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WizardPC is in the midst of his anal-probing to ensure he can use a safety device. His main comment that illustrates why I won’t / can’t own a suppressor? Cost so far: $1130 It’s a $20 part, for God’s sake.
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But the design of this tattoo rocks. When I finally figure out how to save up for my next inking session, there will be guns. Lots of guns.
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The US Government isn’t too big to fail. It’s too big to succeed. Discuss.
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Remember when I said I wanted a Rhino? Not any more. Not only are the initial reports of reliability far from promising, but Chiappa has decided to go the RFID route during the manufacturing of their firearms. Let me say something first about RFID – I don’t have a general problem with it for inventory control. Not having to open and close boxes and to be able to inventory and entire pallet of goods just by walking around it is a technological time and money saver that cannot be discounted....
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I’m not going to lie, full auto fire is fun. Burst is a blast as well. In this regard, the gov’t has won – I refuse to jump through the hoops needed to get any sort of NFA item, including cans or auto weaponry. Every time I think about getting a suppressor, I get frustrated at the crap I’d have to go through PLUS pay $600+ for a $20 part and, should I want another for a different firearm, I’d have to set up the entire dog and pony show yet again and give up. Toss in the fact that if I don’t set...
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Feel free to load my ashes up in some ammunition. Works for me.
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Shelly talks about how to conceal guns. Me? I carry a full sized Glock 20 with no problems. In fact, I found the full sized Glock carried more comfortably than the compact G29. Then again, I’m 6’3”, two hundred and some pounds and, being a Floridian, tend to wear looser fitting clothing anyway. With my Comp-Tac Minotaur I can even tuck in my shirt with little issue. The only time I’ve been printed, though, was when tucked so it’s not my favorite form. I’d prefer OC, regardless.
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I know it’s probably gauche to brag about one’s children, but both of my daughters are exceptionally bright. My oldest’s reading ability is literally off the charts. They don’t have tests that challenge her. My youngest too is well beyond her classmates in most areas. Georgia is a straight A student, iMac could be if she’d just pay attention a bit more (she’s more like me, scatterbrained and possibly having ADD which, honestly isn’t tha…. SQUIRREL!). We cannot afford private schooling for them...
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  Thanks Sean!
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Photo by Robb Allen I was approached recently with an offer to T&E the Rate & Recoil Reducing Buffer from MGI Industries. I was happy to try one out because I don’t get a lot of trigger time behind the 6.8 SPC and MGI said it would work fine on my platform. Sadly, range time has not materialized, so I wanted to get this post up with at least my first impressions of the buffer and put up some data provided by MGI. When I hit the range, I will give another report on its performance as...
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A 4mm Zippo Gun should do the trick Now, while this is a novelty, it does illustrate how you can put a gun inside common, every day items. While I don’t think you’d have to worry about much more than broken skin from being shot with this, it’s not that difficult to smuggle larger caliber weapons inside ordinary objects.
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What do you get when you combine two lesbians, a t-shirt, a waterpark, and an overly sensitive employee? Sadly, not a funny headline.
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I have decided to head back into the wild world of competitive shooting. I’ve decided to forgo the 1911, not because of how it shoots, but because of the limitation in magazine size. Limited 10 sounds better than Single Stack. The problem is, that means I have to shoot with the M&P 40, a pistol I happen to be fond of, and to do so means all new gear for USPSA. Holsters, magazines, magazine holders, etc. Oh, and ammo. Lots of ammo. So here’s the deal – I’m offering to let any company out...
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I’m on the evening news committing the actual felony. Now, I hear you saying “Robb, that’s ridonkulous. Nobody is going to press charges against you for shooting a gun in a gun range!” and you’d be wrong. The laws are not set up to protect the public, but to provide a mechanism so that no man or woman can exist without committing some crime. There is no way to rule innocent men and all. So, my work with Florida Carry ends up rubbing some two-bit tyrant the wrong way, they have a laundry list...
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Today in Tampa, it was reported that a man entered the children’s museum, heavily armed with a high power assault handgun and his two daughters. Eyewitnesses claim the man must have concealed the powerful pistol because nobody was able to get a good look at it. He apparently spent several hours entertaining his children and not shooting the brats running around, screaming their fool heads off. The Brady Campaign released a statement saying they had no comment unless there was a considerable...
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They’re saying nobody knows exactly how Amy Winhouse died yet. I’ll give you some help – it rhymes with “drug overdose”. There, now the news cycle can find another dead, white woman to fixate on.
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Sebastian says goodbye to the TSA Nude-O-Scope, but I no more believe that than I believe Congress really cares about the debt ceiling. The TSA is now claiming the new software will only display a cookie-cutter image of a man or woman with highlighted areas  where there might be an object stored on the person. If you want, they’ll even show you the image. And that’s supposed to make everyone believe they’re safe from prying eyes. Bad news kiddos, it’s a lie. To scan your body to find...
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10. At least makes the offer of candy 9. After molesting you, he won’t rifle through your possessions looking for something to confiscate 8. If Creepy Van Guy is on break, you can still go play on the playground 7. Creepy Van Guy uses fresh gloves 6. Creepy Van won’t give you cancer 5. Creepy Van Guy will let you bring more than 3oz of liquid with you 4. He knows he’s creepy and has the potential to feel bad about it 3. No PSA on TV trying to tell you how good Creepy Van Guy...
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What's the difference between the TSA and the creepy guy with the windowless van outside the playground? With the creepy guy, you're at least going to be offered candy.
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Gulf Breeze starts coming into compliance with HB45 The Gulf Breeze City Council this week OK’d changes to its code of ordinances that are meant to ensure the city has no gun regulation laws on its books that conflict with state gun laws. Again, I was disappointed that we didn’t get Open Carry passed, but truly HB45 and the strengthening of preemption was the most important piece of legislation passed this year. Why? Anyone who enacts or enforces any law that could be construed as...
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Mr. Holder, There are two lines of thought on Fast & Furious. Either you knew it was happening and thus are unqualified to hold the position you do know or you were ignorant of the most politically damning action since Watergate (which didn’t end up with thousands of dead bodies, only a little empty tape) and thus are unqualified to hold the position you do now. Either way, you lose. Man up, take responsibility for your failures and fall on your sword honorably.   Sincerely, Every...
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We need Floridians help pushing the OC Petition to over 10,000. Go. Click. Help.
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Sometimes, they don’t even have to have a gun All I could think to do was to get to my backpack and find my phone. As I fumbled for the phone, I heard one of them say, “Does he have a gun?” So I kept my hand in my backpack, allowing them to wonder whether I was reaching for a gun. Then a couple of them started to run away, and the others soon followed. I got back on my bike and pedaled as fast as I could out of there. When I got home, I began to reflect on what had happened, and...
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And that’s about all I have in me right now…
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17 Year Old kills parents with hammer, throws party Police say that nightmare unfolded Saturday, when 17-year-old Tyler Hadley allegedly attacked his parents with a hammer. By the time it was over, both were dead, having suffered blunt force trauma to the head and torso. Just as shocking as the alleged murders, police say the teen threw a house party just hours after the deaths, with between 40 and 60 people attending, apparently unaware the Hadleys' bodies were behind the locked door...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/19/2011 3:52:30 PM | Feedback (4) I like stuff like this. You plug in what you need and it figures out what’s available for you. Hoplocate was going to be that for guns, but GunUp kind of filled that niche before I could get it off the ground.
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From yours truly on #gunblogger_conspiracy (1:31:35 PM) JP_: wow, theyre saying that haboob over Phx a couple weeks ago was 40 some thousand feet high (1:32:45 PM) RobbAtWork: Yeah, and it would have been higher had the Republicans allowed Obama to raise the peplosphere limit
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So, at the 2011 Pro-Am this weekend, there was one stage where there were issues with the shot timer. You had to shoot as many steel plates as you could in the allotted time (par) and any shots over time could count against you (if you hit the plate, you got the point but lost it. Over-time misses are what killed you). Generally the RO would tap you on the shoulder when the time was up, but it was up to the shooter to pay attention. During one round, the boxes were set up like a baseball...
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Is celebrating her 6th birthday today. Happy Birthday iMac, Daddy loves you so much
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Bob Owens has a look. This goes along with my plans on learning to deal with gunshot trauma so it’s a good resource.
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via Tam, here’s a video of the new Aimpoint PRO and some of it’s features. The fact you can just leave it on and still get 30,000 hours of battery life is very, very sweet. ~$450 with the mount ain’t too bad.
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Along the lines of yesterday’s outing at the 2011 Pro-Am Shooting Competition, I wanted to talk a bit about photography. Now, my background in professional photography is from weddings, where there was a dearth of firearms. However, one of the skills I did bring across was the sense of timing. Pictures require a sense of when to take the picture and in the shooting world there’s a quarter second difference between meh and wow! Take these two consecutive pictures   In this shot, Jessie...
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A few weeks ago, Caleb told me he’d be down in Frostproof, Florida to shoot the 2011 Pro-Am Shooting Competition so I met up with him for dinner on Friday, then went to watch him shoot on Saturday. His squad featured a few other well known shooters like Jessie Abbate, Randi Rogers (Randi, call me! I can make you a website!), and Brad Engmann of Top Shot Season 1 fame (Brad, call me! I can make you a website!). As I’ve not shot anything more than from a lane in over a year, there was no way in a...
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Company Paid Health Insurance is Part of Your Salary People don’t understand that they are already personally paying for their “employer-paid” insurance. Employers buy health insurance with part of the salary earned by the employee. Employees don’t buy this insurance directly so (1) it doesn’t attach to them when they change jobs, and (2) they can’t shop around to select the insurance they really want. From Bill Quick who says It’s hard to get people to understand this, but there...
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From Caleb in #gunblogger_conspiracy regarding his arrival to the Sunshine State and I walked out of the terminal yesterday and my sweat started to sweat Welcome to the land of hanging chads, blue hairs, and sweating sweat.
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Generally, I disdain working from home. I have to remotely control my PC at work which is always slower than working locally, the family tends to forget I’m actually busy and interrupts me constantly, and anything that can get in my way generally does. This morning I had a clingy daughter, the Mrs. had a deflated tire which I had to use a manual pump to put back on, and one of the cats puked up a hairball which required cleaning immediately lest it become an impromptu doggy treat. However, the...
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Mine’s space
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I posted the other day about the representative who pointed her gun at a reporter. Her version of the story is different During the interview, she didn’t whip out her gun to show it off. The reporter specifically asked to see it. He then wanted her to demonstrate the Crimson Trace laser. Senator Kline complied, pointing the gun toward a wall and activating the laser. The reporter then approached her, momentarily getting himself between the gun and the wall. The Senator said that as soon...
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A mom refuses to let her teenage daughter be fondled by complete strangers and is arrested for it. Think about that for a minute – If some random, slovenly high school dropout walked up to you and your child and said he wanted to feel her up, you’d be well within your rights to use lethal force on him. Give him a pair of blue gloves and a shiny, plastic badge that has TSA on it, and you become the criminal. This is why I not only refuse to fly, I refuse to let my daughters fly. I will show no...
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Me neither. I didn’t start reading him until posts were required to be 30 words or less. Too bad because his longer posts were a riot. Warning, contains an inordinate amount of references to ‘penis’ and shades of brown.
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A look at the CSGV’s financials. No wonder they failed to renew their domain name. They’re bucking froke!
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Damn. Skippy. So, Obama is saying we’ll have to stop paying Social Security and Soldier’s pay if we don’t raise the debt limit while everyone in Congress will continue to suckle money off the government teat the entire time. Folks, it’s time to reset the government. It’s beyond saving. Like Roberta says – shut down the federal government.
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The other day the Mrs. and I took the little ones to Sunny’s, the fastfood of BBQ. While we were there, two police officers (sheriffs) came in and had dinner. I noticed that I was better armed than either of them since their holsters were noticeably empty. Now both of them were very young, but they had plenty of medals and stuff to lead me to believe they weren’t cadets, but I just found it odd that two police officers would, either through policy or choice, be disarmed. Odd. At least I had...
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So, there’s been a few discussions amongst some gunnies about when is it ok to use lethal force on stuff. On the Florida Open Carry Facebook page, there’s a pretty lengthy discussion going on about when do you clear leather. One, when you follow through with your shot is entirely dependent on the situation. The best gunfight is the one you’re not involved in and if you can remove yourself safely from the situation, that’s probably the best bet. Probably. Sometimes it isn’t. The thing...
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Nothing like helping our cause by pointing your pistol at a reporter’s chest. Because that always gets a good laugh and great press.
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New Leupold HAMR: High Accuracy Multi-Range Mark 4 Tactical Leupold's newest tactical scope, the Leupold Mark 4 HAMR (High Accuracy Multi-Range), is aimed squarely at a product category dominated by Trijicon1 . The Leupold HAMR is a compact, lightweight, fixed 4x power scope designed specifically for the AR-15 and similar 5.56mm chambered rifles. Looks like they’re definitely going toward the Trijicon users. At a MSRP of nearly $1500, can’t say as I’ll be grabbing a few to compare them...
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A local range where I could practice shooting from the draw. I’d like to be able to do the Dot Torture, but none of the ranges near me allow shooting from anything but the bench. Actually, I just need a few acres on someone’s property where I could just plink away that’s not 30 miles from the house. I guess I ask for too much.
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Got a friendly email from reader Solomon who runs Firearms Law Canada asking for a link. I’m more than happy to oblige. Freedom isn’t an American thing, it belongs everywhere and I’m thrilled to know there are those fighting for it everywhere else. Welcome to the blogroll!
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I remember, quite clearly, watching STS-1 take off. I was 9 at the time and remembered getting up bright and early on that Sunday to watch the spacecraft rocket into the sky. I also remember getting to watch it again the next day at school on the big tv that had to be wheeled around on a cart. My girls? They got to watch the last shuttle launch on my wife’s laptop computer. At work, everyone huddled around my desk while we watched it on my PC.
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Just got this from Sean Thanks everyone for the links and for the support. WND Editor has pulled the shirt from sale and has given me his personal assurance that an investigation will commence on Monday. Please update you posts. I have added a RED LETTER UPDATE: that says UPDATE: After emailed conversation with WND Editor Joseph Farah, they have pulled the shirt from their e-store! He has given me his personal assurance that a full investigation will commence as soon as...
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When Sean Sorrentino had a great idea for a shirt, I put it in my Zazzle store and told him that any proceeds I made off of it were his. I joked about stealing the idea, but in reality it was his and I would have never considered keeping a single cent from it. Eventually Sean found a local printer to do the job, so I took down the item from Zazzle and even gave him the design I used for it. I have integrity when it comes to these things. It would seem that World Net Daily does not.   ...
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I mean, they claimed Heller was a ‘hollow victory’ so the recent spanking in Chicago is probably ‘a key victory in gun control’ for them in their minds.
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Even worse, never USE a 3 year old as a weapon. You can ban random objects all you want in a vain attempt to stop violence but people will simply use whatever is at hand. Even if it’s their own child.
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Not in this police state. Short of the matter – a lady decides to grow vegetables in her front yard. Her front yard. The city is looking at putting her in jail because they have decided that she should grow grass instead. They’re actually expending money and effort to prosecute a woman for having the audacity to do what she wants with her property, even though the law specifically states that front yards need to have “suitable live plant material.” The waste of oxygen heading up the...
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When the blogging get slow, the slow simply steal other people’s ideas   Get yours here. Since it’s Sean’s idea and he has a printer he can use, I’ve given him the image and will direct people to him as soon as I find out where ‘there’ is. Plus, he can get it cheaper and probably much better quality than what Zazzle does. Update Sean has the shirts up for sale now
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Tampa ATF wrapped up in the Gunwalker scandal. Disband the ATF. Now.
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A puppy sized molar. Gross and yet interesting at the same time.
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So, Silver State Armory sends me an email that they have Factory 2nds of 6.8 SPC at great prices, knowing that I can’t afford a box of 250 rounds at this juncture. Granted, all the good stuff has already sold out.
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After seeing this video (hat tip Tam), it struck me that, as a firearm owner, I am woefully underprepared to deal with a gunshot wound. Sure, I carry Band-Aids in my range bag, but those little strips will be useless against a 10mm wound. And even if I had all the correct gear, what pray tell would I do with it should that situation arise? Turns out, I don’t even have the knowledge. So, to correct this horrific oversight, I am on a quest to learn how to deal with gunshot wounds. Self...
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I swear, this picture threatens to give me type 8 diabetes
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Anyone in the Tampa area (or is anyone aware of such) know of any organization that would help a veteran in need with some dog-sitting services. 100# dog needs a temporary home while his master has some and recovers from surgery. Please let me know! Thanks, R
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Well, if this comic is to be believed, at least
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Who has now earned my complete and utter loathing… You just wait Thomas. One day we will meet, and I shall give you the Stink-Eye to end ALL Stink-Eye. That KRISS was mine, I tell you…
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I keep getting asked what I think of the Casey Anthony trial. My response has been “who?” which, had I gotten picked for jury duty, would have landed me in that box for a few weeks. Outside of a few “popular” details, I have no clue. This is what I get for not watching TV.
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Decided to try for salmon for my second smoker run. Figured I’d blog it here so that a) others can share in the glory that is this recipe and b) I’ll have it for the next time I want to make it. This is eatin’ fish, not something you use in a spread or on crackers. This recipe was for 1.5 pounds of salmon, adjust for more or less fish Brine 4c water 1/4c brown sugar (packed) 1/4c kosher salt Brine the fish for 4 to 8 hours. Remove from brine, rinse, and pat dry with a towel. Let the...
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I dunno. What do all these women wanting CCW’s in Michigan compensate for? “We’re being victimized; we’re being raped. The crimes are getting higher and the police departments are less and less,” she said. “People are realizing now that they need to be their own security.” Bah, security shmuirty, they’re just trying to make up for a small wee-wee.
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My goal here is not to discuss the merits of carrying a gun into a sports game. That’s a much longer discussion for another day. What I want to highlight from this story is the bigotry proudly on display by many of the commenters That just freakin great, a whole stadium full of inbreds with guns!!!!!! If you are such a chicken sh&t that you need to pack heat to attend a game of football then you need to stay home. i am all for it. If packer fans want to rid the world of their.
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But some of us continue to carry freedom’s torch We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to...
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  Can your gun wash and dry an entire load of laundry in under an hour?
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But not this proud. The hidden comic is funny too
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Much like the tooth fairy, the Yeti, or ‘Tom Cruise is Straight’, the concept of government inspections increasing safety is a myth “The permit for the state-run swimming pool where a woman’s body went unnoticed for more than two days this week had expired six months ago. A city health inspector who examined it Tuesday determined the water was cloudy, but did not see her remains resting on the bottom. . . . It raised sharp questions about whether those responsible for safety at the pool,...
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Because it’s not like you can make one in your garage, right? Ugly little cuss, but it worked.
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