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So, I'm working on some R&D code for the new Subtext 2.0 (coming soon to a harddrive near you!). Had to run a stored procedure to get some information back from the database. Simple, right? Spent 2 hours trying to figure out why I was getting this error System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'sp_myStoredProcedure' No matter what I did it pooped out on me. Spent a good bit of time researching the proper way to do a stored procedure thinking, well, it is .Net 2.0,...
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It's just like me to upgrade my blog, write my own scripts, fix the minutia that bothers me, but forget to fix something for all 3 of my readers. You should now be able to format your comments using those pretty little buttons I designed again. Forgot to restore that line when I upgraded a while back.
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For the life of me, I cannot understand what purpose gnats serve. I do understand that gnats either have itty-bitty cell phones or telepathy and can call their friends from halfway across the state to drop by my house when I'm out mowing. Then, they all get together and see how many of them it takes going in and out of my ears / nose / eyes / mouth until I do some sort of psycho-dance in the middle of the yard slapping myself silly.
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Simply breathtaking image from Graydon Parrish. Click for a larger view Higher resolution portions and information can be found here Hat Tip Willisms
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Trying to help out with this Senator Martinez, It has come to many people's attention that an unknown senator has placed a 'secret hold' on the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (S.2950). Are you the anonymous Senator who is blocking S. 2590? If you aren't, please let me know. Thank You, Robb Allen I'll let you all know what the response is. Apparently, Senator Nelson has already denied being the anonymous senator. Update: TPMm Reader MM says that Sen. Bill Nelson...
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That's right. If this idea takes off, you'll get regenerative breaking from a gas only engine! The Scuderi engine could even boost mileage by recapturing energy normally lost during braking, as do hybrid cars. "Unlike current electric hybrids which store the energy in a battery, we are able to store energy in the form of compressed air," says Sal Scuderi. That can be done by simply adding a small air-storage tank, which costs far less than the generators and banks of batteries gas-electric...
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And then there's pissed   The sad thing is I've heard that, in person before. It's the last time I ever tried to give a cat a bath, too.
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Just upgraded to a new version of Subtext. Turns out my old skin wasn't, ummm... 'compatable'. So I have to use something else for a little while until things get hammered out. Or until I get hammered. Either way, something's getting hammered tonight. UPDATE: Damn. Turns out the blog got hammered and we're (almost) back in action.
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Photographer 1: Don't worry Achmed, it probably won't go off. Just get a little closer. When Um Ali Mihdi returned to her home in the southern Lebanese city of Bint Jbeil two days ago, she found a 1,000lb (450kg) Israeli bomb lying unexploded in her living room. The shell is huge, bigger than the young boy pushed forward to stand reluctantly next to it while we get our cameras out and record the scene for posterity. Photographer 2: Dunno chap. I'm not too bloody sure that 'll sell the...
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I subscribed to one of Craigslist's feeds because I am still looking for a chest freezer I can store my kegs o' beer in. Now, 99.9% of the entries get tossed into the deleted items, but one caught my eye. Free grass clippings - You mow, you haul I honestly wonder how many people volunteered to mow this dude's yard for free?
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I got a Mac G5 at work to write some code on. We've got graphics people who need to get stuff in and out of our databases / external application. So, I'm writing scripts for Illustrator and Photoshop so that the pretty pixel pushers don't have to think beyond color theory. It's got one of those super huge, 23" monitors. And it sure is purdy! They had to give me a bib to work on it. I drooled on how pretty the UI is, how nicely everything slides in and out of your way. Pretty easy to move around...
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Gonna be putzing around with the blog software for the next millennium or so. So, please excuse me if the blog acts funny. Hopefully I'll screw up the security real bad and someone will hack in and post something worth a damn. Just don't hold your breath.
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I’m fighting a severe case of depression. At least it’s brought on by real events in life and not the chemical wackiness my brain has a tendency to bring over to me. And in all reality it’s ok since depression brought on for no reason is intolerable. There’s nothing you can do or see to stop it. When it’s based on actual events, you can see past it. See hope. It’s time for some changes in my life. Things that are going to upset the comfortable little world I’ve inhabited for years. It’s...
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So, recently I overheard about someone who made the lethal error of asking a woman when she was due. The punchline, of course, is that she wasn’t pregnant. Let’s open the Men’s Rulebook to Chapter 17 – Talking to women you have no intention of having sex with. Question #12,720 – She looks pregnant. Should I ask her about her due date? This question is a loaded gun and it is not safe to look down that barrel with your finger pressing on the trigger. No matter how sure you are that she is...
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This morning I walked into the building with two dozen donuts and beer. Both free. My ticker-tape parade starts at 4:00.
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I blew milk out my nose. Tuscan, Whole Milk. I’d swear it was almost like a joke or something. H/T SondraK
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And gets it good. I read Anderson and disagree with 80% of his cartoons. But when he’s right, he’s right.
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This is cool. I wouldn’t mind doing something similar but it would require a spare digital camera.
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100% Success. This is a great wheat beer. Tastes very, very wheaty with fairly strong tropical overtones. I fermented high to get a ‘banana-like’ flavor out of the yeast and the addition of 5 pounds of mangos to the secondary fermentation gives it that extra fruitiness. No, it doesn’t taste like mango juice – if I didn’t tell you there were mangos in it you’d have no idea. But it ended up perfect. Low in alcohol, around the 4% range since I wanted this to be Light, refreshing and thirst...
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Hizb'Allah. Seriously. Doesn’t the building to the left of the arm with the gun look like a technical illustration of the urethra?
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A buddy of mine has been playing around with Picasa and uploaded a few images of me. I went to see if Google Images had picked it up and did a search for “Robb Allen”. This is one of the images that popped up. I’m assuming Google has confused my beer making habit with my transexual photoshopping skills. This was too embarrassing to not share.
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I’ve been perusing to find information on the candidates I will get the joy of pulling the lever for. Do you know who is running and what they stand for? Do you even know what districts you are in? Here’s a quick tip for all politicians – if you don’t have a website where (a) all your policies are outlined in clear, easy to read format and (b) your email address or contact page is available, you will not get my vote. Period. If you can’t manage a website you sure as hell can’t...
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Seems not everyone likes my 5 million dollar Victoria Secret picture. Speaketh David from Daily Pundit Will you STOP DOING THAT! It was bad enough the first time. This must be about the fourth outing for that monstrosity. I'd just finished lunch. Now I've thrown up a bit in my mouth. I'm nothing, if not a giver.
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In case you’ve been like me and pretty much unplugged over the weekend, Reuters has been caught publishing photographs that have been tampered with. The scariest part is that this particular photo was simply a shitty Photoshop job. As a wedding photographer, I use Photoshop to open people's eyes,  take off that last minute zit, and even move people closer to each other. When I am done, there isn't the slightest hint that anything ever changed. For example, a friend of my wife's recently...
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People online are dumber than real people. I can beat online people. I cannot bluff. If I touch my chips, everyone folds. No matter how hard you try, a 7 of clubs and a 3 of diamonds will never turn into something worthwhile. When I get dealt my first and only pocket aces of the evening, everyone else will get 7’s & 3’s and fold. $20 disappears pretty damn quick, even when playing nickels and dimes. Alcohol helps you feel better while you’re losing . The same alcohol that made you...
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The other night, I poured myself a Tommyknocker “Maple Nut Brown Ale”. It was terrible. It actually tasted like it had a bad infection. The other one I had was wonderful, with strong maple overtones. I was saddened as I was really in the mood for a beer. Luckily, the Mrs. found the last bottle of my dopplebock that I had forgotten about sitting in the fridge. I cried. It was sooooooo good. It had aged a good 10 months and was just phenomenal. It’s easy to want to drink all your beer right...
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