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Now that I've had it for a bit and gotten to carry the Glock 20, I figured I can give a brief synopsis of the change. As you can see from the following photos, the Glock 20 is considerably larger than its subcompact brethren Surprisingly though, it carries much, much better. The difference in comfort is substantial and it's all about the shape. The 20, with holster and 15+1 rounds weighs in at 2lb 13.35 oz while the 29 with holster and 10+1 is 2lb 6.4 oz (a difference of only 6.95oz). The...
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From a comment over at JayG's Nancy R. said... "Pantslessness ..." Is it so wrong that Sweet Daughter now yells "Look! I'm Rob Allen!" when running around sans bifurcated legwear? I guess I should check the output power on the Pants-Free-Lifestyle broadcasting satellite I've got orbiting high above the thermosphere. Hat tip Mike W.
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As my astute readers may have noticed, the God-awful Google ads are gone and up on the right is a shiny new ad for Lucky Gunner. If you need ammo, they probably have it. And I prefer their ad over THE TRUTH ABOUT 9MM THAT SELF DEFENSE EXPERTS WON'T TELL YOU or BECOME A 7 GUN MASTER ONLINE ones that seemed to show up all the time.
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Say Uncle has a new article up over at Shooting Illustrated on his .22 conversion of his AR. Ammo prices being what they are these days, I find myself looking into .22 LR conversion kits for guns I like to shoot regularly. Currently, my preferred load for AR-15s is running just over $0.40 per round, while .22 LR is running about $0.03 per round. So I was obviously interested in Brownells’ AR-15 .22 LR Conversion Kit. I reasoned that, after one 550-round milk carton of .22 LR, the $199 kit...
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Say Uncle says Had an interesting conversation the other day. I mentioned how the recent death of regular reader Straightarrow had me all kinds of depressed. Losing folks you never even met is saddening. And, well, over the years we’ve lost a few. And someone said to me But these friends you never meet, what’s the difference between death and just stopping reading? would we ever know? That weirded me out a bit. Charles' death really got to me. As did Triticale's when I heard about him....
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I wonder how fast it'll run from the light this time?
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Not approved by PETA
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Still think Obamacare will work?   Rep. Kevin Brady - “This portrays only about one-third of the complexity of the final bill. It’s actually worse than this.” Hat Tip Cold Fury
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One of the things that gets me about this whole "OMG THEY IZ STEALING MAH LETTERS!!!" series of lawsuits is that it would appear that they are tracking down the offending blogs.... by the very links that sent traffic. Google will show you who linked a particular URL. You can also check you referral logs. Had these blogs simply copy and pasted the stories without linking back to them (a faux pas of the highest caliber in the blog world), they probably would have very little luck of...
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Breitbart Warning in effect. Westside killer denied handgun permit An application for a concealed handgun permit filed by one of the shooters in 1998's Westside Middle School Massacre in Jonesboro has been denied by the Arkansas State Police, citing the objections of the Sharp County sheriff and at least one answer on the application that appears to be false. For those not in the know, here's a rundown of the Westside Middle School Massacre The following morning, the boys drove in...
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Sorry. Been in a wee bit o' pain lately. It seems to have sapped my essence. Some stuff coming up soon though. I hope.
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I was shocked to learn today that frequent Sharp as a Marble commenter Straightarrow has passed away. Charles was always his namesake, never pulling punches or hiding his true feelings. He came across as brash, crotchety, and headstrong and for that I always enjoyed his comments even if I didn't fully agree with them. I never met Charles in real life, but his loss still affects me. Rest in peace, my friend.
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I'm working on a little app that's going to be part of Hoplocate when I'm done, but I figured I'd put it out for the world to see, if anyone needs it. It's a reloading cost calculator, and I've found it to come in real handy. I have it in an Excel spreadsheet but figured it might help others out. It's VERY alpha and not pretty at all, but it gets the job done. The only rules is if you find a bug, you gotta let me know. (the screen shot above is my cost using Starline brass, TiteGroup...
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As this was not me Pantsless Burglar Caught On Tape After two burglaries in a row, a day spa installed a security camera and ended up catching the burglar with his pants down -- literally. Springs was burglarized twice at the end of May. The burglar shattered a door or window and took cash from the register, police said. After the incidents, the owner installed a surveillance system, which caught a man breaking in at 1:30 a.m. on July 9, police said. In the video, the burglar...
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Finally got to head out to the range tonight with the new Glock. I had loaded up 150 rounds a few nights ago and wanted to put at least 100 through the pistol to make sure I was comfortable with it before I started carrying it. My shooting with it was very, very rough. Part because the trigger is the standard Glock trigger and I was used to the 3 lb. one, the second was because of the 7th shot.     Yup, I had a case blow. Felt like someone slapping my hand as hard as they could. I...
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And Floridians know this Some scumbag lawyer is trying to get the Castle Doctrine overturned because he claims people are killing others left and right. The comments AND the poll show an overwhelming support for reality and common sense and thus, against said scum sucker.
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Sue them Today, The Armed Citizen received informal notice in the form of a media inquiry about a lawsuit against this website and its owners, David Burnett and Clayton Cramer. The lawsuit, reportedly filed in US District Court on July 20th, alleges that The Armed Citizen and its owners “willfully copied” original source content from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. According to news reports, Righthaven LLC has reportedly filed lawsuits against 75 other political websites and/or blogs...
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To Help Bill Quick out with a question Regular readers who follow this stuff will know that I have owned one of the early Taurus PT145 pistols for quite some time, and that I like it a lot. It’s a DAO pistol that serves up 11 rounds of flying ashtrays from a 6″x5″ package, and I can get some very nice groups with it. In fact, I like it so much I’m thinking about buying another one - in this case the newer PT145 Millennium Pro, which is advertised as a single-double action pistol. If any...
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Louisiana Catholic churches won’t allow guns Concealed handguns will continue to be banned in Catholic churches despite a new state law that allows them, officials said Monday. The decision was made by Louisiana’s Catholic bishops. “We don’t think it is appropriate to have guns in churches,” said Danny Loar, executive director of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops. Unfortunately, the NRA headlines this as Louisiana: Catholic churches will not respect Right-to-Carry. I...
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For the same reason you shouldn't get legal advice from a gun store
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But they still have fickin' laser beams Pictured here for auction are the third items in the charity auction hosted by Gun Nuts Media to benefit the work done by the veteran's charity organization Honored American Veterans Afield or "HAVA". HAVA's mission statement is that their "ultimate goal is to increase their confidence and hope for the future by reconnecting with their love of the outdoors and the American traditions of hunting and firearms." Now you can be a...
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Agent Franks, Internet. Internet, meet Agent Franks Click to Embiggenate "Bad werewolf," Franks said from the entrance. "Sit." The werewolf swung her head to assess the interloper. I slammed the jagged end of the pool cue into her throat. It was like a blood explosion. She howled in sudden agony, claws flying to the would. Franks raised his Glock and calmly put a single round of silver 10mm through her brain, ending the scream forever. She collapsed. .
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Let me show it to you States with Stricter Gun Control Laws Are Less Safe Everybody on three. One, two three - DUUUUHHHHHH!
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Happy birthday, sweetheart
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Win stupid prizes Albuquerque, NM - A man trying to join his wife who was in labor at UNM Hospital (UNMH) may have missed the birth after accidentally shooting 6 people in the lobby. UNM Hospital is in the center of UNM’s main campus in northeast Albuquerque. The man was waiting in line inside the emergency room, and police say he was fiddling with a gun in his front pocket when it went off. Ok kiddos – Let's review gun mechanics 101. When you do this, the gun will fire? Anyone?...
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And all I got was this great shirt Thanks Greg! Granted, it's an XXXL and the whole family can wear it at the same time ;)
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     This one would be a cinch. These defense contractor types always were. Half the time all you needed was an abstract blob with some stenciled lettering and it was as good as printing your own money. This one was a little different though, and he knew it. For one, most of the businesses he had worked with over the years didn't have their competitors' heads on pikes by the front lobby. Then again, most of his dealings were with companies who were in business to manufacture.
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My Comp-Tac was shipped today. The new pistol was shipped yesterday. Which one shows up first? The pistol was shipped via the USPS and not overnight, so that should confuse matters.
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I guess they'll let anyone have a radio show ;): Starting one week from today… …Bonnie and I will be available weekly for your listening pleasure. B B & Guns is going to cover a smart, sassy mix of topics including, but not limited to, guns and politics. Along with occasionally interviewing a fascinating guest, we’ll cover the gamut – the 2nd Amendment, cats, turtles, and guinea pigs (oh my!), home brewing, shooting, book reviews, zombie preparedness, recipes (bacon and non),...
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Top Douchebag Sums up my feelings.
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*SPOILERS* Stop reading if you've not seen it. I like the show but would like to see more shooting and less prancing around of the Drama Llama, but it's a 'reality' series because in real life, you generally find yourself thrown into a fancy house with 20 strangers and have to shoot stuff with random weaponry. Anyway, if you've not already figured it out from all the blog activity, Caleb was eliminated and that really takes away from the urge to watch the rest of the series. Surprisingly, my...
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From an email of a friend who has recently landed a job in a PR firm working for several gun related companies Robb... I didn't mention the best part. From an email the boss sent today: "We can expense all the range time and ammo." Best. Job. Ever. That high pitched noise you are hearing is me seething with jealousy
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But it's Angled Fore Grip… Not Angled Replacement For Grabbing the Magazine Well Grip. The whole point of the AFG is to hold your arm forward for stability. I have an AFG and I love it. FTC Disclaimer – Due to rules stating that bloggers must disclose any items that they may have received from any company in their blog post, be it for free or a discount, I am required to inform the FTC that my ass is still available for them to plant their freshly Chap-Sticked soup-coolers on.
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New pistol ordered. New holster ordered. Websites indicate I've got a 7 to 10 day wait on both.
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Comp-Tac has a new line of holsters out call the Minotaur. I love my C-TAC holster and am going to be in need pretty soon for a new one, and I'm looking at the Minotaur Spartan. They have a 'finished' version where the leather is all pretty, but I'm too utilitarian to really care about how an IWB holster looks, and $20 is $20. The one thing that can be a little frustrating with the CTAC is that because it's only held on by those clips, going 'potty in public' can be a little difficult...
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They have You know, for a guy who says "But I will also say that I don't really care." he sure as hell spends a lot of time talking about it (and dicks. There's lots of dick references) No wonder we're winning. Hat Tip Say Uncle who is compensating for his inability to chuck a rock at 1,200 fps. *FTC rules stipulate that I inform my readers that I really didn't have anything worthwhile to say about this, I just wanted to use my icon
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To the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Lobbying Not a lot of money in bigotry these days. In fact, in 2008, they spent $19 more dollars than they brought in. Hat tip Kaveman at Days of our Trailers
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Yeah, you read that right The Jefferson County DA's office said that neither Torres nor Cardona have been charged with anything at this point, even though Torres confessed to the crime. However, the homeowner, Wallace is facing twelve felony counts, including four counts of attempted first degree murder. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. They stole his property. From his account, they tried to run over them. And did Wallace shoot at choir boys? Sources say.
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Not the government If you bought a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson Sigma series pistol in 2004 or 2005, Daytona Beach police want your personal information. They think it could help them catch a serial killer. Daytona Beach police Chief Michael J. Chitwood sent letters to gun shops across Central Florida asking for the names, addresses and phone numbers of customers who purchased that type of gun during that time frame. … The problem is that Florida law prohibits law enforcement...
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I'm starting to tire of my Glock failing on me so often. I had to go to the bank to pick up the paperwork needed for my refinance. There I am, sitting patiently while they print out reams of dead trees showing the connubrated rate of income to fibbocinal interest and my Glock cannot even be bothered to take control of my mind and force me to go on a wild west shooting spree where I run out of the bank with full bags marked with a $ and loose dollar bills fluttering about. I mean, guns cause...
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The Brady Campaign to Shit All Over Your Rights apparently doesn't meet the Better Business Bureau's definition of a charity. Then again, neither is the KKK. Just sayin'
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The Gun Source has guns practically at cost. This is good until the 13th. I ain't got no cash right now, so it's a moot point to me, but from what I can tell, the prices are really, really good.
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I mean it. But there are some juicy morsels worth highlighting. Short of it, Wisconsin, one of the last holdouts of states that bar bearing of arms, recently had the District Attorney for Jackson County flatly state that his office will no longer … hell, just read this This Supreme Court ruling is binding on all states and local governments, and immediately renders some of Wisconsin’s current laws unconstitutional. Therefore, in keeping with my oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, I.
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Caleb has put some effort into a charity auction  to benefit Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) and will auction off over $5,000 in firearms and accessories during the month of July with proceeds going directly to help the mission of HAVA. The first item up for auction is available here at Gunbroker. 1. Sig Sauer 1911 Nitron with 2 Magazines 2. Crimson Trace 1911 Pro Custom Laser Grips. 3. One magazine carrier from Blackhawk to carry your extra magazine in. I'm too broke...
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Kevin is documenting his quest for Master Class. Seems like a good read for those looking to get a bit better with your shooting without spending a gazillion dollars. I've added Misfires & Light Strikes to the blogroll. Go on over and give him a read!
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Thirdpower lists all the things that Chicagoans will have to go through to 'Keep and Bear Arms'. Unfortunately, to many of the statists, a right isn't infringed as long as eventually you can finish jumping through hoops. Of course, this only applies to the 2nd Amendment. What if Daley were to say this about the first? Under Daley's ordinances, one would need to register all their word processors with the city so police know how many word processors are in each home, and would also be...
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