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Here's a video of Todd Jarrett instructing us in the shoot house, using the Crimson Trace laser grip as a teaching guide This was what made the training so effective. Watch how quickly Todd can observe Sebastian's shooting, literally just watching the laser bounce around, and how he can determine what's going on. You'll also notice that Sebastian's shots are damned good, too.
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Joe Huffman had his fancy schmancy camera with him at the Para USA / Blackwater summer camp. Being a decent SLR, he was able to get some fantastic pictures. Especially this one Now, I'm not going to comment on what a gorgeous set of hands those are (hint - they're mine), but I wanted to highlight (a) that this was a cool shot and (b) the Witness Marks that Todd put on our hands. I used Photoshop to darken them up for by this time I had sweat so much they were hard to see (unedited pic can be...
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John Noble was handing out gun rights flyers near a Barack Jesus 2.0 Obama rally. He was also, quite legally open carrying his Glock pistol. Guess who got arrested for it? Is he remorseful for what he did? Asked if it was wise to carry a gun near the Obama event, Noble said: "His rights don't trump mine." Amen brother, amen. What bothers me is that this happened near the rally. Then the police had the hope and audacity to arrest him because he "created a clear public alarm and caused a...
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This is very disturbing. Apparently, guns are not illegal enough in jolly 'ol England The variety of weapons on offer in Britain is extensive and includes machine guns and shotguns, as well as pistols and converted replicas. A source close to the trade in illegal weapons contacted by the Guardian listed a menu of firearms that are available on the streets of the capital. "You can get a clean [unused] 9mm automatic for £1,500, a Glock for a couple of grand and you can even make an order for a...
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I have nothing but respect for Mrs. Palin. When this is one of the first things she does as Governor Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin plans to sell her predecessor’s lavish private jet on the Web auction site eBay, grounding a plane that became a lightning rod of criticism for former Gov. Frank Murkowski. Palin said in a statement the purchase of the corporate-style jet was impractical and unwise. Her news release, issued late on Tuesday, was accompanied by a photograph of the plane and a person...
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I should print this up for my yard
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But succumbed to peer pressure anyway Update - Why the hell not? Buy it here!
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But it appears that a specific Alaskan governor has been picked up by the McCain Straight Talk Express airplane. I don't understand why this hasn't been the #1 thought out of the gate. Palin would totally DEFLATE the Obama campaign. Conservatives would show up in droves to vote for her (McCain would be an afterthought). Hospitals would be overflowing with Progressives who tie themselves in a knot trying to figure out how they can slam a woman without being a misogynist although it's a guarantee...
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 (Picture taken by Don at The Armed School Teacher)
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Well, isn't this pleasant? DADE CITY - A 16-year-old boy was arrested at Moore-Mickens Education Center by police Wednesday morning, accused of plotting to shoot up his school and making threats on his MySpace page. Here's a free tip, kiddies, from your Uncle Robb - MySpace is probably not the best place to describe your intentions to cause mischief and mayhem. It would be like walking into a bank and yelling "I'm going to rob this place next week, Wednesday around 3:12!" Surprise is a...
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I get to work this morning at 0 dark thirty and realize I had left my wallet at home which contained my badge to get in the building. Later, the Mrs. instant messages me to let me know I left my cell phone too. I had to check to make sure I remembered the pants. Lucky me.
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Alas, no matter how hard I try, I cannot find anything online regarding flaming midgets riding tricycles. Sorry Caleb and Tam, I've failed you both.
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So, on my flight out of Tampa I had to declare my weapon. Guns are like Schrödinger's cat, apparently if a TSA agent observes them, the all danger goes away. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with having to declare a firearm. By having your weapon and ammunition inspected, more eyes can be placed on a situation where some carelessness could cause harm. Loose cartridges could easily slam into something during the turbulence incurred in air travel that cause the primers to go pop (which...
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No thanks, we have plenty of arguments on our own.
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There was once a company that produced a dry cake mix that only required water to be added. When they ran taste tests, apparently the cake was borderline phenomenal, and they thought they had a sure fire hit on their hands. It wouldn't sell. You see, nobody believed that a cake mix that didn't require eggs or fats could possibly be any good. The company eventually changed their formula to add eggs, and sales went through the roof. Para USA is going to have the same problem with their Tactical...
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So, I'm sitting around the other day with Todd Jarrett, something I'm known to do from time to time, and we were just shooting the breeze. Unfortunately, when Todd Jarrett shoots the breeze, he hits it every time, which really upset the kids across the street who were trying to fly their kites. Todd, being the gentleman he is, felt bad and sent each of the kids a fruit basket with a note that said "If your going to miss, you're going to miss low - TJ". What a guy! Anyway, I had popped a few...
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Caleb referred to me as an Ass Clown. I can deal with that. You can listen to it here.
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Remember folks, don't get pissed about the butter at an LDS outing Hope they found what they were searching for.
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Greg talks about how he views Para USA's outreach to bloggers There is clearly a need to make your company stand out in a field of glitzy advertising. Innovation isn't enough to sell a product, and traditional PR thinking does not include embracing the "New Media". Early adopters of a new medium are the real risk-takers, especially when it can mean the success or failure of a business. However the risk can pay off huge if it succeeds. Many companies are starting to "dip their toes in the...
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Ahab and Squeaky are doing a post Para Gun Nuts show tonight. I need to tune in even though 11:00 PM is so way past my bed time. Please, give them a listen at This trip was amazing and while I know I'm just making people more jealous, there was a lot of good information available that we're more than ready to share.
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A guy at work just got through being thoroughly flummoxed upon discovering that not only are hollow points not illegal, but that you can buy them at Wal-Mart. His thought was that hollow points do a lot of damage to which I actually replied "That's the fucking point!" You don't shoot someone to give them a skin rash...
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Unless, you know, there's no butter When 48-year-old Frankie Lewis couldn't get any butter on Sunday from the buffet line, police say he pulled his knife on members and threatened to cut them.
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J.R. took this shot of me knocking down some steel What's really cool is how the plate is halfway down, and you can see I'm already level and ready to shoot again. I need to lean in just a bit more, though.
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From Sebastian's picture of me "Robb giving us the glamour pose" Justthisguy says: Y’know, I was thinking about saving Joe’s chimp-typing pic of Robb to my hard drive, to show to Robb’s kids later so they could use it for blackmail data (ed - he's talking about the last picture here), but then I thought; how can you blackmail somebody who does not understand the concept of shame?
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I shit you not, this is what we rode around in  Photo by Joe Huffman There were these vehicles scattered all about. They had the keys in them. Blackwater told us to use them as we needed. They had bullet holes, simunition marks, shattered glass, dents, scratches, and even with all that they ran (and even the radios worked). Here's a few more pics of the vehicles  
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You know, there didn't seem to be too much support for Barack Ha-Cha-Cha Obama at Blackwater. Oddly, those who are tasked with protecting the US, those who wish to learn how to protect themselves, and those who help service those in training don't seem to impressed by Barry. Not that anyone I talked to seemed to be overly enthusiastic about Col. Tigh either, but where they were cool on McCain, they were downright hostile with Obama. When Biden was added into the mix, everyone just laughed. I...
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Here's a shot of the witness marks Todd Jarrett put on our hands. That's Kevin's mitts on the left, then mine, then Say Uncle's. Since I had to hold the camera, it's only my right hand. I have no idea where Uncle's hand was, although I can assure you it was nowhere near my buttocks. What you can't see, and probably the most important mark, is the one on Kevin's right thumb that is aligned with the one on his left hand. To do this, Todd had us grip the pistol. He moved the pistol until it was...
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And there's tacticool Check out your favorite blogger in action That's Joe Huffman on the left. I'm wearing gloves for two reasons. One, Blackhawk gave 'em to me and I wanted to take them out for a spin. Two, I noticed my grip kept slipping and the gloves helped a ton with that. The stage went as follows. You were to engage the steel plate directly in front of you with 2 hits, then take cover, placing two shots on a mover if it came into play. Then take down the last 6 plates (again, placing 2...
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I was putting away all my gear a few minutes ago and had to load my pistol. I asked Irelyn, who is three, "What does Daddy have in his hands?" She said "a gun". "And what do you do if you see a gun?" I asked. "SHOOT!" she replied, quite enthusiastically.
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Ok, I'm finally home and have some time to actually do some blogging. I was having a hell of a time getting the pictures up, and honestly this trip was worthless without pictures (click on 'em to embigginate) First off, I'd like to talk about the Para USA pistol we got to use. The one I chose was the single stack, .45 ACP with the LDA - Light Double Action trigger. The LDA is about a 3.5 pound trigger that operates almost like my Glock 29's trigger. While the operation was similar, that's...
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Is better than a great day at work. And I proved that today. I learned a valuable lesson today. I suck. I suck bad. I need to really practice a lot more. In fact, I'd venture to say I was near the worst shooter here. It turns out, shooting at static targets using the weaver stance at the indoor range doesn't translate well into the kinds of shooting I did today. I didn't do too bad when I moved and shot, in fact I did well in that phase, but I couldn't hit the Earth shooting at 25 yards. Todd...
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But that little son of a gun can shoot. Todd Jarrett kept asking him when he could take classes from him.
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Right here in the USA! Friday, we were treated to a ride on the Blackhawk bus. All I can say is wow.     That was a great ride, but Blackhawk is also a great company. After several companies closed their manufacturing shops and moved them out of the country, not only did Blackhawk buy the facilities, but rehired all the employees as well. Their product line is fantastic. We received a great presentation of their company plus an overview of a lot of their product lines. I was impressed with...
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So Virginia laws require that if you enter an establishment that serves alcohol you must openly carry. So, for the first time I openly carried my firearm in public. Nobody ran screaming that there was a man with a gun. I didn't shoot the waitress because she didn't fill up my water on time. I didn't have the urge to murder a throng of school children. And God bless America, for dinner I had deep fried nuggets of steak drenched in BBQ sauce. I have pictures, but I don't have a USB cable to get...
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Well, at least to Norfolk. Ahab and I, of course, said hello and went right to our laptops. I totally failed to scope out Virginia's gun laws. Hopefully I don't end up in a cell somewhere.
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The Wonderful Wizard of Guns Oh, this is so worth the plane trip. I'll post as soon as I can, Internet gods willing. Wish us luck (and Todd too, for having to put up with a bunch of misfits). -Robb P.S. Apparently, pants are required for the training.
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DoubleTapper keeps us up to date every Friday. There's just something so damned sexy about chicks and guns.
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From Greg this entire para thing is gonna generate a cloud of sarcasm/snarkiness so dense that you'll need infrared goggles to get from the hotel to the range Greg's talking about the natural instinct of gunbloggers to be sarcastic and Para's possible shock at said tendency.
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Yeah, I sounded like an idiot. But it was fun. It was a little harder than I thought. There's a slight delay, and since you have to 'compete' for air space (you can't all talk at the same time) it's hard to make jokes in the style I normally do. So I had to work hard not to be my normal goofy self. I hope to be there again some time. Give it a listen!
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8 minutes until the show. Sleep... calling...
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Not content to just be quoted fibbing, John Rosenthal spews his lies in person at the Huff. I'd sign up and get an account, but there's toenail lint that needs to be picked.
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Britain Needs Guns Do We Really Need More Guns In British Society ? Yes, because gun control causes more problems than it solves.    You would think that if gun control was going to work anywhere, it would work on a little island surrounded by water. Yet Britain has seen a massive rise in shootings, and it's not getting any better. How can it make sense to use laws to protect us from people that don't obey laws ? Gun control only serves to give people a false sense of security. It doesn't...
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Oh Lord, it simply doesn't get any more Pants Shittiness than this. The gun-control activist whose provocative billboards have been turning heads along the Massachusetts Turnpike for 13 years today will unveil one of his most eye-popping messages yet - a fake neon advertisement for American gun shows where people can buy weapons, no questions asked. "We Sell Guns! No ID required. No background checks. Criminals and terrorists welcome!" the billboard peals. "Gun shows are the equivalent of...
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I seem to recall University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer saying "I'm a parent. My daughter (Nicole) is going to college and a college campus is supposed to be the safest place in America," he said. "That made me think. Certainly, if they're going to play on our team, there's no place for them. If you have to have a gun, the Constitution says you're allowed to have one, but not at the University of Florida. I'm old school. I don't believe in that." Of course, his beliefs only go so far....
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Seems a few people are getting the hint that airports aren't quite as gun free as they think Officials at the world’s busiest airport apparently overstated their case last month when they declared Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International a “gun-free” zone. Truth is, hunters, competitive shooters and other fliers tote hundreds of guns — some of them high-powered weapons — and thousands of rounds of ammunition through nonsecure areas of Hartsfield-Jackson every year. “The claim it was a...
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First day of school again. Irelyn goes back to Pre-K, Georgia starts Kindergarten. You can't stop them from growing up, but that doesn't make it any easier.
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Me. And, for your enjoyment, I'll be doing the show in the nude. We're going to be talking about the Para Ordnance trip to Blackwater. The other guest will be the one and only Joe Huffman. I'm excited! Unfortunately the show is at 11:00, which on any normal day has me asleep already for about an hour and a half. I'll have to stock up on Red Bull and No-Doz, I guess. Should be a good show. I mean, it'll have ME on it. That should put it into the stratospheric level or something.
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Today is my 10th anniversary at my job. You'd think someone would have figured it out by now, but surprisingly, I'm still employed. Bring on the SOLITAIRE!
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I feel Michael's pain ...just got home and am now dealing with catastrophic failure on my main computer...dead as a freakin' brick...well, doesn't that just suck? Yes, Mike, it does. It really does.
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I'm getting all anxious. It's a short week since I fly out on Thursday. Somehow, I've got to pack everything very well this time around since I'm going to try to get by with just a single suitcase and nothing else. Mostly because due to a clerical error (i.e. the Mrs. didn't see it), I ended up flying US. Airways on the way back which means $15 for luggage. I don't want any carryon except whatever I can hold in my hand which is probably my Children of Dune book I'm working on right now. Now,...
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And Christmas Ornaments
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A year ago today, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, she's still here. I didn't realize the date, but saw she had left me an instant message when I got home tonight from going out. Here's to the next several batches of 365, Mom. I love you.
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Armed teachers in Texas, and now Disney is backing away from its total employee gun ban stance NEW YORK (Associated Press) - Walt Disney World is revising its employee gun ban policy. That's according to a company memo obtained Friday. With the change, some Disney employees will be allowed to keep a gun locked in a car as long as the employee has a concealed-weapons permit, the gun isn't visible, and the weapon isn't taken out of the car. Good. That's logical. A firearm in a glove box poses no...
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You don't need to do a rain dance, you simply have to get dressed and try to mow your yard. Then it'll pour, every time.
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But I got 100% of the notes playing Superbus' Radio Song on Guitar Hero III last night. Which, technically isn't all that much since my girls love the song and make me play it over and over for them. I should have probably been able to beat it on Expert by now.
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Yes, I've actually desired a Weatherby and now, if I make a video whining about it enough, my dream of having ANOTHER gun to feed might just come true. The trip to the Weatherby factory would be cool too.
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Or you might miss it. Here's some pretty kick ass high speed photography The flashes I have aren't fast enough for this type of work. The on camera flash I have (Nikon SB-800) is reported to be able to freeze a bullet mid flight, but triggering it is a bit trickier. Still, I'd love to build a sound trigger some day.
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From an IM conversation Gregory says:if you can't laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at?Robb Allen says:YouRobb Allen says: Retarded kids Robb Allen says:The handicapped Robb Allen says:It's easy, actually
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Why do I have the feeling the weapon in question was not automatic in nature? Sheriff's deputies records show the victims called 9-1-1 sometime around 9:30 p.m., telling emergency operators they had been robbed at gunpoint. One man held the victims at bay with his sub-machine gun, while the other suspect pistol-whipped the man with a Desert Eagle .45 caliber handgun and demanded his jewelry, the victims told deputies. Being that machine guns are highly regulated and these two oxygen wasters...
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Justin sayeth If your goal in a gunfight is to remove your attacker’s ability to form short term memories or solve complex math problems then by all means, shoot for that forehead.
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Rapid Growth Found in Oxygen-Starved Ocean ‘Dead Zones’ A study to be published Friday in the journal Science says the number of these marine “dead zones” around the world has doubled about every 10 years since the 1960s. About 400 coastal areas now have periodically or perpetually oxygen-starved bottom waters, many of them growing in size and intensity. Combined, the zones are larger than Oregon. Emphasis mine. If I were to only read this article, I'd probably think the ocean will not be able...
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This makes total sense When classes start Aug. 25 at the tiny Harrold school district, there will be one distinct difference from years prior — some of the teachers may have guns I would have no problem sending my own children to a school that allowed teachers to carry firearms or other weapons. Why would I? I carry weaponry myself. This is a refreshing piece of news!
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Ready to get spitting mad? The elderly Ted increases my blood pressure a few points with this article. Seems like some petty tyrant has issued a curfew due to crime. Said tyrant doesn't think anyone has any reason to be outside at whatever time he feels they shouldn't. “Now if somebody wants to sue us, they have an option to sue, but I’m fairly certain that a judge will see it the way the way the citizens see it here,” Mayor James Valley said. “The citizens deserve peace, that some...
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Mechanic called. Wife's car needed a new radiator. $700 makes quite the wooshing sound when it leaps out of your bank account...
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Just got this email After much consideration, I have decided to close the doors on THE MADMAN RAVES. I had a grand ol' time blogging but I'm afraid other Life Matters arecalling for my greater attention.  Rather that do a slipshod job onthe blog, I've chosen to stop. It's been fun chatting with everyone on comments and email.  Thanksfor the back and forth linking.  I'll still read from time to time sodon't be surprised if I pop up in a comment. You're all doing a fantastic job.  Please keep...
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I even got hits when my server was dead Yesterday was a pretty good day. Too much work to keep that kind of traffic up ;)
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Anytime someone talks about Obama, make sure you give them the sign
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I mean, Google Maps has fallen prey to the clone tools? What's next? Partisan editing at Wikipedia?
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Ted turns 40. That's like 280 in dog years. Waltz on over and tell him happy birthday and wish him well on a getting a new walker (one with a nice set of tennis balls to boot!)
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Another domino tumbles Following on the heels of a Supreme Court decision that held that a blanket ban on handguns violated 2nd Amendment rights, Evanston's City Council voted 7-1 Monday night to amend the North Shore suburb's weapons ordinance to conform to the landmark court ruling. Council members believe the move will allow the city to avoid a potential court challenge. "I find the Supreme Court decision repugnant," said Ald. Steve Bernstein (4th). "But because of it, it's the law. In the...
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11 posts today. Can you tell I missed blogging?
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A Jackson city leader is proposing an ordinance that would prohibit city car dealers from selling fast vehicles.  But auto dealers say they are being targeted unfairly. Council Member Kenneth Stokes (Ward 3) says automotive dealers that sell cars are at least partly responsible for drunk driving and accidents.  There have been more than 30 vehicular deaths in Jackson since the start of the year and countless more accidents. “I asked the young folks, where are they getting their cars and they...
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It's a real easy game. When you're ready, click on this link. You have as long as you need to tell me what's wrong with this mug shot. If you said "WTF??? 20 MUG SHOTS???" then give yourself a cookie. Now, I can't say this... umm... guy (?) is guilty of anything. But one cannot imagine that you can get arrested 20 times simply because you're unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this isn't about Mr(s?) 20 Muggies, since we cannot prove or disprove he/she/shim/shits'...
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One step back People with firearms licenses will not be allowed to take guns into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a federal judge ruled Monday. U.S. District Court Judge Marvin Shoob refused to grant a preliminary injunction in favor of and state Rep. Timothy Bearden (R-Villa Rica) after hearing almost two hours of testimony and arguments. Now, this is just a refusal to grant a preliminary injunction. However, if you read the Brady Campaign (who's staff members are...
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In appropriately dim light, the Dr. Pepper and coffee beans closely resemble one another. Great care should be taken to not consume both at the same time mistaking one for the other. Those are two great tastes that taste like ass together.
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Apparently, the unborn aren't worth protecting When supervisors at New York's Bridges and Tunnels authority found out that one of their peace officers was pregnant, the Daily News says they declared her "unfit for duty, stripped her of her gun and sent her to work in a tollbooth." ... "Word got around that officers would lose their gun if pregnant. One woman didn't say a word until she was six months pregnant when her own doctor suggested she stop," Greg Lombardi, a union official, tells the...
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We are experiencing higher than average call volume. Please stay on the line and the next available HR representative will take your complaint. So, I just got through rewriting this application to combine its sister app. There were two services that monitored two different folders to pick up and process files. Technically, it was the same code base and only differed in configuration. With little effort, I was able to get the system to pay attention to one folder and process all the files. I...
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I guess it's easy to overlook it when it fits in with your bigotry  Albany County lawmakers today are expected to give a pastor $10,000 to keep up his efforts to get people to turn in their firearms. Emphasis mine. Give a pastor $10,000 of the taxpayers money. Would the ACLU stay silent if they were to give the pastor $10,000 to start a program to convert homosexuals? You know, get them to "turn in" their immoral lifestyle?
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Bigotry comes in all sorts of shapes and colors. And yes, this was inspired by Joe Huffman.
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Gun wins
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Just upgrade to Subtext 2.0. Figured that I had everything backed up to the nth degree and if anything went haywire it'd take seconds to get it back. That was painless. Beyond painless. That was the easiest Subtext upgrade I've done. I feel bad that I've not worked on the software in years, but other portions of life kicked in. I've wanted to do a few things with the code, but for some odd reason my Visual Studio will not open Web Application Projects and more, even after reinstalling SP1 for...
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Greg and I went to watch an IDPA match today, put on by the Florida West Coast Defensive Pistol Club. I had been wanting to observe a match to see if it was something I was interested in doing, and of course, it was. It definitely looked like something I could get into. Everyone was friendly, the competition looked challenging, and the entire group was very accommodating to Greg and I. I have to figure out the budget necessary to do something like this, especially shooting 10mm. Today's...
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I managed to pull off a lot of small stuff off the damaged drive, things like settings for certain applications (I had lost all my email server settings! But not any more). I just scheduled backups of the databases for every day. I'll keep a week's worth of backups. I figure that's a decent amount. Those are stored on the TB drive. I may make other copies from time to time. Maybe find free online backup space and store them (encrypted, of course). Now I'm scheduling all the backups of mail and...
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WHEW!!!! OK, that sucked. That sucked big time. Here's the story for all of you not in the know (that's you, Mr. Internet Reader!) On 6/6, my server died. Died big. The hard drive had unrecoverable errors and the server containing all my web sites, blogs, databases, and domain stuff bit the dirt. No way to get it back. So I opened up a virtual server I use to back up the domain and all required files. Turns out, the VM was trying to use an older network card that isn't in the system any more...
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One of the Interweb greats - KB - has written out another long read, but damned well worth it. I wanted to respond on my own blog because, well, comments aren't always read especially after such a lengthy post. The article revolves around the infamous Mike Vanderboegh letter to the editor. I've not written much on it because I'm in an odd spot. I understand, sympathize, and even partially agree with Mike, but I disagree that his letter was effective, and Kevin's post really nails home why....
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alogotrophy n. 1753 -1853 excessive nutrition of part of body resulting in deformity Was he born with that huge head, or is it the result of alogotrophy? For modern usage, AlGoreTrophy can be substituted.
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Bill Quick reads a bunch of whiney journalists and comments on their horrid spelling and lack of basic grammar skills In what other field are the basic tools of your trade so improperly grasped? To which SteveF replies Software development. It's funny because it's true.
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This kind of shit scares me The tags are created by coating naturally occurring pollen grains with nanotechnology particles. They are then coated onto the gun cartridge creating an abrasive surface much better suited to retaining skin cells than the cartridge’s smooth finish. Currently the majority of DNA is destroyed by the heat created when a gun is fired, but the chemical coating can withstand these temperatures which means the evidence survives, leaving a trail of clues for police....
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Apparently the code from Sitemeter was crashing Internet Explorer. It has been disabled until further notice. Update - Here's the further notice. It appears to be fixed.
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Standing on my driveway with my father, looking at each other's carry pieces while he had a smoke. That, and being secure in the knowledge that if any of my neighbors saw us, they'd have come over to check them out as well. (Yes, we followed the 4 rules).
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I'm going to disagree with one of my favorite gun bloggers, Say Uncle. Regarding the recent stabbing, disembowelment, and decapitation that recently happened on a Greyhound bus So, let that seep in a minute. 50 or 60 times and then decapitated him. 37 passengers and a bus driver nearby. How long do you suppose it takes to stab someone 50 or 60 times and then decapitate them? And none of the 38 others intervened? Brave? Now, it’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback but, Jumping Jesus on a...
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