan Stevenson. “Take the mystique away from them.” In his view, exposing children to firearms and...
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This weekend, my oldest daughter was in her first play, 101 Dalmatians. She had been going every weekday to drama camp for two weeks, and this Saturday was their performance. Georgia had several parts. She was Narrator #1, a puppy, and one of the boxers. As Narrator #1, she had the first line and had a solo speaking part (the only one, if I recall). With her puppy outfit that she made and her makeup, she was just too cute She did really well. She nailed her lines, sang loudly enough, and...
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JayG has pictures up from the Bloggershoot.
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