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Life has been rather hectic for me lately. First and foremost is the change in my family size. Adding one another little girl completely changes everything. When Georgia was born, all we had to worry about was just her and could dedicate as much time as needed. Now, we have to balance time so that both kids are taken care of. With just one child, one of the parents can take over while the other gets a break. Not so with two. Luckily, Irelyn is already sleeping 4 to 5 hours at a time, but she...
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Sorry for the light posting, but I’ve been rather uninspired lately. I’m sick of the Sheehan stupidity and didn’t want to become a one trick pony by picking on the dim wit any more. Politics, as usual, piss me off more than they should (both sides, mind you), and I’ve been so overloaded with work at home that the evening hours just don’t have any time in them to spare. Tonight, I’ve got the girls by myself which is always a challenge. Plus I have...
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I posit that anything, shrunk down to infant size, will become automatically cute. For example. check out these slippers someone bought Irelyn.
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As usual, not worried about it. The only thing that gives me pause is that we just had the foundation poured a few days ago for our new porch, but the screening and roof isn’t going to be put in until next week anyway, and the concrete has a pretty good chance of staying where it is anyway. Besides,  I need to pressure wash the lanai anyway.
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Holy shit! Who the hell came up with the idea for ‘Orange Cream KitKats’? I took 1/4 of a bite and about hurled. Stuff’s sweet enough to kill a diabetic at 10 yards….
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So, with Irelyn around I’ve not had much time to imbibe my home brew. I had practically forgot about my California Common and it sat, untouched for a month in the fridge* out in the garage. When I finally broke down and had a glass….OMG!!! It is maturing into one of the most wonderful concoctions! When I first made it, the hops were simply overpowering. I like a hoppy beer here and there but most other people I know, being weaned on the mass produced swill, don’t. So I...
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Guy at work turned 50 yesterday. A group of people decided to wrap every single item in his cube with aluminum foil. Pencils, papers, staplers, keyboards, etc. They even opened boxes, wrapped whatever was inside them, then wrapped the box. Then they rubber-banded everything together. click for full size Not only was it funny, but any time I was near his cube the voices in my head went away.
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Yeah, right Pat.
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“Oh the wheeeeeeels on the bus keep a turnin’”
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So, I drive a 95 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 Liter Straight 6 that’s been modified to….errr, ‘enhance performance’. She gets about 18 mpg, but has a 20 gallon gas tank. So fill ups for me run around $45–$50 right now. The Mrs. and I talked about getting another vehicle, joking around that gas prices would put us in the poor house (we have enough money to fill ‘er up, it’s just annoying). So I did the math 20 x $2.55 = $51. I fill up every 8 to 10 days, so about...
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So, I drop by Home Depot on the way home yesterday and pick up some 4” screws to attach the ceiling fan. Took me a while to find anything longer than 3” but eventually I found a box of ‘em. So I get home and viola! The ceiling plate goes on as easy as you please. Then comes the fan itself. According to the instruction manual, I’m to take the 3 wires coming out of the fan and hook them up based on if I have two switches or not. A black, white, and a black white striped...
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So, the Mrs. and I decided to replace the nasty, brass ceiling fans in two of our rooms with something a little better to look at as well as something with better lighting. The fans we have now have directional lights on them and when they’re on they produce a harsh spotlight that doesn’t really help. So we purchased two fans from Lowes. Nice ones too and I have to admit I choked a little spending so much on two fans. So we get home and I go to work getting the one in the...
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Many of you out there do not recognize the power of faith. Foolish are those who do not understand how divine intervention can change the physical world in which we live. For example, Sharp as a Marble had fallen upon hard times in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. Fewer and fewer people found their way onto my steps and my ranking had dropped considerably over the past few months. There are those who say I should work harder, that I should put more effort into my blog if I want people...
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Dear God, what is it that causes infant fingernails to (a) grow an inch a day and (b) hone themselves down to lethal edges? It’s not like you can just clip them that easy either.
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The company I shoot weddings for asked me to design a wedding album to ease their workload. The design part is easy enough. I know enough tricks in Photoshop to make light work of it and the new features of CS2 turn it into child’s play. But I didn’t shoot the wedding, so all these pictures are a random jumble of shots with no particular sequence (multi-camera shot, so I’ve got 1500 images to sift through and only 100 that the bride really wants anyway). Part of my task is...
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Joe Ranft, Pixar Animation Studios' head of story for more than a decade and a cornerstone of the company's creative team, died Tuesday when the car he was riding in plunged into the ocean after running off the road in Mendocino County, Calif. He was 45. I cannot begin to tell you how sad I am. Toy Story to this day remains one of my favorite movies of all time. Not just because it was the first fully computer generated movies to make it big, but because the story behind it was as beautiful...
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So yesterday, my wife calls me to tell me there’s some strange guy just waltzing around our backyard. We’re having an addition built onto our lanai, which will now become a ‘porch’, and this guy was just out early to see what he needed to do. The problem is no one ever called or knocked or anything, which reminded me that we don’t own a shotgun. Now, for me, I am comfortable with my .357 Magnum. Since I hit the range on a semi-regular basis, I can hit my...
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Irelyn Mackenna, already one month old!
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I’m beginning to think Paxil withdrawal is a permanent thing for me. 2 to 6 weeks is the ‘average’ with the worse parts being over in 2 weeks. Like every thing else in my life, I say ‘bah’ to convention. So it’s getting to be a little over 3 weeks since my last fix. The head zaps are few and far between and don’t come at enough frequency to disrupt like they used to. The racing thoughts seem to have taken a pit stop and I can generally...
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An old friend of mine just dropped off a DVD with some pictures her husband took while in Iraq. Talking to those who were over there, the picture is different than what is painted by the doom-sayers and armchair-middle-east-pundits here in the states. And this is coming directly from people who have been hit by IED’s and mortars. It’s not the ├╝ber-rosy picture painted by the administration where women leap from second story windows to give the GI’s handjobs as they...
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Crawford Tx. – Thousands of people gathered today to try to catch a glimpse of a grilled cheese sandwich that supposedly sported the likeness of Mother Sheehan, the Patron Saint of Left Causes. Mrs. Sheehan is grieving her lost son Casey, who was killed in combat after apparently being forced to volunteer for military duty, and currently camping near President Bush’s vacation ranch to protest the war. Mrs. Sheehan was recently bestowed the highest honor the Left can...
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Hat tip Evil White Guy
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So, I’ve got 3000+ songs on my iAudio (and I’ve still not burned all of my CD’s). While I’m just starting to get into the habit of making playlists, I still tend to just click around until I find something I want to listen to at the moment. So Bach’s Double Violin Concerto was followed up by ‘Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver’ by Primus.
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Just a note to all of you out there who have access to a pressure washer. Once you clean even the smallest of areas, you’re going to discover how dirty the rest of the driveway actually is. And if you’re like me and married, it’s a guarantee that your spouse will also notice how dirty it actually is. And thus Pandora’s cry of “Oh, shit…” rings true to this day.
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Because of the sheer number of posts regarding Cindy Sheehan and some confusion that has followed, I figured I should point something out. Cindy Sheehan (left) is no relation to Billy Sheehan (right) One has throngs of screaming fans, a burning desire to make it big on the stage, and whose eccentric behavior could easily be attributed to the stresses of instant popularity. The other is a former bass player for Mr. Big.
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So I bought a Ryobi 3000 PSI pressure washer today. Already put it together (with the help of my father since I can’t lift anything for a few days) and even did a little house cleaning with it. I’m sure my doctor would have had a fit, especially when I first hit the trigger and the 3000 PSI rammed the handle 3 inches from my injured nut sack. I love this thing. Lot’s of power, well laid out, easy to move around, and lots of features. However, I have to point out the one thing...
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I go and buy a wide screen HDTV, and I can’t even sit down to watch it anymore….
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Why does Victoria’s Secret airbrush out the nipples of their models? If you’re as annoyed by it as me, then this tutorial is for you.
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A farmer walks into his bedroom where his wife is lying on the bed, reading a book. The farmer picks up a sheep he had brought with him in the room and throws it on the bed. “That’s the pig I screw when you’re not in the mood,” says the Farmer. “That’s not a pig, that’s a sheep, “ replies his wife. “Shut up, “ says the farmer, “I’m not talking to you!”
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Which I'm sure all of you will be very happy about. But this is more due to the fact that (a) they don't have WiFi at the doc's office and (b) even if they did it would require a laptop. And since my lap will be a little inconvenient place to put anything during the procedure..... Despair not, though. I'll keep mental notes for later posting. *This post actually forced me to make a new category – TMI. Enjoy!
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So I sat down for .87 seconds last night (that was about all the free time I had) and started with my latest adventure of learning to accurately play the piano. I dug out my old Peavey DPM-4SE synth of the closet and set it up next to the piano. Since it was late, Georgia was in bed and Irelyn was trying to sleep, I thought it’d best if I practiced with headphones. Well, the Peavey hadn’t been used in, oh I dunno, years. So boot up was a spectacular failure. When I bought the damn...
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And your stupid “automatic updates” too….
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Because coding happily away jamming to ‘Kiss – Detroit Rock City’ is nice. Having it followed up with ‘Laid Back – White Horse’ is disconcerting. And quite possibly illegal.
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Because I really wanted Judge Judy up there. Or Wapner, but I’m not sure he’s got much left in him.
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Chris Muir of Day by Day needs your help. Please, help Chris out by simply clicking the link below.
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Just a cute picture of my little one, snoozing on mommy’s shoulder Click for full size
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Paris Hilton is one of those people who, if through some odd freak of physics, was sucked into a wormhole, I'm not sure I'd care. 'Cept for the wormhole thing. That'd be cool.
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The wife and I purchased a piano a few months back. It had been out of use for quite some time and sounded an awful lot like William Hung when played. So a few weeks ago we had a tuner come out and get it back into shape as well as unstick a few keys (providing me with yet another reason to invest in WD-40). The reason we got the piano is because we paid $300 for it and it allowed us to keep one around in case the girls get interested in it. My wife doesn’t play, and I messed around with...
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My referral logs show someone searching for ‘anal sex axe’. This may be an indicator that it’s time to shut this operation down and do something more constructive with my time, like knitting.
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ID should not be taught in schools. Period. Evolution should not be taught in schools. Period. It’s not like the little bastards are paying attention anyway. You could teach them that all life came from toenail clippings ejected from the the liquid snot surface of Jupiter and the one student who happened to be listening would forget it by the time finals came around. ID has too much God in it for a science class. But ID does show some of the glaring holes that evolutionists buy into...
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I love my penis. We've been through a lot together. We’ve had our ups and downs, and being that his eyesight isn’t as good as mine, we’ve had quite a few disagreements as to exactly where he should venture. I regret that he’s managed to slip me a beer or two and win some of those arguments. Anyway, my wife and I seem to be blessed with a high degree of fertility. After my second daughter, it has come to my attention that it would be best if my penis wasn’t quite...
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Just love this shot. I’ll have to keep it for reference when, in a few years, I can’t keep them from tearing each other’s throats out.
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Well, it’s been 15 days since I stopped taking Paxil. For most people, 2 weeks seems to be the magic number. Last night was hell. Couldn’t sleep much and when I did, my dreams were so vivid that I couldn’t tell if I was awake or not. Then, when I was awake (which, incidentally was 80% of the time) I suffered from extreme paranoia and kept thinking people were in the room with me. Add to it the fact that both daughters appear to have caught the cold I had as well as a...
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One of my withdrawal symptoms is insomnia. I can't sleep worth shit right now and my legs feel like they're trying to detach themselves from my body and head towards the nearest bar for a few drinks. Yesterday wasn't as bad as the day before. I didn't need to take any sedatives at all, and the brain zaps were the only problem for the most part of the day. Nighttime finds me in a little different situation. My seratonin levels are already low, simply from being nighttime, but the added stress...
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Well, my XP 64 bit edition 64–bit the dust. BSoD every boot. Can’t get in to save my life. It was the Release Candidate version, and I’m talking with some Microsoft guys to see if I’m able to pick up a legitimate copy at a reduced price (preferably free, but I’m a strict capitalist so if I gotta pay, I gotta pay). Until then, I’m having to make do with 32 bit windows XP. Not a big deal. Just have to ‘reinstall’ everything so it registers...
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Wow. I get into work today, start up a new Visual Studio project, and while my POS computer takes 30 minutes to set up a new web application, I decide to peruse my RSS reader. After 30 seconds of political vitriol, I’ve had enough. Bring on the Cat Blogging!
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I’m currently having an off line conversation with a blogger. One who, had I not a wife, would probably be stalking with a fervor not seen since Narcissus discovered pocket mirrors. And the funniest thing is that I have very, very little idea what she looks like. This got me to thinking about all the bloggers who I sometimes send mail to or regularly comment on their sites. I know what so few of them look like. Oh sure, I could pick out michele’s cleavage in a stadium,...
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Well, first day back at work. Mixed blessings and all as I’m sure my wife is having one hell of a time herself. Me? I have to play catch up from 2 weeks worth of missed work, plus I have to remember where I left off with my current application which means rediscovering what the #$%!& is causing this stupid bug that is delaying my release. To make things worse, I’m off of the Paxil…. kind of. When Irelyn was born, I was a wee bit tired for a few days and forgot about...
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Good luck Doug! Love that man’s books!
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Yeah, I’m alive. Just tired. And grumpy. I start back at work tomorrow. I can’t decide if it’s a welcome relief or not.
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